Pippycat's Tribute
Honeysickle Ash
Honeysickle Ash
Biological Information
District District 5
Age 13
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Light green
Hunger Games Information
Weapons Sword, axe
Best Ranking 1st of 32
Best Training Score N/A
Alliance Careers

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This is a tribute made up by A Wikia Contributor/Marina, but was later given to Pippycat. Please don't use her without permission.


"Oh, you'll see her soon!" Said to Blade Spectrus while killing Carolin Slate, then killed Blade in The 76th Hunger Games: Panem Forever.


Honeysickle Ash RL
Age: 13

Gender: Female

District: 5 (1,2,3,7,9)

Weapons: sword, sometimes an axe if in reach

Backstory: She was born into the very rich part of District 5. She had a lot of friends. One day her dad was killed in a power plant explosion, leaving just her mom to care for her. Her life went normal until 5th grade, when her whole life changed. There was an intruder at her school. Her teacher told her that she always secretly hides an axe in her closet just in case something like this ever happens. She told her to get it, since she was closest to the closet in lockdown. "Now go out and strike him with the axe," her teacher whispered. She ran off and found him. Being the brutal person she was, she struck him with the axe. He was dead in a snap. Honeysickle saw the blood, but she liked it. She took all of the blood and stained her hair with it. When she came back to the room, her teacher gasped. "Honeysickle! Why is your hair red?" she screamed. In no time, she had her in a headlock and gagged her. "Any of you punks want that done to you? Shut up and you won't!" she yelled to her classmates. The class nodded. When she got home, she found her dad's katana that he got from Japan. She thought of chopping off her mom's head with it. The katana had a lock, but Honeysickle was an easy code solver. In no time, she had the lock removed. "Time to go kill a person," she said evily. Her mom screamed for a split second, and she was dead. The next day was the reaping. She thought, Endless killing, hehe! and volunteered.

Token: A piece of the axe she struck the intruder with.

Pros: Good killer, can throw knives like Clove did.

Cons: Always a target


Honeysickle lunaii
1. 234th Hunger Games: _13th out of 28 Status: Finished    

Allies with: Nathan Scarface, Fawn Rose, Savannah Darnell, Amber Burn. Amber escaped the Arena.

2. The 76th Hunger Games: Panem Forever

Status: Day 3 Morning. Alliance: Anti Careers, but will join them after she kills the Antis. Nobody in her alliance knows she is planning something.... Status: Alive





  • Her original district was 2, hence the word sickle in her name.
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