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U.S. Canada Mexico subdivisions

U.S, Canada, and Mexico subdivisions

That's right! I have modernized the mid-millenial Capitol style into a 380-way brawl featuring Tributes from all over present-day North America.

If you have recently found this page, this Tournament fan-fiction piece is something of my creation, and is currently under construction, though it is still gathering intrigue. Once it is finished (which, hopefully, I can do by summer 2012), it will be the largest, most elaborate, and most detailed fan-made Games ever created (hopefully).

(None of these names in any way represent its owners, as the choosing of these names is purely coincidental, unless it is a Username Tribute)

First Act: The Reapings

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Second Act: Arriving in Headquarters

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Third Act: The Introductions

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Fourth Act: First Day of Training

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Fifth Act: Second Day of Training

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Sixth Act: Third Day of Training

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Seventh Act: Interview Day

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Eighth Act: Before the Games

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Ninth Act: The Tournament, Day One

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Tenth Act: The Tournament, Day Two

"Yesare, you might want to take a look at this..."

-- Anonymous Intermediate (Level 2) Gamemaker

Tournament: Day 2, 12:00 AM-2:00 AM

"One of the Tributes... is awake..."

-- Anonymous Intermediate (Level 2) Gamemaker

As Rue Hela (Status: REM sleep. Location: Somewhere along State Route 2)

Hello? Anyone? Katniss? Katniss, is that you, behind that tree? There you are. We lost each other once, and Ithought there would be a second time. We're the only ones around here who knows what kind of trouble we are in. Katniss, are you anywhere near me? We're only near in spirit, but we're doomed without each other's help.

Wait, is there something watching us? ...Yesare? Katniss, can't you see it? Yesare is watching you. She wants you dead. Run, now! She has a gun!

I realized that it was all a turbulent mess that my mind was concocting, after ending up in these Games once more. Luckily, I found myself in reality again, wondering who was digging around here. I peeked across the tree beside me, finding that person who I may have seen before. He noticed me and grabbed me, and--

As JERealize (Location: Somewhere along State Route 2)

The shovel made contact with Rue's skull, with enough force to knock her out and give her a bruise. Now, I can get back to my original plans.

I didn't want to kill Rue, but in these circumstances, I have no choice. First, she's all alone. Second, she... was asleep... that is, until she woke up and I KO'ed her again. Third, there's no chance that Katniss would ever know that I killed her, or even that she is killed to begin with. For now, my plan is to bury Rue alive, so when she wakes up again, she suffocates and gets killed off again like the redshirt she is.

I have no idea what ever happened to the announcement of dead Tributes each evening, but it's too late for that. We all know Yesare used a creature which sung us to sleep, which made us all miss the event. However, there's nothing left to do about that. It's already been done.

After I finished the hole and pushed Rue into it (and knocked her out again), I threw the dirt back into the hole. It was only a matter of time.

  • 13:28:64.75 AT: Rue Hela: (Georgia, 299th Place)
    • Cause of death: Buried alive

As SerpentKing999 (Location: Beverly Hills)

A cannon shot woke me to reveal that nighttime was positioned over the skies for a while now. I fell asleep to reasons unknown to me before the sun set. Now that I'm awake, I absolutely have no idea what to do next.

Crossing the river to get here required a well-made bridge. After that, a nice steady walk, and... a doze while I was in who-knows-where. Now that I woke up, I would rather find a high point to settle in than explore, since I can explore better once the sun is up.

After finding a better suited place to sleep, I couldn't find myself able to sleep for some reason, as if someone was keeping me awake...

As Regel Torrance (Status: REM sleep)

Somehow, my dreams seem more... tangible... than usual. The normal dreams consisted of me riding a horse through Vancouver, on the run from an alliance of Tributes... on tanks. Now, I fell through a hole in the bridge and into the river, only to be pulled out through a reflection on a saucer, and ending up sitting across a table from... her. It was Seder, but somehow seemed friendlier than your regular Seder.

The strangest thing was... remember that saucer I was somehow pulled out from? It was all part of a porcelain tea set, and I was one of the guests invited for tea.

"Regel? Have you seen the third guest?"

"What's the meaning of this... tea party?"

The table exploded in half, and Yesare arrived. I somehow woke up after that.

After realizing that I was still in Ponoma, I asked my already-awaken ally, Dehn Bohrman, "I think I had tea with Seder."

Tournament: Day Two, 2:00 AM-5:00 AM

As Yesare Dernes (2:00 AM)

Since people started to wake up, I decided to punish those still asleep though a nightmare that they cannot leave. However, one won't wake up at all...

We met at a realm previously undiscoverable, and probably never to be found since.

"How was the Games so far?" I asked the doomed player, starting up the coversation.

No answer.

"Is anyone there?"

A response came. "This place does not seem dreamlike at all."

"Well, I had it specially tailored for you."

"Is this some kind of special occasion?"

"You could say that."

"Fine then... Yesare, was it?"

"Yes, but I don't blame you for forgetting. This is a dream, after all... at least, to you, it is."

"What does that mean?"

"You won't need to remember a thing."

"What? Yesare, why is the world fading?"

"You have outlived your time." The invaded dream ended and another had died.

  • 14:01:55.63 AT: Dobar Ineidas (Puerto Rico, 298th Place)
    • Cause of death: Heart attack (although the Tribute wasn't awake to realize he was dying)

Note: All Puerto Rico Tributes are dead.

As an omniscient narrator (2:07 AM)

The announcement came over the radio that Puerto Rico has been conquered by Empartian units. 2 U.S. regions are now under Yesare's control, and people are fearing America's possible fate. Europe is finally attacked as an act of war, as Edinburgh is completely decimated as a warning to the Europeans.

People who could stay up all night, watched as many news networks as their TV sets could handle, trying to piece all the announcements together. Many people called this war the long-awaited and infamous World War III, while some took into account the Cold War and the War On Terrorism and called this World War V. The current death count was unknown, but it was estimated to be around 12 million across the planet, including the unfortunate souls in Edinburgh.

Army bases were formed in every major city in the United States, since most invasions started in large cities. The largest exception was New York City itself, since all 4 Tributes from there are still alive. However, it's taking more precautions than most other cities, with units stationed atop every skyscraper in Manhattan, and a few others in the other four boroughs. It will be only a matter of time before one of the most drastic attacks expected come in.

With EBN-NA (Empartian Broadcasting Network -- North America) launching in less than an hour, many people on the East Coast have already woken up to see what the enemy announces next. Those who still have a home to stay in wait in anxiousness for their fate, while those redirected to a federally-maintained shelter wonder if the U.S. Army can end this tragedy before anyone else suffers. As for the current war progress, people are worried that the military might not handle all the invasions, since the invasions are in different parts of the continent and maintained by millions of units.

EBN-NA launch (3:00 AM Pacific)

Announcer: The world began with Mesopotamia, and the city-states of Sumer. Afterward, more civilizations and even empires began in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The Chinese Dynasties, Egyptian Kingdoms, and both Greek and Roman empires were noted even before the Common Era. However, not even Rome could survive for long, as it grew weak and corrupted, thus falling to opposing forces.

Afterward, more civilizations sprung up, but with a Dark Age approaching, empires weren't as well-remembered as its predecessors. Soon, however, newer European kingdoms rose to match the Chinese Dynasties, Arabian Empires, and even their unknown Mesoamerican counterparts which have never been meet until the 16th Century.

Later on, current empires expanded across the globe, and new ones were formed from the new lands. With the entire planet being settled upon, wars broke out for control over other countries, eventually settling into what is now known today as the Modern Era. This will all change soon enough.

You have tuned in to EBN North America, the number one place to have all questions about the North American Resettlement answered.

(The logo for EBN-NA appears on the screen, then the screen shows the newsroom and three reporters.)

Kenzen11: We thank you for tuning in to our first broadcast. I am Kenzen11.

Akuhano: I am Akuhano.

Clove1001: And I am Clove1001. We bring you the answers to frequently-asked questions about Empartia and its existence. First, however, we take you to the status of the Tournament. Some of the Tributes who woke up decided to use their time for something productive, so only 297 Tributes are left in the competition. Rue Hela was found buried alive as the day began. Another, Dobar Ineidas, had a heart attack while asleep.

Kenzen11: Now for the status on the war against North America. Two U.S. states, Ohio and Puerto Rico, are under Empartian occupation. Several others are mostly occupied with some form of resistance, and few have had no invasion plans yet. The three Heads of Government are reported to arrive at Empartia later today.

Akuhano: As it is before 9 AM Eastern Time, I am assigned to bring you the international effect of the war. The European Union has suffered its first consequence of entering the war, by watching Edinburgh perish. However, more countries are joining North America's side, although not many are helping out Mexico as much as the United States and Canada. (pause) Why didn't Mexico didn't get a comparatively equal amount of help? (pause) Anyone?

Clove1001: (to Akuhano) What are you doing? This is a news show, not a comedy club!

Akuhano: (to the other reporters) No, I'm serious! I have no clue!

Kenzen11: (to the other reporters) Calm down, everyone. When we have a problem like this, we have a three-minute intermission where we find out all the facts on the Global Network.

Clove1001: (to Kenzen11) You mean the Internet?

Kenzen11: (to Clove1001) I'm not the expert of 21st Century terminology in this newsroom. (to audience) We'll be right back after a brief commercial interruption.

(screen fades to black, commercials start, which we've decided to skip since they could cut into our real story)

(show airs again)

Clove1001: There hasn't been a good reason why some countries are receiving less help than others, but there were a few good points as to why this could be occuring. Let's start with World Wars I and II. Canada entered the wars early because of it's obedience to the British crown, which usually entered the wars within days of the start. The United States stayed out of the wars unless its country itself was threatened by an outside action, and even before entering, it was known as a major source of aid to the Allied forces. Mexico, however, played a small part in both wars.

Akuhano: Mexico was too occupied in the Second Mexican Revolution to participate in WWI, and the government rejected Germany's request made in the Zimmerman Telegram. Mexico, however, did enter World War II, mainly helping the United States. (tosses away paper) Are we done?

Kenzen11: (to Akuhano) I guess, although we might have bored our viewers to death on our first try.

Clove1001: (to other reporters) Does this count as breaking the fourth wall?

Kenzen11: (to Clove1001) I said viewers, not readers.

As Racmany (Head Gamemaker)

It's about 3:20 AM Pacific, and almost all the Tributes out there have returned to sleep. It's a good thing, too, because I don't want to stay up more than I needed to. I get 8 sleeping hours a day, so every minute counts. However, just before I decided to return to the housing sector, a meeting was called in. With this busy schedule, it looks like I need a strong caffeine surge today...

When I arrived at the chosen meeting room, I met the other Gamemakers hand-picked by Yesare Dernes herself, including my new rival Sparrow Hazelthorn. Everyone was set around a long, polished hardwood table, with enough room to seat 50 people. I was given a seat at one end of the table, while another seat was reserved for Yesare at the other end. An irregularly large television screen was hung on the walls behind Yesare's seat. This room was just a small glimpse of how many resources Yesare had available.

After waiting for another, say, five minutes, Yesare arrived. "I apologize for the early rising, everyone," Yesare began, "but early to bed meant early to rise for these Tributes."

"Why did you have to wake us all up?" EffieLuna demanded.

"This has to be informed about through everyone," Yesare argued. "The only reason I sent everyone into an early sleep was because the East Coast was going to sleep. However, the West Coast hasn't woken up, and we already have moonlight risers. This is wrecking our ratings."

"I thought the Tournament was created as a way to create Panem," Tiki tooki thought.

"It is, but it also matters if people are watching the Tournament..." Yesare answered, "...because they need to see their so-called 'Generation Z' fail at their job -- survival."

(meeting continues, but we skip it for suspense)

As Kalle Freon (El Monte, 3:49 AM)

I coughed myself awake. I have never felt so cold in my life. Of course, catching smallpox straight from the needle always exaggerates even the smallest issues. As for Jedwas, he was worse off, since he took more of the disease. He was shivering, while clutching a to-do list that read:

Jedwas Fintrel must accomplish:

  1. Kill Tride Trisconos and Marlony Darde
  2. Win

I asked Brendan, "Why do you need me to help you?"

Even though I expected him to lash out, just as he had when he turned me into a slave, his death sentence mellowed him out a bit. "I was always one of the most popular people in high school," he replied. "Not only was I on the student council, but I had the style that attracted many girls simply by glance. To top that, every weekend since last year, I started taking hikes throughout the region, and last summer, I even stayed in the Appalachia Mountains alone for one whole week, surviving like a few of my woodsman idols.

"When I was reaped, the two girls reaped with me instantly showed sympathy... that is, until that same evening. There had to be a reason why they turned against me, so I researched to find out. However, Onden Sazen gave me a note saying that my allies are keeping them from allying with me. I lost their trust, but instead of accepting my apology, they were willing to go after me in the Tournament. That's when I abandoned them for good."

After that, I answered, "Yes, I could figure that out. The only problem is, why include me?"

"I didn't make the decision," he answered. "You ruined my life by giving me an age-old disease which hasn't been seen by the public in over 30 years, and thus, no one except those studying the disease had been protected against it. Though I don't blame you. Survival is the key to winning." He seemed to have a noticeable strain from the disease. "I want you to end the Delaware Tributes for me. You are free to go."

He struggled to free me from the rope binding my neck, but eventually I was set free. He then gave me his to-do list and told me, "Carry it out to the last letter before the smallpox wins. Don't worry about me. I'm just another player in this server."

Before I could say another word, he rushed me out. As the cannon went off, I don't know whether he died from the smallpox itself or by other causes... but he was already a goner.

  • 15:53:42.15 AT: Jedwas Fintrel (Delaware, 297th Place)
    • Cause of death: Suicide (specifically, a dagger to the heart)

As Joshua Yoo (San Fernando, 4:29 AM)

Waking up in the middle of the night was not as unusual as realizing that there was not a soul to talk to. This was my first night without relying on modern civilization, that is, if you consider my current stay at a ravaged San Fernando as my first night alone. I have no allies, only a few packets of food, and one light weapon. What else could go wrong? ... Well, I don't see anything else that could go wrong, so I'm safe.

I decide to check my supplies, and do a little scouting before I head back inside my resting place to await daytime.

As Ariana Espinoza (San Fernando, 4:36 AM)

That's it, my little birdie. Fall to sleep... eternal sleep...

I snuck into Joshua's little place as he was setting up for slumber. I positioned my new harpoon and heaved it at his throat. With that in, I crushed his ribs with a metal baseball bat until the cannon sounded. That cannon meant more supplies for me and another step toward the final day. However, I turned around to see a shadow watching me. It then decided to slip away, so I chased after it.

After finding my way in the city boulevard, the shadow approached me.

  • 16:37:55.12 AT: Joshua Yoo (Connecticut, 296th place)
    • Cause of death: Impaled by a harpoon, then clubbed by a baseball bat

As Fauve Allsworth (San Fernando, 4:41 AM)

Ariana Espinoza was coming my way. I stood ready to attack her. There was no way that anyone, not even the audience, would miss this epic battle sequence. I attacked with my blade, and she anticipated it by holding up a harpoon in defense. She tried to stab me with that weapon, but I countered that. I eventually pushed her away so she'd tumble, but even when she was down, she put up a dagger to defend herself, and jumped back up. Our Training Scores were no match for this ferocious showoff.

* * * * *

Eventually, we both collapsed from exhaustion. It was about 4:58 AM, and Ariana asked me if she wanted to be my ally. I accepted. We can't defeat each other, so we must defeat the others first. Then, and only then, will our destinies be decided.

Tournament: Day Two, 5:00 AM-7:00 AM

As Drent Helton (Maywood, 5:14 AM)

After leaving the Rose Bowl, I had traveled south for a while before staying here. I had no allies, but a lot of sponsor gifts (mainly from the NYPD, which was ironic, since they caught me rigging the Reapings). I could last for a while with these items. The viewers might expect to know my history. Also, I'm not intending to break the fourth wall, since this is for the viewers, not the readers.

Ten years ago, my parents were taken hostage in the World Trade Center. While the police waited for the ransom... well, let's just say it was a Tuesday... and my parents were trapped inside. Since the criminal was on a lower level at the time (apparently trying to steal some hard drives while my parents were locked in a closet), he made a desperate escape out the front entrance of Tower 1 in plain sight, only to be caught a minute later by the fire department. However... my parents were never seen again.

Because of that, I roamed the city for a while, with the police hunting me down for some unknown reason. It turned out that I was ordered to live with my cousin's uncle in Rochester, due to the will stipulating that I reside there, but after staying there for eight days, I ran away, hoping to return to my pre-9/11 home before another turbulent event started.

Eventually, I had arrived at the apartment building, finding that it belonged to someone else, but before I could leave, the owner caught me. He decided to let me stay here until I'm comfortable with walking out. During my fifth week, I looked into the basement to find a few people tossing ashes around in celebration. They noticed me and turned to see me. Murmurs like, "there's that kid" spread around the place.

Finally, someone in the crowd came up to me and asked me a simple question: "What are you down here for?" I had no answer, so he sent me back out.

Once I left, I stayed in my room to find more answers. Three months later, on a moonlit night, I snuck into the basement. Luckily, no one was there. I saw a few shelves, each containing journals since at least the '80s. Each journal documented a certain gang's murders. Curious, I looked through the 2001 journal and saw some familiar names, including... wait, they counted my parents' deaths? Their ashes were spilled around the same day that I first saw this basement, as well. Something was up.

A week later, I left the apartment with a copy of the 2001 journal and turned it in to the police. Ironically, they didn't believe me due to my age and I was sent back to Rochester. However, crime started acting up, and a request was sent to my cousin's uncle for the journal I had. Before he asked me about it, I ran back to the NYPD and turned it in. However, history repeated itself and I was stuck in Rochester with a dead relative and an angry gang squad.

Luckily for me, some amateur drove in straight between me and the gang and picked me up. He took me to Kings County, NY (also known as Brooklyn) and taught me secrets about revenge and redemption. In 2006, I was accepted as a full member of the Masquerade's Veil. My mission: Repel any threat to the city that no police officer would acknowledge.

Eventually, we had finally confronted the head of the gang responsible for the murder of my parents (called "The Enigmatic Regulation of Stability Among the Five Boroughs of New Amsterdam", or the "Regulation" for short). It took a long while, and an impromptu self-sacrifice by the head of the Masquerade's Veil, but we were able to put an end to the Regulation. Afterward, however, the police finally stepped in, but to arrest both groups, so I was back on the run, trying to shed what I was before.

Eventually, I started my own group, dedicated to continue what the Masquerade's Veil had hoped to accomplish. My group consisted of 12 members, including me, in 2008, and we were one of the 5 most feared (they mean respected) groups in 2009. However, the game started to get to me. My life ended up being a mashed-up mess of tracking, raiding, punishing, and eventually, looting. I had then decided to leave my group and assigned my rank to the second-in-command. That same day, when the change of power occured, I ended up finding the Milwaukee Phantom Spade, along with its current holder, Typingwestern015. My lust for power returned, and then it faded as soon as it arrived, only to show me that I was entered into the Games.

Now, I'm here. That's it. Move on to the next POV.

EBN-NA Broadcast (6:00 AM)

Announcer: And now, we await a message from Yesare Dernes.

Yesare Dernes: Many Americans have wondered what Empartia is. In order for the audience to understand our blight, we must start with our creation.

Centuries in the future, our civilization has been formed from the aftereffect of a rebellion. We retreated from the post-apocalyptic realm to create a new society and join in the bounty of the republics. However, we were rejected and were forced underground. Despite these setbacks, we were able to construct a separate civilization, free from the burdens of 21st Century life.

Recently, we have determined that, in order for us, the Empartian race to survive, the future must start immediately. Chaos must reign. Society must lapse into unconsciousness. Panem must be created, then dissolved, then re-formed again. We cannot survive without this demand.

It's too late to stop this war. Once it starts, it can only end in the triumph of the Earth's destiny.

(the rest is skipped)

As Ariadne Digit (Monterey Park, 6:05 AM)

No allies so far. However, that couldn't stop me from living a few more days or so. I had no schedule, but I knew my priorities. I just hope that other Tributes would not get in my way. Speaking of which...

Endiah Jenae and Utiah Fakan, in this city block, scouting the area? I was on a rooftop at the time, so they didn't see me. I never knew they allied, and it's a miracle I knew their names at all. I needed to end them... but how?

I decided to tie a rope to a metal pipe attached to the roof and slid down with all the weapons I could use easily. However, the rope was ten feet short, so I was left hanging, bracing myself for the eventual attack. They took their time looking for me, though, so I had time, time that I used to tie another rope to the first and get down safely.

When I was about to launch an attack, Yesare's voice made an announcement:

"Since we have returned to the 21st Century, we have decided to include firearms and firearm-protection gear in this Tournament. Ther are currently available at certain city centers all over the Arena. However, the first bullet will not fire until 9 AM. Good luck finding a shotgun until then." -end broadcast-

"No use using our guns on this one," Utiah concluded, suggesting that he and Endiah saw me.

"Oh, well," Endiah responded. "We might as well dice her into chunks like we always do."

They both had wide swords, while I had some swords, daggers, and spiked clubs. I chose a spiked club as a primary weapon. Endiah charged in, but I held up the club in defense. At that moment, a mark was etched onto the club, and I knew that I needed to act fast. He kept lashing out with his weapon, chipping away at the club. Eventually, the club fell apart, but I held up another to bide myself time.

The second club was eventually hacked through, but I did throw out some daggers. From there, he blocked the first but felt another, and fell back. I took away his wide sword and pinned him to the floor, where I immediately cut off his left hand (his sword hand; translation: his good hand). As for Utiah, even through he came in a little too late, he held two of my swords, positioned by anger at me.

As Utiah Fakan (Monterey Park, 6:09 AM)

She had no idea what came next after severing Endiah's hand off. The new twin swords I picked up threw her wide sword aside, then I pushed her down and cut her arms off. The procedure took a while and blood spattered all over the pavement, but she was left helpless as I tended to Endiah's wounds.

I had heard that sewing the hand back on cound result in recovery, so I tried the method after washing the wounds in water. However, since I had no needle or thread, I had to resort to duct tape, hoping that it would stay until I find a permanent solution.

Endiah looked up at me. "Don't bother. Save yourself."

"I won't hear that sappy junk," I answered. "We'll stay here and I'll help you recover."

I sent him into a nearby building, and had him rest on a couch while I rested his left arm atop a cushion. Then, I scoured the area for supplies. Five minutes later, I returned to see his right arm rested atop his chest, blood under the arm, and the bloody dagger thrown away. He convinced himself that he was right.

  • 18:13:14.65 AT: Ariadne Digit (Nuevo Leon, 295th Place)
    • Cause of death: Lack of blood
  • 18:15:02.85 AT: Endiah Jenae (Morelos, 294th Place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed in the chest due to suicidal reasons

As an omniscient narrator (6:20 AM Pacific Time)

Another warning was sent out to different cities in Europe in the form of partial to total destruction, though none of the cities had a population larger than 500,000. However, Europe was not deterred to helping its wartime ally, the UK's regal descendant, and a third-world trade partner from NAFTA. Europe even considered converting the European Union into a true country, not only to signify the unity of Europe, but also to possibly reduce economic debt caused by the Euro.

China, the supposed rival of the U.S., also joined as an ally, since Yesare distrusted all 21st Century nations equally. Millions of army units were deployed overnight, and another few million are expected to launch by noon. Another group is dedicated to reinforce domestic stations in preparation for "warning" attacks, and eventual retaliation.

As for other countries, Australia, India, Russia, and other significantly developed industrial first-world countries had joined in the war effort. They are all in danger of being attacked by Yesare at this point, but none of its leaders think that it matters, as long as the world is protected by someone. The war has reached worldwide recognition, but since the attacks are aimed on one single continent, questions arise:

Why doesn't Empartia target a smaller area, like the U.S. alone, or a larger area, like the world itself? What was its motive? Why capture teens from across the continent and have them kill each other? For all of this, there's only one scapegoat for whom to blame: Suzanne Collins.

For all of this, the Tournament, the targeting of North America, the mentioning of Panem, and even the claims that Yesare is Coin's daughter (although the latter suspicion has a fault, since Yesare is only Coin's goddaughter), they all blamed this on its inspirationalist. She was arrested and interrogated at length, though few facts were pulled out of her. Only recently was the suggestion that she knew nothing about the coincidences bring itself up.

With only 293 Tributes left, we bring you back to the Arena...

As Razor Raptor (Hansen Dam, 6:35 AM)

I was bored. No allies. Just me and a few snares set around me. I guess I should leave. There's nothing eventful happening around here.

Oh, look, a snare caught something. Well, at least it's not a threat. I prepare it for breakfast, then wonder where everyone else is. I never saw the murders in the sky (curse that melody!), but I remember that at least 80 Tributes are out of the running. My trip home is assured.... I hope. I wonder what happened to Spirit...

As an omniscient narrator (6:37 AM)

The Gamemakers had the events planned from the beginning. They were already monitoring Razor Raptor. They also sent in a sponsor gift. Razor opens it to find some ear-drops, but he tosses the bottle. Razor never even noticed the mechanized arachnid on his head boring a computer chip into his skull.

Everything was planned by the Gamemakers from the start. However, they could only control a few variables in this Tournament. They knew who had to win, according to Yesare, but the deaths had to be determined by the paths the Tributes took. However, there's no one more control-oriented than Yesare.

She already saw the Second Rebellion, but her main concern is that Panem even exists. The epiphany that she's dependent on the existence of Panem for her own existence struck her with more command than ever before. She had made sure that her favorite would win, no matter what. Her choice had trained extensively and prepared for every major scenario. After all, the winner would inherit North America once Yesare's time had passed.

As Luis Rios (West Hollywood, 6:52 AM)

This is not my first choice to sleep: The hard asphalt of an abandoned city street. However, that's where I woke up. I'm not the best Tribute out here, but I know my chances of winning are determined by the kills I make. However, this gun I'm holding will not fire.

My walk west is rather uneventful. I brought down a scathewolf and was about to cook him when Ikali Velun, from Hawaii, came into the picture. I don't understand why this Tribute ended up as a female Tribute, since there's no trace of either male or female gender on him/her/it. I decided, why not ally with him/her/it and find out something?

"Want to ally?" it asked before I did.

"Okay, then," I answered. "I have a scathewolf. We can share."

"Okay," it replied. It seemed quite nice, despite it's shrouded identity. "Where are you from?"

"Northwestern Mexico," I answered quite vaguely. "Sorry if I can't tell, but are you supposed to be...?" I stopped myself because it seemed so rude.

"I get that a lot. To tell you the truth, the doctors never found out, and my parents chose to keep me unique. Hasn't that fire been primed anough already?"

I look back to find that the flames are a little too strong for my tastes. At least the scathewolf will cook sooner.

As Racmany (Head Gamemaker, 6:57 AM)

The city was always too large to utilize as an Arena. On that note, I've decided that each day, part of the Arena (a vacated part) would be decimated, then released to the outside world, unable to remain as part of the Arena. So, I've started up bombs in several sectors, where no inhabitants have reached yet. Places further from the center than Augora Hills, Irvine, Corona, Riverside, and San Bernardino will be decimated and given back to the United States. One button push, and here we go.

(bombs start exploding)

Tournament: Day Two, 7:00 AM-9:00 AM

As Ebony Black (Diamond Bar, 7:01 AM)

We both saw it. The smoke seemed miles away, yet it was clearly visible. My ally, Alexander Spring, didn't react verbally, but it was obvious that beyond lies a perished realm. "What should we do?" I asked Alexander.

"You're going to have to help me on that one," he answered.

We decided to stay here for breakfast. Our food was store-brought, but it won't last long. We'll have to hunt and gather soon, preferably by the end of the day. "Day 2, and we aren't even in the heat of the games?" I wondered.

"We're not even halfway through the Tributes yet," Alexander points out. "We still have a while."

"How long would that be?"

"Maybe a few weeks, if not longer."

I'm starting to see that it's going to be a disappointing day.

As Kassandra Ekhart (Culver City, 7:14 AM)

Do I have allies? Maxx Scarlet and Jessica Bonilla were with me, so yes. Moviepopcorn123 wasn't with us in a while, so yes and no. Do we need Moviepopcorn123? Hopefully not. Then again, he did work with the Gamemakers once, so he might prove to be a valuable asset. We really need him back.

That's when I saw sonething. Moviepopcorn123 was fighting Jonathon Shiler. Moviepopcorn was looking beat up, so we rushed in for a full-on beating of Jonathon. The sheer force of munbers had overwhelmed Jonathon and allowed us to kill him off in about ten seconds.

After the cannon sounded, I asked Moviepopcorn, "Where you headed?"

He said, "I know the Gamemakers better than anyone else here. Joining me will simply put you in jeopardy."

"And Wheel of Fortune?" Maxx replied in a foolish outburst. I had to slap some sense into him.

"What makes you think you can win without us?" I asked Moviepopcorn. "You almost got slaughtered."

"The Gamemakers have just started this Game, but they haven't resolved all the issues. We're beta testers, so our job is to exploit the flaws in the programming." Moviepopcorn pointed to a building near an intersection. "It's not safe to chat here. We must go inside." We followed him to shelter.

  • 19:15:45.21 AT: Jonathon Shiler (Utah, 293rd Place)
    • Cause of death: Taken down by all New Jersey Tributes

As Rori Williams (Van Nuys Airport, 7:29 AM)

I had arrived at some airport. No one seemed to reach this place yet. I needed to see if anyone could.

I reached the control tower and radioed a signal for help. Surely, the FFA could send a return message. However, they couldn't seem to respond. I gave up after a few more tries. I set up base in the control tower.

The control tower would be very advantageous as a base of operations. It provides a good viewpoint for any threat heading toward me, and unless the mutts can fly, I'm relatively safe.

As Skye Hunter (Northridge, 7:52 AM)

I had formed an alliance with Anthony Gonzales and FableWarrior once I met them here in Northridge. Apparently, they had plans to take California down. I had decided to join without having to tell them that I refused to kill JER. However, they were already discussing how to do it.

"As I saw the Bloodbath," FableWarrior explained, JER was leaving through the north side of the Rose Bowl. I say we--"

"Excuse me," I interrupted, "but why exactly do you want to dispose of your friend?"

I had said the wrong thing. River (FableWarrior) stood up and responded coldly, "If you were a patriot, you would understand." That's when something pierced my neck.

  • 7:55:18.20 AM, Day 2: Skye Hunter (Arizona, 292nd Place)
    • Cause of death: Beheaded by FableWarrior
    • Location of death: Northridge

Report (8:00 AM-11:00 AM)

Hello, everyone. Since this is taking a while, I'll simply list off the deaths and their locations and leave the rest to happen at a later date. Here goes:

  • 08:29:35.94 AM, Day 2: Gerardo Hernandez (Puebla, 291st Place)
    • Killed by: Dark Matter
    • Location: Downtown Los Angeles
    • Others in area: Anon...., TheDarkness7, Rowan Winter, Ashley Rose Jefferson
  • 08:48:52.45 AM, Day 2: (290th Place)
    • Killed by:
    • Location:
    • Others in area:
  • 09:45:12.75 AM, Day 2: (289th Place)
  • 10:33:25.67 AM, Day 2: (288th Place)
  • 10:59:41.35 AM, Day 2: (287th Place)


Tournament: Day 2, 11:00 AM-2:00 AM

Meeting With the Heads of State (as Yesare Dernes)

All arrived on private jets. All were guarded, as they very well should be. All passed through into my office, where I had met them while sitting next to a fairly large table. However, when all three of them were sitting at the same time, they were shackled up and their chairs fell through the floor, where they would explode thousands of feet above the ocean.

As for the guards, I had rearranged the material in their bulletproof suits so they would eject a fast-acting variation of anthrax, so they fell forward and died soon after. It didn't take long after that where their bodies were escorted to the three holes in the floor and dumped by our guards (as soon as I converted the anthrax into dust, of course). That handled the former leaders of North America, and possibly had shifted the war in our favor. Speaking of which, I was rreminded that I had to check on my latest project, so I called the Muttation Division.

"Sorry, but our five imported trespassers won't comply with our software," the one in charge told me. "They won't seem to react. What should we do now?"

"Hand them over to me," I replied. "I'll persuade them, somehow."

Report (11:00 AM-8:00 PM)

  • 11:22:59 AM, Day 2: (286th Place)
  • 12:31:42 PM, Day 2: (285th Place)

to be continued...


Male Ranking Male Ranking Female Ranking Female Ranking
Alabama Adam Snow Zewell Oriano Alana Schweitzer Alice Snow
Alaska Elcot Frecte Cinna Autumn 304th Sinida Contrien Summer Autumn
Arizona Skye Hunter 292nd Paren Detos Sora Altada Sestia Repal 343rd
Arkansas Cren Aftas Zal Quat Valtia Zental Delisey Dornego
California JERealize FableWarrior InsertRandomnessHere Elviaalova 380th
Colorado Arnton Welling King Mockingjay5 Firecatcher3
Connecticut Joshua Yoo 296th Terry Fiderson Sage Whitaker 378th Falen Dasde
Delaware Jedwas Fintrel 297th Onden Sazen 344th Tride Tisconos Marlony Darde
Florida Christian Cipriano Elder Thorne 303rd Michelle Yoon Willow Thorne
Georgia Thresh Delin Nylon Denim Rue Hela 299th Silk Denim
Hawaii Rekand Hikan 342nd Mason Brown Ikali Velun Alice Brown
Idaho Utiah Fakan Luke Heart Pronchel Quanter 351st Claire Heart
Illinois Gerardo Paniagua Finnick Odair Rosa Paniagua 307th Annie Cresta
Indiana Eddie Ainsworth Robin Miller Lisa Takahashi Jay Sparrow
Iowa Werebeast1 313th Felix Orange Panther12 Torrent Wave
Kansas Peter Mage Emberstrike5 Alina Shahryar Belle Taylor 310th
Kentucky Orion Ewell Orochi Chan 337th Vicky Chong 338th Isabella "Issy" Stone
Louisiana Earth12 Alex Legall Daisy Garcia Kagu Chan
Maine Arder Minaldo Rori Williams Breda Herard 346th Fiona Pena-Rolla
Maryland Alex Johnson Will Baker 309th RueRose Hannah Rice
Massachusetts Fidofiderson Harry Fiderson Emma Nicoletta 352nd Primrose1444
Michigan tacosalad1127 Jacob55111 323rd Nina Bennett 301st Aya Morishita
Minnesota Jesus Chavez Digit Starr Yvette Kim 322nd Lucky Dawn
Mississippi Griffin Fink Jair Carpio 308th Penny Lane Karis Purple
Missouri Austin Choe Razor Raptor Alia Nizam 312th Spirit Velocity
Montana Hortie Ninke Cato Parce Resen Havar Clove Hald
Nebraska Dak Wunderson Edward Teach Johanna Mason Sky Cloud
Nevada Mason Joiner Cream Donahew Nicole Yuan Bliss Diamonds
New Hampshire Federel Kenz Jude L 353rd Haldy Snide 349th Fauve Allsworth
New Jersey Maxx Scarlett Moviepopcorn123 Kassandra Ekhart Jessica Bonilla
New Mexico Betreg Kelin Aldago Mendez 311th Yuvia Enidice Geralenn Ginn
New York Typingwestern015 Drent Helton Sidi Eltel Nelle Elteriz
North Carolina Nirav Desai 332nd CryOfTheWolf Yeji Lee Yursee Cazio 331st
North Dakota Dural Celan Ben Azran Militica Xeve Diana Torbati
Ohio Joekeybladeaura 324th JTFasho13 345th Olivia Ceriø 379th Rita Summer 336th
Oklahoma Peter Hastings Manuel Martinez 306th Oliva Mekelvey-Henry Mia Aquamarine
Oregon Timothy Kim 327th Edward Jung 326th Kajal Desai Amy Pond
Pennsylvania TotalDramaRox97 Nick Heron 358th Jae Hyun Ha Emily McCann 333rd
Rhode Island Ghen Indas Richard Kang Derminicke Harden Aimee Pagdanganan
South Carolina Birch Saunders Hawthorne Addams Julie Kim Beauty Swann
South Dakota Yenot Helkin Bob Nixon Likiede Serent Jenni Frost
Tennessee Andrew Saucedo 363rd Vulcan Olympus Alexis Ortega 360th Venus Olympus
Texas Brony12 329th Benjamin Goldberg Amy Bailey Nadia Aljojo
Utah Jonathon Shiler 293rd SerpentKing999 Stephanie Mendez 335th Alli Simpson
Vermont Kreck Demedes Mark Sanchez Elenica Bosten Bailey Henderson 362nd
Virginia Austin Friedberg Alex Aquamarine Maya Quaker Audre Deslum
Washington Anthony Gonzales Rowan Winter Tree Summer Ashley Rose Jefferson
West Virginia Gale Hawthorne Peeta Mellark Katniss Everdeen Dark Matter
Wisconsin Franco Toledo Jesse Portillo 354th Mariamme Ibrahim Sedra Alsypse
Wyoming Lelt Dregg Marvel Iden Domique Welton Glimmer Faz
Puerto Rico Estobar Lonidas 300th Dobar Ineidas 298th Selda Ineidas 368th Elsia Denes 350th
Alberta Kevin Cohen Thomas Adamson 359th Donia Javidi Elizabeth Coin
British Columbia Darius Singleton Kevin Cato 367th Lucy Diamond Amertarusu Chan
Manitoba Hegro Demari Cat Ifes Rida Trenton Aviv Soffer
New Brunswick Kentom Grentrom Evan Clark 361st Helice Neneme Rebecca Arias
Newfoundland and Labrador Nomin Dregg Robby Rosen 316th Seder Torrance Jhade Ryan
Nova Scotia Denectre Neneme Chibiterusu Chan 315th Eviane Grentrom Jade Duncan
Ontario Miguel-Bryon Hernandez 357th Steve Anderson 372nd Lessly Ruiz 369th TheDarkness7
Quebec Alexander Spring Matt Smith 366th Kelia Wann Anon...
Prince Edward Island Edeter Yenes Simon Nikel Crenta Mentins 355th Ebony Black
Saskatchewan Scremner Ulton 365th Lynx Ifes 374th Pelede Jernas Sharon Katz
Northwest Territories Stronton Melich Elton Shen Bodiay Durien Tercy Aller
Nunavut Dehn Bohrman Braliford Court 328th Konika Merinda Kalle Freon
Yukon Lenchiel Monterre Vell Welmwood Regel Torrance Aldia Welmwood
Aguascalientes Desen Grenal Jacob Vasquez Isadia Netano Jenna Orange 347th
Baja California Tenamcha Menasco Jacob Rios 377th Krestia Fepre Bianca Villa
Baja California Sur Dreden Ledrada Luis Rios Heren Iapas 370th Nanami Chan
Campeche Udious Denelis Atahualpa Contreras 348th Demiol Wedel Himi Gold
Chiapas Alex Beltron Eduardo Valencia Marisela Baca 373rd Viviana Torres 375th
Chihuahua Daniel Maldonado Guillermo Villanueva 319th Mercedes Ramos Kushi Chan
Coahuila Samuel Sanchez Marco Sanchez 371st Monique Sanchez Steva White
Colima Aden Belon Alexis Espinoza Vuten Macil Kristina Villanueva-Hernandez
Durango Nanco Yosul 320th Javier Aldaco Adelia Sarned Karen Gillian 376th
Guanajuato Cesar Arrezola Jorge Bedolla Ana Gabriela Diaz Karina Rito 317th
Guerrero Chris Perez Martin Perez Kacy Walker Aphrodite Grace
Hidalgo Rodrigo Diaz Adonay Meza 339th Maria Shachina Khloe Malese
Jalisco Eduardo Espinoza Raul Hernandez 302nd Maria I. Andrade Maria G. Andrade
Michoacan David Farias Remedios Mesa Ariana Espinoza Casandra Moreno
Morelos Endiah Jenae 294th Armor King Odea Celan Maria Aparicio 356th
Mexico Daniel Martinez 305th Oscar Cisneros Brianna Farias Miriam Moreno
Nayarit Kedro Delano Rey Lara Creas Fondia Persephone Anderson 340th
Nuevo Leon Rene Hernandez Daniel Perez Iman Nagi 318th Ariadne Digit 295th
Oaxaca Darren Bates Armando Dominguez Polina Vovk Connie Dominguez
Puebla Joel Farias Gerardo Hernandez 291st Cecilia Hernandez Sophia Tapia
Queretaro Leon Paraz Kurow Chan 364th Eleida Mediya Jasmin Maldonado
Quintana Roo Borego Fienisco 325th Ivan Carranza 334th Orgata Wasco Lucero Andrade
San Luis Potosi Alex Menchaca Nathan Powers Ana Maria Ramos Sparkle Green
Sinaloa Adam Lopez 330th Edgar Valencia Cristina Espinoza Griselda Sandoval
Sonora Eric Espinoza Freddy Tapia Maria Aldaco Anabel Ramos 321st
Tabasco Gonzalo Carranza Cristian Valencia Vanessa Dokko 314th Sheba Purple
Tamaulipas Angel Trujillo Bulmaro Zavala Angelita Gomez Natalie Uresti
Tlaxcala Ferardas Ciago 341st Satan Lockwood Merida Swana Abigal Springs
Veracruz Gilbert Garcia Miguel Garcia Yocelyn Espinoza Crystal Gamboa
Yucatan Eldario Feroza Waccan Dolegt Lara Venazio Andrea Toledo
Zacatecas Horaldo Zecas Jose Villegas Lecia Danel Yemela Zolaco


  • Italicized states and provinces have no living Tributes remaining, and thus the region has been completely overrun by the Empartian armies.
  • Empty spaces signify the Tributes still alive.

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