Second Day of Training, 6:00 AM-1:00 PM

After a long night, everyone anticipates the added feature to be revealed today...

As TotalDramaRox97

Only yesterday did I receive any new allies: the day when I received Primrose1444 and SerpentKing999 as allies. However, I declined SerpentKing999's offer for me to ally with all his allies, since I already have too much on my plate.

As of now, it's 6:20 AM, and I had already chosen to wake up, get myself together, eat breakfast, and leave the Pennsylvania suite to go to the Central Training Area earlier than most others.

Even with being earlier than most others, there were still about thirty Tributes surrounding the entrance to the lower levels, signifying that there's something good behind those doors, but no one can reach it. Maybe that's what people are waiting for.

Five minutes after I stayed with the ever-increasing group, a Gamemaker in front of the doors made its announcement:

"Welcome, Tributes of North America! Since yesterday, people have been spreading rumors of a secret about to be revealed this morning. I'm here to say that those rumors aren't true..."

I grew disappointed, but the Gamemaker continued.

"...until now. I present to you, the Trial Arenas!"

He opens the doors, and I saw something completely impressing to my eyes. The doors revealed a hallway no more than twenty feet long, with at least a five degree slope downward. The hall revealed a giant, circular chamber with four tubes along diffent sides of the chamber. In the back is another door, kind of like an elevator, but this one was closed, with no buttons in which to open it. I was basically confused.

"These four tubes are entrances to the Trial Arenas," the Gamemaker announced. Slide through, and you will have to get past all of the dangers to find your way out." He pulled out a green shard of glass shaped like a crystal. "Once you find these, you can leave, However, it's not as easy as it sounds."

So, there was a catch. The question is obvious: What is it?

"You will find out eventually, but this will be the roughest trial you'll face before the Tournament," the Gamemaker informed. "The threats won't kill you, but you will be notified when you could have been killed. What the threats can do is heavily damage you. Don't worry; we'll get you medical attention after your trial and you will be ready for the next day, but remember that this is about as brutal as the Games themselves with only one difference: None of the Tributes shall die, but simply suffer for the rest of the trial."

What is the Tournament organization thinking?

As Haldy Snide

I don't know what is going on with Fauve Allsworth. Yesterday morning, she set a stern eye to Dark Matter, only to leave and antagonize others. That same afternoon, she has made and cancelled out rivalries with Tributes like Regel Torrance, FableWarrior, RueRose, Ariana Espinoza, and Dak Wunderson (and competed against Aden Belon and SerpentKing999). To top it off, when I mention a current rival, she would get in my face about it, while if I mentioned a former rival, she didn't assault me like she would have done if I had mentioned it thirty minutes ago or so.

To sum it all up, honestly, I think she has lost it.

As of our current whereabouts, we were already heading into the Central Training Area, and once we had arrived, about a dozen people were heading down this hallway into a chamber. "Do you think that this is the place that they wanted to show us?" Fauve asked me.

"It would have to be," I answered. "There's no crowd anywhere else."

We moved closer to the scene and down the hallway. The chamber was made of solid concrete, although the floor was a lot smoother than the walls. Four tubes lay at the edges of the circular base, with an elevator door overhead. I almost felt like someone had already told us already before we came in.

All of the Tributes were going down tubes, so I think that's where we are supposed to... Hey, where's Fauve? She was alongside me fifteen seconds ago... Well, I guess she went in one of these, so... I jumped through a tube. Once I was falling (or rather, free-falling), that's when I realized... this is a trap.

I tried to hold onto the walls so I can slow myself, but it was too smooth to help. I knew that this meant only one thing: The organization wanted to kill me off before the Tournament. Or so I thought...

The tube curved upward to the point where I was going up at a slight angle. I then found out that I was launched from the tube into a giant clearing with shrubs of varying sizes... almost like a savannah.

I landed in some fairly healthy green shrubs, and after ten seconds of collecting myself, I looked around at the desolate landscape.

"What had I gotten myself into now?"

As Yocelyn Espinoza

The tube shot me into a location I never knew the surrounding areas had: It was basically a hilly tundra with hard, permafrosted dirt. Oddly enough, there were a lot more trees than I had thought it should look like, making it look more like a city park than a desolate lanscape. The trees themselves were frosted over, and held no leaves. The air was chilling, at about sixty degrees, and dropping steadily. It's almost like the Gamemakers had planned to kill me off.

I stood up from the bush I landed in, and began to walk to the top of a hill. There had to be some answers. Once I arrived, I heard someone from a distance, calling out, "Anyone here? We're lost..."

It didn't take me a while to realize that that was a dumb thing to do.

However, I had decided to head in that direction, since no Tributes can be killed in this trial. I ran in that direction until I found them. There were two, both from Alberta. "May I have your names?" I asked them.

The boy informed, "I'm Thomas Adamson, and this is Elizabeth Coin. You're Yocelyn Espinoza, are you?"

"Yes, I am, and why did you call for help?" I wondered.

"Because," Elizabeth stated, "though we can't kill you," she took out her knife, "we can still torture you."

Just after she said that, a tree exploded, scattering pieces of wood and leaves all over the surrounding the landscape, including us. In fact, a giant chunk of wood landed on Elizabeth Coin, and she couldn't seem to get out. I used the opportunity to run away to search of the home-link (what that green shard was called), while Thomas was trying to alleviate Elizabeth's condition.

As I ran away from the scene, I heard a cannon go off. Did Elizabeth die? No, she can't die. This arena wasn't made to kill people. We can only suffer, not die. Why would this arena kill someone? Clearly, this was madness.

Oddly enough, I heard rumbling sounds. I turned around to find no one around here. The rumbling sound grew, and then the ground gave way. I fell downward, screaming from the top of my lungs, hoping that someone would come to my aid, even if it was Thomas.

I landed with a hard thud that echoed pain throughout my body. I got up, only to find muself in a giant underground air pocket, which contained a city of Greek design. For some weird reason, I became reminded of a meme I learned from a few months ago.

The trial had just told me, this wasn't madness. This... was... Sparta.

As Werebeast1

I was still struck in awe as I saw the rugged canyons and mesas that I landed in.

In fact, in this landscape, almost everything is vertical, from the trees to the rivers, to even the mutts. To say the least, in this Arena, you're either up or down. Tunnels and stairways help a bit, but I see no other help, so this turns the canyonlands to a multilevel labyrinth.

I was along a canyon floor, sharing my land with a running stream, wading over to a staircase in the wall to the right of me. It seemed so easy, but I arrived at the point where the entire staircase has faded away and became somewhat of a slope with handholds and footholds. I looked around to see if that was the only way to get anywhere, but when I was about to draw the conclusion that the only way I could get to the top is to climb, someone jumped from higher up the canyon onto me.

Once he was on my back, he struggled to throw me off the cliff, but I was able to keep my distance. I threw myself on the floor, and he lost his grip. However, we tumbled down the steps, gathering pain with each step.

After we've landed back in the stream, I could feel the effects that those aches have given me, even through all the flowing water. Once I stood up, the pain intensified, but I was still able to keep myself upright. He was, too, but instead of finishing me off, he just stood there. What did he want?

I found a long branch under the stream, and I picked it up, keeping it close to use it as a weapon in the worst-case scenario. However, all he did was ask me, "Do you know where I can find Scremner Ulton?"

"Why are you even here?" I countered. Apparently he doesn't know any decent manners.

"Excuse me while I pass this out," he said. He threw a flour bag (the entire, unopened bag) in my face, and I went down with all twenty pounds of it.

Once I collected the energy to pull the bag off of me, I noticed that there was a note attached to it. I read it, and it said:

If you find this bag, don't bother to return it to

Harry Fiderson.

As Maria Aldaco

I was lost in this savannah sort of land (which I never knew the city even bordered it), and I heard footsteps, then a buzzer.

Instantly the buzzer caused the grasses to be taller, and some of them even turned into trees. A sudden sandstorm came about, and all of the four-foot grasses bowed to their lord and master. However, I couldn't take the sand in my eyes, so I had collapsed under the seemingly one-foot bending grasses, waiting for the sandstorm to end.

Five minutes later, the grasses rose tall again, and so did I. I had decided to climb a tree a ways away, to see what, or who, I had to deal with.

I saw a yellow, grassy expanse with trees dotting the landscape. There was a pond a thousand feet away. On the other side, I saw a raging wildfire spreading along the grassy plains... A wildfire?!

I jumped out of the tree (only to be greeted by a shot of pain up my legs) and ran towards the general direction of the pond. However, the embers becan closing in, and I could hear the fire's sizzle, warning me that the end was near. I kept up my pace until the smoke settled in, and then I began suffocating to the smoke enough that it reduced me to a walk. I knew it was over for me, but then I tripped on a tree root and fell forward.

I felt a deep splash of water as I fell. It didn't take me long to realize that I've reached the pond.

I stuck my head out of the water to reveal the fact that the fire has already reached the area. In fact, fire surrounded the pond, while the smoke blankets the air immediately above the pond. I kept breathing in at the surface, staying underwater for as long as I could handle, then coming up to exhale and gather a new breath of air.

It didn't matter though; either if I head out of the pond into the suffocating smoky air, or underwater where there is no air, I will die soon enough.

I was taking in too much smoke and water. How long would I make it? How long...?

I heard a cannon, loud and clear. Was I dead? No, if I am still thinking. The only problem is, I was in a dark place. That was when the lights turned on.

I lay in a hospital bed, inside a room with lavendar walls. I didn't have anything attached to me, but I basically looked the same way I did when I first came in. I sat up in my bed and felt a sudden head rush that completely distorted everything I saw and heard.

When I recovered, I was back in the Savannah arena, now with only ashes left around me. The fire has dissipated completely. The smoke was almost nonexistent. The arena was painted pitch-black with ashes. I couldn't even find the lake. I was more alone than ever.

I stood up and, coping with my near-tragedy, wandered further into nowhere.

As Anon...

Five minutes ago, I had landed in a rough area made entirely of ice. Icicles stuck out almost everywhere, and crevasses and icy hills made themselves known, as well. Oddly enough, it was only seventy-five degrees, so it was a wonder they didn't melt at all, unless it was some scene from some Cold War-era science fiction novel.

At this moment, I was already searching for a way to return to the Training Center, when I saw someone standing close to an icicle. I stepped toward her, hoping for some answers. As I took my steps, the sound of a collapsed icicle catches me by suprise, and I turn around to see that it fell in the opposite direction of where I was standing. I returned to my prior mission: Get some answers from the person in front of me.

All she did was turn around and face me. There was no lashing out at me, no proving her superiority, no upcoming torture methods of any kind. She just told me a few things. "Some form of ice-nine, but with a much lower melting point," she concluded. She was right. I saw some beads of water running down the icicle.

"...And what are doing here?" I asked. There must be a true reason why she was even here.

She seemed to steer away from the subject. "I knew that the Tournament would reveal the toughest rivals I would ever see, but Anthony Gonzales... He tried to intimidate everyone into thinking that I was a bone-headed jerk with pure disrespect for everyone who I meet. That isn't true. The only thing I would want to set out to do is prove that Maryland is meant to beat California. I never wanted to destroy lives until the Tournament itself. Anthony will get it for messing with my identity." She asked me more directly, "How about you? Do you have anyone to despise?"

That's when I realized that she was RueRose.

Honestly, I think she has lost it, but I think she had a point. "I might have one..." I started, then lost my place.

"Go on."

"SerpentKing999. I've had him as a rival for a while now." In order for you to understand this rivalry, allow me to explain.

Yesterday afternoon, after watching the building-climbing contest (which Fauve Allsworth won in a drastic upset), I found SerpentKing999 on the second floor, then, without reason, he challenged me to a building-climbing contest.

"Aren't you recovering from a building-climbing contest yourself?" I had asked him.

"Yeah, but I'm willing to put up a bet because my last bet got shambled by a newcomer," he replied. "If you win, I'll give you my utility belt." He took it out and showed it to me. It was pretty impressive, though if my loss would bring about something bigger, then he can forget it.

He added, "If you lose, however, you have to be my personal servant in the Tournament for a week."

Yeah, he'll forget it.

"May I see that utility belt of yours for a second?" He handed me the utility belt, then I threw it in his face. wrenches and screws and nails fly all over the place as everything falls into disarray. I ran from the scene to the first floor, over to the farthest station from the elevator, which happened to be a rock-climbing course that stretched to the second floor.

What I didn't expect was SerpentKing999 already there, getting harnessed up, then noticing me. I was already harnessed. It was too late for me to back out now.

"Hey, the bet's still on, remember?" he had reminded me once I established my footing.

"Yeah, I know," I replied. I needed to win, not to gain that utility belt, but to prove a point: Never mess with me.

Summary: We climbed up, I tripped him, he came up and pushed me off the wall, then we started clawing each other to the top, where we found out that we tied. I hated that moment.

Now we've arrived at the present day, where RueRose just asked, "Is SerpentKing999 worthy for me to destroy?"

"I guess..." I began. "However, I'm not sure I would want to ally with you just yet."

"Okay," she replied. "We'll meet again soon..."

I left her alone with her thoughts and a giant icicle as I walked toward the bottom of a cliff.

Second Day of Training, 1:00 PM-6:00 PM

As Razor Raptor

We were already trekking through the permafrosted forest, searching for some way out of this situation. However, you may not know the 'we' I'm refering to. An hour back, I've allied with Digit Starr after an attack by a mutt with claws worn as armor. Now, we were determined to figure out an answer to why we ended up here.

"Look, there's a hole here..." Digit noticed. He ran up to that thing and looked under it.

"Just be careful you don't fall in," I warned.

He then listened in on a sound coming from the hole. He turned to me and suggested, "I think someone's down there."

I came closer to the hole to get a closer look, and I saw some sort of Greek marketplace, and at the center of it was a girl Tribute, munching away on a few olives. "Hello up there!" she yelled at us. I think she felt like she had no care in the world, but I really think she should get out--

Before I could finish that thought, the hole swallowed us in, and we fell ten, twenty, thirty feet until we landed on a food cart. I must have landed on a fish cart, because fish flew all over the place and some of the fish oil flew in my face. However, I think my ally landed on a grape cart, because a blend of grape juice and otherwise flies in all directions, and somehow I realize that I don't like the idea of fish oil and grape juice mixing together.

"So I guessed you would want to crash the party," the girl stated, then laughed at her own joke, which I think was somewhat okay.

"Did you cause this hole?" Digit asked, a little exasperted at the grape juice stains he acquired.

"I was the first one who fell in it, by the way," she replied. "I'm Yocelyn Espinoza. Now, I need to be leaving... but how?"

"How about that?" I pointed her in the direction of a guard tower that seems to jut out of the ceiling.

Digit played around with the possibility. "Looks good, but the question is, will it reach the open air?"

"Who cares?" Yocelyn answered, and she rushed to the guard tower without our aid. We raced after her, wanting to talk some sense into her.

As Ariana Espinoza

Searching for the solution to get out of this permafrosted forest is a lot harder than most people make it out to be. So far, I was ambushed by a pack of spinning-top mutts, but I was able to distract them by throwing one of them into another, causing a multi-level brawl among them. I found a staff about half an hour ago (it doesn't seem to have much use, but I could use it to bludgeon someone or something) and decided to climb up a tree to see where I can go.

There appears to be nothing of interest around, but I did see some sort of circular stone house about 2000 feet away, so I headed that way.

Once I arrived, it occured to me that it looks like the top of a guard tower, possibly because it could be the top of a guard tower. I jumped over the wall and went inside. It was set up with two small tables made of fine wood, and atop of each lay a few unlit candles. A painting lay on a wall that happened to border a stairway heading downward. I would have to admit that the interior looks fancier than what I thought it would or should be.

I decided to go down the stairs, wondering if "the solution" (what you decide to call the way to get out of the trial) is further down the guardtower. What you do see is three people, two boy Tributes, and one Yocelyn Espinoza, running up the stairs. I ended up taking a full-on greeting from Yocelyn.

"Out of my way, stormface!" she told me, and she pushed me off the staircase down twenty feet to ground level.

Luckily for me, I had landed on a wooden bench. However, I still felt like my back was overwelmed by the pain. The splinters on my hands didn't deem to help, either. I was able to get up, even though I might as well be knocked unconscious, and I walked out of the tower into the unknown.

* * *

I saw something with some sort of shine to it, up ahead from where I was standing.

I must have walked miles. With a lack of consciousness dominating my thoughts, I must have been exaggerating the distance. However, there it was: The green piece of glass shaped like a crystal. I was saved.

However, I realized that there was a glass wall separating me and the fake crystal. I tried punching the glass, but I was too weak. I decided to get a broom I saw twenty feet away, so that took thirty seconds. Once I returned with the broom, I stabbed the glass with as much as I can muster (which was almost nothing, basically), and somehow the glass shattered.

I was just inches from getting the crystal, when I noticed that a hole in the dirt ceiling was expanding, with dirt falling over the landscape (which I then realized was an underground city), and I decided to hide inside the building where the green crystal was placed.

Once the collapse of the dirt ceiling stopped, I stepped out of the building with the fake crystal, seeing how much of a wreck the city had become. I didn't get much more time to examine the city, because then, I found myself back in the chambel leading to the Trials. It was a good thing I returned, because getting attacked by mutts, falling twenty feet onto a bench, and being covered in a thick layer of dirt really put it out of me. I might as well return to my cabin and take a nice long shower.

As for the crystal in my hand, it was no longer in my hand. In fact, it was nowhere to be found.

As Hawthorne Addams

I had travelled a good way through part of this vertical land of canyons and mesas, wondering if there was some way out of this trial. He had to do something quickly, but he didn't know what.

That's when, while on a platform on the upper levels, I saw something going straight toward me. It looked human from a distance, but when it arrived closer, I saw that it had some sort of leopard for a head. Plus, he was wearing wrestling tights, so I count this creature as the most unique mutt I have ever seen.

I had to stop it.

I grabbed a rock and charged at it. I threw the rock once I was only a few feet away, but it caught the rock easily and crushed it into fragments of its former self. Them he made his move by putting me in a headlock. I needed to counterattack. However, I didn't know how.

Suddenly, the mutt let go of me, and I saw what happened. Apparently, someone shot an arrow at it, but it intercepted the arrow. This was my chance. I had to throw it over the cliff.

The mutt was about to charge straight in the drection of the arrow's origin when I grabbed it by the arm and began to swing it off the cliff and into the depths of the canyon. However, it saw me coming and threw me on the ground hard. I didn't fall over, but it still hurt.

I don't know what happened to the mysterious muttation, but someone raced up to me and took me back on my feet. I asked her, "Who shot the arrow?"

"Why do you want to know?" she asked.

"I don't think I would have survived that mutt's wrath without that distraction."

"I shot it, but he isn't a mutt. He's King, one of the Tributes."

"He's a Tribute?" I asked, surprised by the relevation.

"It's a long story," she answered. "My name is TheDarkness7, by the way. I'm Anon...'s cybertwin."

Okay, things already seem weirder. First, a guy with a leopard head, and a cybertwin of another Tribute? I still play these facts over and over again, mesmerized by the possibilities.

"By the way," TheDarkness7 told me as we kept scaling the landscape, "King is a wrestler."

As Birch Saunders

Searching for Hawthorne throughout this ice-nine wasteland was harder than it looked. I looked all over, from the highest glacier to the lowest crevasse, but I can't seem to find him, although this place does have some good souvenirs. For example, I found a green shard of glass encased in a fairly small block of ice-nine. Of course, I couldn't melt it, but I decided to carry it along for later use.

Later along my search, I made my way up a hill and discovered that there were ocean waves in front of me heading toward something far out of my sight, but these waves were frozen with ice-nine. I had to follow the waves.

Once I got past the first few waves, however, I noticed that a trio of Tributes were already at that job, so I decided to catch up with them. However, it seemed like forever because they're so far away.

* * *

After what seemed like an hour, I had managed to get within shouting distance. I yelled at them to get their attention. Hopefully, they'll realize that they can't kill me in the trials.

"Over here! I need you!"

They turned around, and then one rushes to get me. It seems like I was saved, but the Tribute who rushes to get me held a club in her hand. Once she was within striking distance, I held up my shard in self-defense. She was about to stop, but it was too late to recall her attack.

The ice-nine surrounding the green shard shattered.

We were both shocked, me because of the fact that the glass shard didn't shatter, her for a different reason. I was about to pick it up when she commanded, "Don't touch that!"

I was left entirely clueless as to what to do. "Let me get the others," she demanded. "I'll tell you when you can use it again."

So, I had to wait for her to bring the other two. The one with the club was introduced as Venus Olympus from Tennessee. The other two were Tree Summer from Washington and Kelia Wann from Quebec. Each of them were also searching for someone.

"Okay, so that crystal is important in getting out of here," Venus told me, "and since all of us have that same common goal, I suggest we all grab it at the same time."

So we were about to, when someone else swiped it. I had to chase after him. I had no choice.

I caught up to him in record time and we had a tug-of-war for that crystal-shaped shard of glass. Once I kicked the guy in the chest, I realized we were already at the entrance to the ice-nine world. However, that moment of thinking resulted in the guy headbutting me and snatching the crystal from my open hand. That's when he too realized that he had returned to the Central Training Area.

Out of nowhere, Hawthorne Addams came up to me and told me, "You just realized you've attacked Drent Helton, leader of a gang in New York City, right?" If that was him, I knew I made an enemy.

We were in all-out war.

As Dobar Ineidas

I had no idea how to get out of this savannah. I was running away from fires, past mutts, around Tributes who wanted to torture me. I was all alone in this endless maze.

That was why I ended up surprised that I found a building carved into the side of a cliff.

I didn't know what was in it, so I had decided to break off a long branch from a nearby tree and break off all the extra twigs and leaves attached. If I wanted to go in, I needed to do so prepared.

Once I entered, I felt an eerie aura surround me, as if I was being haunted by a strange being. In fact, I even heard some scurrying feet. I lashed out in the air, then when I was convinced that nothing was there, I moved on.

The entire building was made of stone (obviously), and the ceiling of these halls were up to fifteen feet high. I saw what looked to be doors and windows etched into the walls, as if this place was an indoor city. I had decided to go through one of the doors, to see if that really was the case.

It was very dark in the room, but I saw something shimmering in front of me. I stepped across the room, and I nearly tripped on something. I picked it up, and since I couldn't see it very well, I placed it next to the shimmering object. I tried to guess what the shimmering object was, and while I was trying to feel it's dimensions, I felt a knob. I turned it, and light filled the room.

It turned out that the thing was a lantern. I was easily able to identify the thing I tripped on: a green shard of glass. It seemed like the one which was supposed to send me back to the Central Training Area, but when I raised it up at eye level, I could see that it had no effect.

I knew that there was some trick to using it, but I didn't know how to use it. After all, I never found anyone else in this arena, much less someone who used it to return to the Training Center.

I looked around the room once more. It looked basically like a standard living room, only without any form of electricity at all, or any outlets that use it. Plus, the furniture looked entirely Victorian. I knew just by realizing what style the room took on that I was not going to like my stay.

I cautiously left the room and kept trekking further into the hallway, with a lantern in my left hand, and the green shard in my right hand. I noticed further inward that the ceiling rose higher, maybe even to thirty or forty feet. Roofs of small buildings were no longer rooted to the ceiling, and I even found an outdoor market (if you would even consider it 'outdoor').

Just when I was walking through the plaza, I noticed three shadows standing next to a food cart, presumably talking with each other. I shined my lantern on them, and I found out that they were so pale that their skin was literally white, like a fresh sheet of paper. Thet're probably not vampires, but I know that the Gamemakers always have something life-changing planned.

One of them came over to me. "What do you think you're doing on our property?"

I answered, "I want to ask if you know anything about this green shard." I held out my hand to show them."

The second one asked, "What green shard?"

I looked at the palm of my right hand to realize that the green shard was gone! "Okay, where did you take it?" I demanded.

"What are you talking about?" the third one asked. "There was no green shard to begin with."

I had to take back my shard, even if I had to pry it out of their... hands? That's the thing; they appear to have no arms. Replicating a joke I heard somewhere, I ask, "Shouldn't you retrieve your arms or something?"

At that moment, out of nowhere, barrages of bullets trapped me in a cage of potential death. However, it stopped after five seconds. "Okay, very funny," I answered sarcastically, but seriously..."

I was about to charge into them when I realized that the roof of this building completely disappeared, showering us in a mass of light. I knew that these events would kill me if I didn't leave right away, so I ran back through the hallway behind me, without the green shard.

While I was desperately trying to get away, I heard sounds of stone colliding with stone, the certain signs of a stone building's collapse. I had to leave before the collapse claimed one more life.

I saw a shimmer of natural light just five hundred feet ahead of me. I had to reach it. I needed to escape from this imminent deathtrap. There it was. I needed to leave. Now.

Once I reached the other side of the doorway, a slab of concrete slammed me further out of the building and into the dry soil. I had to take a minute or so to recover. Once that passed, I was free to stand up, but I noticed a crystal on the ground. It was the green shard... and it was glowing under the bright sunlight.

I picked it up, and my surroundings changed dramatically. All of the shapes and colors danced around me, as if nothing was tangible, and they shifted form. I wasn't able to understand what was going on, but I found myelf in the Central Training Area, with a group of people surrounding me.

One of them came up to me and asked, "What happened to you? You were the last one to leave the trials."

"I was?" I had no idea what they were talking about.

"Even the Gamemakers were worried about your return," she informed. "It's already 5:58 PM."

"Okay, you don't have to give me a lecture," I answered assuredly. I ran out of the building, this time not threatened by a short-term threat, but by a long-term one.

Second Day of Training, After 6:00 PM

Now that everyone has returned to the Training Center, the Gamemakers have set up a set of Nightly Rivalry Battles against more and more Tributes. Things could get very interesting very quickly...

As Amy Pond

Once I entered the Tournament site on the Internet, I found out that the Nightly Rivalry Battles were set up by the Gamemakers to take advantage of this new tradition. In fact, tonight's lineup was pretty impressive:

  • Anon... vs SerpentKing999
  • Birch Saunders vs Drent Helton
  • Ariana Espinoza vs Yoselin Espinoza
  • Werebeast1 vs Harry Fiderson
  • RueRose vs Anthony Gonzales

Honestly, I decided that I needed to form a rivalry with someone. I needed to be in one of those battles.

Basically, the system goes like this: The Gamemakers arrange battles between rivals every night before the Tournament itself begins, and different games are played in different battles. The battle that's most likely to be enjoyed by everyone is saved as the very last battle that night. The Gamemakers have guaranteed that these battles will entertain everyone while they wait for the Games to start.

I would like to be a part of this, but first I need to find a person to start a rivalry with...

As Dak Wunderson

Well, it was a tiring day, and I deserved some entertainment. However, it was 6:15 PM, so the battles don't start for another 45 minutes, so I needed a way to pass the time.

Well, why not chat with my friends for a bit?

The only thing is, I don't have an alliance yet, so who do I ally with?

I've decided to eavesdrop on a conversation instead.

(next sections of my narrative will be in 'screenplay' format)

RueRose: Yikes. An alliance against Dark Matter? I don't know...

Stronton Melich: It's necessary for the integrity of the Tournament. Dark Matter is so out of control that she might prove to be a ferocious threat to us. No offense, Sedra.

Sedra Alsypse: None taken. However, isn't what these Games are about: different people from different backgrounds assuring excitement in the Capitol populace, no matter the consequence?

Stronton Melich: We don't know if there is a Capitol populace to begin with. After all, this event will be broadcast to at least 500 million people in Northern America alone, and an extra two to three billion people in the rest of the world. We don't know who's suspect of even starting the Tournament in the first place.

RueRose: Shouldn't the world population protest against this? After all, this absolutely murders 379 people, and severly damages the 380th person. I wouldn't be surprised if the United Nations broke into the comp--

(RueRose has been disconnected by the administrator.)

Sedra Alsypse: Okay...

Stronton Melich: However, getting back to the Dark Matter situation... If we want to ensure that she isn't a threat to our existence, we need to ally against her, even if RueRose backs out at the last moment.

Sedra Alsypse: Actually, I think she backed out because--

(Sedra Alsypse has been disconnected by the administrator.)

Stronton Melich: Okay, I think I'll sign off now.

(conversation ended; I went on to another conversation)

As Kassandra Ekhart

Okay, I had absolutely no idea why the Gamemakers had decided to expand upon the Nightly Rivalry Battles, but I do know that I shouldn't miss these battles, as they might show me what the Tributes might be capable of. However, I needed some background history of them first, so I was able to see how their rivalries started by checking the Tournament website.

SerpentKing999 had first challenged Anon... to a contest yesterday, but it was just this morning that Anon... realized that she was at war. That afternoon, she found SerpentKing999 while he was climbing up an icicle and she challenged him to a game of chess, which SerpentKing999 nonhesitantly accepted. They both had impeccable records in the past, so this game of chess looks to be a game not forgotten compared to other chess games in the past.

Birch Saunders and Drent Helton started their rivalry after they escaped the Trials. However, Drent has the advantage because of his experience in actual fighting, although he doesn't have his gang backing him up. He may have the disadvantage, though, since some of his rival gang leaders might join Birch's side. No matter how this goes, it is anyone's game.

Ariana was pushed off the top of a guardtower by Yoselin Espinoza in the Trials and ended up being injured after falling twenty feet. This time, Ariana wants to return the favor by challenging Yoselin to a battle tonight. I don't know anything about what game they'll be playing or what experience they have, but it's sure to be good.

(I lost The Game)

Werebeast1 first confronted Harry Fiderson in the Trials, and after having a bag of flour thrown in his face, Werebeast1 has Harry Fiderson in his sights. Nothing else will be known about this rivalry until later.

RueRose and Anthony Gonzales, however, seem to have the bumpiest road of all, since they are battling against each other in the main event. After the Parade, Anthony Gonzales used RueRose's account to mess with a Californian Tributes' meeting, but the real RueRose came in and started the biggest flamewar we might have ever heard of.

I had watched a video of RueRose talking to Anon... about that subject earlier this morning (which is a wonder how they recorded it), and RueRose even turned Anon... against SK999. Rumors have even been set that Anon... even formed a secret alliance with RueRose, but it is clearly unlikely, since the video states that Anon... would want to wait on that topic.

RueRose and Anthony Gonzales made it out of the Trials at the same time, so RueRose was able to give Anthony the challenge, although its details are unknown at the time. However, it has been said that FableWarrior will ally with Anthony and Alex Johnson will ally with RueRose, so it might be considered as a 'team vs team' situation.

No matter which match ends up as the best, I hope that at least one of them includes me in the fun. I will definitely enjoy that.

Anon... vs SerpentKing999

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Birch Saunders vs Drent Helton

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Ariana Espinoza vs Yoselin Espinoza

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Werebeast1 vs Harry Fiderson

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RueRose vs Anthony Gonzales

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