Third Day of Training, 6:00 AM-9:00 AM

As Yesare Dernes

I woke up at 5:45 AM and decided to look out to the city I have built in preparation for this Tournament before I do anything else. It was a superior mass of a city, with skyscrapers in plentiful supply, elevated rail systems sprawling everywhere, and of course, people going from place to place with hardly any trouble at all, and to think that this was juat a small view of what my city really is. In truth, if ranked with other Earth cities, it would be guaranteed sixth most livable at this time, and very well on its way to being number one in that same category.

After the rebellion ended, I had to escort as many Capitol citizens into this world, where we stayed at a refugee camp in a forest in what is today known as Oregon. Throughout the following month, we squirreled away Capitol technology from our former home into the camp, where we forged countless combinations until we were able to successfully create our first new inventions since our arrival, which we used to keep our camp alive. However, the local authorities found us and tried to arrest us, so we had to leave the area with as much as we had, including a newly constructed hovercraft, and find somewhere else to stay.

We stayed just outside of a small town we later discovered was the town of Lakeview, Oregon, where the people in our group who could work applied for work, and the rest set up camp where no locals could find us. However, even though we raised a large enough amount of money for viable support, a group of curious teenagers found us and reported us for camping in a non-camping zone. Naturally, we left with everything that we can carry before the authorities could find us again.

Our group kept migrating across Oregon until we were practically pushed out of the state and into California. However, we had already designed enough hovercrafts at the time to move without being detected. We decided to settle hundreds of miles south, in a large expanse of desert known as Mojave Desert. As unfortunate as it seems to land in a desolate wasteland such as this, we managed to survived there, and even thrived, using Capitol technology to keep the colony intact. While our colony was getting along very well, I hired several recruits to plan out a new phase of our little project, and after sixteen months of hard work and secrecy, we finally finished and unveiled it to the rest of our colony. We have built our own floating city. From now on, we wouldn't be hunted down by the natives, and we will be able to live on our own, as a refuge for all displaced Capitol-born citizens.

The only problem was, we needed to rescue as many Capitol-born citizens as we can if we are to keep our plan afloat. So, we had to make numerous rescue operations as we can, and though I was Alma Coin's goddaughter, I needed to ensure that everyone, even those who had already suffered so much, had a renewed chance at life. However, some people started charging me for hypocrisy, which I had to address by saying that this was a chance for the Capitol and District 13 to see themselves as equals, since I was also from District 13.

After the many rescues, we officially started on our city in the sky. The population increased steadily, and we started building even higher on the platform. Our platform was circular with one square mile in area. With those restrictions, we had to build as many skyscrapers as we can, and had to expand on those that were already constructed. Also, since the floating city had to be undetected, it usually stayed about 5000 feet above ground (which could be an oxygen-related problem if it weren't for our own all-city air-conditioning systems), and usually orbited the planet once every ten days (we protected our city from this effect, as well, by using artificial gravity).

Eventually, we've decided to start our own Tournament, and that's when the entire city started a war against each other that almost destroyed the city and its inhabitants. My side won, and it took a while for the rebels to realize that we were doing this or not, even when their leader was exiled. We had to build a separate floating complex for the Training Center, and we've separated the Training Center and the rest of the city after the Parade ended. In fact, the city I'm looking out to now is just a video recording my window played.

As of last week, I was able to select 380 natives from North America to participate in the Tournament, yet the natives who weren't chosen (all 7 billion of them) won't know what will happen in the Tournament until it starts. This tournament will also be the chance to start a new reign... if everything goes correctly.

For now, I should get ready for a long day, because after what had happened yesterday, who knows what will happen today?

As Panther12

As I prepared myself for another day, I realized that today was the day of our private sessions with the Gamemakers. In that case, I have to get as high a score as I can in order to secure sponsors.

Once I entered the main room of the Iowa suite, where I met Werebeast1 while he was looking through a biography. I asked him, "How was your battle yesterday? I didn't stay up to see it."

"It was okay," he answered. "I don't want to get into the past right now. You do know that private sessions are today, right?"

"I know," I replied. "Although, these Nightly Rivalry Battles really drain the energy out of everyone." Once I had received my breakfast, I sat on the opposite side of the room from where Werebeast1 was sitting and also enjoying breakfast. Even though I had the private sessions to look forward to, for the moment, I was completely bored.

I finished my breakfast, but without something to talk about, the time took longer than normal. After I finished, Werebeast1 asked me, "How well do you think the others will fare?"

"What, our fellow Tributes?" I wondered.

"No," he answered. He then took about a few more seconds to say, "I mean the Tributes not from Iowa."

It took a while for me to think about that, since there are so many Tributes that caught our eye over the week. "I know Dark Matter, Stronton Melich, and Sedra Alsypse might be some of them," I answered. "The Espinozas might also rise to the ranks, and there might be a chance for RueRose and Anon... to reach that high--"

"I'm sorry I asked," he interrupted. "I didn't know that this was going into a long monologue."

"Sorry about that," I apologized, "but you do realize, since there will be no Career Districts in this Tournament, only those who get a 80 or better would even be considered Careers, so we must reach that level for us to be respected. I will take in some last-minute Training before the private sessions. I'll see you later."

We parted, and I made my way to the Central Training Area. That's all there is to say on the matter.

As Militica Xeve

I've already been overshadowed for so long, and that changes today. I went to sleep at 7:30 yesterday and started last-minute Training at 5:00. However, about a dozen others beat me to the punch by arriving here earlier. They don't seem to let up.

I started by running a new obstacle course found on the second floor, which seemed to take up half the space. I was about to complete it by jumping from one platform to another, and I was already about halfway across, when from out of the round came a giant red ball, and I bounced off it and out of the obstacle course, and I somehow landed into a pool of water. (Sounds familiar?) I decide to start over, but that's when I notice that the entire obstacle course had changed.

The obstacle course seemed to be hovering over a giant pool of water, with all sorts of platforms floating three or four feet above it. The platforms, however, seemed unstable, though, since they were on top of giant springs. There were original sections of the original course, but they, too, were hard to get through, and even harder to stay on due to their instability. The final section, though, seemed to taunt me by bringing in four of those giant red balls again, and they literally shaked back and forth, warning me to turn back.

Be as they may, I'm not turning back.

I decided to start the first section, but I prematurely jumped and ended up flying past a platform and into the water. I skipped that for a while and tried the second section, but I tripped on a writhing rope and plunged into the water again. Unsuprisingly, the lack of coordination I began to acquire made me slip from the swing in the third section, fall off the top of a wall in the fourth, and get chucked out by a stray dodgeball in the fifth, all meeting the same fate in the end.

By the time I failed to survive the fifth section, everyone was watching me and enjoying every wipeout I have suffered. Some even started laughing at me. I couldn't stand it. I've decided to skip straight to the tenth and final section, the one with the four big balls.

The balls began with a shaking fit, anticipating my arrival as I was about to start. I jumped off the platform, and greeted the first ball easily with my feet. The second ball fell to the same fate, but the third one was met with my hands instead, and as for the fourth, I bounced off the side and fell in the water again, this time feeling more sore than my last few runs.

As I lay on the marble floor at the side of the rippling pool, soaked and shivering from the cold water, someone asked me, "Can I take a turn now?"

I answered, "You can. I don't need this in my life."

The only weird thing was, when I got up, the obstacle course that I was challenged with was gone, and the one that was in its place was the original. Even though I was shivering cold, I wasn't drenched in water. What kind of hallucinations did I succumb to?

As Onden Sazen

I can't believe that everyone in Maryland, even the Tributes, think I'm a worthless sack of nothing! That's it! I've had it with them! I decide to go to the Central Training Area and do as much last-minute training as I can, then see if I can get any Sponsors at all.

I left the Delaware suite at 5:30, and when I arrived at the Central Training Area's second floor, I saw a Tribute falling all over the obstacle course like it was slippery. What was her problem? I decided to ask her later, when I wasn't training.

I was overwhelmed by the choices of what I could do for the next few hours, and it didn't help that this was my last chance to train. After a moment of thinking about my options, I decided to try the new building-climbing section, since it was popularized by SK999, Aden Belon, and Fauve Allsworth. I had finished with setting myself up for the climb when I noticed that someone else was already about to climb as well. I asked her, "Do you already have an alliance?"

She answered, "I have only one, with Ariana Espinoza. However, I could add you if you can conquer that wall in less than five minutes." That was it. This is my chance for fame and stardom. I had to reach the top.

She started her stopwatch as soon as I jumped off the ground and clung to the wall. I practically threw my arms from a lower section of the wall and reached as high as I could, then pulled myself up and did the same with the other arm. I had to ignore all exaustion because of the prize I had to reach. However, once I passed the second floor, I rested myself for a few seconds before I kept going.

Time seemed to pass by the hour. My arms and legs seemed to tear with emphasis on the pain and exaustion. I thought, What had I gotten myself into now? It was a good thing that I eventually reached the top, where the girl Tribute was waiting for me.

She came up to me with the verdict. "You made it up here in five minutes and fifty-eight seconds." There it was. I lost. I'm hopeless. However, she then gave me the good news. "I would have to admit, even though you were late, you did break the record nonetheless, so if you can demonstrate that ability to the Gamemakers, you could get a high Training Score."

"Okay, thanks." I shook her hand. It was great to be crowned with an achievement, especially from someone who soon introduced herself as Audre Deslum, victor of the 28th Hunger Games.

As Javier Aldaco

It'a already 8:10, and there's more anxiousness in the air than I have felt so far. Everyone seems to be occupied with getting the highest training score they can get. However, they do seem to be excelling in their skills, so I needed to catch up with the crowd.

I met with Maria Aldaco once I found her (she was one of my allies since yesterday, when I helped her out of the savannah) and decided that we needed a schedule. We planned to get as much practice as we can in one station for thirty minutes, then move on to the next station, stay there for thirty minutes, and keep going from there. While she decided to climb the building, I decided to try the new "warped gravity" course on the lower levels.

The course's goal was simple: Make it past the obstacles despite the shifting gravitational pull. I started jumping a two-foot chain-link fence when I fell sideways and landed on a wall. Now, I was standing on the wall, and the fence was straight above me. I jumped up to the fence, even though it was ten feet above my head, and I ended up clutching the top bar of the fence, but with me hanging due to the gravity being flipped upside-down.

I climbed to the bottom (now the top) of the fence, and then the netting of the fence fell on top of me. I fell off due to the confusion caused by the makeshift net. I was able to grab onto a rope which just happened to have been above (below) me all this time, but then I realized that the end I grabbed onto wasn't tied to anything at all. The gravity was now pointing in a forty-five degree angle toward the course's entrance.

I swung the rope the opposite way as much as I could, then back and forth, until I decided to let go. Once I did, the gravitational pull shifted direction again, this time toward a pool of red liquid. It was too stable to be lava, and too thin to be blood, so I didn't know what was in it until I splashed in.

Once I landed, I noticed how acidic it was, then figured out that I landed in some sort of fruit punch soda. However, I wasn't in there for long, since the gravitational pull shifted again and I flew out of the pool (and strangely enough, the soda didn't follow), and then grabbed onto a ladder, which became more like a bridge once the gravity shifted again and pointed straight toward the entrance. I stood up on the ladder-bridge to see what lay above me.

It turned out that from the perspective that I viewed it, there were hundreds of platforms that I could take to reach the end (or rather, the top) of the course. I jumped to the highest platform that I can reach, and found out the hard way that the gravity grew more intensely, and I missed the platform entirely and ended up on the side of the course's wall, laying down (or sideways from a viewer's perspective) and unable to get gack to an upright position. To add to this, the gravity tilted again, and I slid off the wall and back through the entrance gate into the main building.

This will probably end up harder than what I thought it would be.

Third Day of Training, 9:00 AM-1:00 PM

As TheDarkness7

I have never talked with my terratwin before, and I decided to search for her, but she wasn't in the Central Training Area at all. This was the last day for Training. i didn't understand where she could be... and then it hit me. If I knew Anon... like I did (and believe me, I spawned off of her internet accounts), she had to be looking for a challenge.

She must have entered the Trial Arenas somehow.

I ran over to the entrance chamber that leads to the Trial Arenas with a long rope in my hand. I tied it to a pipe lying along the front wall, and while holding on to the other end, I jumped through one of the tubes. Luckily, the rope was long enough to take me to a maze of canyons, so I left the rope at the end of the tube and set out in search for Anon...

After hiking about two thousand feet over and under this landscape, I found Anon... talking with RueRose. I hid behind a conviniently-placed shrub and overheard their conversation.

(next sections of my narrative will be in 'screenplay' format)

RueRose: It seems your chess game against SK was a major success in getting you noticed. You know, we two seem to have most of the momentum, so I was thinking...

Anon...: I know where you're going, and I'm not willing to help you.

RueRose: All I want is an alliance between us two. We are lethal separately, but with you as an ally, we can ensure ourselves into the Final 48. What do you say?

Anon...: I said, no.

RueRose: Don't back out on me simply because I am powerful. You are, too.

Anon...: All you care about is power. Don't you understand that this is all about survival?

RueRose: Power takes part in survival.

Anon...: I don't think overconfidence does, though.

RueRose: Are you accusing me of being overconfident? You're the one who thinks she can win this all by herself.

Anon...: I've had enough of you and your plans to dominate the game! I'm leaving!

RueRose: Fine. However, if you want to leave, you should at least receive your parting gift...

(RueRose pulls out a green toy and winds it up, then throws it to Anon..., which she catches. I jump into the scene and swipe he toy away from her hands, then throw it into a canyon, where the toy explodes while falling. 'Screenplay' format ends.)

Anon... turns to me and asks me, "What did you do to my gift? In fact, how did you even get here?" She stood up and waited for a logical answer.

"That was a Creeper, and it threatened to destroy you," I answered. "By the way, I was looking for you. Do you realize that the Training Scores come out today?"

"I realized," she replied. "However, I have no idea how you came up with the Creeper idea. Are you trying to mess me up?"

"Creepers are basically like living, walking bombs that set off whenever they approach another living thing," I explained. "You could have been killed, and I couldn't afford that. We're cybertwins."

"Cybertwins?" She seems puzzled. I had mto explain everything about that concept to her. Basically, when she first set up her user accounts all over the Internet, I took my form from those user accounts and started my own separate life. However, I could access her life and memories over the Internet, and I even messed with her own motor skills once or twice. She mistook that fact by thinking that I was controlling her mind, but I assured her that I did nothing of the sort.

"Okay, so we need to head back," I finally stated. "Where's RueRose?"

Anon reacted by looking around. RueRose was nowhere around here.

We decided to head back to the rope at the end of the tube and climbed back up to the Central Training Area, where a few Gamemakers greeted us. We didn't respond. However, I see what RueRose doesn't see, and I intend to ally with Anon... first.

As Domique Welton

I think Lelt Dregg and Kelia Wann are getting along very well, but I think they might be obsessing a bit over how they plan to dispose of Nomin Dregg. I know that Nomin Dregg wants to take out both of them, but all three of them might have completely lost it. In fact, Lelt and Nomin challenged each other to a Nightly Rivalry Battle, so we will see a very harsh battle tonight with high expectations that it will be legendary.

However, getting back to reality, the fact that Lelt Dregg and Nomin Dregg are bitter rivals (like Mexico and the United States in what the Europeans call football) is just plain aggravating. It's like they ate acting it out very well, but in reality, it bores anyone who actually has a mind. I know that they have to beat each other, but this is no case for adding more flavor to the battle. They are doing a terrible job at that.

That's why I've decided to edge the rivalry by including Dark Matter and Sedra Alsypse in it.

It was simple: All I had to do was lure all four of them to the same location, wait for them to have an incident where everyone chooses sides, and watch them come out slashing. I went to each station that they were in and passed them a note telling them to meet me on the second floor at 10:00 AM, without letting them know that the others will be there, too.

Once it was 10 AM, all four of them arrived on the second floor expecting something different than what they had realized. Lelt and Nomin saw each other and approached hostily, and the same happened with Dark Matter and Sedra Alsypse.

(next sections of my narrative will be in 'screenplay format)

Lelt Dregg: I know what you want, Nomin, and you won't be having your way with me today, or in the Games.

Nomin Dregg: I didn't bring you here, cousin.

Lelt Dregg: Oh, so now I'm downgraded to a cousin, am I?

Nomin Dregg: It's better than killing your brother, don't you think?

Lelt Dregg: I realized that you were never meant to be my pen pal, much less my cousin, because real friends don't go on a manhunt for real friends.

Nomin Dregg: You can't die in the hands of someone else. You don't know what methods of torture they will use against you. You'll never make it anyways. That's why I have to kill you first.

Lelt Dregg: You know very well when you had the chance that you could ally with me instead of going against me.

Nomin Dregg: You? Why would I ally with such a weakling?

(This is when Lelt Dregg lost it.)

Lelt Dregg: You have no right to call me weak!

(end 'screenplay' format)

Lelt attacked Nomin, but before either of them could do anything significant, Dark Matter came in and smacked Lelt in the face. Sedra Alsypse responded by throwing Dark Matter into Nomin Dregg, and then the battle was clearly marked. Suddenly, the entire second floor gave way, and we collapsed on top of a training station, with all of us aching all over. We looked up and saw that the ceiling was completely intact.

As if that wasn't enough, all four of those Tributes declared war on each other, and then we heard an announcement over the intercom.

"Ladies, gentlemen, and Tributes of all ages," Yesare announced, "since we clearly have a battle on our hands, we will have a special main event in tonight's Nightly Rivalry Battles. We shall have a four-way battle between..." What came next caught me off guard.

"...TotalDramaRox97, SerpentKing999, Mockingjay5, and Firecatcher3," she concluded. I can't believe that I was being ignored.

She continued, however. "Also, I plan to have Lelt Dregg, Nomin Dregg, Dark Matter, Sedra Alsypse, and Domique Welton compete in a five-way match, where the game itself will be decided and regulated by Freddy Tapia from Sonora. May the odds be ever in your favor tonight!" The transmission ended. I was still struck hard by the news. I was going up against four ferocious competitors? I did not like my odds.

The U.N. Salvation Crusaders Meeting (as an omniscient character)

All five of the newly appointed Salvation Crusaders, diplomatic espionage agents hired by the United Nations to gather information about the Empartia Project (their name for what they call kidnappings, when in reality they will be shown as a "Hunger Games" Tournament) and stop it altogether, are meeting at a secret U.N. station in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, to discuss where the Empartia Project's main influence is located.

As they all gathered together around a five-pointed table, we notice all five of the officers. Elkan Seltan, currently setting down his sleek black briefcase, is the forensics specialist from Japan. He proposes a few plans when they matter, but he knows what should happen if it gets around to it. Sacren Delania is the tech specialist from France. After being employed by the U.N., she decided to add more effort into helping her teammates by giving them a few of her works. Alsee Feratt from South Africa came aboard as the problem solver of the group. She was hired because of winning a set of decoding challenges all over the Southern Hemisphere and also knows shortcuts through a few security systems. Esral Harst has left Suriname and came here as a computer hacker. He uses as much as he can to fool security and even sabotage some command protocols using his patented computer viruses.

As for the fifth officer, she had just arrived at exactly 12:30:00 PM Eastern Time. She was known as Ioda Yelsen, and she always shows up on time, never earlier, never later. The U.N. hired her from Vancouver, Canada, and she hired the other four, with approval of the United Nations. She is known as the head of the group, although she is also down-to-earth. She specializes in traquilizing enemies, and is also a very agile and stealthy force on the team.

All five of them took their seats, and Ioda started the conversation.

(next sections of my narrative will be in 'screenplay' format; character's thoughs will be in italics)

Ioda Yelsen: Okay, so we were hired to stop the Empartia Project and rescue their hostages. However, we are in the dark about what they do or what they have done besides selecting 380 people from 12 to 18 years old from all over North America. They were hand-picked from audiences from all over North America, audiences formed in each and every city in North America by almost every major governing authority in North America, due to reasons as of yet unknown. The chosen people were sent to private planes stationed in airports across the continent, and the airplanes practically disappeared from radar.

Esral Harst: We know this already. Can't we get on with the point?

Ioda Yelsen: We have no way of tracking the planes at the moment. However, that did not stop the United Nations from forming this agency and letting us come up with solutions on how to find the mastermind between the Empartia Project and return the hostages to their families. Does anyone have anything to add?

Esral Harst: Finally. I have a suggestion. Although we don't know where to find the mastermind of the Empartia Project, is there any way to determine the direction of all of the private jets in question?

Ioda Yelsen: We are working on similarities to their flight pattern, but so far, no results have turned up.

Sacren Delania: What's the make and model of any of those jets?

Ioda Yelsen: We have yet to figure that out. However, Elkan Seltan has a few ideas...

Elkan Seltan: It appears to be the newly-released Manticore X-12 Model Series 5.5, which I have received a report saying that over two hundred were ordered by an anonymous source.

Sacren Delania: Did it say who picked them up?

Elkan Seltan: They were picked up separately by your regular airplane pilots; there's nothing extraordinary about that if observed separately, but since they were picked up within 24 hours of each other, something must be up.

Alsee Feratt: Why did they kidnap the children, anyway? They're probably too rich to use them as child laborers, seeing that they spent too much money on those jets to be productive in anything.

Sacren Delania: Maybe they already had planned something in the long term.

Alsee Feratt: You always assume that, but maybe this time, you could be right. Whatever plan it is, it might not be initiated until later this week, or even later this month.

Esral Harst: (as the others are talking) There's a way I might be able to figure out this problem as to where to find the jets are located, and thus, find the location of the Empartia Project myself.

He takes out his computer and turns it on, and since it's a Chromebook, he only waits 8 seconds for it to boot. He starts studying by entering the FAA database, and manages to find the flight patterns of all the Manticore jets. Though some were arbitrary, he saw that all the jets aimed for one central location...

Esral Harst: (to the group) I know where they are!

Sacren Delania: (speaking to the group, that is, until she realizes what is going on) Since there could have-- Wait, what?

Esral Harst: I've been looking at the directions of where all the jets were flying, and found that they must have landed off the Pacific Coast.

Ioda Yelsen: Wait, you did? If that's the case, then why would they land in the ocean?

Esral Harst: I've also seen what has happened 15 minutes after they supposedly landed. They looked as if they were stationary, but all of them were moving nonetheless, and it seems like the target itself is moving across the ocean. (Shows computer with all the info to them.) Absurd as it may seem, it seems like the planes landed on some sort of floating fortress, as it were.

Alsee Feratt: Floating fortress? Can you confirm that theory?

Esral Harst: Well, there has been a suspected UFO sighting in Dubai just last night, so I would think that it could be the same object, judging by the expected velocity I recorded after the plane landings. If another UFO sighting is recorded in Milan tonight, then you'll have your answer.

Ioda Yelsen: Okay, then. Our meeting is adjourned.

Sacren Delania: Wait. We're leaving because of him?

Ioda Yelsen: He has a strong theory that we can use to our advantage if it is proven right. We'll meet back tomorrow at 8 AM.

Third Day of Training, 1:00 PM-4:00 PM (Private Sessions)

--The Private Sessions section has been skipped as of now. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we will come back once we are able to come back to it.--

Third Day of Training, 4:00 PM-6:00 PM

As Seder Torrance

After I had my private sessions with the Gamemakers, I was lying in my bed, bored out of my wits. The only way I was going to pass the time was to do something exciting, and then I realized that I haven't sent Regel my daily hate e-mail yet.

The only thing is, Regel has already sent me hate e-mail, and I didn't want to read it. That's why I decided to one-up her... by launching a computer virus into her system. The only problem was, I didn't know how to program a virus, so I contacted Anthony Gonzales from Washington.

"A virus?" he asked as I told him of my plan over Skype. "Sorry, but I'm not that kind of programmer. However, I could mess with her computer for a bit."

"Perfect," I answered.

"However," he warned, "it will cost you."

"How do I expect to pay?" I responded. "We were all reaped. We are all being sent into the Tournament. We will all be dead before this is over. What part of this do you not understand?"

"What part of 'paying' do you not understand?" he retaliated.

"Forget it," I announced. "I'm out of here." I logged off, wondering what I was going to do now. That was when I decided to contact Regel myself, because I had an idea.

As FableWarrior

After Anthony Gonzales told me about how a Tribute wanted to mess up another Tribute's computer, I decided to unleash a little number I was testing out.

Once I had set up a secretly-placed video camera on Regel's room's wall opposite her computer (which I had to distract Regel out of the room to do the job, using a delivery by an Avox), I returned to my room and opened two separate screens on my computer: one to control Regel's computer, and one to watch her freak out at the results. I accessed the computer mouse key, and pointed at Regel's computer's recycle bin once Regel entered the room.

She stared at awe when she saw Seder's hate emails being dragged out of the recycle bin and opened itself.

Honestly, they were mostly just text, but she was mortified. She was especially mortified when I opened the last email. It turned out to be a music video (I think from 2011), and it kept blinking rapidly. I did not like that one bit.

* * *

The medical crew told me I was suffering under an epileptic seizure from the video I watched just before passing out. It turned out that a British organization banned the video because of its properties to cause seizures. However, it was still on YouTube regardless of its consequences, and Seder plucked the video from the web and sent it as an e-mail, hoping it would incapacitate Seder, only to glance off of her and into me. I didn't even have epilepsy until now.

As for Seder, she accused Regel of the happenings before she knew the truth, and even then, she thought I worked for Regel. Seder and Regel even announced that they will battle each other in a Rivalry Battle, with Typingwestern015 teaming up with Regel and me allying with Seder.

Trust me, if there's anything worse than being knocked out and shortly afterward being diagnosed of epilepsy, its getting knocked out, being diagnosed with epilepsy, and having no idea what's going on just after you get released by the medical crew.

As Bodiay Durien

A case of epilepsy and an alliance vs alliance battle? Things are certainly heating up...

These days, Stronton keeps searching for allies who come from far outside our domain. He doesn't ignore me, exactly, but he spends little time with the rest of the Northwest Territories. Will he ever learn the his best allies are right at home?

That's when I decide to force him to join me as an ally, by locking him in his room from the outside. Then, I went to my room and sent him a message to his computer.

(next sections of my narrative will be in 'screenplay' format)

Bodiay Durien: How are you doing? (he doesn't know that he is locked in yet)

Stronton Melich: Okay. I'm thinking of allying with Sedra--

Bodiay Durien: Don't forget your hometown Tributes. We've been reaped, too.

Stronton Melich: I know. However, if we want to ensure survival, we need to expand our alliance to others.

Bodiay Durien: You've never allied with us, the Northwest Territorial Tributes. Our alliance is set up, waiting for you.

Stronton Melich: I'll handle it tomorrow.

Bodiay Durien: You'll handle it now.

Stronton Melich: Sorry, but I have to go. (he reaches the door, but can't seem to open it) Why won't this door open?

Bodiay Durien: As I said, you'll handle it now.

Stronton Melich: Did you have anything to do with the barricated door?

Bodiay Durien: Well... (reflecting back to all the things I stacked against the door)

Stronton Melich: Well, whatever it is, let me out now before things get ugly.

Bodiay Durien: I'll let you out only if you ally with the Northwest Territories.

Stronton Melich: So, you're the one in on this. Let me out or I'll personally burn you for this!

Bodiay Durien: Your loyalty lies with the Northwest Territories, and I suggest you learn that now!

Stronton Melich: Just let me out, or I'll hang you!

Bodiay Durien: You have to ally with your fellow NT Tributes and to them only.

Stronton Melich: Are you insane?! You can't lock me in my own room just for that alone!

Elton Shen: (entering call, responding to Stronton Melich) She has a point. You can't throw away what we have with you.

Bodiay Durien: (to Stronton Melich) I told you!

Elton Shen: (to Bodiay Durien) However, he has to choose for himself. You can't lock him away expecting him to change.

Bodiay Durien: (to Elton Shen) What? You can't do this!

Elton Shen: (to Bodiay Durien) You are a control freak, and Tercy Eller agrees. We can ally with anyone we can ally with, and you can't change him.

Bodiay Durien: (to Elton Shen) I've had it with your interference! How about you and me one-on-one tonight?

Stronton Melich: If any of you can hear me, I still need to get out... Never mind, Tercy came in.

Elton Shen: (to Bodiay Durien) Let's make it better. let's make it between all four of us. The winner will lead the NT Tributes.

Tercy Eller: (entering call, responding to Elton Shen) Now, you've lost it. How can you expect to take them all down?

Elton Shen: (to Tercy Eller) I'm fed up with you, Tercy! Next time, you will not question my decisions!

(call terminated)

As Nelle Elteriz

I think that Sidi Eltel had an affair with Typingwestern015. Honestly, she has been persuading Drent Helton to let her ally with Typingwestern015 all this time, even though it's against our agreement. We can't let her get an edge against us.

I fact, I've already challenged Sidi Entel to a battle tonight, just after we all get our Training Scores. Speaking of which...

The Training Scores

"Welcome, everyone, to the announcement of the Training Scores!" the annoucer, Selto Madani, again filling in for Claudius Templesmith, announced through the television set. "Everyone is waiting in anticipation for the Training Scores since morning, and some even engaged in personal challenges this morning in the training zones. The Training Scores will rate each Tribute from zero, the absolute lowest that you can get, to ninety-six, the absolute highest that you can get.

"As of so far, Dark Matter, Stronton Melich, Primrose1444, Drent Helton, and numerous others are waiting to see their scores, so since the line between Career Tributes and regular Tributes aren't well-marked, we shall award Career status, for this Tournament only, to any state, province, or territory, whose average training score is ranked in the Top 10, as well as every Tribute who reaches the Top 20.

"So, without further ado, let us introduce the Training Scores and what each Tribute can be expected to prove in this Tournament:"

Please expand the chart to view:

Male Training Score Male Training Score Female Training Score Female Training Score

Regional Average

Alabama Adam Snow 52 Zewell Oriano 65 Alana Schweitzer 48 Alice Snow 59 56
Alaska Elcot Frecte 64 Cinna Autumn 65 Sinida Contrien 58 Summer Autumn 63 62.5
Arizona Skye Hunter 52 Paren Detos 58 Sora Altada 66 Sestia Repal 48 56
Arkansas Cren Aftas 54 Zal Quat 67 Valtia Zental 52 Delisey Dornego 55 57
California JERealize 60 FableWarrior 66 InsertRandomnessHere 62 Elviaalova 54 60.5
Colorado Arnton Welling 55 King 78 Mockingjay5 72 Firecatcher3 71 69
Connecticut Joshua Yoo 46 Terry Fiderson 48 Sage Whitaker 51 Falen Dasde 52 49.25
Delaware Jedwas Fintrel 68 Onden Sazen 42 Tride Tisconos 67 Marlony Darde 69 61.5
Florida Christian Cipriano 52 Elder Thorne 68 Michelle Yoon 57 Willow Thorne 67 54.25
Georgia Thresh Delin 79 Nylon Denim 70 Rue Hela 64 Silk Denim 71 71
Hawaii Rekand Hikan 56 Mason Brown 71 Ikali Velun 67 Alice Brown 61 63.75
Idaho Utiah Fakan 76 Luke Heart 72 Pronchel Quanter 69 Claire Heart 74 72.75
Illinois Gerardo Paniagua 62 Finnick Odair 82 Rosa Paniagua 63 Annie Cresta 78 71.25
Indiana Eddie Ainsworth 58 Robin Miller 70 Lisa Takahashi 64 Jay Sparrow 60 63
Iowa Werebeast1 61 Felix Orange 69 Panther12 71 Torrent Wave 77 69.5
Kansas Peter Mage 69 Emberstrike5 62 Alina Shahryar 63 Belle Taylor 73 66.75
Kentucky Orion Ewell 65 Orochi Chan 62 Vicky Chong 60 Isabella "Issy" Stone 70 64.25
Louisiana Earth12 49 Alex Legall 54 Daisy Garcia 57 Kagu Chan 55 53.75
Maine Arder Minaldo 59 Rori Williams 60 Breda Herard 51 Fiona Pena-Rolla 54 56
Maryland Alex Johnson 63 Will Baker 62 RueRose 70 Hannah Rice 65 65
Massachusetts Fidofiderson 44 Harry Fiderson 52 Emma Nicoletta 53 Primrose1444 85 58.5
Michigan tacosalad1127 58 Jacob55111 52 Nina Bennett 51 Aya Morishita 57 54.5
Minnesota Jesus Chavez 68 Digit Starr 74 Yvette Kim 49 Lucky Dawn 74 66.25
Mississippi Griffin Fink 52 Jair Carpio 56 Penny Lane 58 Karis Purple 54 55
Missouri Austin Choe 45 Razor Raptor 68 Alia Nizam 43 Spirit Velocity 67 55.75
Montana Hortie Ninke 65 Cato Parce 89 Resen Havar 79 Clove Hald 87 80
Nebraska Dak Wunderson 70 Edward Teach 72 Gredien Altrais 62 Sky Cloud 68 68
Nevada Mason Joiner 68 Cream Donahew 75 Nicole Yuan 52 Bliss Diamonds 76 67.75
New Hampshire Federel Kenz 62 Jude L 54 Haldy Snide 75 Fauve Allsworth 70 65.25
New Jersey Maxx Scarlett 52 Moviepopcorn123 53 Kassandra Ekhart 41 Jessica Bonilla 49 48.75
New Mexico Betreg Kelin 57 Aldago Mendez 40 Yuvia Enidice 56 Geralenn Ginn 53 51.5
New York Typingwestern015 69 Drent Helton 80 Sidi Eltel 82 Nelle Elteriz 71 75.5
North Carolina Nirav Desai 53 CryOfTheWolf 60 Yeji Lee 59 Yursee Cazio 61 58.25
North Dakota Dural Celan 72 Ben Azran 60 Miltica Xeve 67 Diana Torbati 62 65.25
Ohio Joekeybladeaura 51 JTFasho13 49 Olivia Ceriø 52 Rita Summer 57 52.25
Oklahoma Peter Hastings 60 Manuel Martinez 56 Oliva Mekelvey-Henry 62 Mia Aquamarine 63 60.25
Oregon Timothy Kim 52 Edward Jung 58 Kajal Desai 70 Amy Pond 73 63.25
Pennsylvania TotalDramaRox97 71 Nick Heron 61 Jae Hyun Ha 63 Emily McCann 55 62.5
Rhode Island Ghen Indas 66 Richard Kang 65 Derminicke Harden 62 Aimee Pagdanganan 53 61.5
South Carolina Birch Saunders 73 Hawthorne Addams 75 Julie Kim 65 Beauty Swann 68 70.25
South Dakota Yenot Helkin 68 Bob Nixon 79 Likiede Serent 61 Jenni Frost 71 69.75
Tennessee Andrew Saucedo 63 Vulcan Olympus 76 Alexis Ortega 67 Venus Olympus 75 70.25
Texas Brony12 54 Benjamin Goldberg 48 Amy Bailey 61 Nadia Aljojo 59 55.5
Utah Jonathon Shiler 58 SerpentKing999 72 Stephanie Mendez 64 Alli Simpson 68 65.5
Vermont Kreck Demedes 56 Mark Sanchez 42 Elenica Bosten 58 Bailey Henderson 62 54.5
Virginia Austin Friedberg 64 Alex Aquamarine 62 Maya Quaker 65 Audre Deslum 76 66.75
Washington Anthony Gonzalez 73 Rowan Winter 82 Tree Summer 83 Ashley Rose Jefferson 79 79.25
West Virginia Gale Hawthorne 80 Peeta Mellark 79 Katniss Everdeen 86 Dark Matter ` 91 84
Wisconsin Franco Toledo 75 Jesse Portillo 62 Mariamme Ibrahim 67 Sedra Alsypse 93 74.25
Wyoming Lelt Dregg 73 Marvel Iden 78 Domique Welton 69 Glimmer Faz 76 74
Puerto Rico Estobar Lonidas 58 Dobar Ineidas 63 Selda Ineidas 41 Elsia Denes 48 52.5
Alberta Kevin Cohen 62 Thomas Adamson 71 Donia Javidi 59 Elizabeth Coin 71 65.75
British Columbia Darius Singleton 54 Kevin Cato 48 Lucy Diamond 58 Amertarusu Chan 46 51.5
Manitoba Hegro Demari 59 Cat Ifes 67 Rida Trenton 54 Aviv Soffer 59 59.75
New Brunswick Kentom Grentrom 69 Evan Clark 57 Helice Neneme 67 Rebecca Arias 56 62.25
Newfoundland and Labrador Nomin Dregg 75 Robby Rosen 62 Seder Torrance 78 Jhade Ryan 61 69
Nova Scotia Denectre Neneme 68 Chibiterusu Chan 59 Eviane Grentrom 69 Jade Duncan 64 65
Ontario Miguel-Bryon Hernandez 61 Steve Anderson 59 Lessly Ruiz 63 TheDarkness7 71 63.5
Quebec Alexander Spring 65 Matt Smith 63 Kelia Wann 72 Anon... 82 70.5
Prince Edward Island Edeter Yenes 52 Simon Nikel 52 Crenta Mentins 48 Ebony Black 59 52.75
Saskatchewan Scremner Ulton 62 Lynx Ifes 68 Pelede Jernas 58 Sharon Katz 63 62.75
Northwest Territories Stronton Melich 81 Elton Shen 72 Bodiay Durien 77 Tercy Aller 69 74.75
Nunavut Dehn Bohrman 72 Braliford Court 65 Konika Merinda 68 Kalle Freon 63 67
Yukon Lenchiel Monterre 65 Vell Welmwood 62 Regel Torrance 79 Aldia Welmwood 63 67.25
Aguascalientes Desen Grenal 64 Jacob Vasquez 59 Isadia Netano 48 Jenna Orange 51 55.5
Baja California Tenamcha Menasco 52 Jacob Rios 46 Krestia Fepre 58 Bianca Villa 52 52
Baja California Sur Dreden Ledrada 62 Luis Rios 59 Heren Iapas 64 Nanami Chan 57 60.5
Campeche Udious Denelis 42 Atahualpa Contreras 48 Demiol Wedel 45 Himi Gold 51 46.5
Chiapas Alex Beltron 59 Eduardo Valencia 47 Marisela Baca 43 Viviana Torres 47 49
Chihuahua Daniel Maldonado 51 Guillermo Villanueva 48 Mercedes Ramos 53 Kushi Chan 52 51
Coahuila Samuel Sanchez 57 Marco Sanchez 60 Monique Sanchez 59 Steva White 61 59.25
Colima Aden Belon 70 Alexis Espinoza 88 Vuten Macil 69 Kristina Villanueva-Hernandez 71 74.5
Durango Nanco Yosul 59 Javier Aldaco 72 Adelia Sarned 62 Karen Gillian 48 60.25
Guanajuato Cesar Arrezola 55 Jorge Bedolla 62 Ana Gabriela Diaz 69 Karina Rito 63 62.25
Guerrero Chris Perez 52 Martin Perez 53 Kacy Walker 60 Aphrodite Grace 49 53.5
Hidalgo Rodrigo Diaz 62 Adonay Meza 59 Maria Shachina 58 Khloe Malese 57 59
Jalisco Eduardo Espinoza 86 Raul Hernandez 74 Maria I. Andrade 66 Maria G. Andrade 64 72.5
Michoacan David Farias 73 Remedios Mesa 69 Ariana Espinoza 84 Casandra Moreno 62 72
Morelos Endiah Jenae 62 Armor King 82 Odea Celan 72 Maria Aparicio 73 72.25
Mexico Daniel Martinez 63 Oscar Cisneros 62 Brianna Farias 64 Miriam Moreno 65 63.5
Nayarit Kedro Delano 56 Rey Lara 62 Creas Fondia 42 Persephone Anderson 47 51.75
Nuevo Leon Rene Hernandez 68 Daniel Perez 65 Iman Nagi 63 Ariadne Digit 66 65.5
Oaxaca Darren Bates 53 Armando Dominguez 58 Polina Vovk 57 Connie Dominguez 63 57.75
Puebla Joel Farias 57 Gerardo Hernandez 48 Cecilia Hernandez 58 Sophia Tapia 52 53.75
Queretaro Leon Paraz 62 Kurow Chan 63 Eleida Mediya 59 Jasmin Maldonado 68 63
Quintana Roo Borego Fienisco 48 Ivan Carranza 46 Orgata Wasco 45 Lucero Andrade 47 46.5
San Luis Potosi Alex Menchaca 52 Nathan Powers 61 Ana Maria Ramos 48 Sparkle Green 60 55.25
Sinaloa Adam Lopez 58 Edgar Valencia 59 Cristina Espinoza 63 Griselda Sandoval 58 59.5
Sonora Eric Espinoza 53 Freddy Tapia 63 Maria Aldaco 65 Anabel Ramos 58 59.75
Tabasco Gonzalo Carranza 63 Cristian Valencia 64 Vanessa Dokko 57 Sheba Purple 56 60
Tamaulipas Angel Trujillo 56 Bulmaro Zavala 50 Angelita Gomez 59 Natalie Uresti 67 58
Tlaxcala Ferardas Ciago 59 Satan Lockwood 71 Merida Swana 66 Abigal Springs 65 65.25
Veracruz Gilbert Garcia 68 Miguel Garcia 69 Yoselin Espinoza 83 Crystal Gamboa 73 73.25
Yucatan Eldario Feroza 59 Waccan Dolegt 61 Lara Venazio 57 Andrea Toledo 59 59
Zacatecas Horaldo Zecas 63 Jose Villegas 67 Lecia Danel 53 Yemela Zolaco 54 59.25

` last-minute entry

Rank State/Province/Territory Score Average Tributes
1 West Virginia 84
  • Gale Hawthorne
  • Peeta Mellark
  • Katniss Everdeen
  • Dark Matter
2 Montana 80
  • Hortie Ninke
  • Cato Parce
  • Resen Havar
  • Clove Hald
3 Washington 79.25
  • Anthony Gonzalez
  • Rowan Winter
  • Tree Summer
  • Ashley Rose Jefferson
4 New York 75.5
  • Typingwestern015
  • Drent Helton
  • Sidi Eltel
  • Nelle Elteriz
5 Northwest Territories 74.75
  • Stronton Melich
  • Elton Shen
  • Bodiay Durien
  • Tercy Aller
6 Colima 74.5
  • Aden Belon
  • Alexis Espinoza
  • Vuten Macil
  • Kristina Villanueva-Hernandez
7 Wisconsin 74.25
  • Franco Toledo
  • Jesse Portillo
  • Mariamme Ibrahim
  • Sedra Alsypse
8 Wyoming 74
  • Lelt Dregg
  • Marvel Iden
  • Domique Welton
  • Glimmer Faz
9 Veracruz 73.25
  • Gilbert Garcia
  • Miguel Garcia
  • Yoselin Espinoza
  • Crystal Gamboa
10 Idaho 72.75
  • Utiah Fakan
  • Luke Heart
  • Pronchel Quanter
  • Claire Heart
Rank Tribute Training Score Extra Score ^ State/Province/Territory
1 Sedra Alsypse 93 N/A Wisconsin
2 Dark Matter 91 N/A West Virginia
3 Cato Parce 89 N/A Montana
4 Alexis Espinoza 88 N/A Colima
5 Clove Hald 87 N/A Montana
6 Katniss Everdeen 86 N/A West Virginia
6 Eduardo Espinoza 86 N/A Jalisco
8 Primrose1444 85 N/A Massachusetts
9 Ariana Espinoza 84 N/A Michoacan
10 Tree Summer 83 N/A Washington
10 Yoselin Espinoza 83 N/A Veracruz
12 Finnick Odair 82 N/A Illinois
12 Sidi Eltel 82 N/A New York
12 Rowan Winter 82 N/A Washington
12 Anon... 82 N/A Quebec
12 Armor King 82 N/A Morelos
17 Stronton Melich 81 N/A Northwest Territories
18 Drent Helton 80 N/A New York
18 Gale Hawthorne 80 N/A West Virginia
20 Thresh Delin 79 86% Georgia
20+ Regel Torrance 79 84% Yukon
20+ Resen Havar 79 82% Montana
20+ Bob Nixon 79 79% South Dakota
20+ Ashley Rose Jefferson 79 76% Washington
20+ Peeta Mellark 79 75% West Virginia

^ Only used to determine 20th Place (chosen by audience vote)

Tribute Reactions

Thresh Delin: Basically, to determine 20th Place, they said to have put up an audience vote where everyone can vote for their favorite Tributes with a Training Score of 79. I had the most votes in my favor, so I'm in the Top 20. The others will definitely be in the Top 25 if it existed, but as of now, I barely scraped by. Now, I need to step up to the top of the ladder.

Katniss Everdeen: This is unbelieveable. West Virginia, home of District 12, is now a Career state. However, Madge Undersee completely disappeared, and I had to spend some of my training running around the Training Center looking for her. Also, tthis character Dark Matter took her place, and she seems like someone who wants to kill us off in the Tournament. We had better stay out of her way.

Dark Matter: I can't stand the thought that Sedra Alsypse would beat me with a higher Training Score and wear that smirk on her face to brag about her victory. She will be my first kill, and she knows it. This rivalry has only begun to show...

Ikali Velun: A 67? That wasn't bad, but it looks like I might not win. With all the super-powered Careers out there, I believe I'm overpowered. I need a new strategy once the Tournament begins, but how will that be thought up?

JERealize: After writing down the Training Scores in my information journal (my one expendable token), I thought about how my siblings got such a high score when I have a 60. Did my brothers and sisters bribe the Gamemakers? Impossible; they don't have any money on them. For the moment, I have active alliances with IRH and Elivaalova, and FableWarrior seems questionable. I think Anthony wants me to break the alliance with FableWarrior, but it all seems shady. Primrose1444 had shown me some tips on survival in Training, and I realized that I hadn't implemented them yet. I also realize that I must make alliances soon, because the Tournament starts in about 41 hours, and... Wait, is it 7 PM already? I should be heading to the new place set up on the fourth floor of the Central Training Area so I can see the battles for the first time off-screen.

Third Day of Training, After 7:00 PM

As Eduardo Espinoza

I left my suite, along with the other Tributes, to go to the Battle Palace, a new place erected in the fourth floor of the Central Training Area. Since the private sessions are over and past us, the Gamemakers have decided to reconstruct the entire floor and turned it into a giant lounge room. The only thing is, this new place will also be the host of the set of battles planned for tonight. This time, the list was longer than ever:

  • Sidi Eltel vs Nelle Elteriz
  • Stronton Melich vs Elton Shen vs Bodiay Durien vs Tercy Eller
  • King vs Armor King
  • Dehn Bohrman vs Anthony Gonzalez
  • Audre Deslum vs Fauve Allsworth
  • Alexis Espinoza vs Katniss Everdeen
  • Lelt Dregg vs Nomin Dregg vs Dark Matter vs Sedra Alsypse vs Domique Welton (game decided by Freddy Tapia)
  • Regel Torrance and Typingwestern015 vs Seder Torrance and FableWarrior
  • TotalDramaRox97 vs SerpentKing999 vs Mockingjay5 vs Firecatcher3

This isn't even going to be the last set of Rivalry Battles, as I heard that after our Interviews, the California Tributes, the New York Tributes, and the Texas Tributes, are going to battle each other in this same room. It's hard enough to remember the Rivalry Reasons that caused tonight's sets of Battles.

Sidi Eltel wanted to ally with Typingwestern015, but Nelle Elteriz decided to challenge Sidi Eltel to a battle to show her that no alliances can form between NY Tributes.

After Bodiay Durien tried to force Stronton Melich to accept his loyalties, Elton Shen decided to battle against Bodiay Durien, but all four of the NT Tributes got pulled into the battle.

King and Armor King had a rivalry extending back to 2003, and now they want to contest again.

The Gamemakers have decided to add three new matches based on Training Scores, and thus, Dehn Bohrman will face Anthony Gonzalez, Audre Deslum will battle Fauve Allsworth, and Alexis Espinoza will go against Katniss Everdeen.

The five-way between Lelt Dregg, Nomin Dregg, Dark Matter, Sedra Alsypse, and Domique Welton was actually ignited by Domique Welton himself, and now he unwillingly ended up his own battle.

Regel Torrance and Seder Torrance had an already-heated rivalry, but Typingwestern015 had allied with Regel Torrance the night after the Parade. Earlier today, it became agitated to near-Cold War levels when FableWarrior's assault on Regel Torrance's computer backfired onto him and gave him epilepsy, and now he ended up on Seder's side unknowingly.

However, the final battle's kind of hard to understand with an open hand alone...

As TotalDramaRox97 (flashback)

My battle for tonight was set up back in the morning hours, and I know what might have caused it...

I entered the Central Training Area at 7:30 PM so I could get in some last-minute training before I go to my Private Sessions. I met Fauve Allsworth (a Tribute from New Hampshire) at the entrance and asked for her alliance, and after a rigorous talk, she agreed. After that, I left her and Haldy Snide (a Tribute from her same state) at the entrance and found SerpentKing999 sneaking into the Trial Arenas.

I stopped him and asked him, "Are you crazy? Do you want to kill yourself?"

He punched me, thus making me lose my grip on him. "I have to do this, and you can't stop me from becoming a Career," he answered. Then, he jumped through a tube. I followed.

Once we arrived at the end of the tube and into a black-sooted savannah, he pulled out a dagger and said, "I've always wanted to test my skills on a Tribute." He charged at me, dagger aimed at my throat.

I threw soot in his face and dove out of the way, and SK was struggling to see while flinging the dagger wildly in self-defense. I grabbed a tree branch nearby and swung it in his direction, but by that time, he could see clearly, and he ducked out of harm's way. Once the branch passed above him, he pounced and was about to stab me in the face, but I was able to pry the dagger out of his hand. It seemed like I had the upper hand when SK jumped off of me and pulled out another two daggers from his pockets to use against me.

"Not so tough when you realize you're outnumbered, are you?" he stated once I realized what had happened, and as if he knew that I was about to face my end, he laughed maniacally. That laugh haunted me like no other evil laugh did... but of course, they were all fake compared to this one.

That's when a flash appeared from far away, and SK gazed at it, murmuring, "King Caesar...?" I then decided to slash at him, but once the dagger met his chest, it was completely reduced to dust before I could pierce him. It seemed like he had the advantage, but when he came out of his trance and was about to stab me two-fold, those daggers also perished.

We then looked around to see that we were in a different landscape: a permafrosted forest. I saw that Firecatcher3 had an arrow aimed at my throat, and I froze in place. As for SK, he was tied to a tree and was about to get clobbered by Mockingjay5's wooden club.

"Okay, what is it?" I asked them.

"We can't have you tresspassing on this land," Firecatcher3 responded, arrow still aimed to kill me. "The penalty for that is early death."

"You know, you're tresspassing, too. Have you thought of beating each other up?" SK added in a childish outburst.

Mockingjay5 smacked SerpentKing in the head with her club for that. "Shut up," she answered. Oddly enough, he laughed, despite his pain. Mockingjay5 kept bludgeoning him with that weapon as a result.

I kicked the bow out of Firecatcher3's hands as an attempt to attack Mockingjay5, but just after I tackled right into her, I felt a sharp sting on my back. I reached for the source, but found nothing. I turned to see Firecatcher5, holding her bow, left bewildered by possibly one thing: The arrow launched at my back disappeared completely.

As Firecatcher3 (flashback)

I didn't understand what had happened. I should have skewered him and be done with him. Instead, the arrow completely disintegrated itself upon contact. My friend, Mockingjay5, was recovering from that sudden assault that TotalDramaRox97 unleashed on her. Also, to add on, I think something bit me on the back on the neck... and I don't want to know what it is.

I rushed over to Mockingjay5 and grabbed her hand to lift her back up on her feet. Once she was up, she shoved me into a tree, and asked me this confusing question: "Who do you think you are?"

(next sections of my narrative will be in 'screenplay' format)

Firecatcher5: What happened to you? I was helping you up and--

Mockingjay5: I don't believe I was in the position where you were the hero. Now, back off or I'll club you just like Mr. Laughingstock over by that tree.

Firecatcher3: I thought we were allies. You can't walk out now.

Mockingjay5: This is the last time we meet as allies. I'm leaving this alliance.

Firecatcher3: Fine, then. Leave, you ungrateful coward!

Mockingjay5: How dare you call me a coward!

(end 'screenplay' format)

As we argued back and forth, I knew something was going on with me. She was starting to mess with me, and I felt like I wanted her to have it. Just when I couldn't take it anymore (with her saying, "You'd be lucky to die by my hand once I smash your head--"), I smacked my bow into her face, and the fight started. Even when SK and TDR joined in the fight, it didn't seem to end until we heard the announcement that shall settle everything...

Now, I have to eliminate Mockingjay5 from this game as soon as I can, before she gets to me.

As Alexis Espinoza

The Gamemakers decided that I have to face Katniss Everdeen, co-victor if the 74th Hunger Games, or so JER told me. This unofficially means that I am more popular than he, Eduardo, Ariana, or Yoselin will ever be. I'll take care of them in the Tournament, but as of now, dealing with Katniss Everdeen is the biggest honor known to me.

Once I arrived on the fourth floor of the Central Training Area, I froze in awe. The ceiling was made into a glass dome to match the glass wall, something I had never seen on this floor before, and the entire place had lighting, but it felt like it was provided by candles. There seemed to be shimmering red carpet laid on the floor, studded with wooden tables, leather chairs, food-and-drink stations (like those seen in bars and diners), and in the center, about four large, empty spaces surrounded by chainlink fences. They were probably reserved for the Battles.

I visited a food-and-drink station, and asked the Avox in the front to get me a sandwich, but before I could specify the type of sandwich, the Avox handed me the perfectly polished glass plate with the sandwich lying on top of it, with exactly the toppings I wanted, and even handed over a glass of orange soda, predicting my order perfectly before I could ask for it out loud.

It was when I first bit into the sandwich when I decided to turn around and find a guy simply looking at his lemon-lime soda, deep in though until he noticed that I was watching him. He then mentioned without looking at me, "You know, these drinks are made of a non-sugar sweetener that is the only one approved by the FDA and the ADA."

"Translation...?" I begged his pardon.

He turned to me. "It's the only sweetener that doesn't contribute to diabetes nor to tooth decay." He extended his hand. "I'm Bob Nixon, by the way."

I shook his hand. "I'm Alexis Espinoza."

He realizes something. "Wait, you're the one facing Katniss tonight, are you? I would really enjoy it with either person winning, really."

"Really?" I wondered. "I read your biography and you seem like the one I want to ally with."

Bob was caught off guard. "Wait, really?" he answered with a bit of enthusiasm. To tell you the truth, I was given a secret note that informed me that he could get me firearms early in the Tournament. If the Gamemakers don't stop him, then I'm golden if I make that alliance.

"However, I know that because of my placement, an alliance with me would be ill-advised--" he continued hesitantly.

I interrupted him and answered, "I'd love to ally with you. I know that you'd be a valuable asset to my alliance."

"Really?" he asked, unsure if he heard what he thought he had heard.

"Yes," I confirmed. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to finish eating. I'll talk to you later, okay?"

"Okay," he agreed. I went to eating my dinner in peace...

As Oscar Cisneros

I met Freddy Tapia at a table, eating alone, and wanted to ask him about what game he had planned for the five-way battle coming later tonight.

"Well," Freddy answered, "I haven't decided, but I will make up my decision soon."

"Okay," I understood. I finished my meal, and afterward, left him with his thoughts.

A few minutes later, Katniss Everdeen came up to me and asked me where Alexis Espinoza was. However, she didn't expect that Alexis Espinoza would come to her.

(next sections of my narrative will be in 'screenplay' format)

Alexis Espinoza: There you are, Katniss. I've been waiting for you.

Katniss Everdeen: I don't understand how we even ended up in a battle against--

Alexis Espinoza: It doesn't matter now. However, it's an honor to play against someone of your caliber.

Katniss Everdeen: Really?

Alexis Espinoza: In fact, I wanted to ask you if we could ally after this..."

Katniss Everdeen: Only if you beat me.

Alexis Espinoza: What?

Katniss Everdeen: You aren't ths first to ask me for an alliance. I've already allied with Peeta, Gale, Thresh, and Rue. I only ally with those who I know personally. However, I'll make an exception, if you win.

Alexis Espinoza: Why do you want me to win?

Katniss Everdeen: I don't... that is, unless you prove your worth. I won't take it easy on you, so you had better bring it to me.

Alexis: Fine. Let's battle right now!

Nightly Rivalry Battles

--will be written later--

JER's Tournament
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