District 8

Gender: Female

Name: Jacqueline Culvers

Age: 17

Appearance:Dark hair, usually kept back in a ponytail or bun. Very dark blue eyes. She is a real looker. Average height at 5 foot 7 inches, skinny build with little muscle.

Personality: She is a fun person who likes to make people laugh and is very smart. She is sometimes shy and quiet, but when you get to know her, she is has very upbeat attitude.

Skills: She is flexible since she is head cheerleader and although she is incompetent with any long range weapons or accuracy, she can wield a sword or long knife well enough to get by. She is also amazingly fast, and can whip past someone in a hurry.

Strategy: Run. She would sprint to the Cornucopia and be the first one there, grab a choice weapon and a pack and head for the foliage. Hopefully, when anyone cornered, she would run, and make it through the Games without a kill except for the final fight.

History: Jacqueline’s house blew up four years ago taking her parents with it and leaving her in charge of her little sister, Katie. They live at an orphanage, but to get by, Jacqueline has to sign up for quite a large amount of tessarae and that is probably what got her reaped.