District 7:

Gender: Male

Name: James Maple.

Age: 15.

Appearance: Blond hair, dark green eyes, 5 foot 11. Strong and tall. He has an open honest face that make so many people befriend and trust him. He is also very popular and many girls fall for him.

Personality: Funny and kind. Many people confide in him and because of his personality and looks, he is very popular.

Skills: Good with axes and swords. He is also a very good negotiator and could either make or break a situation.

Strategy: Avoid the careers, make an alliance with Maya (see below). Grab only necessities from cornucopia. He would try not to kill anyone unless it was very necessary, like a life or death situation. He would possibly go after the person who killed Maya (if she died.

History: Sister died from Peacekeepers, and he hates the capital. Parents work and he has a younger brother, Mark who is 13. He loves Maya and volunteered so he could protect her after she was reaped. He plans to tell her he loves her in the games.