Jessica Phyfier is TwilightPerry's Tribute. She is a victor. 


Disctrict (with a back up one): 3

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Appearance: Lunaii

Weapon(s): Throwing Knifes, Throwing Spear

Fear: Mutts



Strengths: Knife Throwing, Luck, Killing the Careers.

Weaknesses: Her Allies Dying, Careers winning in Games

Backstory: She and Her Older Sister are only living in their family.Their Mother killed by Careers in Unknown Hungers Games, While their Father is the same, That's why her and her sister angry to Careers.She really want to be in the games because of her FAMILY. She even shocked that she is reaped.

Personality: Shy, Kind, Sweet

Interview Angle:Talking about her family, a Little Shyness.

Training Angle: At the Knife Station, She will do Better Knife Throwing than to Careers.

Bloodbath Angle: She will get her Knife then Kill the Careers.

Alliance: Anti-Career Girls


Vatonica's 108th Annual Hunger Games|Kills: Evan King, Bayleaf Magnolia, Annastia Bios|Training Score: 6| Ranking: 1st out of 24th (VICTOR).

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