District 10

Gender: Male

Name: Jonah Carter

Age: 17

Appearance: He has spiked, light brown hair that is very thick and full. His eyes are very dark blue, nearly midnight blue. He has thick deepset eyebrows that make it seem like he is always deep in thought. He is very strong and muscular from all his years of farm work. He is tall at the height of 6 foot 3 inches. From being outside most of the time, he has a deep tan. He is very handsome and when he smiles, it lights up the world.

Personality: He is very caring and will protect those he loves. He has protected Sadie for his whole life and will stand up for her whenever she needs him. If he fell for a girl in the games (wink, wink) then he would protect her the same way he has protected Sadie, from every harm. He always does very well at school hoping that when he grows up that he and Sadie can have anything they want, but not in a selfish way. His heart is always there for others.

Skills: His strength is always there for him so he’d probably be best with sledgehammers or any type of sword. On the farm he worked with pitchforks, and tridents are close enough to the shape of a pitchfork. His protective instincts will protect against the dangers in the arena, and if there is any wheat or other food to grow, he can use his farming skills to produce food.

Strategy: During training he would try to find someone he could trust so that, not only would he have another companion, but if he died, then his other ally could protect Sadie for as long as they could. At the Bloodbath, he would protect Sadie with one arm and fight for supplies with his other. If the games he would defend Sadie, if need be even sacrifice his life for hers, and live off the land trying to kill as few tributes as he could.

Backstory: His parents are poor farmers and Sadie is his only sibling, and since she is so frail, he protects her against every harm. From a young age, he has worked on the farm trying to help his family all that he can, but he still takes tesserae every year and did not let Sadie take any. His parents are always busy so he’s pretty much all Sadie has.