These are my tributes. I can't remember them all, so if I submitted a tribute into a Games and I can't remember them, please tell me, or put them on the list yourself. I know I have more :P

Capitol Males

Spencer Akan

Fabio Batone

Capitol Females

Lindsay Mill

District 0 Males

District 0 Females

Erin Helder

District 1 Males

Greg Fanning

District 1 Females

Bridgette Slate

Neptune "Nellie" Fray

Sabrina Varne

Ariette Malice

Jennifer "Jenny" Chase

District 2 Males

Louis "Lou" Welder

Sanford Hail

Charles "Charlie" Lopez

District 2 Females

Ursula James

Veronica Sunstone

Lisa Chrundabell

Cotta Heirloine

District 3 Males

Michael Portal

Henry Loakes

Jerry Hill

District 3 Females

Rachel Golden

Allison Fuji

District 4 Males

Samson Potts

Paul Redands

Connor Silverbuck

District 4 Females

Alanis Press

Swan Redsands

Antonia Clay

District 5 Males

Ike Herron

Robert Cains

Percy Vest

District 5 Females

Gabrielle Beets

District 6 Males

Elias Cooper

Travis Lindberg

Scott Landing

Joseph Lisp

District 6 Females

Delta Sparrow

Reagan Sloan

Ruth Rutters

District 7 Males

Steven Huddleston

Jacob Cadenson

Simon Hays

Jack Braddick

District 7 Females

Isabel Leach

Taber Schoff

District 8 Males

Theodore "Theo" Welch

Tanner Cook

District 8 Females

Whitney Finch

Cleo Welch

District 9 Males

Nick Gardner

Teff Levigne

District 9 Females

Avena Potter

Violet Netter

Siobhan Grey

District 10 Males

Riley Whiterock

District 10 Females

Confier Whiterock

Sonia Fay

Redina Ianson

Olla Hill

District 11 Males

Abraham Beets

Caden Hunter

Silas Stain

District 11 Females

Kennedy Li

Ella-Harriet Song

Maizi Rhode

Michelle Rhode

Priscilla Traine

District 12 Males

Cody Columbus

District 12 Females

Jasmine Ferry

District 13 Males

Argentum Silverback

Roger Silk

District 13 Females

Lucia Granite

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