District 9:

Gender: Male

Name: Justin Asher

Age: 18

Appearance: Medium toned blond hair with bangs across his forehead. He has bright blue eyes with a dash of green in them. He has a deep tan from spending nearly all his time outdoors. His height is considered average height at exactly 6 feet tall. He is well built and is very muscular. He was hunting once and a mountain lion came up and attacked him. He has scars on his face and chest from it.

Personality: If there was a word to describe everyone, Justin’s would be tough. He is funny, but sometimes has a crude sense of humor. He fully believes in the “sticks and stones may break my bones; but words can never hurt me” saying. He is street smart instead of book smart, and thinks that if you want to succeed in life you have to get out of the classroom and into the wilderness. His way in his mind is the right way and if you have a problem with that, then you are the problem instead.

Skills: Justin has been hunting his entire life. He can sense every movement in a dense forest even when no sound is made. His favorite weapon throughout the years has been a bow and arrows. He can hit nearly any target with them, and can do so without even the slightest sound made. His other choice weapons would be throwing knives or throwing stars, and he’s really prefer a long-range weapon so he can stay safely out of danger up in a tree or something. He can also climb really well and can seem to almost run through the treetops at high speeds away from the danger below him.

Strategy: Before the games begin, he would lay all his skills on the table in order to show he’s a threat and that sponsors should want him. This could be considered a very good thing, or very bad, because he could become a big target, AND, he would have no surprises left in a life or death situation. In the games, he would go to the Cornucopia as fast as he could, grab as much as he could and get to work. He would quickly try to remember everyone who was at the Cornucopia’s weaknesses and strengths, then go to work. He would go for the Careers first, and if there was anyone close, then he’d kill them too. But he wouldn’t be psycho or anything, he’d be smart, but he wants to win, and to win, you have to kill.

History: His parents had always argued with each other. They were always arguing about some stupid thing and never had any time for him. He was always in the shadows and none of his friends would ever want to come over and Justin didn’t invite them. Eventually, he had had enough one day when he was 14. He grabbed his bow and arrows along with a set of knives, a sack of food, some sets of clothes, a blanket, and a tent, and then left. He lived in the woods and would go into town and showered and cleaned clothes there. His parents didn’t even care he was gone or they didn’t notice. He hunted his own food and learned how to survive. He had gotten attacked before, but that was all a part of the deal.