Kevin Dillas is a tribute made by Biel1458. He cannot be used without her permission. I don't know why, but his district partner is usually Nichole Peyton

Biel1458's Tribute
District 5
Basic Information
Gender Male
Age 15
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Height 5`6
District Partner Nellie Cougar
Hunger Games Information
Weapon Sickle
Best Ranking 7th
Games 1

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Name: Kevin Dillas

Age: 15

District: 5

Gender: Male

Personality: Shy, violent, nice, offensive

Weapon: Sickle

Height: 5`6

Strenghts: Swimming, eletricity stuff, finding food, killing

Weaknesses: Nature

Fears: Mutts

Interview strategy: Answer the questions with regular answers

Bloodbath strategy: Go for a sickle and backpack, run away

Games strategy: Hunt the other tributes during the first night of the games, later hide and kill who he sees

Backstory: He is just a regular boy that goes to school and loves his family, but when he became 12 he started to be forced to ask for tesseraes to help his family, and unfortunatelly for him, the secretary of the justice building acidentally registered him as a boy who asked for 200 tesseraes, but he only asked for 5. Sadly, when he was 15 he was reaped.

Family: Johnny K. Dillás (father)

Katherina Olsen (mother)

Solinne Patt. Cooper (stepmother)

Seraphine Dillas (twin sister)

Token: A throphy-like dagger

Victims: Zavier Nemesis (43rd Hunger Games), Savannah Darnell


Icanhasnofriends`s 43rd Hunger Games - These games started with 1v1 matchups, and Sam was put against the male from 7, Zavier, and managed to kill him, and after the end of the matchups 14 tributes were standing, and soon after the start of the games Kevin killed Savannah, the girl from 9. These games are actually on Day 2 morning. At Day 3, he was killed by Connor Smitherson (4th). He placed 7th out of 28.

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