Lasheniqua Shontayoleo

Lasheniqua Shontayoleo is a gangsta troll tribute created by Beetee19. She lives in District Five, and her district partner is L'D'Irving J. McJingletonson IV.


District: 5

Age: 15

Weapon: She gotz mad skillz wid a bow.

Strengths: Lasheniqua could be an athlete, but she don't want to. She be cute AND menacing. Bow, foo!

Weaknesses: Overreacts to everything and beats da crap outa people for it. Also, she don't sing.

Personality: All gangsta, all the time. Errbody thinks she ain't gangsta, because she white and she a fan of Green Day and she don't do pot, but SHE BE MAD GANGSTA. She survived in 5, eh? She be energetic, focused, and occasionally hostile.

Strategy: Get dat bow and snipe people. Hide out and get water. Do what it takes, even if it only means being partially gangsta :O

Token: Pinecone


None yet

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