Lavender Snow
The Vicious Victor
District 2 Victor
Gender Female
Age 16
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Choice Weapon Spear/Spade
Family Parents
Number of Games 1
Best Ranking 1st (Panemkiller's 128th Games)
Typical Score 10

Lavender Snow is a tribute owned by Jabberjay78. She is a career tribute from District 2. Her district partner is Skar Skull. She is Jabberjay's second victor.


Skills: Knives and Sword Fighting

Strategy: Career Alliance, but doesn't have a plan for after that.

Weaknesses: Can't survive well on her own (Career). Extremely naive.

Personality: Cold-Hearted and Snobby. Willing to do anything to win.

Lavender Snow

Lavender Snow as a Victor

History: From a rich family in District 2 where her dad is the head peacekeeper. She is the only child and is therefore spoiled and gets everything she wants. She was not trained for the games but is still a career and is still a very strong opponent.


Panemkiller's 128th Games: 1st out of 24

After Victory

Returns home to much fame and fortune. She happily mentors every single year, not caring if her tributes die. If they win, she is angry that they may become more popular than her. She is of high praise in the Capitol, and makes monthly visits. She marries to a very wealthy man and lives in a big house in District 2. The couple has two children, a girl and a boy, and they plan on training both specifically for the games.


  • She was the first lunaii for a tribute created by Jabberjay.
    • She was also the first tribute entered in a games, and she won that particular games. At the time, both the only completed games that Jabberjay had entered were won by his own tributes.
  • Her original name was Spade Harte as a refrence to her design which includes several elements from cards.
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