Layne Bresnet

District: 5

Age: 13

Weapon(s): Bow and arrows, Throwing knives, Darts

Skills: Plant knowledge, Super accurate eyesight, instinct

Strengths: Long-range weapons and pant knowledge

Weakness(es): Hand-to-hand combat/close range combat

Reaped or volunteered: Reaped

Reaction when reaped/volunteered: Layne walks calmly and slowly, accepting that this is her time to enter the Hunger Games.

Private training: Throws knives, blows darts and shoots arrows until the Gamemakers say she can go.

Backstory: Layne was born into a family that sold Wood products and plants, so Layne knew almost everything there was to know about plants, poisonous or not. Unfortunatly Layne's family got caught in a riot, and got shot by Peacekeepers. She lived on the streets with runaway and orphaned kids and took tessera twice a month.

Personality: Sly, tough and mistrusful, but once you get to know her shes sweet but still slightly mistrustful.

Appearance: Bright purple dyed long spiky hair with bright green highlights. She has dark blue eyes and likes to wear camoflage print clothes.

Height: 5'4

Bloodbath Strategy: Flee at the Bloodbath, survive on plants and kill anyone on sight.

Token: A pair of black leatherfingerless gloves.

Alliances: None

Games won: Pierulesnotyou's 183rd games (with Thalia)

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