Leos Lockfield is a tribute made by that one guy . Please don't use her without his express permission (heh, I doubt anyone would anyways).

Tribute-y Stuff

Name: Leos Lockfield

Gender: Female
Leos Lockfield

Lunaii of Leos-kun

District: 5

Age: 18

Appearance: Leos always seems to have an uncaring expression on her face. She has dark brown hair and reddish-brown eyes. A scar runs horizontally across her nose, a constant reminder of a certain incident. Her body is lean and muscular, but not overly so.

Strengths: Leos is a naturally skilled combatant. She is able to deduce a foe's strategy and their pattern of attack within mere moments after a fight begins. One might even call her a prodigy. She tends to keep a cool head, no matter the situation (unless someone tries to anger her).

Weaknesses: Leos is pretty mediocre at everything that doesn't involve combat. She can't identify anything nature-related, she's not too good at swimming or climbing, and she has severe issues with authority. Foes who fight in an unusual fashion can easily throw her off (she'll still be able to adapt to their style, but it will take much longer than usual).

Personality: TBA (Needs Rewrite)
Leos (Animu Style)

Anime style Leos

Backstory/History: TBA (Needs Rewrite)

Interview Angle: Leos will outright refuse to answer any questions, responding to any attempts with a simple scoff.

Bloodbath Strategy: Grab some supplies and a weapon. Stick around for a bit and eliminate some of her competitors, but escape before things get too heated.

Games Strategy: The only part of her strategy that is planned out is the end: Victory. She'll do whatever she has to as she goes along to work towards that goal.

Signature Weapon(s): Leos has a strange attachment to axes of various sizes and shapes.

Token: None (her memories are all she needs)

Height: 6'2"

Fears: She's afraid of losing either of her sisters. Aside from that, she's relatively fearless.

Alliance: Loner

Inspiration: Leos is partially inspired by Jotaru Kujo.

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