This is a list of fan-made Hunger Games, Quarter Quells, and stories related to the genre, made in the original Hunger Games Wiki or the Role Playing Wiki.

Hunger Games Wiki, 2010

August 2010

Since the idea first formed on this wiki in August 2010, I am calling this point the Month of Realization.

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
August 28 Copper5 Hunger Games! The Games! Copper5 Jordon Clements
August 31 LET THE GAMES BEGIN Elivaalova unfinished

September 2010

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
September 6 Mockingjay5 Hunger Games Mockingjay5 Lyra Rivers
September 7 The Hunger Games: HungerGamesFan's HungerGamesFan Ava Carlson
September 8 84th Hunger Games! Mac1313 Aaron Shadow
September 16 LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!! Obsessedperson Kyra Abernathy
September 17 Firecatcher3 Hunger Games!!!! Firecatcher3 Fern Woods
September 18 61st Annual Hunger Games HungerGamesFan Talisia
September 23 Let The Games Begin PeetaMellark Milly Busder
September 23 88th Annual Hunger Games: THE GAMES HungerGamesFan Jen Cralz
September 24 Mockingjay5 100th Hunger Games Mockingjay5 Ice Hawk
September 24 The 625th hungers THE TWENTY FIFTH QUARTER QUELL Hungergamesfan4 unfinished
September 25 LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!! (Finally) Silveraqua16 part 1 of 3

October 2010

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
October 1 DAYS 4, 5, 6!!! Silveraqua16 part 2 of 3
October 1 DAY 7!!!!!!!! THE FINALE!!!! Silveraqua16 Tara Ralston
October 4 Let the 25th Hunger Games Begin! PeetaMellark (two victors)
October 10 4th Annual Hunger Games HungerGamesFan Roseianna Green
October 11 1st Annual Hunger Games -- Tsnuam135 Tsnuam135 Dellark O'Harris
October 11 LET THE QUELL BEGIN!! :) :D KatnissEverdeen12 (three victors)
October 14 125th Hunger Games Panemkiller Spark (Samantha) Henders
October 16 Let the 26th Hunger Games Begin! PeetaMellark Sue Quill
October 17 The Games Have Began!!!!! Mcrouch12 (two victors)
October 17 Firecatcher3 700th Quarter Quell!!! Firecatcher3 Ginger Davids
October 19 90th Hunger Games Silveraqua16 Kiba Tsume
October 23 let the games begin!!!! Prim12 unfinished
October 23 The Hunger Games Have Begun!! Rue12 unfinished
October 23 HungerGamesFan's Quarter Quell HungerGamesFan Violet Milliak
October 24 Silveraqua16's 90th Hunger Games!! KatnissEverdeen12 (two victors)
October 28 Hunger games Annie Cresta Rocks unfinished
October 28 100TH HUNGER GAMES!! (Sequel to My Other Games) KatnissEverdeen12 (two victors)
October 28 My 27th Hunger Games ( I NEED TRIBUTES PLEASE!!!!!!) PeetaMellark (two victors)
October 29 126th Hunger Games (Revenge of the Capitol) Panemkiller Kevin Keverson
October 30 55th Annual Hunger Games HungerGamesFan Pine Thorn
October 31 The 150th Hunger Games!!! Mcrouch12 (unknown)

November 2010

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
November 6 Mockingjay5 43rd Hunger Games Mockingjay5 Lilla Blooms
November 7 Avaria's 1st Annual Hunger Games Avaria abandoned
November 14 13th hunger games. Leshawna333 lenia Copeland
November 18 49th Annual Hunger Games HungerGamesFan Sapphire Rolland
November 20 (Bassguitarmaster's) 275th Hunger Games Bassguitarmaster unfinished
November 21 33rd Hunger Games! Leshawna333 Kasel Vorinn
November 21 The 1st Hunger Games Raeoki Kai Shivers
November 21 The 200th Annual Hunger Games!! Silveraqua16 unfinished
November 21 Purplexmuffin's 12th Annual Hunger Games Purplexmuffin Razen Fray
November 24 127th Hunger Games Panemkiller Dafnne Carter
November 24 50th Hunger Games HungerGamesFan Grain Follows
November 25 Rosella's First Annual Hunger Games! Rosella6 Thorne Shadows
November 26 Let the 1000 hunger games begin! :) District11rue unfinished
November 26 (Xteve&Bassguitarmaster's) 274th Hunger Games Bassguitarmaster unfinished
November 27 My 28th Hunger Games (I NEED TRIBUTES PLEASE!!!) PeetaMellark unfinished
November 27 Primrose's First Annual Hunger Games!!! Primrose1444 Grain Thorns
November 29 Mockingjay5 44th Hunger Games Mockingjay5 (two victors)

December 2010

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
December 1 34th Hunger Games! Leshawna333 Sapphire Rolland
December 5 Don't Dies First Hunger Games! Don't die unfinished
December 8 Finnick Odairs 1st Annual Hunger Games Finnick Odair unfinished
December 9 100th Hunger Games sibling edition TLCforyou unfinished
December 11 Moviepopcorn's 1st Hunger games Moviepopcorn123 William Card
December 12 54th Annual Hunger Games Racmany Tessa Violet
December 13 35th hunger Games!!! Leshawna333 Splash Blue
December 14 Moviepocorns 100th hunger games Moviepopcorn123 (four victors)
December 16 Team Peeta Forever's 399th Annual Hunger Games TeamPeetaForever unfinished
December 19 73rd Hunger Games HungerGamesFan unfinished
December 21 First Hunger Games! :') Frozen Yogurt. unfinished
December 24 25th hunger game JStech18 Waterlilly Wave
December 26 Rosella's 2nd Annual Hunger Games! Rosella6 Saydee Rider
December 29 36th Hunger Games! Leshawna333 unfinished
December 31 Firecatcher3 66th Hunger Games Firecatcher3 Dawn Reeds
December 31 The 2nd Hunger Games Raeoki Elexsis Safier

Hunger Games Wiki, 2011

See here: Hunger Games Wiki, 2011

Hunger Games Wiki, 2012

January 2012

January 1-15, 2012

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
January 1 The Hunger Games Games Everdeen (fan-fiction)
January 1 The Zodiac Games Clove1001 unfinished
January 1 THG: S1 - S2 - S3 - S4 - S5 - S6 KatnissEverdeenAndPeeta unfinished
January 2 The 150th Hunger Games Moviepopcorn123 unfinished
January 2 Sleepover!!! =D Anna-athena (fan-fiction)
January 4 Avenging Assassination Anna-athena unfinished
January 4 Thehungergamesforever919's Hunger games! Thehungergamesforever919 unfinished
January 4 1st Annual Hunger Games Clove1999 unfinished
January 4 The 94th Annual Hunger Games Kwankwan44 Troy Bolton
January 4 The First Ever Hunger Games Anna-athena unfinished
January 4 100th Hunger Games Kwankwan44 Derrick Chan
January 5 The Candy Can Kill Games Skyandbray unfinished
January 6 101st Hunger Games Kwankwan44 Ginny Amber
January 6 Katniss and Peeta's Wedding Everdeen (fan-fiction)
January 7 The Opposite Games-Part 2 Peetasucks (fan-fiction)
January 7 Cocoon Games Super.cute.kitten (six victors)
January 8 Grangers 3rd Games! Granger1000 unfinished
January 8 Nate777's 67th Hunger Games Nate777 unfinished
January 8 102nd Hunger Games Kwankwan44 (cancelled)
January 9 The One Day Games IluvGale unfinished
January 9 6th Quarter Quell SkyeBrook unfinished
January 9 The Circus Games Ilovegaleandpeeta unfinished
January 10 The 365th Game Mikalmt unfinished
January 10 All For One Skyandbray (fan-fiction)
January 10 103rd Hunger Games Kwankwan44 Ethan Gold
January 11 The Mockingjay Poem StarFighter10 (fan-fiction)
January 11's 1st Hunger Games! unfinished
January 11 The Birthday Games ~ilovepeeta~ unfinished
January 12 Mrweare121 first hunger games video game style Mrweare121 unfinished
January 12 The Second Cocoon Games Super.cute.kitten unfinished
January 13 The Infinity Hunger Games Zach6040 unfinished
January 14 The 2nd Hunger Games Clove1999 unfinished
January 14 The Terror Games Trackerjacker unfinished
January 14 104th Hunger Games Kwankwan44 unfinished
January 14 1st Hunger Games Enobaria9 unfinished
January 14 Five Tasks, Six Users BubblestheLlama unfinished
January 14 Peeta's POV of the Hunger Games ArleneLove'sTHG (fan-fiction)
January 14 105th Hunger Games Kwankwan44 Twilight Night
January 14 Foxface in the Games Clove1001 (fan-fiction)
January 15 The Careers Games Prezziesnow9704:)! unfinished
January 15 The district 14 Games Prezziesnow9704:)! unfinished
January 15 Jeremiah Heddorian: After His Games QuinnQuinn (fan-fiction)
January 15 Mrweare121 second hunger games Mrweare121 Kiera

January 16-31, 2012

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
January 16 Elipandyparker's 2nd Hunger Games Elipandyparker unfinished
January 16 Twilight: D1's perspectine on the 2nd Quarter Quell Clove1999 (fan-fiction)
January 16 Victor's Village Daily Life Kwankwan44 (fan-fiction)
January 17 Dancing With The Starts Game Kwankwan44 (cancelled)
January 17 145th Annual Hunger Games! SkyeBrook unfinished
January 18 TDR's 7th Hunger Games TDR97 unfinished
January 18 Tris's Hunger Games Beatrice Prior unfinished
January 19 A Victor's Story - The First Hunger Games Tacosalad1127 (fan-fiction)
January 19 The User Games: Season 1 TheHungerGamesLover unfinished
January 19 The Valentines Games Everdeen unfinished
January 20 Cato's POV PiGirl (fan-fiction)
January 20 PiGirl's Games PiGirl unfinished
January 21 Hunger Games Elementary Super.cute.kitten unfinished
January 22 The Amazing Race: THG Wiki Tris Prior unfinished
January 22 Five Tasks, Six Users S2 BubblestheLlama unfinished
January 22 The Musical Games Hungergamesrocks unfinished
January 22 Vengeance PART ~1~ Rose Hathaway (fan-fiction)
January 22 My Hunger Games Thomasb97 Shay Dueler
January 22 Mrweare's 4th hunger games Mrweare121 unfinished
January 23 The Opposite Games-Part 3 Peetasucks unfinished
January 23 The 100th Hunger Games Moon Beam unfinished
January 23 The Dragon Games Everdeen unfinished
January 26 The Candy Can Kill Games Iluvgale unfinished
January 27 The Games of Fire Amx1995 (fan-fiction)
January 27 ILUVGALE'S CRAZY GAMES!!!! Iluvgale unfinished
January 28 The User Games Mikalmt unfinished
January 28 Shades Clove1999 (fan-fiction)
January 28 The 164th hungergames Luke1998 unfinished
January 28 Victor's Games Kwankwan44 unfinished
January 29 unknown title (presumed link) Hnhnh2 (fan-fiction)
January 30 4th book of the Hunger Games(fake) ArleneLove'sTHG (fan-fiction)
January 30 106th Hunger Games Kwankwan44 unfinished
January 30 The Last Hunger Games Nate777 (fan-fiction)
January 30 Thehungergamesrocks! First Games Thehungergamesrocks! unfinished
January 31 The Datafiles of Henri Starlen Kota1875 (fan-fiction)

February 2012

February 1-15, 2012

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
February 1 Prezziesnows Fourth Hunger Games Prezziesnow9704:)! unfinished
February 2 The 125th Game Mikalmt unfinished
February 4 Safeandsoundhg's User Games! Safeandsoundhg unfinished
February 5 User Games LawerenceLuva unfinished
February 5 The Apocalyptic Hunger Games LilyRoseEverdeen unfinished
February 8 Clove1999's User Games! Clove1999 unfinished
February 9 Mrweare121 1st quarter quell Mrweare121 unfinished
February 10 The 107th Hunger Games Kwankwan44 (four victors)
February 10 The User Races S1 KEAP unfinished
February 10 5th Quarter Quell Elezaria unfinished
February 12 The Survival Games S1 KEAP unfinished
February 12 Piffkin's Ist Hunger Games 2aa5st unfinished
February 13 PiGirl's User Games PiGirl unfinished
February 13 Clove and Cato: A Love Story PiGirl (fan-fiction)
February 13 Backtrack JERealize (fan-fiction)
February 14 Character Games Tansyuduri unfinished
February 15 Johanna and Finnick - The Good Old Days Rose Hathaway (fan-fiction)

February 16-29, 2012

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
February 16 Survivor Games Rockman117 unfinished
February 16 The 108TH HUNGER GAMES Kwankwan44 unfinished
February 17 Disney Games TDR97 unfinished
February 18 Luke's Candy games! Luke1998 unfinished
February 18 User Races - S2 KEAP unfinished
February 19 User Game thingy QuinnQuinn unfinished
February 19 Survivor User Games KEAP unfinished
February 19 PAR-TAY!!!!! Iluvgale (fan-fiction)
February 20 Demigod Games Brony12 unfinished
February 20 THE 126TH HUNGER GAMES Kwankwan44 unfinished
February 21 THE SLASHER GAMES!!! Tommyboy97 unfinished
February 22 The Parody Games Bananaman321 unfinished
February 22 Paintball Games - S1 KEAP unfinished
February 22 Mopping's Next Awesomely Cool Hunger Games Mopping unfinished
February 23 The 5th Annual Hunger Games Kota1875 unfinished
February 23 Anna's Games Team Peeta Anna unfinished
February 24 Game of Halen Luke1998 unfinished
February 24 Big Brother Games! Leshawna333 unfinished
February 24 The Millionaire Race Everlark unfinished
February 25 Save Me Emily Nguyen (fan-fiction)
February 25 Survivor HG Wiki S2 Tommyboy97 unfinished
February 25 The Face-Off Games KEAP unfinished
February 25 The Apprentice Games YouWillNeverKnow! unfinished
February 25 My Games BubblesTheLlama unfinished
February 25 The Divergent Games Moviepopcorn123 unfinished
February 27 The Mind Games Milly N. Hodgins unfinished
February 28 The Asylum Games Tommyboy97 unfinished
February 28 My first Hunger Games!!!!! Ravenclaw Eagles14!!!!! unfinished

March 2012

March 1-15, 2012

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
March 2 The 149th Hunger Games Kwankwan44 unfinished
March 3 Hunger Games fan fic. ILovePeeta00 unfinished
March 3 Survivor Games- Choose Wisely Super.cute.kitten unfinished
March 3 StoplightStudiosCA's First Hunger Games StoplightStudiosCA unfinished
March 4 Shape shifters game Luke1998 unfinished
March 4 User Races S3 KEAP unfinished
March 5 Alternate 74th Hunger Games Tacosalad1127 unfinished
March 5 Titanic Games Angry birds 12 unfinished
March 7 Debopama's Games Debopama unfinished
March 7 The Mythological Creatures Game Iheartpeeta unfinished
March 8 The Epic Survival Games BarbieKlaus1029 unfinished
March 9 User Games Georgy23 unfinished
March 10 The first annual Iamloved Hunger Games! Iamloved unfinished
March 10 The first silent stabbing games lol Silentstabb unfinished
March 10 The Lunaii Competition Luke1998 unfinished
March 10 2012 Hunger Games!! Hungerisnottwilight unfinished
March 10 1ST_ANNUAL_HUNGER_GAMES!!!!!! - Rules Wiressprincess unfinished
March 10 The 750th Hunger Games Georgy23 unfinished
March 14 Like a sunset Luke1998 (fan-fiction)
March 14 season 2 of Silent Stabbing Games!!! Silentstabb unfinished
March 14 User Races: S4 KEAP unfinished

March 16-31, 2012

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
March 17 A Wild Game S1 Silentstabb unfinished
March 17 PARATIME Chapter 1 - 2 - 3 Kirstenchin unfinished
March 17 The 85th hungergame Luke1998 unfinished
March 17 My Poems (Beware they're terrible) Primrose33 (fan-fiction)
March 17 User Games Ravenclaw Eagles14!!!!! unfinished
March 18 The 8th Annual Quarter Quell! Reddude unfinished
March 18 BATTLE ROYALE GAMES Kwankwan44 unfinished
March 18 SerpentKing999's 4th Hunger Games SerpentKing999 unfinished
March 20 The 419th Game Mikalmt unfinished
March 20 The 94th Hunger Games! Madrigalmagic unfinished
March 20 User Game Famousguy77 unfinished
March 22 Mike and Rose's Hunger Games MixalisDuddy unfinished
March 22 1st Game Blahblahblahrly unfinished
March 22 Milly's Hunger Games. Milly N. Hodgins unfinished
March 23 The 77th Hunger Games Hungergamesrocks unfinished
March 23 my first annual hunger games Thehungergames244 unfinished
March 24 User Games Brynn1999 unfinished
March 24 123rd Hunger Games ThaddeusTengaged unfinished
March 25 The Prim Games Primrose33 unfinished
March 25 76th Hunger Games Radnit unfinished
March 25 The Grand Hunger Games - Part 2 - Part 3 Thresh Is Fresh unfinished
March 25 Miss Bee's Very First Hunger Games MissBee unfinished
March 25 SECOND ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES Wiressprincess unfinished
March 26 99th Hungergame Justafox unfinished
March 26 The 33rd Annual Hunger Games Thejman63 unfinished
March 26 The 31st Hunger Games Lowdy345 unfinished
March 28 The 3rd Hunger Games - Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Rose Hathaway unfinished
March 28 The 27th Hunger Games I am really awesome unfinished
March 28 69th Hunger Games Rainbow Shifter unfinished
March 28 MW2 RPD ACOG's Games! MW2 RPD ACOG unfinished
March 28 1st Hunger Games Roberto4554 unfinished
March 28 The 1st Hunger Games! District13 Tribute unfinished
March 29 Final Fantasy Games Awesomedude607 unfinished
March 29 61st hunger games Thresh45 unfinished
March 29 First Hunger Games (from perspective) TheKatnissEverdeen unfinished
March 29 District2rulzcatoclove's 1st Hunger Games District2rulzcatoclove unfinished
March 29 2nd Horror Games! Angry birds 12 unfinished
March 29 KEWLBEN"s 95th hunger games - Gamemakers KEWLBEN unfinished
March 29 1st Hunger Games Migora4329 unfinished
March 29 73rd hunger games Clove 74th unfinished
March 30 Hunger Games The New Version Fluffybear unfinished
March 30 Hunger Games The New Version Supernaturals unfinished
March 30 51st Hunger Games-Done by Tatertot623 Tatertot623 unfinished
March 30 The Hunger Games Foxfacerox unfinished
March 30 The Hunger Games Fanfiction Apollo.Artemis unfinished
March 30 Member Contribution Hunger Games Thresh 45 unfinished
March 30 Game of Smarts... Thehungergamesforever919 unfinished
March 30 Question Quell S4 - Week 1 Wolverine1717 unfinished
March 31 The story of Oarma and the 70th games Laurynpin7 unfinished
March 31 The 20th Hunger Games......What It Is Really About Rueflower unfinished
March 31 The 1st poetry game Justafox unfinished
March 31 First Contest Snowflupoo (contest)
March 31 My version of Hunger Games Lalacupcake unfinished
March 31 21st Century Games Haybernathy unfinished
March 31 Not So Much of A Poor, Mad Girl Odairess '(fan-fiction)

April 2012

April 1-10, 2012

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
April 1 Year 2153 unknown (fan-fiction)
April 1 Challenge Factor S1 KEAP unfinished
April 2 151st Hunger Games Kwankwan44 unfinished
April 2 Wiki User Tournament Game - Part 1 GoldLightning cancelled
April 2 Grangers Third Games Granger1000 unfinished
April 2 Twilight vs Hunger Games Bananaman321 unfinished
April 3 1st Pain Games Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 Rainbow Shifter Malliet Westmore
April 3 174th Hunger Games Henryjh98 unfinished
April 3 The Hunger Games wiki play QuinnQuinn unfinished
April 3 Down By the River The Hunger Games Girl (fan-fiction)
April 3 68th hunger games ChuckNorrisInSecret unfinished
April 3 The Hunt, What Happened After the Fall of the Capitol Garry129 unfinished
April 4 The Chrys Games - Part 1 - Part 2 Carlos Los Davis unfinished
April 4 The 80th Hunger Games Bystander100 unfinished
April 4 The Victor Games Silentstabb unfinished
April 4 175th Hunger Games Henryjh98 unfinished
April 5 HG User Apprentice Angry birds 12 unfinished
April 5 The 73 Annual Hunger Games Chirochibechirt unfinished
April 5 The Victor Games 2 Silentstabb unfinished
April 6 The One And Only Non-User Games KEAP unfinished
April 6 The 1ST ANNUAL Ugames! Kota1875 unfinished
April 6 Isabelle's Hunger Games! Isabelle Lightwood unfinished
April 6 The 76 Annual Hunger Games Chirochibechirt unfinished
April 6 Sponsor Hunger Games Thresh45 unfinished
April 6 The 100th Annual HUNGER GAMES! The New Dan unfinished
April 7 The Space Games Kwanito44 unfinished
April 7 The 1st Hunger Games Gale's Girl unfinished
April 7 The 71st Hunger Games Creatoroflocalcartoons unfinished
April 7 Rockman's Fanfiction Rockman117 (fan-fiction)
April 7 The Seventy-Sixth Hunger Games The Hunger Games Girl unfinished
April 7 The 81st Hunger Games Bystander100 unfinished
April 8 The 7th Annual Hunger Games (FanFic) Tantrum99 unfinished
April 8 The ultimate duck game Justafox unfinished
April 8 The 83rd Hunger Games Srish3211 unfinished
April 8 THGW User Challenge Sign-up. Bow&Arrows unfinished
April 8 The 175th Annual Hunger Games! Rosemelrose unfinished
April 8 Bender Jedi Games Henry98 unfinished
April 8 JaguarGuy2212's 72nd Annual Hunger Games JaguarGuy2212 unfinished
April 8 Peeta's Point of View The Hunger Games Girl (fan-fiction)
April 8 Tha Bandit Parody - T.F.K.J.C AshtonMoioLover (fan-fiction)
April 8 District 14 game Iluvgale unfinished
April 9 The Tribute Games Creatoroflocalcartoons unfinished
April 9 Leah's Fanfiction Luke978 (fan-fiction)
April 9 iKayla's First Epic Mind Games IKayla unfinished
April 9 The new candy can kill games Iluvgale unfinished
April 9 The 125th Annual Hunger Games LittleRedCrazyHood unfinished
April 10 TVG3: The Victor Games 3 Silentstabb unfinished
April 10 The Nutella Games - Day 1 AshtonMoioLover unfinished
April 10 The1st Tributes Games Creatoroflocalcartoons unfinished
April 10 The Victor Games 4 - Part 2 Silentstabb unfinished
April 10 1st Hunger Games Fanfiction Rainfacestar unfinished
April 10 101st Hunger Games Haalyle unfinished

April 11-20, 2012

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
April 11 Tiauna's First Hunger Games Thatcute Tiauna West unfinished
April 11 The Hunger Stains AshtonMoioLover unfinished
April 11 Kwan's First Hunger Games Kwanito44 unfinished
April 12 Memories Silentstabb (fan-fiction)
April 12 THE 125TH HUNGER GAMES Threshandrue4eva unfinished
April 12 1st user games Thresh45 unfinished
April 12 The 634th Hunger Games: Twisty and Chemicaly.. TheKatnissEverdeen unfinished
April 12 81st annual Hunger Games! Part 1! - Part 2! - Part 3! GlimmerandSparkle Nina Marian
April 13 Justafox's game- 123rd Justafox unfinished
April 13 the hunger games the new one Morsam99 unfinished
April 13 76th Hunger Games Dvd1020 unfinished
April 13 The HungerY Games - After KatnissLover13 (fan-fiction)
April 13 Mentor Games Cloveismywife unfinished
April 14 2nd Hunger Games - Part 2 Thresh45 unfinished
April 14 Ruthless' 15th Games Ruthlesskiller457 unfinished
April 14 The 1st Hunger Games Careers3 Eva Woods
April 14 The 101st Hunger Games Robekka unfinished
April 15 The 76th hunger games Georgy23 unfinished
April 15 The 150th Hunger Games Justafox unfinished
April 15 Sponsor your favorite tributes with a twist Miles731 unfinished
April 15 The Hunger Days Galina54 unfinished
April 15 The new 3rd quarter quell Iluvgale unfinished
April 15 GIF Reaction Game IKayla unfinished
April 15 User Races- KWAN STYLE Kwanito44 unfinished
April 15 A Game for Rebels Rose Hathaway unfinished
April 16 95th Hunger Games Part 1 - GAMEMAKERS ONLY! KEWLBEN unfinished
April 16 MY HUNGER GAMES FANFIC!!! Hello55522 unfinished
April 16 1st Hunger Games!!!!!!! Clovethevictor unfinished
April 16 Grangers 3rd games! Granger1000 unfinished
April 16 Realization Iamjessa (fan-fiction)
April 16 The 1st Hunger Games - Pre-planning Jsanders4289 unfinished
April 17 2nd Hunger Games - Part 2 - Part 3 Rainfacestar unfinished
April 17 The 31st Annual Hunger Games The Hunger Games Girl unfinished
April 17 Peeta's POV on Reaping Day (Part 1) Iamjessa (fan-fiction)
April 17 The Hunger Games (with Prim) The Hunger Games Girl (fan-fiction)
April 19 The Roleplaying Games Haybernathy unfinished
April 19 Christine's fan fiction Hungerisnottwilight unfinished
April 19 The 82nd Hunger Games Bystander100 unfinished
April 20 The 1st annual hunger games Georgy23 unfinished
April 20 The adventures of Rose Juna Ice Polinarose (fan-fiction)

April 21-30, 2012

Date Name of Games Author Victor
April 21 The Quell The Hunger Games Girl unfinished
April 21 Madrigalmagic's 72nd Hunger Games Madrigalmagic unfinished
April 21 83rd Hunger Games Bystander100 unfinished
April 21

5th Hunger Games: Second Quarter Quell


Prezziesnow9704:)! unfinished
April 21 The 71st Hunger Games Ifox001 unfinished
April 22 The 1st Ever Panem Games Tatertot623 unfinished
April 22 100th User Games - Part 2 - Part 3 Bystander100 unfinished
April 22 Fanon: The 46 annual hunger games Roboticking45 unfinished
April 22 The 74th Annual Hunger Games - Signups Beemerboyz803 unfinished
April 22 55th Hunger Games District3Tribute unfinished
April 23 76th Hunger Games ProdigyZ7 unfinished
April 23 Roleplaying Games! FinnickisBOSS unfinished
April 23 The Tribute Games Fire144 unfinished
April 23 Catching Fire Scene Parody Fire144 unfinished
April 23 77 hunger games Kmarble12 unfinished
April 23 The GameMaker games. FinnickMellark unfinished
April 23 An Un-Numbered Quarter Quell MockingjayPhoenix unfinished
April 23 1st Hunger Games By 50thGamesFTW 50thGamesFTW unfinished
April 23 Second Quarter Quell Kyndallkep unfinished
April 24 The Hunger Games, A Novella Rose Hathaway unfinished
April 24 Aqua Willows Story 72 annual hunger games Ashley1000 unfinished
April 24 Lunaii Competition - Voting Booth Gale's Girl unfinished
April 24 Boland First Hunger Games Bolandcas unfinished
April 25 The Fourteenth Hunger Games MrMellark unfinished
April 25 First Hunger Games Sombernicklol unfinished
April 25 The Games in which You Contribute! TheKatnissEverdeen unfinished
April 25 My fan fic//// The 12 yr old FinnickMellark unfinished
April 25 Beetee19's First Hunger Games Beetee19 Loomus Graham
April 25 My Hunger Games FanFic Tantrum99 unfinished
April 26 78th Hunger Games The Hunger Games Girl (two victors)
April 26 The 102nd Hunger Games Robekka unfinished
April 26 The Hunger Marriage/The Marriage Games AshtonMoioLover unfinished
April 26 1st annual hunger games Greekapollo773 unfinished
April 26 The 59th Annual Hunger Games CareerCrazy124 unfinished
April 27

2nd Pain Games-Part 1 - Gamemakers

Part 2 - Part 3

Rainbow Shifter Excel Rose
April 27 37th Annaul Hunger Games MRnowere unfinished
April 27 1st Brian A Tribute Games User:Katnisspeetarue521 unfinished
April 27 The 72nd Hunger Games Child of the big three unfinished
April 28 Peeta's P.O.V. Thatcute Tiauna West unfinished
April 28 Funny Games Part 1! GlimmerandSparkle unfinished
April 28 My trip to each district! AshtonMoioLover (fan-fiction)
April 28 15th Hunger Games Clove 74th unfinished
April 28 The All-Star Games!!! Tommyboy97 unfinished
April 28

Hunger Games Wiki Tournament -

Round 1

Foxface3 unfinished
April 28

The Hunger Games (Ashie's version)

Cast - Sponsors - Costumes -

Other Members - Reapings -

Interview Dresses - Odds -

Training Room - Interviews -

Night Before QQ -

Before leaving the arena... -

Training Scores - The 4th Quarter Quell -



(2 official


April 28 The Avox- A Girl With No Voice Mockingjay32 (fan-fiction)
April 29 200th hunger games District2 unfinished
April 29 TA Lunaii Games Thena.airice14 unfinished
April 29 The Hunger Games Wiki: Olympics KEAP unfinished
April 29 The 76th Hunger Games Catnipkatniss unfinished
April 29 The 103rd Hunger Games Robekka unfinished
April 29 Phineas and Ferb Hunger Games OrangeGreenConverse unfinished
April 30 The 2nd Sponsor Games!!! Thresh45 unfinished
April 30 The 100th Hunger Games (4th Quarter Quell) The Hunger Games Girl unfinished

May 2012

May 1-10, 2012

Date Name of Games Author Victor
May 1 Just my game Justafox (fan-fiction)
May 1 The 5th Book of the Hunger Games trilogy The Hunger Games Girl (fan-fiction)
May 2 The 97th Hunger Games Amani452 unfinished
May 2 The 88th Annual Hunger Games Theworldscolliding unfinished
May 2 The 1st annual Hunger Games! Tobi99 unfinished
May 2 75th Hunger Games - Cato P.O.V Catnipkatniss unfinished
May 2 The 56th Hunger Games I am really awesome unfinished
May 2 57th Hunger Games Trackstar unfinished
May 2 The 37th Hunger Games Dagostino unfinished
May 2 ALL ABOUT THE HUNGER GAMES Graceblack8 unfinished
May 3 The 12th Annual Hunger Games Symscons unfinished
May 3 The Halo hunger games KSI xLongShotz unfinished
May 3 reaping Brithany2012 (fan-fiction)
May 3 DISTRICT 2 STORY! (I NEED CHARACTERS) Cato rocks! unfinished
May 3 2nd Annual Tribute Games Fire144 unfinished
May 3 83rd Hunger Games Dragon Thinker unfinished
May 3 Mentor Games 2 Cloveismywife unfinished
May 3

200th Hunger Games!/Part 1! - Part 2 -

Part 3

Rainfacestar unfinished
May 3 25th Annual Hunger Games! Cato2 unfinished
May 3 Clove Biogrphy Clovelover (fan-fiction)
May 4 THG ROLE PLAY GAMES Cato rocks! unfinished
May 4 The 43rd Hunger Games Justafox unfinished
May 4 Hunger Games Tournament! FHT unfinished
May 4 The 3rd Hunger Games The Hunger Games Girl unfinished
May 5 46th annual hunger games NerdDFTBA unfinished
May 5 Interactive Fanfic Hunger Games MixalisDuddy unfinished
May 6 The Resurrection Games Tobi99 unfinished
May 6 RueButtercup's 1st Hunger Games RueButtercup unfinished
May 6 The 1st FHT Hunger Games! FHT unfinished
May 6 SURVIVOR REBOOT Tommyboy97 unfinished
May 6 The awesomeness games Polinarose unfinished
May 6 Olympics: May 2012 KEAP unfinished
May 7 A fanfic, Through Foxfaces eyes Tobi99 (fan-fiction)
May 7 Tribute Top Trumps Prezziesnow9704:)! unfinished
May 7 The 76th Annual Hunger Games Srish3211 unfinished
May 7 10th annual hunger games Alexvanlyon unfinished
May 7 Best Friend Challenge Gale's Girl unfinished
May 7 My sponsor/mentor games Panem21 unfinished
May 7 The 69th Hunger Games EndraChaos unfinished
May 7 My Final Games!!! Tiki tooki unfinished
May 8 District 13-Fanfiction Rainfacestar (fan-fiction)
May 8 CloveD2 THG Hungergameslcc (fan-fiction)
May 8 Secrets The Hunger Games Girl (fan-fiction)
May 8 THE OFFICIAL 73RD HUNGER GAMES Luvtanny unfinished
May 8 First Hunger Games XBrandy unfinished
May 8 Tribute Games Reloaded 50thGamesFTW unfinished
May 8 Rue's Biography/Roleplay Clovelover (fan-fiction)
May 8 Primrose's Biograhpy/Roleplay Clovelover (fan-fiction)
May 8 The Nemesis Games Tiki tooki unfinished
May 8 Let The Games Begin! MixalisDuddy unfinished
May 9 The Quarter Quell Games Foxface3 unfinished
May 9 hunger games parody Bubblebird unfinished
May 9 23rd annual hunger games NerdDFTBA unfinished
May 10 Mentor Games Justafox unfinished
May 10 54th Annual Hunger Games Nommyzombies unfinished
May 10 The Challenge Games Iluvgale unfinished

May 11-20, 2012

Date Name of Games Author Victor
May 11 The 47th Hunger Games Quomler unfinished
May 12 43rd Hunger Games Beeverinyourfavor unfinished
May 12 25th hunger games (quarter quell) Beeverinyourfavor unfinished
May 12 The Victor Games Foxface3 unfinished
May 12 The Hunger Games: Savannah's Version Galina54 unfinished
May 12 The 89th Annual Hunger Games Theworldscolliding unfinished
May 12 Hunger Games Boyfriend Parody (Partner) AshtonMoioLover unfinished
May 12 35 hunger games Aerialchinook unfinished
May 12 Cato and Clove Hunger Games fanfic The Hunger Games Girl unfinished
May 13 Official 26th Hunger Games!!!!!!! Luvtanny unfinished
May 13 Fight 'Till The Death AshtonMoioLover unfinished
May 13 Th 54 Hunger Games Aniju Aura unfinished
May 13 The Last Hunger Games..... Prezziesnow9704:)! unfinished
May 13 56th Hunger Games District3Tribute unfinished
May 13 Catnips' Victor Games Catnipkatniss unfinished
May 13 Chosen one game Justafox unfinished
May 14 The 86th Hunger Games TheKatnissEverdeen unfinished
May 14 iKayla's Epic Quarter Quell IKayla unfinished
May 15 124th Annual Hunger Games The Hunger Games Girl unfinished
May 15 Mentor Games Mbakdewi unfinished
May 15 The 22nd annual hunger games Jaredmiller2 unfinished
May 15 The 2nd FHT Hunger Games FHT unfinished
May 15 The Second Games Ravenclaw Eagles14!!!!! unfinished
May 16 The 103rd Hunger Games Mysims Aurora Wilde
May 16 The 22nd Hunger games part 1 Cato rocks! unfinished
May 16 Transformer Hunger Games Dannoh403 unfinished
May 16 The Emptiness Games.... Hunger Games Addict98 unfinished
May 16 The Hunger Games (greek version) Galina54 unfinished
May 17 Fourth Quarter Quell- Justafox Justafox unfinished
May 17 The Capitol Games Gale's Girl unfinished
May 17 The 46th Hunger Games Petra Lillyrun unfinished
May 17 90th Hunger Games Jsm13athome unfinished
May 17 16th Annual Hunger Games Captainsv unfinished
May 17 13th hunger games Hungry4more unfinished
May 17 39th Hunger Games Luvtanny unfinished
May 17 The 125 Hunger Games Petra Lillyrun unfinished
May 17 Dahir's 1st Hunger Games Dahir56 unfinished
May 17 Expanding on the Rebellion Santrap322 unfinished
May 18 The 139th Hunger Games Petra Lillyrun unfinished
May 18 100th Hunger Games Trackstar unfinished
May 18 66th Hunger Games District22 unfinished
May 18 my hunger games Gohungergames unfinished
May 18 The 71st Hunger Games Epic Hobo unfinished
May 18 Smart games Polinarose unfinished
May 18 27th Annual Hunger Games GrayNinja73 unfinished
May 18 The 79th Hunger Games - Part 2 The Hunger Games Girl unfinished
May 18 The Final Destination Games Tommyboy97 unfinished
May 18 Personal Games Foxface3 unfinished
May 19 Becoming The Bird Iluvjoshhutcherson16 (fan-fiction)
May 19 Mentor Games 3 - The First Quell Cloveismywife unfinished
May 19 150th Hunger Games FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Katelynn Huxley
May 19 The Fifth Quarter Quell (Interactive Games) AshtonMoioLover unfinished
May 19 The 1° TDS Hunger Games! TDS11 unfinished
May 19 68th hunger games Sandj3335678 unfinished
May 20 The 4th Quarter Quell Srish3211 unfinished
May 20 The First Half Quell AshtonMoioLover unfinished
May 20 The 67th Hunger Games! Hungergamesrocks unfinished
May 20 The Free Games. TheLonelyMockingJay unfinished
May 20 District 13 versus The Nut Santrap322 (fan-fiction)

May 21-31, 2012

Date Name of Games Author Victor
May 21

Fiske Cahill's 1st Hunger Games -


Fiske Cahill unfinished
May 21 The 74th Hunger Games Cato P.O.V - Updated Catnipkatniss (fan-fiction)
May 21 4eVaTTTHG's Hunger Games fanfic 4eVaTTTHG unfinished
May 22 The 91st annual HUNGER GAMES! Lawman12435 unfinished
May 22 The 79th Annual Hunger Games! Rueforever unfinished
May 22 The Most Awesomest Death Ever! Beemerboyz803 (fan-fiction)
May 22 The 12th Annual Hunger Games Petra Lillyrun unfinished
May 22 The 30th Hunger Games 22a5st unfinished
May 22 Dedejacob's hunger games Dedejacob unfinished
May 23 The Clan Games Justafox unfinished
May 23 the 24th Hunger Games Team Rue unfinished
May 23 The 0th Annual Hunger Games KEWLBEN unfinished
May 24 Hunger games Fanfiction Rockinrobbien status unknown
May 24 The 64th annual Hunger games! Pauliscool unfinished
May 24

101st User Games : Part One -

Part Two - Part Three

Bystander100 unfinished
May 24 700th hunger games. Please join unfinished
May 25 The 8th Quarter Quell Lawman12345 unfinished
May 25 The 162nd Annual Hunger Games! SkyTimeGirl unfinished
May 25 Prologue: District3forever (fan-fiction)
May 25 The new versoin of the hunger games Morsam99 unfinished
May 25 74th HG Alternate Final 8 Scenario Katnisspeetarue521 (fan-fiction)
May 25 76th Hunger Games District4victor unfinished
May 25 The 80th Hunger Games Banhan45 unfinished
May 26 Chapter One: District3forever unfinished
May 26 The 104th Hunger Games Mysims (two victors)
May 26 166th Hunger Games FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne (two victors)
May 26 the 36th hunger games Cato rocks! unfinished
May 26 Kwan's Second Annual Hunger Games Kwanito44 unfinished
May 26 The 105th Hunger Games Mysims (four victors)
May 26 The 105th Hunger Games - Gamemakers Mysims Blog
May 26 The Fallen Games AshtonMoioLover unfinished
May 26 55th Annual Hunger Games Nommyzombies unfinished
May 26 The 20th Quarter Quell Zannabanna unfinished
May 27 44th Hunger Games FinnickForever unfinished
May 27 The 79th Annual Hunger Games Justafox unfinished
May 27 Chapter 2: District3forever unfinished
May 27 77th Hunger Games Ms.finnickodair unfinished
May 27 The Hunger Games Reality Show Rockman117 unfinished
May 27 101st Annual Hunger Games AshtonMoioLover unfinished
May 27 The 39th Games Cupcakesrule unfinished
May 27 The 8th Quater Quell Madgeical unfinished
May 28 Chapter 3: District3forever unfinished
May 28 The Movie Games Brynn1999 unfinished
May 28 DIVERGENT GAMES! NerdDFTBA unfinished
May 28 100th Hunger Games Jsm13athome unfinished
May 28 The 1,854th Hunger Games Galina54 unfinished
May 28 The 29th Annual Hunger Games TheOneandOnlyDistrict3 unfinished
May 28 Mixed Character Combos Galina54 unfinished
May 28 The Color Games Galina54 unfinished
May 28 The Country Games Galina54 unfinished
May 28 The Hunger Fames Galina54 unfinished
May 28 Tamora (D6 girl) ~My life in songs~ AshtonMoioLover (fan-fiction)
May 28 Katniss, my life in Adele songs. AshtonMoioLover (fan-fiction)
May 28 Glimmer's last words to Cato AshtonMoioLover (fan-fiction)
May 29 Aqua's 31st Hunger Games Aquastar4infinity unfinished
May 29 The 77th Hunger Games The Hunger Games Girl unfinished
May 29 Hibrawler's 1st Hunger Games Hibrawler unfinished
May 29 In the Shoes of Galissa Galina54 (fan-fiction)
May 29 The Hunger Teams TheKatnissEverdeen unfinished
May 29 The 199th Hunger Games (Chapter 1) Lil'Rue11 unfinished
May 29 Jason Henson: My life in Owl City songs AshtonMoioLover (fan-fiction)
May 29 The Victor Games LilRue11 unfinished
May 30 Take Me Out to The Hunger Games Beemerboyz803 (fan-fiction)
May 30 My Hunger Games District12-Tributes unfinished
May 30 184 hg Deadtree12 unfinished
May 30 68th Hunger Games The hungery games unfinished
May 30 Rebels Unite NutsandVolts ???
May 30 Annual Mentor Games Zannabanna unfinished
May 31 The Hunger Games Role-Play (QUIZ) Catnipkatniss unfinished
May 31 The Apprentice-You're Dead Mysims unfinished
May 31 36th hunger games Aerialchinook unfinished
May 31 The THG Drawing Games Rue district11 unfinished
May 31 The 197th Hunger Games Pendillumna unfinished
May 31 The 57th Annual Hunger Games IMrJones unfinished
May 31 The 34th Hunger Games Angie4444Star unfinished
May 31 The 36th Hunger Games Angie4444Star unfinished
May 31 The 94th Annual Hunger Games Mbakdewi unfinished

June 2012

June 1-10, 2012

Date Name of Games Author Victor
June 1 1st tourtrued games Morsam99 unfinished
June 1 Rosy Sponser Games Rosemelrose unfinished
June 1 The Field Day Hunger Games Galina54 unfinished
June 1 The Transformer Games REBOOT Dannoh403 unfinished
June 1 The Blunder Games Galina54 unfinished
June 1 Nate777's 275th Hunger Games Nate777 unfinished
June 1 The Fiction Games Iluvgale unfinished
June 2 The Wonderland Games - Gamemakers Justafox unfinished
June 2 29th Annual Hunger Games TheOneAndOnlyDistrict3 unfinished
June 2 Haunted Brynn1999 (fan-fiction)
June 2 The Hunger Games: Apocalypse Prezziesnow9704:)! (fan-fiction)
June 2 The song games Polinarose unfinished
June 2 The Amazon Games Angry birds 12 unfinished
June 2 The 1st School Games! - Gamemakers GlimmerandSparkle unfinished
June 2 The 41st Annual Hunger Games ShaseMonster unfinished
June 2 20th Hunger Games Beetee19 Brann Clatch
June 3 198th Hunger Games Cloveismywife Sasha Selenta
June 3 79th Hunger Games Oblivion1001 unfinished
June 3 The Zombie Games TheLonelyMockingJay (fan-fiction)
June 3 The 150th Hunger Games - Gamemakers Epic Hobo unfinished
June 3 1st Celebrity Hunger Games Britney003 unfinished
June 3 200th hunger games quarter quell Wolftheassassin53 unfinished
June 3 the 98th Hunger Games ShaseMonster unfinished
June 3 112th Hunger Games AshtonMoioLover unfinished
June 3 The Multimedia Games!! FinnickisBOSS unfinished
June 3 Malley Prickett's Reaping AshtonMoioLover (fan-fiction)
June 3 25th Hunger Games Rainfacestar unfinished
June 3 The 77th Hunger Games TDIHungerGames unfinished
June 4 The First Hunger Games Cbuscrew344 unfinished
June 4 zombie surviaval game S1 Mrweare121 unfinished
June 4 Trivia Games (: Johanna's Daughter unfinished
June 4 The First Quarter Quell Tiaraaaa unfinished
June 4 44th Hunger Games Joe Redranger Winko unfinished
June 4 The Story of Atlas Redpath Petra Lillyrun unfinished
June 4 100th Hunger Games District3Tribute unfinished
June 4 157th Official Hunger Games - Part 2 Katelyn.danita unfinished
June 4 164th Hunger Games Lil'Rue11 unfinished
June 5 The Hunger Games Artist Arena SkyTimeGirl unfinished
June 5 The 1st Cornucopia Games MallietDistrict2 unfinished
June 5 127th games Hello im cat lady unfinished
June 5 The Muttation Games TheKatnissEverdeen unfinished
June 5 The Gamemakers Games FinnickForever unfinished
June 5 63rd Hunger Games 50thGamesFTW unfinished
June 6 Tobi99's second Hunger Games Tobi99 unfinished
June 6 The 57th Annual Hunger Games Cgs13 unfinished
June 6 The 61st Hunger Games: Jen Corpez. Part 1. Ireland? unfinished
June 6 The Narnia Games Justafox unfinished
June 6 The Hunger Games Apocalypse Prezziesnow9704:)! unfinished
June 6 Mentorgames100th Ummy2000 unfinished
June 7 The 1st Quarterly Symscons Hunger Games Symscons unfinished
June 7 The Book Mash up Games FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Travis Stoll
June 7 200th Hunger Games Sandj3335678 unfinished
June 7 Harry Potter Hunger Games MixalisDuddy unfinished
June 8 The Potter Games Tobi99 unfinished
June 8 TheatreBoy12's Mentor Games TheatreBoy12 unfinished
June 8 The 106th Hunger Games Mysims Kala Wynder
June 8 Mysims's First Mentor Games! Mysims Maysilee and Buttercup
June 8 Alex Cole Rebelmockingjay unfinished
June 8 The 175th Hunger Games Tiaraaaa unfinished
June 8 25th Hunger Games Samanthablue463 unfinished
June 8 The Story Behind Rebellion Katelyn.danita unfinished
June 8 JWW's First Hunger Games JWW unfinished
June 9 110th Hunger Games-Part 1 Mysims unfinished
June 9 xShiloh's First Hunger Games XShiloh unfinished
June 9 125th Annual Hunger Games Catnipkatniss unfinished
June 9 The (explicit) New Guy ArcherOfD12 (fan-fiction?)
June 9 Hunger death battle wiki Mrweare121 unfinished
June 9 142nd Hunger Games Micberg1234 unfinished
June 9 167th Hunger Games FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Celine Flare
June 9 172nd Hunger Games Micberg1234 unfinished
June 9 ...the tributes that escape our games... Epic Hobo (fan-fiction)
June 9 The Twilight Saga Games Katelyn.danita unfinished
June 10 The 170th Hunger Games AnnieCresta4 unfinished
June 10 250th Hunger Games Quell 50thGamesFTW unfinished
June 10 The 74th Games, Rue's Perspective Annamisasa (fan-fiction)
June 10 My Mentor Games Divergent7 unfinished
June 10 83rd Hunger Games Ms.Finnickodair unfinished
June 10 The Hatfield and McCoy Games Cbuscrew344 unfinished
June 10 129th Hunger Games Panemkiller unfinished
June 10 The Resident Evil Games Los95361 unfinished
June 10 The 1st Hunger Games RulerOfTheUniverse unfinished

June 11-20, 2012

Date Name of Games Author Victor
June 11 The 87th Hunger Games. Tiaraaaa unfinished
June 11 Euro Games Justafox unfinished
June 11 The Sibling Games! SkyTimeGirl unfinished
June 11 1st Brazilian Hunger Games ViniciusDeAssis1999 unfinished
June 11 117th Hunger Games. Trackstar unfinished
June 11 Rebel Games Gale's Girl unfinished
June 11 John's First Mentor Games Jsm13athome unfinished
June 11 The 51st Hunger Games ViniciusDeAssis1999 Bellaline Sword
June 11 Symscons' 2nd Hunger Games Symscons unfinished
June 11 The 87th Annual Hunger Games AshtonMoioLover unfinished
June 12 The 26th Hunger Games Bobloblaw1978 unfinished
June 12 The Book Mash up Games 2 FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Gloss, Travis Stoll, Silena Beaurogard and Johanna Mason
June 12 The 100th annual huger games Son of a Trident unfinished
June 12 RandomnessGames FinnickisBoss unfinished
June 12 35th Hunger Games 50thGamesFTW unfinished
June 12 les jeux 80 faim annuels Rue district11 unfinished
June 12 The 64th Hunger Games ViniciusDeAssis1999 unfinished
June 12 The 48th Annual Hunger Games!!! Cupcakesrule unfinished
June 13 A long awaited renion Los95361 (fan-fiction)
June 13 37th Annual Hunger Games AshtonMoioLover unfinished
June 13 97th Hunger Games Whatrbooks unfinished
June 13 ♥Birthday Game Number Two!♥ AshtonMoioLover unfinished
June 13 The 57th Hunger Games! Cupcakesrule unfinished
June 13 The 100th Hunger Games Katelyn.danita unfinished
June 14 1st Hunger Games Gallahan ventura unfinished
June 14 The 9th Annual Hunger Games Pink lion123 unfinished
June 14 The Euro Games (2) Brynn1999 unfinished
June 14 175th Hunger Games Epic Hobo unfinished
June 14 The 30th Annual Hunger Games! Everdeen7000 unfinished
June 15 The 90th Hunger Games Los95361 unfinished
June 15 The 107th Hunger Games Mysims Sarah Backmon
June 15 30th Annual Hunger Games TheOneandOnlyDistrict3 unfinished
June 15 Carter's first annual hunger games! Carter123 unfinished
June 15 The....5th Quarter Quell! District3forever unfinished
June 15 Kwan's Third Annual Hunger Games Kwanito44 unfinished
June 15 Dahir's 2nd Hunger Games Dahir56 unfinished
June 16 300th Hunger Games Micberg1234 unfinished
June 16 The 41st Hunger Games InstantAwesomeness unfinished
June 16 First Annual Opponent Games Mysims Asper Dell
June 16 56th Annual Hunger Games Nommyzombies unfinished
June 16 The 19th hunger games Galeismywife unfinished
June 16 34th Hunger Games Hoopsgirl29 unfinished
June 16 The Children Games Gale's Girl unfinished
June 16 The best victor games Polinarose unfinished
June 17 3rd Pain Games- Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 Rainbow Shifter unfinished
June 17 The Funny Games Catnipkatniss unfinished
June 17 80th Hunger Games District4 Tribute unfinished
June 17 My first annual Hunger Games! Katiehutchersonx unfinished
June 17 Quomler's First Mentor Games Quomler unfinished
June 17 The 95th Hunger Games Tiaraaaa unfinished
June 17 The Life and Times of Johanna Mason Leshawna333 (fan-fiction)
June 17 The 250th Hunger Games Epic Hobo unfinished
June 17 The 63rd Hunger Games Katnisssupporter unfinished
June 18 The 21st Hunger Games AdaPayne unfinished
June 18 125th Hunger games KatnissEverdeen1275 unfinished
June 18 The 100th Quarter Quell Tiaraaaa unfinished
June 18 The 350th Hunger Games- Part 1 VarinEgo unfinished
June 19 the 178 annual hunger games Eleni12 unfinished
June 19 63rd Hunger Games CatoDistrict2 unfinished
June 19 201st Hunger Games Sandj3335678 unfinished
June 19 The 102nd Hunger Games Mysims (Fan-fiction)
June 19 Girl From District 13 Catnipkatniss (fan-fiction)
June 19 Mentor Games 4 Cloveismywife unfinished
June 19 4th Quarter Quell



June 19 The 52nd Hunger Games Story Masterofmutts unfinished
June 19 the 90th hunger games Sammyjojohnson1 (fan-fiction)
June 20 The 150th Annual Hunger Games LittleRedCrazyHood unfinished
June 20 The 2nd Transformer Games Dannoh403 unfinished
June 20 1st Hunger Games ChurchOfCrazies unfinished
June 20 The 198th Restaurant Games



June 20 The Traveller Games! Mysims Laura Menders and Gabriella Winters
June 20 The Shopping Games. AshtonMoioLover unfinished
June 20 Disney Games District4Forever unfinished
June 20 110th Hunger Games Readwritelivenikki unfinished
June 20 The Trials Games- 1st FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Candence Rivet
June 20 199th Hunger Games Cloveismywife Whitney Finch
June 20 LUMBER GAMES DESCRIPTION MidnaandLink unfinished

June 21-30, 2012

Date Name of Games Author Victor
June 21 The Hunger Games Peeta's POV Katniss&PrimSisterhood (fan-fiction)
June 21 150th Hunger Games Ms.finnickodair44 unfinished
June 21 4th quarter quell CAREERGAL06 unfinished
June 21 Reality Hunger Games Panemkiller unfinished
June 21 The 1st Voting Games ViniciusDeAssis1999 unfinished
June 21 The 79th Annual Hunger Games Tothedoom unfinished
June 22 Great Warrior Games Masterofmutts unfinished
June 22 The 24th Hunger Games The Hunger Games Girl unfinished
June 22 The 245th Annual Hunger Games Cora District 2 unfinished
June 22 The 26th Hunger Games Awesomegold unfinished
June 22 1st Annual Hunger Games Jake Olmos unfinished
June 23 98th Hunger Games Whatrbooks unfinished
June 23 The 52nd Hunger Games ViniciusDeAssis1999 3 victors
June 23 The 100th Hunger Games!! MR.Clove14 unfinished
June 23 The 3rd Annual Hunger Games Tiaraaaa unfinished
June 23 My Little Pony Hunger Games! Nommyzombies unfinished
June 23 2nd Annual Hunger Games Jake Olmos unfinished
June 23 60th Hunger Games Ms.finnickodair44 unfinished
June 23 Annie Cresta's Story XShiloh (fan-fiction)
June 23 The 305th Hunger Games Katelyn.danita unfinished
June 23 Hogwarts Hunger Games Shadow Seer unfinished
June 23 The Grand Hunger Games 2! Thresh is Fresh unfinished
June 23 1st Annual Hunger Games Maddiemoo unfinished
June 24 11th Annual Hunger Games District1MarvelRules! unfinished
June 24 The First Country Games Cbuscrew344 unfinished
June 24 The Third Hunger Games Cbuscrew344 unfinished
June 24 1st Annual Mentor Games Jake Olmos unfinished
June 24 50th Games--Haymitch's POV Masterofmutts unfinished
June 24 76th Hunger Games ILOVEBOOKS unfinished
June 24 Mockingjay's Child The Hunger Games Girl unfinished
June 24 Risen 27THG27 (fan-fiction)
June 25 51st Hunger Games AdaPayne unfinished
June 25 ANNUAL 124TH HUNGER GAMES!!! MistyLovesAsh unfinished
June 25 The 65th hunger games roleplay Finnickodair123 unfinished
June 25 The Question Game Show Ms.Finnickodair44 unfinished
June 25 The Classroom Games! Lead The Careers unfinished
June 25 FunNY HUNGER GAMES CAREERGAL06 unfinished
June 25 1st Hunger Games A Gleek Like iSteven unfinished
June 25 MY FIRST HUNGER GAMES Rue3456 unfinished
June 25 Glimmer's Story - 2 - 2-part2 - 3 Rue3456 (fan-fiction)
June 26 The Super Mentor Games ViniciusDeAssis1999 unfinished
June 26 225th Hunger Games RavenRT unfinished
June 26 168th Hunger Games FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Hebe Syer and Anastasia King
June 26 career game show Cato rocks! unfinished
June 26 Glass House Games HeavyRotation unfinished
June 26 3rd annual hunger games Jake Olmos unfinished
June 27 The 76th Hunger Games Raeoki unfinished
June 27 The Capitol Games 2 Gale's Girl unfinished
June 27 The 175th Hunger Games Bilgea unfinished
June 27 A bloodbath story Finnickodair123 (fan-fiction)
June 27 The 1st Victors Game Justafox unfinished
June 27 200th Annual Hunger Games Blu3 x soldier unfinished
June 27 3rd Quarter Quell Alternate ViniciusDeAssis1999 (fan-fiction)
June 27 THE SHAKESPEARE GAMES!! TheKatnissEverdeen unfinished
June 28 114th Annual Hunger Games Katniss Jane Mellark unfinished
June 28 Book Mash Up Games 3 FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne unfinished
June 28 The Wiress Games ViniciusDeAssis1999 unfinished
June 29 The 76th Hunger Games Gale's Girl unfinished
June 29 The Second Annual Opponent Games Mysims unfinished
June 29 The Funny Games Katelyn.danita unfinished
June 29 First Wipeout Games Sandj3335678 unfinished
June 30 The Capitol Games District4isawesome unfinished
June 30 Callam's First Hunger Games CallamD97 unfinished
June 30 The Deepest Games Pendillumna unfinished
June 30 The 1st Annual Hogwarts Games Mysims unfinished
June 30 The 250th Hunger Games Mr.RachelBerry unfinished
June 30 122nd Hunger Games Ollyette12x unfinished
June 30 The Short Games Nommyzombies unfinished
June 30 21st Hunger Games Beetee19 (3 victors)

July 2012

July 1-10, 2012

Date Name of Games Author Victor
July 1 The 76th Hunger Games JoanST unfinished
July 1 80th Annual Hunger Games District4isawesome
July 1 The 175th Hunger Games HungerGamesRocks12
July 1 Metwaf's First Annual hunger games! Metwaf10
July 1 My First Hunger Games Attackcobra
July 1 150th hunger games AsherMizzou
July 1 The 80th hunger games AmericanLongBow43
July 1 The 24th Hunger Games HungerGamerPeeta12
July 1 The 101th Hunger Games MR.Clove14
July 2 The Victor Games JWW
July 2 The 27th Annual Hunger Games Blu3 x soldier
July 2 The 79th Annual Hunger Games Jenniferdavario
July 2 Love Games


Whisper 122

July 2 49th Hunger Games Ms.District1
July 2 USER GAMES: THE REVIVAL Milly N. Hodgins
July 2 59th Hunger Games Tothedoom
July 2 What I Am Moviepopcorn123 (fan-fiction)
July 2 The Status Games ~Meatballlover~
July 3 Emmerweiss' Escape Madgeical (fan-fiction)
July 3 145th Huger Games WhyNoRollerCoasterCows?
July 3 Ms.District1's 159th Hunger Games! Ms.District1
July 3 The Bunny Games Zakel
July 3 dedejacobs first hunger games Dedejacob
July 4 51st hunger games Frizbee9800
July 4 New Story! =D Katnissandpeeta4ever (fan-fiction)
July 4 Callam's Second Hunger Games CallamD97
July 4 THG: My Version Chapter 1 Katnissandpeeta4ever
July 4 User Games Sandj3335678
July 5 The Raven Games! Mysims
July 5 100th hunger games Gi takeo
July 5 The 42nd Hunger Games Robin040197
July 5 The 52nd Hunger Games 33.Elektrolytes.33
July 5 The 53rd Hunger Games ViniciusDeAssis1999
July 5 99th Hunger Games Whatrbooks
July 5 The Pokemon Games! Rue district11
July 5 The Pokemon Games Blu3 x soldier
July 5 My 1st Hunger Games HungerGames RomanEmpire
July 5 The 101st Hunger Games Katelyn.danita
July 6 Mysims's First Mash-up Games Mysims
July 6 The Anniversary Games! Mysims
July 6 My First Hunger Games:) HKTLovesGlimmer
July 6 The Games Of Hell Scarlett123
July 6 District899s hunger games District899
July 6 AndyandCal's First Hunger Games AndyandCal
July 6 The 102nd Hunger Games Bystander100
July 6 HR's Fourth Hunger Games HeavyRotation
July 6 150th Quarter Quell HappyHannah1234
July 6 73rd hunger games District1er
July 6 The Alliance Games Jsm13athome Henna Morasca, Cedar Chase
July 6 The Dog Games FinnickForever
July 7 The 1st Annual Doctor Who Games FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
July 7 The 20th Hunger Games Tammydaisy
July 7 169th Hunger Games FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Gunner Pann
July 7 57th Annual Hunger Games Nommyzombies
July 7 Aqua's 32nd Hunger Games! Aquastar4infinity
July 7 550 hg Thresh Is Best
July 8 The Hunger Games Competition ~JezzikaHG~
July 8 14th Hunger Games Masterofmutts
July 8 74th HG Alternate FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne (fan-fiction)
July 8 Mysims' and Callam's 1st Hunger Games!



July 8 The 65th Hunger Games RedHeadsLikeFoxface
July 8 Johanna's Games Mysims (fan-fiction)
July 8 62nd Hunger Games ViniciusDeAssis1999 (fan-fiction)
July 8 73rd Annual Hunger Games Harperjackson9
July 8 The Household Games District7!
July 8 The 54th Hunger Games LexiLovesTHG
July 8 The 2nd Hunger Games! IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769
July 8 The KJM Riddle Games Katniss Jane Mellark
July 9 The 98th Hunger Games RedHeadsLikeFoxface
July 9 203rd Hunger Games Sandj3335678
July 9 74th HG Alternate Jenniferdavario (fan-fiction)
July 9 64th Hunger Games Johanna's Daughter
July 9 The 28th Annual Hunger Games Blu3 x soldier
July 9 The 34th hunger game Annamisasa
July 9 The 142nd Hunter Games LeopardPrint RadioStation
July 9 The 51st Hunger Games Ever Searching
July 10 The 115th Hunger Games Tammydaisy
July 10 The 116th Hunger Games Tammydaisy
July 10 The 29th Hunger Games Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay
July 10 The Underwater Games Jenniferdavario
July 10 The 175th Hunger Games MR.Clove14
July 10 Hunger Games Funeral Jenniferdavario (fan-fiction)
July 10 Call of Duty HG Los95361
July 10 The 102nd Hunger Games Katelyn.danita

July 11-20, 2012

Date Name of Games Author Victor
July 11 Checkmate ~ Story Catnipkatniss (fan-fiction)
July 11 100th Hunger Games Whatrbooks
July 11 200th Hunger Games Cloveismywife
July 11 26th Hunger Games WhyNoRollerCoasterCows?
July 11 My first Hunger Games Whatever It Takes
July 11 7th Quarter Quell ViniciusDeAssis1999
July 11 HR's Fifth Hunger Games HeavyRotation
July 12 My Second Hunger Games Attackcobra
July 12 Daisy's First Annual Rebellion Games Tammydaisy
July 12 The 1st Hunger Games Bkeith17
July 12 Aqua's 106th Quarter Quell Aquastar4infinity
July 12 90th Hunger Games Los95361
July 12 THE NEVER ENDING HG PARTY HeavyRotation (fan-fiction)
July 13 67th Hunger Games Wellafoxface
July 13 25th hunger games District1er
July 13 The 175th Annual Hunger Games SasheMonster
July 13 The 100th Annual Hunger Games! Everdeen7000
July 13 175th Hunger Games!!! KatnissRox24
July 13 THE EPIC PARTAY Ms.Finnickodair (fan-fiction)
July 13 The District 1 Hunger Games Tommyboy97
July 14 Hunger Games Camp Justafox
July 14 Quomler's Mentor Games Quolmer
July 14 First Hunger Games! RueandNommy
July 14 The Dark Abyss: A Hunger Games Tommyboy97
July 14 The 3rd hunger games Peeta2001
July 14 another Par-tay Iluvgale (fan-fiction)
July 14 Ethan-The Avox Mrlazy (fan-fiction)
July 15 Haalyle's Even Better Games Haalyle
July 15 The Hunter Games FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Alex Donaque
July 15 The 148th Hunger Games LexiandAndy
July 15 15th Quarter Quell District7!
July 15 My Hunger Games IHeartHungerGames
July 15 22nd Hunger Games Ollyette12x
July 15 The 22nd Annual Hunger Games! CallamAndyRyanBeth
July 15 The 100th Hunger Games Perry!
July 15 The Marvel Hunger Games The Mockingjay 1
July 15 THE FAN BATTLE!! 8thYear
July 15 The 4th Annual Hunger Games Jake Olmos
July 16 The 89th Annual Hunger Games Katniss Jane Mellark
July 16 The First Glamour Games! GlitteryGlimmer
July 16 50th Hunger Games - Alternate 8thYear
July 16 2nd Annual Mentor Games Jake Olmos
July 17 The 60th Hunger Games Tothedoom
July 17 The Second Hunter Games FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Haru Sakura
July 17 My Second Hunger Games! HKTLovesGlimmer
July 17 Wipeout Hunger Games Galina54
July 17 The Potter Games :D Tommyboy97
July 17 The Magic Games Katelyn.danita
July 17 125th Hunger Games Los95361
July 18 The Hollywood Hunger Games



July 18 52nd Hunger Games AdaPayne
July 18 13th Hunger Games CornyCollins
July 18 17th Annual Hunger Games Captainsv
July 18 100th Annual Hunger Games Siesieo
July 19 The 54th Hunger Games ViniciusDeAssis1999 (4 victors)
July 19 District1ers 25th Hunger games District1er
July 19 58th Annual Hunger Games Nommyzombies
July 19 The Potter Games Cupcakesrule
July 19 The 103rd Hunger Games Katelyn.danita
July 19 The Gladiator Games Dedejacob
July 20 106th Hunger Games Maxoconnelll
July 20 RFS's 175th Hunger Games!/Part 1 Rainfacestar
July 20 The 120th Hunger Games Better Be Beetee
July 20 100th hunger games District1er
July 20 The 54th Annual Hunger Games Asfbn
July 20 The First Hunger Games PresidentGangar

July 21-31, 2012

Date Name of Games Author Victor
July 21 1st Annual Quarter Quell Jake Olmos
July 21 Callam's Third Annual Hunger Games CallamD97
July 21 My first hunger games Teamkattniss
July 21 22nd Annual Hunger Games RedTurtle433
July 21 243rd Hunger Games RavenRT
July 22 The Mentor Games - 1st Games Tammydaisy
July 22 The 108th Games - The final Quell Mysims
July 22 The 39th Annual Hunger Games Cupcakesrule
July 22 My Hunger Games LilboyfromD3
July 22 170th Hunger Games FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Unfinished
July 22 The 76th Annual Hunger Games BillyUngerLover
July 22 95th Annual Hunger Games Jojojohnjohn8676
July 22 67th Annual Hunger Games Jojojohnjohn8676
July 22 89th Hunger Games Jojojohnjohn8676
July 22 The Superhero Games Nommyzombies
July 23 110th Annual Hunger Games SilverCrownFoxface
July 23 The Hunger Games - Cluedo PeetaPancakes
July 23 The 1st Lost Games - Part 1 - Part 2 Mysims
July 23 The Fantasy Games BillyUngerLover
July 23 The International Games ~PoundtheAlarm~
July 24 My Epic Little Stories FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne (fan-fiction)
July 24 The 30th Annual Hunger Games Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay
July 24 The 1st School Games Cont. Mysims
July 24 KrisStory's 1st Hunger Games KrisStory
July 24 The Celebrity Games FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Unifnished
July 24 121st Hunger Games Jsm13athome Enili McGee
July 25 My Second Qaurter Quell KEAP
July 25 My Second Qaurter Quell Prezziesnow9704:)!
July 25 My Story: 73rd Hunger Games Clove101
July 25 35th Annual Hunger Games Tybomarq
July 25 100th Quarter Quell HappyHannah1234
July 25 The 999th Hunger Games! SlappingSquirrels
July 25 82ND ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES (: Clove the best
July 25 KrisStory/1st Hunger Games KrisStory
July 26 The 888th Hunger Games! Bananastheduck
July 26 The 56th Hunger Games SQUIRRELS!!
July 26 The 63rd Annual Hunger Games Ms.finnickodair
July 26 799TH ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES Clove the best
July 26 375th Hunger Games Beetee19 (two victors)
July 27 The Random Games District1er
July 27 The 50 States Hunger Games The hungery games
July 27 50th hunger games District1er
July 27 1st hunger games District1er
July 27 74th Hunger Games Cato P.O.V (continued) PeetaPancakes
July 27 30th Hunger Games Rainbow Vampire
July 27 100th Hunger Games District3 luv
July 28 53rd Hunger Games AdaPayne
July 28 100th Anuual Hunger Games Ollyette12x
July 28 171st Hunger Games FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Nina Marian
July 28 The Husky Games Robin040197
July 28 74th Games Alternate District1er
July 28 Hurt/Heal Games Mysims (fan-fiction)
July 28 2500th Hunger Games - The Twist of Twists VarinEgo
July 28 The Element Games! Lead The Careers
July 28 Boland's Hunger Games Bolandcas
July 28 The 88th Annual Hunger Games TomGurl22
July 28 50th Hunger Games Epic Hobo
July 28 125th Annual Hunger Games EvilhariboMadness
July 29 The Amazing Hunger Games Wiress.TickTock
July 29 The Pokemon Games! Rueforever
July 29 The Olympic Games AnnieCresta4, Peetapancakes
July 29 The 105th Hunger Games HGLover1212
July 29 The HG Olympics ViniciusDeAssis1999
July 29 The Infamous Games 50thGamesFTW
July 29 Sponsoring Games Violent Delights
July 29 1st Annual Hunger Games Mr. Marvelous
July 30 60th Hunger Games District2Career
July 30 Blu3 x soldier's Third Hunger Games Blu3 x soldier
July 30 the 55th Hunger Games J McAtee
July 30 101st Hunger Games District3 luv
July 31 148th Hunger Games PeetaPancakes
July 31 77th Annual Hunger Games ToxicGallagher
July 31 The Mis-Match Games Iluvgale
July 31 250TH HUNGER GAMES. Clove the best
July 31 The 625th Hunger Games (1st) FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Misty Bull
July 31 The 72nd Hunger Games Cupcakesrule

August 2012

August 1-10, 2012

Date Name of Fan-fiction Author Victor/Status
August 1 The First Rebellion Games Tiaraaaa
August 1 115th Hunger Games ProdigyZ7
August 1 The 173rd Hunger Games Foxfacedfanatic
August 1 72nd Hunger Games Aaronmalik
August 1 78TH HUNGER GAMES Ms.finnickodair
August 1 26th Hunger Games ShimmeringFire
August 1 The 80th Hunger Games/Part 1 The Hunger Games Girl
August 1 The Progress Games HeavyRotation
August 1 !00th hunger games District1er
August 1 76th Annual Hunger Games ToxicGallagher
August 1 The Ty Games Creatoroflocalcartoons
August 1 183 Hunger Games Pierulesnotyou
August 2 134th hunger games Tiger Lily29
August 2 User Hurt/Heal Games Mysims
August 2 1st Hunger Games Brynn1999
August 2 Total Drama Games: Episode 1 PeetaPancakes
August 2 123rd Hunger Games AsherMizzou
August 2 Degrassi Hunger Games Maybell Rocks!!
August 2 1st Annual Hunger Games Mychemical alyssa
August 3 The 81st Hunger Games Deaphalia911
August 3 The First Annual Danger Games. Tiaraaaa
August 3 The 29th Annual Hunger Games Blu3 x soldier
August 3 The Pokemon Games 50thGamesFTW
August 3 200th Hunger Games Maxoconnelll
August 3 80th Hunger Games District2Career
August 3 Tourney Games District1er
August 3 The 37th Annual Hunger Games CallamD97
August 3 1st Annual Hunger Games CoolCato
August 3 The Family Games Readwritelivenikki
August 3 81st Hunger Games Gleek4ever2012
August 4 The Demigod Games RueButtercup
August 4 Anna's second hunger game Annamisasa
August 4 1st Hunger Games The Hunger Games Girl
August 5 Choose your own adventure District1er
August 5 Interactive Hunger Games Mysims
August 5 The Hunger Games - Marvel's Story VarinEgo (fan-fiction)
August 5 TheSuperstar games. Clove the best
August 5 The 100th Games Moviepopcorn123
August 6 100th games Iamclove
August 6 1st Color Games


Lead The Careers

August 6 The 218th annual Hunger Games SuperTomato
August 6 When We Stop Believing Moviepopcorn123
August 7 Annamisasa/Mysims' first HG



August 7 Crane's 47th Hunger Games! Banak Crane
August 7 Super Hero Hunger Games Wildcats11630
August 7 201st Hunger Games Cloveismywife
August 7 91st hunger games! Iluvmiranda
August 7 172nd Hunger Games FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Demetria Pod
August 7 The 226th Annual Hunger Games District12-Tributes
August 7 Mrweare121 return the 100th game Mrweare121
August 7 200th Hunger games. Family Edition ! Clove the best
August 7 God/Goddess Games Kitkat714
August 8 My tributes and my games Maybell Rocks!!
August 8 The Second Annual Hunger Games CoolCato
August 8 125th hunger games Malinimamel
August 8 The 1 1/2 Humor Games Tiger Lily29
August 8 124th Hunger Games AsherMizzou
August 8 132nd Hunger games Clove the best
August 9 950th Hunger Games Maxoconelll
August 9 54th Hunger Games AdaPayne
August 9 The Potter Games IHeartHungerGames
August 9 76th Hunger Games Potatoguy123
August 9 The First Annual Fear Games. Tiaraaaa
August 9 The 187th Hunger Games District10alltheway
August 9 The 1555th Hunger Games AW3SOM3 S4MU3L
August 9 The 189th Hunger Games Daveforeva
August 9 The Video Game Games IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769
August 9 The 1st Voracious Games -- Part 1 8thYear
August 9 the 6000th Hunger Games Clove the best
August 9 55th Hunger Games District1er
August 9 92nd Hunger Games Brocky292
August 9 I am number 4 games Aerialchinook
August 10 55th Hunger Games! Wesolini
August 10 25th hunger games Peypey11
August 10 The 108th Hunger Games Mysims
August 10 The 873rd Hunger Games Girlgirl411
August 10 200th Hunger Games Dabigd247365

August 11-20, 2012

Date Title Author Result
August 11 The 3rd Annual Hunger Games CoolCato
August 11 75th Hunger Games- Redone FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne (Fan-Fiction)
August 11 TeamRue's123 1st Hunger Games! TeamRue123
August 11 The 71st Hunger Games Mysims
August 11 1st Annual Clique Games PeetaPancakes
August 11 The super power games Aerialchinook
August 11 The 100th Annual Hunger Games ForgetGaleandPeetaI'mTeamFinnick:)
August 11 The 21st Annual Hunger Games Cupcakesrule
August 11 Happy Meadows 101st Hunger Games Happy Meadows
August 12 The 50th Hunger Games LottieWaters
August 12 76th Hunger Games P1 - P2 Potatoguy123
August 12 Films Mash-up Games 1 ViniciusDeAssis1999
August 12 RFS's Capitol Games Rainfacestar
August 12 My first Hunger Games Foxface26
August 12 The 1st Food Games! OldWiseOwl
August 12 1st Annual Slumber Games Annoying Purple Prune
August 12 68th Hunger Games District2Career
August 12 Finn and Jake in Panem JERealize (crossover)
August 12 The 219th Annual Hunger Games! SuperTomato
August 12 My First Annual Hunger Games RueMellark7
August 12 The 45th Annual Hunger Games PotatoMan10
August 12 The 1560th Games!!! AW3SOM3 S4MU3L
August 12 74th Annual Hunger Games. HinataAino
August 12 Callam's Book Mash Up Games CallamD97
August 13 The 1st Mentor Games CoolCato
August 13 123rd Hunger Games GaleVsPeeta,WhoWillWin
August 13 The 14th Annual Hunger Games WayfinderOwl
August 13 The 56th Hunger Games J McAtee
August 13 The 14th Annual Hunger Games VarinEgo
August 14 The 14th Hunger Games Clove101
August 14 The 125 hunger games Peypey11
August 14 The 228th Hunger Games Daveforeva
August 14 RueMellark7's First Hunger Games RueMellark7
August 14 My First Hunger Games Thresh16
August 15 The Fame Games Nommyzombies
August 15 The 92nd Hunger Games! FireVSSnow
August 15 The Glee Games! Mysims
August 15 The 50th Annual Hunger Games CoolCato
August 15 Threhhold's 1st ever Hunger Games! Thresh hold
August 15 The 5th Annual Hunger Games!!!!! Cupcakesrule
August 16 75th Annual Hunger Games HinataAino
August 16 The 250th Hunger Games Tybomarq
August 16 The 56th annual Hunger games Capitol Citizen
August 16 Dedejacobs first sponser games Dedejacob
August 17 RemiAndMark's 1st Hunger Games RemiAndMark
August 17 11th Hunger games--A story Thresh hold
August 17 56th Annual Hunger Games Wesolini
August 17 the 100th hunger games Pierulesnotyou
August 17 25th Annual Hunger Games AxedFox
August 17 The 108th Hunger Games Mysims
August 17 1st hunger games Masterire
August 18 The 62nd Hunger Games Cato rocks!
August 18 40th Quarter Quell EvilhariboMadness
August 18 The 3rd Quarter Quell ViniciusDeAssis1999
August 18 125th Hunger Games AsherMizzou
August 18 The 1000th Hunger Games! SlappingSquirrels
August 18 62nd Hunger Games District2Career
August 18 Marvel and Glimmer's story District1er
August 18 6001st Annual Hunger Games Clove the best
August 19 The Career Games Cupcakesrule
August 19 The Victor Games 5 Silentstabb
August 19 76th Annual Hunger Games EmmaGirl103
August 19 Opposite Day: A Hunger Games Parody Tiger Lily29 (fan-fiction)
August 20 48 Annual Hunger Games ShimmeringFire
August 20 Lollyprince's 4th Quarter Quell! Lollyprince
August 20 The 4th Annual Hunger Games CoolCato
August 20 The Story Of Cato & Clove: A Parody Tiger Lily29 (fan-fiction)
August 20 75TH HUNGER GAMES Clove the best
August 20 The 70th Hunger Games Iluvgale

August 21-31, 2012

Date Title Author Victor
August 21 The State Games Rosemelrose
August 21 The 1st Brazilian Games -- Part 1 - 2 ViniciusDeAssis1999
August 21 The Story Of Marvel & Glimmer: A Parody Tiger Lily29 (fan-fiction)
August 21 The 165th Hunger Games 66mc
August 21 2nd Annual Mentor Games CoolCato
August 21 225th Hunger Games - Dual Arenas Cloveismywife
August 21 77th Hunger Games JoeJoeHungerGamesBean
August 22 145th Annual Hunger Games Justafox
August 22 76th Annual Hunger Games. HinataAino
August 22 Katniss and the Capitol: A Parody Tiger Lily29
August 22 1,000,000 hunger games Kikieverdeenreed523
August 22 FrostSnake's 196th Hunger Games FrostSnake
August 22 Heartless- A Hunger Games Parody SlappingSquirrels
August 22 The State Games District1er
August 23 The 71st Hunger Games Cato rocks!
August 23 54th Annuel Hunger Games! Bolandcas
August 23 The Fourth Quarter Quell Foxesh42
August 23 Muttation Frenzy Kikieverdeenreed523
August 23 The Budget Cut Games Necterine411
August 24 300th Hunger Games Deches
August 24 The 92nd Annual Hunger Games Lawman12435
August 24 The Marto Love Story Justafox (fan-fiction)
August 24 The 69th Annual Hunger Games EmmaGirl103
August 24 New Hurt/Heal Games! ViniciusDeAssis1999
August 24 The 5th Annual Hunger Games CoolCato
August 24 10th Hunger Games AxedFox
August 25 The 100th Hunger Games Hungergamelover2121
August 25 Dark Eyes District1er (fan-fiction)
August 25 1st Annual Hunger Games LukePaquette
August 25 The 265th Hunger Games Daveforeva
August 25 1565th Hunger Games AW3SOM3 S4MU3L
August 25 122nd Hunger Games Jsm13athome
August 25 57th Hunger Games FrAnCoTHG
August 25 The Tribute Muttation: Chapter 1 - 2 -3 TaraEverdeen
August 25 The Hunger Games Wiki Prom! CallamD97
August 25 The Hunger Games Parody AxedFox
August 25 The 97º Hunger Games Iari 99
August 25 The First Sponsor Games AsherMizzou
August 25 The 93rd Hunger Games Brocky292
August 26 77th Annual Hunger Games. HinataAino
August 26 The User Games EpicTuna
August 26 The 102nd Hunger Games RossInSA
August 26 The 1st Hunger Games Troysgreenipod10
August 26 THG Wiki 2nd Prom! CoolCato
August 27 The Rebellion. HinataAino
August 27 The 25,000,000th Hunger Games! CloveEgo
August 27 The hunger games lost memories Aerialchinook (fan-fiction)
August 27 Tribute Fan Battle Tommyboy97
August 27 Clove: Secrets The Capitol Hates to Hear District3forever (fan-fiction)
August 27 The 150th Hunger Games AW3OM3
August 27 The Hunger Games Spoof Tacosalad1127
August 27 78th Annual Hunger Games HinataAino
August 28 76th Hunger Games GillyHicks12
August 28 The Deception Games FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
August 28 the irish games Masterire
August 28 The 59th Hunger Games AidanMac123
August 28 340th Hunger Games AxedFox
August 29 100th Hunger Games! GillyHicks12
August 29 The 2nd Hunger Games Wiki Prom CallamD97
August 29 The Hunger Game: A weekly game! District3forever
August 29 The Rebellion Wars VarinEgo (fan-fiction)
August 29 Transformers: Fall of Cybertron games Dannoh403
August 29 the first annual death games Thevideogamer
August 30 The First Fear Games - Part One Tiaraaaa
August 30 20th Quarter Quell Lawman12435
August 30 113th Annual Hunger Games RZN2
August 30 69th Hunger Games - Quell Twist RawrImmaEatYa
August 30 The 1st Pride Games MovieReviews98
August 30 The Jurassic Games Tiger Lily29
August 30 1000th Hunger Games! TheEpicFinnick
August 30 25 thosandth HUNGER GAMES Grumpily
August 30 The Peacekeeper Games District1er
August 31 10,000th Hunger Games! TheEpicFinnick
August 31 The Blood Games PlasticGlimmer
August 31 The 3rd Hunger Games Cupcakesrule
August 31 The 3rd Annual Hunger Games Wiki Prom! Mysims
August 31 Welcome to the Spongebob Games! Wesolini
August 31 Happy Hunger Game Friends The Hungarian Games
August 31 The 72nd Hunger Games Tothedoom
August 31 The First World Games! CoolCato
August 31 The First Annual Squirrel Games Andy1854

September 2012

September 1-10, 2012

Date Name Author Status
September 1 250th Hunger Games Jack412
September 1 82nd Hunger Games Gleek4ever2012
September 1 The Animal Games Polinarose
September 1 The Dark Days - Short Story PeetaPancakes (fan-fic)
September 1 THG User's Official Hunger Games The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo Caylin and Vinny
September 1 Tribute Trials: Playing with Fire ShimmeringFire
September 1 200th Annual Hunger Games Nommyzombies
September 1 The Waterloo Road Games TheEpicFinnick
September 1 66th Hunger Games District2Career
September 1 The Youtuber Games! Los95361
September 1 The 1st Annual Hunger Games Joaowee147
September 2 Callam's 75th Hunger Games CallamD97
September 2 The 45th Annual Hunger Games Justafox
September 2 The Film Mash Ups Game PeetaPancakes
September 2 My 3rd Hunger Games - 2nd Quell!!! HKTLovesGlimmer
September 2 The 55th Hunger Games Lexi13
September 2 The Pony Games EpicnezzEmily
September 2 The 2nd Alliance Games Jsm13athome
September 2 The 2nd Brazilian Games -- Part 1 ViniciusDeAssis1999
September 2 The First Annual Hunger Games ItstimeforD4torise
September 3 250h Annual Hunger Games Wesolini
September 3 The Caption Games Nightcore
September 3 The Royal Games Prezziesnow9704:)!
September 3 147th Annual Hunger Games! Katniss27216
September 3 147th anual hunger games Dedejacob
September 3 The 251st Hunger Games Tybomarq
September 3 My First Hunger Game Wickedluv
September 3 100th Hunger Games AsherMizzou
September 3 14th Hunger Games MR.Clove14
September 3 The 122nd Hunger games Katniss6226
September 3 The 6th Annual Hunger Games CoolCato
September 4 The 1st Hunger Games Rory Williams and Hawthorne
September 4 The 101st Annual Hunger Games! District3forever
September 4 1000th Hunger Games Baileymurphy76
September 4 I Am Stronger (When We Stop 2) Moviepopcorn123
September 4 The 150th Hunger Games Fluffeh Kitteh
September 5 My 1st Hunger Games LexiTheOneandtheOnly
September 5 The 8th Annual Hunger Games AndyandRobyn
September 5 The 14th Hunger Games Katerina123456
September 5 The Fan Games ViniciusDeAssis1999
September 5 The 1st Famen Games DearBear123
September 5 The Torture Games AW3SOM3 S4MU3L
September 6 Kingdom Come LexiTheOneandtheOnly (fan-fic)
September 6 The 74th Annual Hunger Games Lee grimes
September 6 The 150th Hunger Games Dragosf
September 6 The 500th Hunger Games Calopy
September 6 74th Hunger Games Alternate ViniciusDeAssis1999 (fan-fic)
September 6 Big Brother Hunger Games! ~PoundtheAlarm~
September 7 My First Games!! Lily!
September 7 The Fifth Quarter Quell Tommyboy97
September 8 The 4th Annual Wiki Prom!!! CoolCato
September 8 The First Underland Games CoolCato
September 8 The 105th Pony Games!! Everderp
September 8 The End Games Angry birds12
September 8 The First Hunger Games CloveStar
September 8 The Final Quell (District 3) Jsm13athome
September 8 The Homecoming Dance LexiTheOneandtheOnly
September 8 The 6450th HUNGER GAMES Dojogamer
September 8 The Iditarod Games Beetee19
September 9 The Team Games District1er
September 9 The 1st Annual Hunger Games MarvelTheMarvelous
September 9 The 3rd Annual Opponent Games The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
September 9 62 Hunger Games District2Career
September 10 1st Annual Dreaded Games EvilhariboMadness
September 10 The End Of The Sidewalk HeavyRotation

September 11-20, 2012

Date Games Author Result
September 11 301st Hunger Games Deches
September 11 220th Annual Hunger Games SuperTomato
September 11 Second Annual Hunger Games Wolverine1717
September 11 The Examination Games AxedFox
September 12 The 12th Hunger Games Harvey The Hunter
September 12 27 hunger games Cloveygal
September 12 The Random Games Tiger Lily29
September 12 The Adventures of Enobaria! CrazyKiss
September 12 The Halloween Games! SlappingSquirrels
September 12 The story of Cashmere and Gloss Pierulesnotyou
September 12 The Dead Games Aniju Aura
September 12 81st Annual Hunger Games KatnissEverdeenFan
September 13 The 74th HG -- Prior Events ViniciusDeAssis1999 (fan-fic)
September 14 The annual music games! RawrImmaEatYa
September 14 76TH Hunger Games! TheEpicFinnick
September 14 The Double Bloodbath Games Rockman117
September 14 The Sneaky One ShimmeringFire (fan-fic)
September 14 The Story of Wiress ViniciusDeAssis1999 (fan-fic)
September 15 100th Hunger games: 4th Quarter Quell Cato rocks!
September 15 Aqua's 1st Hunger Games Aquastar4infinity
September 15 The Disaster Games! Thresh the Killer
September 15 The 2nd Annual Hunger Games Cupcakesrule
September 15 The HG Wiki Film ViniciusDeAssis1999 (fan-fic)
September 15 The Torture Games AxedFox
September 15 SerpentKing999's 5th Hunger Games SerpentKing999
September 15 81st Hunger Games! Los95361
September 16 My Reaping Mrlazy (fan-fic)
September 16 Great Warrior Games Thresh the Killer
September 16 The Nightmare Games Tiger Lily29
September 16 My First Capitol Hunger Games! YesI'mDumb101
September 16 1st Annual Theme Games Clove the best
September 16 My First Hunger Games FoxfaceFTW
September 16 1st Annual Hunger Games Xx Kaitlyn xX
September 17 57th Annual Hunger Games! Wesolini
September 17 The Hunger Games Party District3forever (fan-fic)
September 17 200th Hunger Games Write46747
September 18 98th Annual Hunger Games CallamAndyRyanBeth
September 18 THG Wiki Halloween Party ~PoundtheAlarm~ (fan-fic)
September 19 4th Hunger Games AxedFox
September 19 Fox's Fanfiction AxedFox (fan-fic)
September 20 The 24th Hunger Games BRO-STER
September 20 The 1st Hunger Games Joaowee147

September 21-30, 2012

Date Games Author Result
September 21 The 50th Annual Hunger Games BloodHunter99
September 22 The 285th Annual Hunger Games Ranger1434
The HG Wiki Film! ViniciusDeAssis1999
The Hunger Games Prom ShimmeringFire
100th annual hunger games ( quarter quell ) Puppyfun
The District Games ViniciusDeAssis1999
The 180th Hunger Games Equestria Gurl
September 23 100th Hunger Games Kikieverdeenreed523
The 1st annual familly games Iily1997
55th Annuel Hunger Games! Bolandcas
JWW's and Flynn77's Joint Games Flynn77, JWW
September 24 The Epic Games AxedFox
The Sands of Time Jsm13athome
The Rebellion Games Book 1 Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx
September 25 275th Hunger Games Zokab96
My Hunger Games Mrlazy
227th Annual Hunger Games District12-Tributes
500th hunger games Theman77
September 26 99th Hunger Games Attackcobra
10023rd Annual Hunger Games Chirochibechirt
The 40th Hunger Games Clove8078
September 28 The Classroom Games District1er
79th Annual Hunger Games. HinataAino
74th HG: Clove's Prespective Clove8078
Andy's Newest Gamessssss Andy1854
September 29 99th Hunger Games Jack412
Gurule2012's Quell Gurule2012
The 18th Hunger Games VarinEgo
The Orignal Games District1er
225th Hunger Games HappyHannah1234
The Survivour Games Calopy
September 30 The Final Prom Games MiaFox
The 223rd Hunger Games ViniciusDeAssis1999
25th Annual Hunger Games ! Clove the best
The 225th Hunger Games Katniss6226
52nd Hunger Games District2Career
The 4th Hunger Games AxedFox
The Nose Games District1er

October 2012

October 1-10, 2012

Date Title Author Result
October 1 73rd hunger games (join) Aaronmalik
The School Games The Hungarian Games
October 2 The Sponsio Games The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
148th Hunger Games Matia506
69 Annual Hunger Games!! Ranger1434
39th Hunger Games Clove8078
A Noob's Games Daniel17
89th Hunger Games Leapkit
88th Hunger Games Tails818
October 3 123rd Hunger Games ~PopTart~
Clove's POV Clove34343 (fan-fic)
October 4 Stitch Lelli's story RawrImmaEatYa (fan-fic)
The Return of the Hunger Games Ninja~Toast
175th Hunger Games - Quell EpicnezzEmily
58th Annual Hunger Games GameMakers123
October 6 76th Hunger Games TJ812
The 54th Hunger Games LovelyScars
149th Hunger Games CAPD
The Giant Games Dedejacob
19th Hunger Games NerdDFTBA
63rd Hunger Games Clove12
56th Hunger games! Bolandcas
The 79th Hunger Games Foxface D5
THE 90th HUNGER GAMES Foxface D5
October 7 The Scary Movie Games! Wesolini
The 4th Hunger Games Foxface D5
121st Hunger Games HungerGamesFanatic21
The Scholar Games Xx Kaitlyn xX
The 379th Annual Hunger Games SurvivorManDrago
The Death Games Raven HG
Meh Second Games!! Lily!
October 8 The 74th Annual Hunger Games BloodHunter99
The Face off games DBD Abyss
The District Games SlappingSquirrels
The 85th Hunger Games Mrlazy
3844th annual hunger games Gilbransen192837465
The 221st H.G. Equestria Gurl
October 10 studenty games Masterire
My Hunger Games $milelover

October 11-20, 2012

Date Title Author Result
October 11 Hunger Games TeamCloveForever
The First Annual Capitol Games Theman77
October 12 The Vengeance Games Cloveismywife
401st hunger games Theman77
October 13 1000 hunger games join Ggamen
The 224th Hunger Games ViniciusDeAssis1999
Dancing with the Tributes Andy1854 (fan-fic)
285th Hunger Games Clove8078
Broken Daniel17 (fan-fic)
The Adventure Games BloodHunter99
October 14 the 399th hunger games Aerialchinook
20th Quarter Quell Gurule2012
115th Hunger Games Epic Hobo
The 1st annual hunger games! Aracnaboy
1,854th Annual Hunger Games Andy1854
October 15 273rd Hunger Games Hermione The Erudite
October 16 The School yard Games Miscellaneous2
The 150th Hunger Games Maybell Rocks!!
75th Hunger Games ErosDistrict1
If Thresh Won The Games... Daniel17
The 5th Hunger Games - Quell AxedFox
October 17 Capitol Games!!!!!! ikieverdeenreed523
56th Hunger Games District2Career
Austin's Games $milelover
October 18 The Demi-God Games CrazyBlueTribute
39th Hunger Games Leshawna333
October 19 Anna's third Hunger Games Annamisasa
74th Hunger Games: Clove's POV CloveIsBadass
59th Annual Hunger Games ShimmeringFire
221st Annual Hunger Games SuperTomato
The 100th Hunger Games ViniciusDeAssis1999
October 20 10th annual Hunger Games Wesolini
The 56th Hunger Games TheRocktomyRoll
The Very First Hunger Games Ggamen

October 21-31, 2012

Date Name Author Result
October 21 1st Annual Hunger Games $milelover  
  The 19th Annual Hunger Games! Ranger1434  
  The Harry Potter Games TheCharacterGames  
  The 80th Hunger Games Maxoconnelll  
October 22 The 81st Hunger Games Kanine400  
  The 53rd Hunger Games YoungGuy5  
  225th Hunger Games FlyingKnives  
  The 300th Annual Hunger Games LightStone123  
October 23 HOW TO KILL A MOCKINGJAY Cloveygal  
  The Manor Games Nommyzombies  
  The 125th Quell Mr.Mikachu  
  The Future Games Theman77  
  The 149th Hunger Games TheDeadlyOne  
October 24 The 8.22*10^64th Hunger Games GillyHicks12  
  The 625th Hunger Games (2nd) The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo  
  The 250th Games Moviepopcorn123  
  The 425th Hunger Games ViniciusDeAssis1999  
October 25 The 226th Hunger Games Katniss6226  
  Tribute stories 1 Rue3456  
  THE 103 HUNGER GAMES Ggamen  
October 26 SoldierDestroyer 100th Hunger Games SoldierDestroyer  
  10th Hunger Games Raven HG  
  The 40th Quarter Quell CoolCato  
October 27 The 100th Hunger Games YoungGuy5  
  The 175th Hunger Games Kanine400  
  The 400th Hunger Games!! Thresh the Killer  
  The 1st Disabled Games 66mc  
  58th Hunger Games District2Career  
  Last games and leaving $milelover  
 October 28 The 325th Hunger Games  Kanine400  
  421st HG  Equestria Gurl  
  1st EVER Hunger Games  Kiki White  
   The 19th Hunger Games  Gurule2012  
October 29 The Wizarding Hunger Games Vegivampa  
 October 30  117th annual Hunger Games  Smurfmaster  
   The 305 Hunger Games  XXToxicScreamxx  
October 31 182th Hunger Games KnightxAC3  
  The 125 Hunger Games Macnin  
  197th Hunger Games FrostSnake  

November 2012

November 1-10, 2012

Date Name Author Result
November 2 VDA99's Victor Games ViniciusDeAssis1999
Britire: 1st Annual Hunger Games ToxicGallagher
Hunger Games Battle Royale The Hungarian Games
76th hunger games Aerialchinook
November 3 THE INSANITY GAMES YoungGuy5
Bloodbath: Alternate $milelover
The 94th Hunger Games Brocky292
Hunger Games Battle Royale GillyHicks12
November 4 The 1st Annual Survival Games Kanine400
The 2000 Hunger Games Macnin
The Path Games Fluffeh Kitteh
A New way to play Prezziesnow9704:)!
Olympic Hunger Games ViniciusDeAssis1999
23rd Hunger Games Raven HG
November 5 The 69th Hunger Games District4 Tribute
54th Hunger Games District2Career
November 6 222nd annual Hunger Games SuperTomato
375th Hunger Games Theman77
39th Hunger Games Shelleybelly
The Egyptian Games Daniel17
November 7 125th Hunger Games! GillyHicks12
The 36th Hunger Games FoxfaceFan32825
104 hunger games plz join Ggamen
November 8 My First Hunger Game Ougi-kun
November 9 122nd Annual Hunger Games HungerGamesFanatic21
97th Hunger Games! SlappingSquirrels
November 10 The 275th Hunger Games ViniciusDeAssis1999
The 2nd Alliance Games ~PopTart~
The 31st Hunger Games Hammers

November 11-20, 2012

Date Name Author Result
November 11 The 61st Hunger Games CAPD
The Raven Games Raven HG
The Uni Games Smurfmaster
The 6th Hunger Games AxedFox
November 12 THE WIKI GAMES YoungGuy5
The Team Game!!! Write46747
The 25th Hunger Games Vegivampa
November 13 21st Hunger Games(Fan-fiction) Leapkit
My 2nd Quarter Quell Gurule2012
November 14 The Hunger Games - Clove's POV Justafox
The 228th Annual Hunger Games District12-Tributes
the season games ~glitterday~
November 15 The 49th Annual Hunger Games UniCandy
The Seeker Games Daniel17
November 16 74th Games - Alternate ~glitterday~
The 1st. Annual SAW Games! Ranger1434
373rd Hunger Games Cloveismywife
76th Hunger Games Nhtomahawks22
November 17 Le Prom! WeAreFewhale
2nd Hunger Games Ninja~Toast
November 18 4.6*10^12th annual Hunger Games Iluvgale
The 244th Hunger Games HGClatoLover
36 Annual Hunger Games Rainbowninjas
November 19 60th Annual Hunger Games ShimmeringFire
The 150th Annual Hunger Games Nhtomahawks22
The Maze ~PopTart~
The Tribute's Children Games CloveJohanna
The 104th Annual Hunger Games Katelyn.danita
58th Hunger Games Leapkit
November 20 The Thanksgiving Games Equestria Gurl
The 25th Hunger Games Sparksskraps
The 4th Quarter Quell PurpleZombie
64th Hunger Games District2Career
56th Annual Hunger Games! Bolandcas
105 hunger games Manner me456

November 21-30, 2012

Date Name Author Result
November 21 The 1st User Games Kaaitlyn
The Wiki Snow Ball!!!! Brynn1999
Ultimate Tribute Games Clove should have Won
The Victor's Children Games CloveJohanna
The 7th Quarter Quell HGClatoLover
Panem's Civil War $milelover
November 22 Hunger Games-Cato $milelover (fan-fiction)
400th hunger games - 2 Xneonlightsx
November 23 Hunger Games (District 1) AxedFox
November 24 75th HG Alternate Nhtomahawks22
The 77th Hunger Games Nhtomahawks22
175th Hunger Games Wiressprincess
November 25 Slaughter Games- Part 1 Raven HG
The crazy games Dedejacob
The Twisted Games HGClatoLover
November 26 23rd Hunger Games... Again Raven HG
The Slender Games Vegivampa
465th Hunger Games Equestria Gurl
Day of the Dead Games Aniju Aura
November 27 The 20th Hunger Games Pinkiedot102
November 28 The Hunger Games: Norary Edition TheMysteriousGeek
The Capitols 30th Revenge JadeCashmere
The Christmas Games!!! District10male
November 29 The NEW Games Manner me456
The Spera Games The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
November 30 The 209th Hunger Games Hyta100
The 100th Hunger Games District4 Tribute
The New Sperare Games ViniciusDeAssis1999
The Pony Games Aniju Aura
The Predator and Prey Games Moviepopcorn123
1st Hunger Games Horsefinatic

December 2012

December 1-10, 2012

Date Title Author Result
December 1 534th Hunger Games Equestria Gurl
The 2nd Quarter Quell CoolCato
тнe 69тн αɴɴυαl нυɴɢer ɢαмeѕ™ AshtonMoioLover
The 25th Quarter Quell KatnissOdair
74th Annual Hunger Games Raven HG
250th Hunger Games District12-Tributes
The adventure games Dedejacob
100th Annual Hunger Games NerdGuyFilming
December 2 The Divergent Games KatnissRox24
150th Hunger Games EpicnezzEmily
97th Hunger Games RPG MakoTiger
73rd Hunger Games Raven HG
December 3 46th Hunger Games District2Career
2nd Olympic Hunger Games ViniciusDeAssis1999
December 4 The Elemental Seasons Games ShadowStarters
The Element Games Saaronbob22
123rd Annual Hunger Games HungerGamesFanatic21
31st hunger games ~glitterday~
December 5 The Supernatural Games Ms.finnickodair
Revive The Dead Games Aniju Aura
December 6 13th Hunger Games. TripleKnock
25th Annual Hunger Games! Wesolini
December 7 The Hunter Games Lawman12435
77th hunger games Aerialchinook
The 7th Hunger Games Sandj3335678
December 8 The Mystery Games ShadowStarters
25th hunger games Bubbashelb
374th Hunger Games Equestria Gurl
Hurt/Heal Games CONT. Nommyzombies
22nd Annual Hunger Games Saaronbob22
234th Hunger Games ~PopTart~
Christmas Games Tobi99
December 9 The Christmas Games XXxLiGhTsxXx
57th Annual Hunger Games! Bolandcas
Total Drama Hunger Games Style - 2 - 3 Saaronbob22
The Ruin Games Gurule2012
December 10 the surprise games Misytmolla
1st Hunger Games VRGuardian
The Revival Games Nommyzombies
100th Hunger Games ArtemisEverdeen
Survivor 2012 Tommyboy97
The SUPER Games!!!! District10male
301st Hunger Games ~ShimmerGlimmer~
125th Hunger Games HungerGamesFanatic21

December 11-20, 2012

Date Name Author Result
December 11 1st Annual Hunger Games FanfictionsOnline
48th Hunger Games District2Career
1st Hunger Games ArtemisEverdeen
The 175th Hunger Games DekuSword
December 12 The 132nd Hunger Games FantasyDreamer
Tales of the 43rd Games Candycoateddoom
demi-games Nataliezelda51
The 100th Hunger Games QueenColleen
The Name Game The Hungarian Games
December 13 16th annual Hunger Games! EHKnight
The Swimming Games HGClatoLover
The ExtraOrdinary Games HGClatoLover
First Annual Hunger Games SourCandy
December 14 The Dead Games Ranger1434
873rd Games! Ms.finnickodair
The Candy can Kill Games Iluvgale
December 15 100th Hunger Games: Movie Kiki White
The Wonder Games! JupiterPlanets
a Poke-games :D Nataliezelda51
150th Hunger Games SourCandy
the 999th hunger games Nataliezelda51
74th Hunger Games- Glimmer Equestria Gurl
December 16 The Fame Games Smurfmaster
The Amazing Race EXcellent
57th Annual Hunger Games Bolandcas
1st Hunger Games Epic Fanfictions
December 17 The 60th Quarter Quell Write46747
User Hurt/ Heal Games Nommyzombies
40th Hunger Games District9Brody
December 18 103rd Annual Hunger Games DrewlovesKuinn
The 1st Olympic Games SourCandy
42nd Hunger Games District2Career
Calopy's 3rd Hunger Games Calopy
1st Annual Riddle Games Kanine400
December 19 The 90th Hunger Games Hello im cat lady
1st Hunger games Blanaslone02
DPWFPWTG: Season 1! DrewlovesKuinn
74th HG Alternate WiressFan21
December 20 Hurt/Heal Quest: Season 2! DrewlovesKuinn
TRIBUTES GOT TALENT The Girl With The Black Arrow
The Olympic Games CoolCato

December 21-31, 2012

Date Title Author Result
December 21 Diary of the Dark Days VRGuardian
musical chairs games ~glitterday~
December 22 325th Hunger Games EvilhariboMadness
655th Hunger Games MissRandomStuff
The 350th Quell KNKHungerGames
December 23 The New Female Games CareerClove
The 524th Hunger Games ThePandaAssaain
1st Annual Hunger Games CoolCato
74th hunger games (my version) Aaronmalik
The Mockingjay Games EXcellent
My 74th Fan POVs CloveJohanna
December 24 The New Year Games XXxLiGhTsxXx
57th Hunger Games District9Brody
The Holiday Games Wildcats11630
Iditarod Games Beetee19
December 25 The Revolution Games The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
December 26 AxedFox's 8th Hunger Games! AxedFox
The paranormal games Nataliezelda51
The Surprise Games Ms.finnickodair
The Two-sided games. Hello im cat lady
The 10th Annual Hunger Games Ms.NatalieZeldaOdair
December 27 The Tribute Muttation Chapter 4 TaraEverdeen
184th Hunger Games KnightxAC3
Tʜᴇ Hɪᴅɪɴɢ Gᴀᴍᴇs Cashmere Career
Me in the Hunger Games EpicnezzEmily
The 70th Hunger Games WiressFan21
100th Hunger Games Jack412
December 28 The School Games KnightxAC3
The Revenge Games Brynn1999
35th Hunger Games ShimmeringFire
December 29 657th Hunger Games Equestria Gurl
11th Hunger Games Wesolini
The Lunaii Games! CoolCato
The 233rd Hunger Games I Heart Glimmer
District 0 VS District 14 Kawaii Manga
300th Annual Games District12-Tributes
December 30 Olympic Hunger Games Horsefinatic
December 31 525th Hunger Games ThePandaAssaain
The Wildcat Games The girl in green boots
13th Quell Manner me456

As of December 31, 2012, I shall stop updating this page, as part of a New Year's Resolution to stop dragging on with things I no longer find interest in and focus more on my studies. --JER

The Hunger Games Role Playing Wiki

The Role Playing Wiki was the most successful spinoff wiki to spawn off of the original Hunger Games Wiki.

May-August 2011

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
May 16 RueRose's First Hunger Games RueRose Destiny Bow
May 16 RueRose's Second Hunger Games RueRose Tree Summer
May 16 JER's Tournament JERealize unfinished
May 16 SK999's 1st Annual Hunger Games SerpentKing999 Ronda Grouge
May 19 Primrose1444's 2nd Annual Hunger Games (no set author) (two victors)
May 17 SK999's 2nd Annual Hunger Games SerpentKing999 Marko Flame
June 3 RueRose's Third Hunger Games! RueRose unfinished
June 23 Brony12's First Hunger Games Brony12 Stronton Melich
July 1 Anon....'s 1st Hunger Games Anon.... Kipcha Pryor
July 12 Anon....'s ALL TRIBUTE MEGABATTLE Anon.... 16 Victors
August 15 Jabberjay's All Tribute Hunger Games Jabberjay78 Scorpius Flame
August 16

IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769's 99th Games

IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769

August 20 Brony12's All Tribute Hunger Games Brony12 cancelled
August 24 SK999's 25th Games: Advent of Evil SerpentKing999 unfinished
August 26 Let's Go Midas Style! (D1 HG) Anon.... (two victors)
August 26 The Dark and Hollow Mountain (D2 HG) Anon.... (two victors)
August 26

Let mu Conscience be my guide! (D3 HG)

Anon.... unfinished
August 26 The Sea of Monsters (D4 HG) Anon.... (two Victors)
August 26 Hop to it? (D5 HG) Anon.... unfinished
August 26 The Healing Touch (D6 HG) Anon.... unfinished
August 26 Burn, Baby, Burn (D7 HG) Anon.... unfinished
August 26 Textile Walls (D8 HG) Anon.... unfinished
August 26 The whole thing goes up in smoke (D9 HG) Anon.... unfinished
August 26 The Beast Within (D10 HG) Anon.... unfinished
August 26 Evil Under the Sun (D11 HG) Anon.... unfinished
August 26 The Tributes Versus the Minotaur (D12 HG) Anon.... unfinished
August 26 Bow Down and Worship! (D13 HG) Anon.... unfinished
August 26 The Darkest Dawn (Capitol HG) Anon.... unfinished
August 28 My 2nd Hunger Games Anon.... (two victors)
August 28 My 3rd Hunger Games (Timeline 2) Anon.... unfinished

September-December 2011

Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
September 3 The Worldwide Games (A Special) Fantasyfilm99 unfinished
September 5 Tdwp82's First Hunger Games Tdwp82 unfinished
September 9 The American Hunger Games Moviepopcorn123 unfinished
September 10 84th Hunger Games Ruthlesskiller457 Mei Long
September 13 Brony12's District 1 Hunger Games! Brony12 unfinished
September 18 Anon....'s Capitol Hunger Games Anon.... unfinished
September 20 275th Hunger Games Ruthlesskiller457 unfinished
September 22

The Fiction Hunger Games. (transferred)

Anon.... Leo Valdez
September 22 The Eleventh Annual Hunger Games! Kenzen11 Rhea Dust
September 27 The Mystery Games SerpentKing999 unfinished
September 28 Renee7's First annual Hunger Games Renee7 unfinished
September 29 The Galactic Hunger Games TeaBot unfinished
September 30 The Unknown Hunger Games (district 14) Moviepopcorn123 unfinished
October 3 District 13 Hunger Games (Hosted by EffieLuna) EffieLuna unfinished
October 5 ‎EffieLuna's Tributes Hunger Games EffieLuna unfinished
October 14 The Career Games!! Moviepopcorn123 unfinished
October 26 The Labyrinth Games Skyandbray unfinished


Date Name of Games Name of Author Victor
February 5 Brony12's 53rd Hunger Games Brony12 Swell Current
February 11 JER's Multiversal Games JERealize unfinished
March 23 Kwankwan's Battle Royale Games Kwankwan44 unfinished
March 29 MW2 RPD ACOG's Games MW2 RPD ACOG unfinished
April 1 TeamGaleHawthorne's role playing TeamGaleHawthorne unfinished
April 2 KEWLBEN's Game KEWLBEN unfinished
April 3 The Game - Part 1 -Part 2 - Part 3 Kwankwan44 unfinished
May 28 The United Games Of America Gale's Girl cancelled
May 29 The World Games - NA - EU Katnisspeetarue521 unfinished
May 31 The Star Brawl/Game 1 HeavyRotation
June 9 The War Of The Districts ArcherOfD12 (fan-fiction)
??? unknown period ??? ???

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