This tribute is owned and created by Nightlock Kryptonite. She participated In my independant games and came 1st place. Making her a Victor.

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Liv Seasal
District 4 G, Liv Seasal
Name Live Sea-sal
Age 15
District 4
Gender Female
Weapon Trident
Best Placing 1st
Best Training Score 10
Best Odds 5/1
Made By Nightlock Kryptonite


Name: Liv Seasal

Age: 15.

District: 4.(1)

Liv Seasal Real

Personality: She is funny, bright, evil and very, very sarcastic. She loves to get her own way and she is very competitive. She always sees the worst in people and brings it out. Which normally leads to Liv befriending them. She has a evil personality which you either love, or hate, and if you hate it, she doesn't care. She still will try to get even her kindest friend to turn into something pure evil. Just like her. She is also very calm and logical, so she won't go insane.

Weapon of Choice: Trident.

Alternative Weapons: Throwing Knives and Bow+Arrows.

Strengths: Bringing out the 'beast' in people. Swimming

Weaknesses: Being Kind.

Alliance: With the careers.

Token: A ring her best friend gave to her when she went into her own games.

Interview Angle: Happy, twisted and evil. Funny at times.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run into the cornucopia and grab a trident, then aim for the legs so they can't move, and when the blood bath is over, slowly kill them in evil and evil and twisted ways.

Games Strategy: Search for other tributes and kill with the careers, she

Back-story: She has always been the same. Evil and sarcastic. There is no reason for her ways, and her friends like her for it, but it still makes them mad. Her best friend, Sophia was reaped for the games last year and she was brutally murdered by a tribute from District 7, so she now hates that District. She is pretty popular in her school and no-one has a massive reason to hate her, except for her evil and opinionated comments. She is always to watch what she says, she does try but stuff just comes out of her mouth which is often offensive to most people

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