"I can make people do big mistakes, trusting me will kill you"- Lucia Duvall

Basic Info

Lucia Duvall

District 3

Age: 18

Weapon: Lucia will pretend to be useless, like she can't use anything but is "lucky" if she manages to make a kill. Lucia has an expansive knowledge of weapons, she finds them interesting and she always dreams of what she could use them for, how it would feel if put in someones flesh and the cries they would make, Lucia thinks her favourite weapon is the dagger, in the bloodbath that would be the first thing she goes to, ignoring all the packs and food and grab a dagger, Lucia also thinks of it as a weapon that makes her look cool and the fact she is quite small in structure and many weapons, such as swords and axes are too heavy and big for her a dagger is perfect. Lucia also likes to use a machete becuase she has a natural skill with it. 

Personality: Seemingly a depressed, sad and lonley girl, always sad and thinking the worst of things, a weak girl that could not hurt a single fly, too sweet and nice, that is what she wants you to think, Lucia is not stupid, she is deathly smart and knows to make other people see her as weak, as a bloodbath death but Lucia is really a twisted, cruel and evil girl, she will gain your trust then throw it away, she could be hugging you when you feel weak and then stab you in the back, a lack of empathy and compassion is common for her, though she will be your best friend and you would never know. Lucia is naturally cocky so she may seem angry and mad when someone does not include her in a fight and forces her to stay in the sidelines, she loves action and when she kills someone she sees herself as powerful and strong and is very egotistic. Lucia would never join an alliance, she finds it horrible to act weak and useless for hours in a large alliance where she can't strike. Lucia would only be weak when around tributes and then when she gets the tribute in a weak position she will strike. Lucia is very brave, she is not a coward and she would never back down from a fight. Lucia does tend to talk to herself, a little insane and twisted, seeing horrible things has changed her. Lucia is very cocky and has a lot of pride and can't handle anyone questioning her skill, though she will try to hold it in and she is one to never forget what you do to her. Lucia is insane, that is why she loves sadness and death, as revenge for all that has happend for her, she has a lot of envy of why she has to suffer and why everyone else lives the perfect life and she wats to make them suffer, make them feel the pain she has felt so her past has greatly influenced who she is and she is truly deperssed and twisted. Lucia may seem afraid when there is carnage but she is hiding the fact she loves it, hearing screams of torment and fear makes her laugh with joy, Lucia may even watch a fight with intrest and not leave. Lucia knows she may have to kill even when she is hiding her dark side she would kill without regret, Lucia hates almost everything, though she does take a liking to people who are strong and can kill, she is not fully evil and if she likes you (that is very rare) she can be a likeable, funny and great person, Lucia is suprisingly sociable. Lucia is very independant, Lucia hates weakness and thinks having others to keep you safe makes you weak and anyone who is weak is not meant for the world in her opinion, she hates anyone she views as weak or anyine who is stronger than her. Lucia is really a troubled girl and lost any kindness she has in her a long time ago, she is evil and manapulative becuase she knows she lost all the good part of herself long ago and she needs to live with that. 

Skills: Lucia is an extreamly cold and evil girl, killing someone is easy for her and she has an amazing sill while doing it. Lucia is also amazing at manipulating others, Lucia in traning and around the other tributes will act weak and scared like she could not hurt a fly but she is the opposite of that. Lucia is also very physically fit, she can run with great speed and has a lot of stamina and has a drive that makes her never want to give up on a kill. 

Weaknesses: Lucia is too cocky, Lucia thinks she is the queen of the world and gets angry at anyone who even thinks they are better than her, she has alomst too much pride a career would be suprised. Lucia is afraid of weakness and she can't play nice when someone makes her think she is weak, it is like she has to prove a point. Lucia also hates anything that makes her seem weak, so she would not let anyone help her. 

Fears: Lucia is afraid of defeat, Lucia currently thinks she is the most amazing fighter, smartest girl and most beautiful girl in the world and she has too much pride, seeing a more beautiful girl, smarter person or a better fighter, she secretly hates them and will want them dead, she wants the be the perfect person who everyone wants to be and she will not let anyone in her way. Lucia is also afraid of death, Lucia does not want to die in the hunger games, she wants to be the champion so death means defeat for her. Lucia would do anything to avoid defeat and death, she lives in her own perfect world. 

Reasons for winning: Lucia volunteered for the games, saying that she volunteered so another would not die in the games, but, she was planning on volunteering for years and her last reaping is her moment. Lucia wants to win desperatly, back in district 3 no one understands her, no one sees who she really is and she wants that to change, she will use her innocent side to trick the tributes and then she will strike, Lucia wants to be known as a ruthless and evil killer, she wants to be rememberd and have the honour of winning the hunger games and a true champion. Lucia has wanted this her whole life and she knows what she is going to do.

Training Advice: Lucia will be weak, useless and pathetic, tripping over nothing and not being able to hold a sword. Lucia will be a loner and aim to go to tthe most popular stations and everyone can see how bad she is, it is what she wants. Lucia will also be very nice to the tributes and she will make a fool of herself. Lucia will aim for a very low training score and odds and she will probably be viewed as the weakest tribute in thw whole games, but that is what she wants. 

Token: N/A

Alliance: Loner


Lucia Douvall

Lucia Duvall

 Lucia is beautiful, she is one of the ostt beautiful girls you will ever meet. Lucia has beautiful eyes that are a deep dark brown and long eye lashes. Lucia has a slender face that looks fragile when it does not have a manic grin on it. Lucia has deep, dark chocolate brown hair that is silky and soft. Lucia is quite slender and small, she is 5,6'' and is on the thin side. Lucia does have the look of someone innocent and has slightly tanned skin.


The first part of my life has been pretty normal, but life being normal was boring so i guess that was one of my least favourite times. I grew up in the gutters, we lived in a small house and we were under constant pressure with peacekeepers since It was the area where rebels would meet. My mom and dad, Lucinda and Marcius, my birth name was Lucinda but i changed it, i would never have the name of such a weak woman. I was always at home, my life consisted of me looking for food, i would never beg for food, i don't need some filthy district person giving me food. I was always bored and living with my foolish brother did not help. I was always beaten by my dad when i did not get enough food, my face was covered in scars and my mom would just try to ignore it, for some reason i despised her more was that she did nothing, my dad was strong and he stood for what he believed in, and to be honest i could fight back, but, i never did, i would be weak and cry and then strike. I hated acting weak, crying and whimpering like a coward but i had to do it so i could survive. I was training to be ready, so i could kill him.

My first encounter with the hunger games was when i turned 9. I did not have a TV at home so i would have to visit the square, being around normal people, laughing, crying and screaming made me angry, partly because i knew i would never be like them, the years of abuse had made me angry and made me want to make others suffer, i wanted all these laughing and happy people in the district to feel pain. I saw the screen come on and it was the bloodbath, there was silence and i smiled, knowing they were scared and as the tributes all started running people screamed as tributes throats were sliced and their heads were cut off, i had to suppress my joy by watching the kids die, i had to suppress giggling at crying people as the 3 female was killed, they were pathetic. I caught the attention of a weeping man, apparently Catha Nolan's father, who was the female tribute who i laughed at the death of. I looked at him and waved, i did not care if my district saw me as some manipulative and evil girl, because that is who i am and i only put on my stupid act to survive. I looked at him, mischief in my eyes, he probably had never faced anyone like me, i would not hold back. The father moved forward and said "Don't laugh at a tributes death, that was my daughter and she put up a great fight, show some respect you monster"

"Well, i really only heard she out up a great fight, second death of the games is a position to be proud of"

"you little evil bit-"

"getting a little angry now. Leave me alone or i will not make Cinder the only person in her family to die today"

I laughed and walked away, i have remembered this moment my whole life was because it was the first time i was really my true self, i had never confronted someone with who i really was a i was amazing at it, the shock on his face was priceless. I know it is bad to be evil but i would rather be evil and not live a boring life of being a good girl, I also had the urge to make others suffer so that helped, i do not care about how others feel, if i punch you in the face and you cry expect me to laugh, unlike when my act of weakness is on. I now knew i was strong enough to kill my dad so i got all the food and when i came home i smiled at him, i had doused the food in gasoline and i put it before him, lit a match and burnt it. I smiled, a wicked grin on my face and as he came for me i dodged, he threw a sap but i grabbed him, jerked it around and i9 heard a sick crunch, my mom screamed and my brother ran. I grabbed a dagger and twirled it in my hands, I had him on his knees and i was beyond happy, i could not wait to hear his pained screams after all he had done to me. I was the most powerful person in Panem, i was the smarts and the most beautiful, i was a black widow. I grabbed the knife and plunged it into his heart, he broke my heart so now i am breaking his. I looked at my mom and i saw the weak coward who never protected me, who made me the manipulative bitch i am today. "I know you are weak, maybe if you were stronger, maybe if you told dad to not hurt me and were brave i would be a nice girl, but you made a mistake and now I am twisted, i know i'm already going to hell" and i grabbed the knife in her head as she screamed. I then looked at my brother, i saw him cowering, i would be standing up fighting for my life and making my attacker regret trying to hurt me, i ended him fast, no need for pain.

I got my knife and ran down the gutters, no regret for the three lives lost today, in the end the powerful, the strong and the brave, people like me will thrive, this world was not made for the weak. I came across a group of kids, my age. I saw who they were, rebels, a small gang who were trying to take down the Capitol, such idiots. I could not suppress my laugh at them, and they all looked at me. I was not afraid and i did not run away, i faced them and i deliberately brandished my bloody dagger, always give your rivals fear. I walked towards them and looked at them, three boys and two girls. They were silent, most would think of it as awkward but i felt like i ruled the world and no one could harm me. I hated the rebels because i loved the games more than life so i planned on ambushing them, make your enemies your best friend, so i put on my weak girl act and told them to blood on my knife was from a man who came for me and started crying. I was taken in by them and i noticed two of them who i liked, Celissia and Enriquo, the were bad people, the ones who would do all the killing and were all tough and strong, the others only talked about unity and friendship, what a load of rubbish. I grew close to Celissia and Enriquo, i became a new person around them, i did not image them burning or screaming, they were friends. The others had grown up in a happy life and were all happy and nice, i wanted them gone.

I told the peacekeepers rebels attacked me, i ran for the camp and took my friends and i watched with delight as the perfect kids suffered, Enriquo and Celissa were both from abusive parents and had to fight, i can show respect to those who deserve it. Celissa was the first to break, she always suspected me and Enriquo was just angry, i pretended to cry and weep and pretend i did not care when the flames danced before my eyes, i would protect my friends and i did not care if others had to die. I grew up as a nomad, we never stayed in one place too long. I was at the reaping for my 5th time, i knew i wanted to volunteer, show Panem i was a warrior and be remembered for my act i would put on, i always trained and everyone who really knew me saw me as weak and not the twisted psycho i am. I became very close to Enriquo, i think he fell in love with me but this is sad, i never felt any compassion towards him, i may have loved him if i had not been beaten but life takes many turns and now i can't fall in love, i got angry at this, realising i really had lost everything. I never cried about it, i was not going to cry about my problems. I needed to move on with life and i guess i am such a violent and evil person because i had no choice, what else could i be?

I grew up with Celissa and Enriquo, still keeping my act on and they would never know, but i know that i could never be like them so i planned when i was 18 i would go in the hunger games, i was never good at anything but killing and i can kill and i would be given everything, i knew from when i was young i really wanted to be in the games, when i became really strong. I always realised i was going to do something amazing and that is why i am going to volunteer. I dream of the games and i am now ready, when i turn 18 i will volunteer, put on my plan and act weak and then i will strike, i giggle with excitement and when i leave i tell Celissa and Enriquo i volunteered to save the tribute who was reaped, just an easy excuse instead of telling them i volunteered to kill a bunch of kids because it was all i was good at and for years i have been lying to you.  I am not afraid for the games, i am ready and since i turned into who i am many years ago i have always been ready.


Iggy Azalea - Black Widow ft

Iggy Azalea - Black Widow ft. Rita Ora

Artist: Iggy Azalea 

Song: Black Widow

Inspiration: This song starts off with these two women who are being underestimated but they are black widows, they look small and weak but they can kill in seconds, Lucia is a black widow. My favourite part is when they are faced with a gun but the women try to fight and the man is bit by a black widow, showing the mans power can be taken down by such a small creture. I like how to women seem small and weak but they turn into real warriors and killers and can fight, what you would never expect from them, just like Lucia. 

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Games: Pretty Little Games

Writers: Hannah & Aria

District partner: Signors Stalingrad

Kills: Signors StalingradMiyako Sada, Korrey ArlingtonYuri HarrisNutmeg Spica and Venus Valentine

Quote: "I decapitate the murderer of fourteen people. But I am also killing a young girl."

Aftermath: Lucia rarely exits her bungalow in the victor's village, and when she does, she always carries a weapon, and she seems to have gotten very wary and cautious about her supposed stalkers.

Creator note: Lucia was my first victor in a finished games and they were great. I was over the moon when she won and i did not expect it at all. I thought she would be one of those tributes on a kill streak and then suddenly die. 

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