District 2

Gender: Female

Name: Lucy Sparks

Age: 15

Appearance: Very long wavy brown hair and bangs. She has warm chocolate brown eyes. She has average height at 5 foot 7 inches. Very cute.

Personality: Outgoing. She is always very nice to others and they are nice back. Sometimes it seems like she has flashbacks (see below) and she becomes overcome by sadness. People always help her back to normal though.

Skills: She has very good aim and is head of the archery club in District 2. She seems to be able to hit anything in a one-mile radius with bow and arrows. If no bow and arrows, knives will suffice for her. She is very stealthy as well.

Strategy: Unwillingly join the Careers. At first, that is. On Day 2 or 3 she would plan her escape in the middle of the night, and nobody would see her. After that, the only person she would possibly ally with is Connor because she knows she could trust him.

History: Her house burnt down taking her father and 2 little sisters down with it when Lucy was 10. She has horrible flashbacks at least once a week. Her mother has tried everything but nothing works. Her mother is sometimes unstable too. They both feel as though everything has been taken away.