This Tribute was created after Spring Howards was retired from use.

District: 9
Mable Frost

Mable Frost

District Partner: Sam Jones

Age: 17

Weapon: Bow and Arrow, knife.

Skills: Mable can hunt with a bow and arrow, idenitify edible plants and she's a good tracker. Mable can climb trees, use a knife and swim. Mable also knows how to make fires, tie knots, set up snares and fish.

Strategy: Grab the closest thing to her plate and run. Avoid other tributes and hunt game. Ally with a younger tribute if she trusts them. Mable won't back down from a fight unless she's sure she'll loose. Later in the games, try to get rid of the Career's supplies and pick them off.

Token: None

Weaknesses: Afraid the Capitol is going to use her family against her, afraid of loosing friends.

Quote: None

Personality: Seroius, quiet, stern but, knows how to have fun and likes to enjoy life. Hates the Hunger Games completly.

History: Mable takes care of her sick father and her 2 little brothers and 2 little sisters; Axe (15), Tripper (11), John (9) and Winnie (4). She hunts for them and scoavenges food. Axe sometimes helps her when he's not busy working in the grain fileds. She's teaching Tripper how to hunt and is planning to teach her other sibblings when their older. She has a few friends at school and sometimes has to work in the grainfields herself.

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