District 4:

Gender: Male.

Name: Mark Ripple.

Age: 14

Appearance: Sandy hair that is spiked, dark chocolate eyes. 6 foot. Tall and wiry. Nice looking.

Personality: Smart with a large knowledge of nature. But he also is in to sports and is the fastest swimmer and runner in school. Popular.

Strategy: Stay away from the Careers, if there is a fellow 4 who agrees with him then he might ally with them but no one else. He would not hang around the Cornucopia very long. Just grab a bow and arrows and a pack and go.

Skills: Great with bow and arrows, alright with throwing knives, really likes throwing stars.

History: He really wants to go home to his friends and will do anything to go home. He has a loving, rich family at home with an older sister named Lane who's 19. Has a lot of friends at home and a girlfriend who's terrified for him.