Melanie Cirius is the winner of The 100th Hunger Games.


She was reaped into the 100th Hunger games, Causing her Grandmother and Brother to go with her. Both of them died in the games.

Near the end, she began to fall in love with fellow tribute Jack, and they try to prolong the games. Eventually, the arena flooded, causing them to fight the final tribute at the cornucopia. After they win, they draw straws, heartbroken, and Jack loses. He kisses melanie goodbye and Stabs himself, winning the games.

She had PTSD from her games and was Slightly Unstable afterwards. She swore shed only love Jack and never marry, ensuring a Eventual end of the Cirius Family.

She was mentored by Mike Runs.


The 100th Hunger games uniforms were Long coats with skintight pants, with a stylish belt on them with their District Numbers and District-Dependent colors. District 0 was White.

She had light skin, Blue eyes, Pink lips and White hair worn in a Ponytail. After the games, she grew it long and it goes to her Navel.



Melanie loved her brother and was upset when he ded.

Melanie Sr.

She was named after her grandmother, and deeply loved her. She was upset when she died.

Jack Rent

She loved jack in the arena, and they tried to Live there for a while. Eventually, they needed to die so that one could leave the arena, and Jack commited suicide for Melanie.

Mike Runs

Mike runs was her Mentor and presumably mentored Side-By-Side during the games afterwards.


The character was made by Underlord1271

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