District 11

Gender: Male

Name: Michael Day

Age: 14

Appearance: Light red hair layered across his forehead. Dark brown eyes that are very clever. 5 foot 8 inches. Very thin. Medium tan. He does not have much muscle, but his slight frame allows him to move very fast.

Personality: Very sly and smooth. He is very genuine but smart and gets what he wants. He normally cannot be trusted except by his closest friends. He is not book smart, but street smart and makes his decisions on instinct.

Skills: He is a good liar and can weasel out of every situation. Michael is super fast and you could possibly not even know he went by you if not for the mess of red going by. His slim build also lets him easily cut through water. He could use a blowgun and darts or throwing stars in a life or death situation but weapons are not his strong suit. Perhaps his greatest weapon is his stealth. He can analyze everything around him in order to be positive not to make a sound. Stealth is also his favorite ‘weapon’. The only thing Michael fears is that he will be the one who has to kill Ryan and then he will lose his friendship with Harry.

Strategy: On the weeks leading up to the games in the Capitol be inconspicuous. Do not be that memorable at the Chariot Rides or interviews, get an average training score so that in the games no one will remember the little red-haired kid. In the games, grab one survival material then hide close to the Cornucopia. After everyone except the Careers had left, he would still stay hidden, but follow the Careers when they left. He would silently follow them gently picking them off one by one when one ventured off. He would also get his food and supplies by secretly taking them from the Careers. When all the Careers were gone, he would hide in the Cornucopia and wade it out until the end.

History: Michael has a very rough childhood. His mother died when he was born, and his father is an alcoholic. In order to get the food he needs to scrape along in life, during harvest, Michael would steal the food he picked. He had never gotten caught. When Michael was 13, his father died. After this, Michael was completely alone. Michael has only three friends, Harry who happens to be Ryan’s little brother, Erik who he met when his father died and was just as much a rebel as Michael for he was always stealing food too, and Will who us just one person who is actually nice to Michael. After being reaped, he feels he can win the games and if he does he will finally have a life he deserves and loves.