Mila reboni

Mila Reboni

Name: Mila Reboni

Age: 13

Gender: Female

District: 2

Weapons: Spear

Strengths: Speed, Accuracy

Weaknesses: Short-Tempered, Brute Strength

Backstory: Mila was born as the youngest of five children. However, she was also the deadliest. Mila always started fights in school and once she bit a kid's thumb off because he tripped her by accident. She has been practicing with spears all of her life, and planned on volunteering when she was eighteen. She was upset that she had to go in with her older brother, but she also was ready to kill.

Personality: Cocky, Arrogant, Devious, Evil, Mean

Fears: Being killed by a weakling

Token: Thumb of kid she fought with


Participated In: 100th Hunger Games

Author: Trackstar

Final Placement: 34th Place

Total Tributes: 48

Allies: Shamus Gartley, Josh Gartley, Drina Vox, Valentine Vox, Hudson Reboni, Camille Evander, Natalia Evander, Gansis Naten, Marbary Naten, Sabrina Kennady, Kiproy Kennady

Killed: None

Killed by: Charlie Hill

Description: Mila was killed during the bloodbath of the 100th Hunger Games. After losing her ally Natalia Evander, Mila and the rest of the Careers circled Charlie Hill, who was trying to revive his dead sister Lauren. Charlie quickly shot Mila with an arrow and escaped the Career attack with his life. Mila's brother Hudson later went on to win the Games.

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