Capitol Tribute
Mimli Harrison

Mimli Harrison

District Partner: Derek Hofhouse

Age: 16

Weapon: Sword

Skills: Sword play, she took fencing lessons all her life, fast, smart, can swim. She also has a extensive knowledge of past Hunger Games and her father is a Gamemaker so she can predict when and where, gamemaker traps will be and her father most likely won't sick wild mutts on his own daughter. Plus she will get lots of sponsers because she is from the Capitol

Startegy: Show off her swords skills and tell the Careers about her game experience so she can join them. Kill with vicous effiecentcy. Hoard food in her back pack incase the food supply goes out. She'll also be very sneaky and dip all of her weapons in poison. kill the remaining Careers in their sleep at final 8.

Token: Ring with a purple gem.

Weakness: Deson't know how to be hungry, cocky, rude, runs headfirst into things, meaning she could eaisly fall into another tribute's trap. And she's always worried about her appearence.

Quote: None

History: Her father is a gamemaker and Mimli loves the Hunger Games. She watches reruns at home a lot and even spends her large allowence to sponser her faveorite tributes. She took fencing lessons all her life and is very skilled. She has a few friends at she's the school bully. She's a total diva and thinks she's so awesome.

Personality: Rude, cocky, diva, stuck-up, mean, annoying, bossy plus she's a great lieier.

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