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These are all 26 of Mistfire333's tributes as of Spetember 1st, 2013. Feel free to discuss them on the talk page, and if you wish to use them ask me first or advise me on my talk pages.

Short List

Mist Scorchil

Name: Mist Scorchil

Age: 14

Gender: Male

District: 7/8

Weapon: Axe/Tomahawk, Dagger, Hidden Blade (If he can find a way to craft one)

Appearance: 5'11 with brown messy hair that reaches a bit past his neck. He has gold highlights on his bangs and his eyes are a hazel brown. A calm look on his face follows.

Personality: Calm, collected. He is confident and has the heart of a warrior.

Backstory: A 14 year old who dreams of being an assassin (as in assassin's creed). He is trained in using axes and self-defense, and he is very good at dodging attacks due to him dodging falling trees. He started helping his father with lumber around the age of 11, starting with average branches. He learned a self-defense trick from this as well, "Grab their arm like a branch, get their elbow and slam your weapon onto it". In terms of his thoughts on the game, he is willing to become a flat-out murderer just to get out of the game alive and will not die without saying something notable.

He knows about most plants due to working around trees and knowing their infections, and has also learned how to adapt a camper/crafter lifestyle. Overall, he is a well-rounded tribute leaning a bit more towards the combat and survivalist side. Level-headed, sane and brave, he is a force to be reckoned with in the games.

Strengths: He has a newfound will to fight and win. He is also skilled in survivalist abilities, combat and dodging attacks such as arrows or swipes from a blade. He also has good stamina, so it will take more than just a stab or two to the back to take him out. His skills in crafting can also help him improvise some weapons and maybe even some wooden armor in case he can't loot the cornucopia and has to go make his own things. He is also good at lifting things and runs fast.

Weakness: He isn't going to be near the people he plans to team up with, and until he finds them he needs to be super-cautious with his plan, especially if they are killed. Mist can also tend to upset people easily, provoking them to attack them regardless of him being armed or not.

Bloodbath Strategy: "Nobody is going to notice me if I play dead with all the cannons going off, I don't care how long it takes either but once the cornucopia is mostly evactuated, I'll snap every sucker who stays there's neck when they least expect it. If I have a weapon nearby however, I'll grab that and a backpack then run away."

Games Strategy: Find the living tributes he is willing to team with throughout the games and form a new alliance with them, Then call it the "underdogs", tributes rising above the careers that will fight, armed or not. With the alliance he will recreate the strategy from the civil war; "Scorch the Earth" which was having all your men charge after the other army in a line/circle. The equivalent to this in the games is having all the underdog members circle around a few tributes, prepeare weapons and charge them.

Feast Strategy: If any of the underdogs are left, we all march, grab our things and take out our weapons, then head back. Scorch the Earth against anyone who shows up.

Token: A pocketwatch chain that his ancestor used in the civil war.Interview Angle: Keep a kill-happy look and joke about dying every now and then. Give the audience what they want.

Mentor Advice: Don't be a hero, be a warrior. Come home in a ride with cheers, not a coffin with tears. If you're outnumbered, negotiate. If that doesn't work, run. You got a high training score Mist, make it mean something.


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3. The Darkness Games

Shade Spectrus

Name: Shade Spectrus

Age: 16

Gender: Male

District: 5/3/7/8

Weapon: Dagger, Crossbow, Simple yet Fatal Traps

Appearance : 6'2, Intimidating and looks very hardened/cold hearted. He has long black hair with red outlines and a normal build. A spectral themed Heterochromia makes Shade stand out, one eye being green and the other being purple, they almost glow in the darkness. He has a tired yet strong willed look on his face and you can see that he is ready to fight when the time comes.

Personality: Quiet, cold, logical.

Backstory:  Shade was a very isolated 16 year old back home. Living at home wasn't perfect but it wasn't very hard either. He spent time learning about circuits and some other small things. When he became old enough to be reaped, he decided to go to the career academy and train from a blooming age. This proved to be useful since his muscles began to form a lot faster and his skills with weaponry grew too. He had gained some of the top scores in ranged weaponry, brute force and stealth.

Shade has a brother named Frade who he considers "the evil side of me as a human, except it took the form of my brother". Frade is a rather satanic boy, but this is because Shade made a deal with the devil in a dream to keep Frade from being born autistic. It worked, but after four years of life, Frade began showing very devil-influenced habits. Shade moved away from his home district after an incident at a previous reaping that resulted with a scar on Frade's right eye and a dead peacekeeper. Now, he fears the day he will have to be in the games with his younger brother and hopes that if that does happen, that they meet as allies and not enemies.

Strengths: He is as sane as he was before the games, being a career he had an advantage in combat. He has very good aim with ranged weapons and can fake out people easily.

Weakness: He doesn't show much, but he exposes himself sometimes due to him feeling confident that he will win. He tires easily too

Bloodbath Strategy: He'll keep his distance whilst grabbing things around the outer part. Once he has enough things he'll kill a few tributes and charge anyone left at the center. If he has a crossbow and dagger then that pretty much has him set and he'll just fight off anyone without a ranged weapon. If someone else gets the ranged weapon, he'll scram.

Games Strategy: Shade will take a very direct attack and hide routine. He will behave like a wounded or dead tribute if a cannon had already been fired, then surprise the passerby by stabbing their ankle as they walked by and then slit their throat.

Feast Strategy: At the feast Shade won't waste time, and he won't have mercy either. He will take the other tributes' things and if confronted, he'll pull out the crossbow and shoot as he runs away with what he can carry, mainly weapons and armor. However, if theres many tributes left, he'll keep his distance and go last.

Kill anyone in sight, and do what seems best from that point. He will split up with his partners if he made any, wishing them luck.

Final Battle Strategy: At the final battle, he'll wait at the highest point near/at the center casually until the other tribute comes into sight. Once they do, he'll just point, shoot, and let the fight begin.

Allaince: Anti-Career, in general he is allies with Kodai, Mist, Yuki, Duskus, Ares and Blanc

Token: A necklace with a red thunderbolt.

Interview Angle: Charm them with philosophy and talk confidently. Mention how calm you are but don't pride yourself either, and show signs of bloodlust.

Mentor Advice: Shade, you're sane and you have potential. You might not need a mentor but you do need this advice;

  1. Don't die
  1. Retreat when its best
  1. Don't come after a healthy tribute and if you're gonna butt into a fight, butt in near the end of it. That's when they least expect another attack and are most tired
  1. Win

Kodai Hitogoroshi

Name: Kodai Hitogoroshi

Age: 17

Gender: Male

District: 4/7/2

Weapon: Whip, spiked rod, teeth, brute force/strangling

Appearance : 5'9, white hair about neck length that is black/gray eat the ends. Hair is spiked in a punk-like style and he has spiked teeth from him manipulating his tooth growth to look and work like a crocodile's. His eyes look a bit deranged as well.

Personality: Psychotic, Capricious

Backstory: A true psycho, Kodai lost it once his name was called. He had a major tantrum at the reaping in which he bent the base of the iron watchtowers that the peacekeepers stood on. Before this he wasn't all that sane anyway, wearing a mold for teeth every day since he was 7 to adapt sharper and longer teeth. He knows about poisonous plants and animals and he also knows how to treat the infections with just about anything. He is probably the fastest male tribute in the games and knows where to hit due to him having experience in hunting, killing fish and other animals.

He's insane, bloodthirsty insane. Yet he can still keep enough sanity to make some darn good attack plans. He talks a bit too much, and breaks out laughing sometimes. A real psycho, he revolves his spoken words around killing and such. The occasional war song is made up by him now and then

His youth revolved around hunting and mischief on the peacekeepers, often stealing items from their camps and sabotaging their weapons. His parents were very formal people, contradictory to Kodai's type of life. Many people believe that Kodai is mentally disabled, others think it's an ancestor's genes catching up to him. His life as a hunter involved using his teeth to catch the fish like a bear and he would then break the fish's spine by using his bare hands. He later on tried moving on to big game hunting when he gained a temporary vacation pass to the wild, where he learned pressure points on animals like deer, bears, elk and wolves.

A curious little detail about Kodai is that he can predict some things. When he went to his first reapings he was being very vulgar about the tributes who were reaped. He had cussed them out and told them that they had no chance, they'd die at the bloodbath and he would say how. Sure enough when the games began the two tributes from 4 died the way he had said so. He laughed as the peacekeepers guarding the house stared at him, and he did it again two reapings later. He said that the 4 male wold make it to the final two, but die from breathing in a toxic gas he released from a tank. This guess was right once more and since then he had never made another guess on the future. Maybe he'll be lucky in the games this time, but maybe the fact that he panicked at the reaping came to show that he foresaw a horrible fate..

Kodai was often bullied, but this created an aggressiveness inside him. He would later find te source of his conflicts and corner them. He would later jab them in their pressure points until they were sore and on the ground in pain, where he would then begin kicking them until they were unconscious. He would always find a good spot at the best moment, and he would never go as as far as killing them. He wants his victims to live so they can fear him, so he can have power over them. But now that he's in the games, he wants to make sure that he has power over the tributes once they're dead. 

Strengths: He is fast, bloody fast. He knows all the weak spots on the human body and on other animals, and has his teeth as a weapon in case the cornucopia isn't an option. The mind of a killer gives him the advantage in plotting attacks, and he can also cure poison from animals and plants.

Weakness: He can't stay quiet and might blow his own cover, he isn't very good at dodging ranged weapons either. His insanity puts himself in danger as well.

Bloodbath Strategy: He'll try to scare some people away by showing his teeth or flashing a weapon, making sure not to get too close to anyone.

Games Strategy: In a way he would put it: "Kill, make friends, hide, eat, sleep and repeat the next day." He will try to avoid the tributes but if confronted by them in a hostile situation, he will fight them. If not however, he will strike when the tributes are weak. He might also butt in on other fights or fights that have ended, killing the victor.

Feast Strategy: Just hide somewhere until everyone grabs whats theirs, and if somebody takes his that makes it even better since he can just follow them away from the feast and kill him. Two for one, hehe...

Token: The mold he used to get his teeth the way they were

Interview Angle: Talk about your dreams of being able to let out ALL your anger by killing some sad fuckers, grin and show off your teeth as well. Fuel the bloodlust that the audience wants from the games.

Mentor Advice: Kill or be killed, but then again I suppose you already know that Kodai. If you die, make it a fun death. (His mentor lost it after the games. Just saying)

Duskus Sinrood

Name: Duskus Sinrood

Age: 16

Gender: Female

District: 0/7/8/12

Weapon: Smoke Bombs, Throwing Knives

Strengths: She has a "cute charm" and boy can she throw a knife.

Weakness: Timid, she can be intimidated or panick when she's alone. She doesn't have much self-confidence either so she won't make choices by herself.

Appearance : She is small, 5'2 with ridiculously long black hair and one bang covering her left eye. Her eyes are the most curious feature that she has, they have a black sclera with white pupils. Nothing else. She is pale and rather flatechested, almost like a lolita. Her cuteness is what makes her dangerous.

Fears: Lies, being alone

Personality: A bit timid, envious, but when she's provoked she becomes very violent. She opens up to people she trusts and people that she knows appreciate her as an ally/friend. On the other hand when she starts "sinning" she can be very bossy without authority and acts like a "clingy girlfriend". She won't mind 'using" other tributes to win, like sending someone else in first before an ambush and such.

Backstory: A girl who was changed by the power of sin, Duskus' odd eyes feature a black sclera and white pupils. Her two sins greed and evny fueled this and since that day she woke up like that, she's been insulted by everyone, even the adults. In the academy she was constantly teased by the girls and this lead her to be felt like she was completely alone in her life. She eventually found a way to connect with spirits of the 3rd world and they became her friends, who also fed off her sins. (NOTE: These ghosts will serve as common sense for the games and will serve no true advantage in the games. They are real spirits however in the Panem universe, I'm just toning them down to keep it fair)

She eventually lead conversations with the spirits and they ended up being paranormal guides and mentors for her which both helped her and made her look even more weird. She ended up getting bittersweet grades from the academy, only exceeding in throwings knives and escape tactics.

However, although having a happy life with her new ghost friends, her spectral themed lifestyle had her constantly going in the wrong social direction, having her become less respected each day. She lost faith in her community after being confonted by the girls in her neighborhood and chose to go to the games so she could return with the respect she deserves for being unique. Intelligent and fully motivated, this blooming rose will definitely prick some tributes during the games.

Bloodbath Strategy: Try to grab just one thing and run away, follow advice from your games allies and maybe even the spirits.

Yuki Kokyu

Name: Yuki Kokyu

Age: 18

Gender: Male

District: 2/4/7/8

Weapon: Brute force, spiked club, brass knuckles

Appearance : Tall, bulky. 6'4 with messy blonde hair. Being of Japanese descent he has a cunning look in his eyes and a smile that anyone would be glad to see.

Personality: Kind, Loyal, Not the sharpest knife in the drawer however. Despite being a career, he is fond of the lower class tributesAppearance:

Backstory: Part of the richer families in his district, Yuki was not very worried about the Hunger Games when they were launched once more. In fact, Yuki felt that he would be picked at the last minute.

Before the reaping, Yuki just followed the rules and went to the academy. He did what they did, practiced what they practiced, fought whoever he fought. He acted like just like another career. However, Yuki just wanted to make sure he was to make it out of the games alive, he loved life too much. When his name was called he just smiled a bit, waved to a few friends and went on his way.

He calls himself a gentle giant, being about 6'4 and hiding a lot of strength in those skinny arms. A bit bulky, Yuki looks out for whoever he makes friends with and promised to tell every friend he makes that if he ever kills them or vice versa, that they are both friends no matter what and they did what they did because its what the games wanted.

Strengths: Huge, Strong. From a top-ranking district with many winning tributes. He is also very experienced due to being a diligent student at the career training facility. He doesn't have perfect aim but he can sure throw things far. He makes friends easily too

Weakness: Not all that smart, his loyalty is easy to manipulate too. He's bulky so he won't be able to squeeze through tight spaces easily.

Bloodbath Strategy: Scare smaller tributes away and play along with the careers until he gets some decent weapons and other things.

Games Strategy: Once he gets his items all organized, he'll ditch the careers and go back to the cornucopia. If the careers see him there Yuki will say that he was just checking to see if he could spare anything. If not, he'll just guard it and wait to see if he can make allies.

Feast Strategy: He doesn't know how the feast will work with him at the cornucopia, but he'll let everyone take whats theirs but he'll hide for that. Try to make friends there again if he can, and if he's attacked, fight back. If a career shows up, follow him/her and kill the group

Token: A dog tag he got from the academy.

Interview Angle: Be humble but serious when he talks about the games. Look kind but strong and focus on two or three sponsors. He'll learn the rest from interviews from tributes who won by getting help from sponsors.

Mentor Advice: "Yuki, you're expected to be a career. You don't have to be one, but if whatever you're doing keeps you alive.. keep doing it." 

Ares Dos-Santos

Name: Ares Dos-Santos (Fun fact, he's based off one of my dogs)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

District: 13

Personality: Cuddly, kind, loyal. Can be very deceiving sometimes and has a big temper.

Weapon(s): Speed, throwing knives, stealth and brute force

Physical Appearance: He has messy black hair with a scar on his right cheek. A smile is always on his face and he has a light tan tone to his skin.Strengths: Friendly/lovable, strong, good at taming animals and cunning

Weakness(es): Like Yuki his loyalty gets him into trouble or is easy to manipulate.

Fear: Losing important friends

Interview Angle: Make your personality stand out, act loyal to the capitol and laugh at Caesar's jokes. Also add a humane tone to bloodlust.

Training Strategy: Go with the flow whilst showing off to the careers how good you are, even though you won't join them and would rather join your Capitol idols in the anti-careers. Try breaking a few things that can be broken without getting in troble and use stealth to create mischief here and there. Also be friendly to everyone, even people who have said they want to kill you.

Individual Training Strategy: Be respectful to the gamemakers and have patience, then once they are ready to see what you can do, go all out and show off. Leave with respect and courtesy.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run and hide then join the anti-careers. They should have a spare weapon for you to use.

Games Strategy: Stick with anti-careers regardless of what happens and protect them from minor/mid-level threats.

Feast Strategy: Wait for your turn but kill anyone who isn't "on your team" or on good terms with you when they least expect it.

Final Battle Strategy: Just fight, give it your all. Ignore any wounds you have obtained, use everything you have, even food and win.

Token: Skull and crossbones necklace.

Alliance: Anti-careers (mainly for the capitol)

Backstory: A young, average boy from district 13 who loves dogs. He has 10 dogs back home and they all love him equally and has friends who support him 100%. The day he was reaped, his friends wept and so did his family. But almost like a preacher he told them all to not worry, even if he doesn't make it home he promises to have an honorable position in the games.

He likes to sometimes behave like a puppy, same cuddly and hyperactive habits and everything. He also knows how to befriend animals as much as he can with humans, befriending even an alligator that was on the loose as a "food hunter" for his family. He believes in magic and sometimes he has deja vu moments, which he recognizes as magic of course.

Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte

Name: Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte

Age: 17

Gender: Male

District: Capitol

Weapon(s): Axe, spear, smoke bombs

Personality: Sleepy, wise, laid back. Blanket is very childish too and he is sometimes awkward towards ideas he doesn't really like. He feels like people might want to use him just because he is popular and he honestly wants to just get the games over with and come home to his mother. He has good predicting and calculating abilities much like Beetee Latier but has the heart of the shy and clever Rue.

Physical Appearance: A short, slightly chubby 17 year old, Blanket is one of the few "adorable" 17 year olds. Not cute, adorable. He has a slightly chubby face with deep black eyes, and a cute little nose with a warm smile on his face with rather amused and cheerful eyebrows. He has messy and short brown hair with slighter lighter highlights in it. He is 5'5.

Backstory: A very popular kid from the capitol, Blanc is the hunger games GEEK. Knowing who won what and how they won it, he knows how to plan his attacks and escapes, where to hide and what to get. Almost a genius, Blanc is also sleepy from staying up late at night from watching the games over and over to learn what he knows, so sleep is a roadblock for him.

A fan of Houdini, he also likes to trap himself so he can escape them and get good expereince in making traps and escaping them. His friends call him Blanket because one time, he was trying to escape a trap made of blanket sheets, but he fell asleep halfway through the escape because "it felt SOOOO comfy.."

As a younger child, Blanket was adopted by a rich capitol woman and was given the name Blanc because "His hair was as white as snow" before she dyed it. He was pampered a lot and gopt lots of rest from the easy life and he became good friends with someone named "Ares" who was taken to District 13 and brainwashed. They always played together when he wasn't asleep and they'd do this for hours on end. Hide and seek was his favorite, and he was so good that one day he actually was reported missing when he was actually hiding in an air duct!

A sweet boy, he was scared for his first reapings. His whimpers could be heard in the crows and when someone else's name was called, he gave a huge sigh of relief as everyone else in his age group did. But, he never hated the games. He watched them with interest, noting all the little tricks and details about each consecutive game until he played his own game: Predictions. With this, his mother went to betting bars all over Panem and thanks to her son's gift, became the most powerful gambler in Panem. The odds were in their favor even before the first drop of blood was shed.

Sadly, Blanket never truly matured. Always acting like a child, he would sometimes irk the people around them. The years passed and although he was fully matured, he still had the heart of a young 14 year old. He sighed as he went to the next reaping, he felt like his mother was only using him for money, the adoption money, his gift, she wouldn't miss him if she died. Just get another kid to raise. Blanket wanted to be big, he wanted to get through the reapings and be able to be a huge name in the capitol, hopefully even be a gamemaker or a president!

As he thought this, luck bit him in the ass and.. his name was called. His mother wept and screamed, "DON'T TAKE MY BABY PLEASE! YOU CAN'T DO THIS I'LL PAY ANYTHING JUST PLEASE, DON'T TAKE MY BABY!" but the escort simply gave a worried, sad look and Blanket, with a look of disbelief walked through the also-weeping and mourning crown. Blanket's thoughts were replaced with that of survival, as if a new person took control. He started thinking about what to do, where to go, who to kill, try for the careers or don't try for the careers. But he was also thinking of winning more than anything, winning to come home and be able to come back to a mother whom he though was just a greedy woman, but truly loved him.

Strengths: Blanket is good at hiding, knows how to make traps (mines, nets, ect), knows how to plan attacks and is an amazing escape artist. He is a background ally despite his popularity and during an attack or just in general, Blanket will come up with ideas for the group or himself to use to get themselves out of trouble. He is also very calculative and has accurate predictions much like Beetee.

Weakness: Blanket isn't always "in the action" with his allies and serves as a background ally despite his previously explained advantages. He likes sleeping and tends to be groggy and a bit slow a while after he wakes up, and he is easily intimidated up to the point where he's shaking like a little dog.

Fear: He's afraid of never coming home and he fears things that he knows can kill him

Interview Angle: Just be yourself, but reach out to the capitol and sponsors as well. Knowing his popularity and his mother he'll be sure to get good items.

Training Strategy: Practice weapon skills, evasiveness and try to find an alliance that fits you best, maybe the careers with their brutal force that lets them sail through the games, or the anti-careers with their dominant yet humble prescence

Individual Training Strategy: He will do what he feels will be best to show off to the gamemakers and hopefully convince them of his abilities, but not be a complete show-off. Try for an 8.

Bloodbath Strategy: Blanc will just grab the closest thing to him like maybe a wire and a backpack, he will then hide around the outskirts where he will meet up with his alliance at "point B" and escape safely.

Games Strategy: He will be in charge of planning things with his overall knowledge of the arena and where traps might be located made by the gamemakers. However he will only serve as a background character in the alliance so he can easily avoid an attack with enough time to come up with a counter-plan to save his allies. He will leave and become his own major character after a while.

Feast Strategy: Run in, grab his things, then escape before anyone else arrives or notices. He will leave the alliance at this point.

Final Battle Strategy: Plot what you'll do once you're there to see if you can lead them into traps like mines or nets. If they are caught by a net, finish them off after thanking them for a good game.

Token: A small, silver heart shaped pendant that has "World's Best Son, Love Mom" indented on it with a picture of him and his mom.

Alliance: He is open to any alliance except small alliances that he doesn't expect to make it far.

Nate Crowe

Name: Nathaniel "Nate" Crowe

Age: 14

Gender: Male

District: 9

Personality: A biy shy, a troll and sometimes awkward.

Weapon(s): Crossbow, throwing knives, dagger.

Physical Appearance: Long straight hair, eyes with a slight Naitive American touch to them. Pale white skin and an innocent face follow

Strengths: Evasive, can throw things hard and far, very intelligent. Weakness(es): Awkward to be around sometimes, slight case of aspergers.

Fear: Dying

Interview Angle: Be calm, logical and wise about what you say. Make good points and be neutral in what you say. Talk about your friendship with Ike and how you've become so popular back home.

Training Strategy: Throw knives at anything you won't get in trouble for, practice throwing your dagger as an alternative for throwing knives and maybe a few bigger things. Practice evasiveness.

Individual Training Strategy: Just get in and do your best, using alternatives for some items to show how resourceful you are.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run and join the anti-careers, obviously telling them you're with them all the way. Try to stick close to Ike but if he gets attacked try to fight off his attacker before he gets killed.

Games Strategy: Try to stick close to Ike but if he gets attacked try to fight off his attacker before he gets killed. Then move on to find the anti-careers so they can wipe out the "big guys" and have an equal match for the final battle

Feast Strategy: Go in with Ike and if Ike isn't there, go with a partner. If you don't have a partner just wait until it's all cleared out.

Final Battle Strategy: Wish yourself luck and fight

Token: A drawing of himself that Ike made for him to show their friendship

Alliance: Teamed with Ike, but is considering anti-careers.

Backstory: Awkward to be around, aspergers is what curses this great friendly kid. Friends with Ike, not much is known about his past besides that he used to be a loser too. Now, in his newer school and community Nate has risen above even the bullies and owns the school. Nate believes in miracles and feels that being able to win the games with Ike would be the biggest one he could have. He has such a close friendship with Ike in fact, he begged his parents to have Ike's parents adopt HIM. When Ike was reaped, he didn't want to end up watching Ike die or win alone, no. He wanted to share the spotlight or die as brothers.

Nate volunteered, and now he needs to prepare to win or lose.

Ike Toussaint

Name: Ike Toussaint

Age: 14

Gender: Male

District: 3,5,7,8, Capitol

Weapon: Machete, Crossbow, Throwing Knife. Personality: Sometimes a jerk, sarcastic. Funny and could be described as a genius. He is good at concealing his true feelings towards people and is very self-conscious towards who he is in life and how bad he wants to survive. However, he is open to friendships and will admittingly get too attatched to them. Ike is very proud of who he is and isn't afraid to challenge those who do wrong in this world. Ike has a natural poetic talent as well. A small note alongside all this: He gets extremely grumpy when he's hungry

Appearance: Ike has tan-dark skin with brown curly hair that reaches down to his neck. His hair isn't fully curly however, it has a few strands of straight hair inside it, a curious little detail about him. He has thick black eyebrows with grumpy but sharp and intimidating black eyes and he has part of his upper left eyebrow cut from a childhood accident. He is 5'11, tall for his age and has a skinny body that hides decent strength.

Backstory: Ike, a boy who was raised by his own sanity and a caring mother. At the young age of 4, he was starting to realize what was fun for him, what he liked. He liked the color purple, he liked dogs, his favorite food was homemade beef noodle soup, but most of all his favorite thing was lying. He lied about many things, like where the dog went or who ate all the jelly. He would say "The dog ate the jelly and ran away mommy" as if nothing happened. His father was dead to his mother, so she never mentioned him much in the home and Ike never knew that the smiling neighbor was his dad.

But one day, things went too far. Ike was mad, he was mad that he never got ice cream. A stupid reason as many would say, to say a lie like this; His father came back home where he broke in and let in another woman. They kissed on the couch and he made her food with his mom's few vegetables and fruits like they were free and then they left, where little Ike was crying in the corner and told them to stop. To please just stop.

Her mother quickly heard about this, and when he never saw the neighbor again he put two and two together and realized: his dad was the neighbor. He cried by himself for many nights, his mother coming to check in on him and hold him. But, the boy got over things quickly for most of his years. Without his fathers support however, instead of being a middle-class family Ike was tossed into the bottom middle-class where he struggled to get around without having to starve. He was stuck in a school where he was secretly being ruined by other kids, which escalated to complete social rejections by middle school.

But one day, Ike snapped. He grew cold, angry inside at the age of 11 when he realized that the shitty life he was having was all his fault. He caused this over a selfish tantrum because of a frozen dairy treat and now, he can't go back in time to fix that. Slowly, the bright youthful eyes began to mature quicker into a colder glare, with thick black eyebrows that seemed to accompany an angry look he had inside and dark bags under it that looked as dark as black eyeliner. Only when he smiled would that innocent child come back, that brighter look in his face would wave hello to everyone's hearts. The stress was making him look older a lot faster.

After a year and a half of social torment, Ike decided that it was time he and his mother left that school and home and went back to the middle-class section of his district. Quickly, with enough efforts done by his mother they established a trailer home in the district. A bit retro, but it was a home. He went to a better school where he found joy in actually having friends. Instead of having a hunch with his hands in his pockets, Ike stood tall with his posse at his school. He laughed like he should have when he was younger, he found jokes something that inspired him to be happier in life. The scars of his past remained on his face, but instead of a sad boy he now saw a young adult, a boy who matured not physically, but mentally.

But this strong boy feared something we all fear. Death. He knew that although it didn't obviously show, we were rotting. Wrinkled, wise old men were turning into mush on the inside. The newborn baby, so chubby and with skin so smooth.. it's no coincidence that they grow skinny in just a few days. He knows that what someone does to stay alive impacts how fast you rot, how fast you escape that horrible pit. He doesn't know, however, is the answer that only the silent know. "What will I be once I'm dead?" Will he become a newborn in some distant planet, where peace is king? Will he even be aware of his prescence as a flower in a blooming meadow? A star in the endless galaxy? He ponders this every day up to the point where he almost forgot who he was, or why he even managed to feel like that. It felt like a blissful rish, but at the same time he was begging himself to stop going any farther.

Reapings never concerned him, and it was up until this reaping day that he was left speechless as his name was called. "I made it so far in life, changed so much.. just to get sent to my death... to get sent to something I can't even identify yet" he thought as memories of his grandfather and grandmother, and even the fallen tributes from the previous games raced through his mind. It was at this moment where he stopped at the steps. His cold glare came back again, but not out of sorrow. He knew he wanted to live, he knew that he wants to fight. He proceeded to walk up the stairs and as he turned around as he took his spot, the boy saw something in the crowd. Then another thing, and another. They were everywhere, they were his friends. Thumbs up were few, but in the silence they meant a lot to him. He gave a thumbs up back and smiled.

"I'll come home guys, mom. I promise.." he thought to himself as he walked onto the train. And as the doors closed, he could hear the souls of his friends and family respond to him: "I know you can."

Strengths: He is very fast in terms of running and attacking, making it hard to keep track of his movements. When angered, he has slow and detectable, but brutal attacks. Ike has a photographic memory and he knows how bad he wants to survive. He is likeable by certain people, mainly troublemakers like him. Ike is also a natural prankster, being able to easily confuse or distract someone.

Weaknesses: When he's in a bad mood (mainly due to hunger) people tend to easily get tired of his shit and/or he wants to be left alone. Sometimes being a little ignorant he might lose friends or allies, and he doesn't trust people he thinks is betraying him (For example, he saw someone who he argued with talk with someone else, then that person starts to treat him in a negative way). If he runs after eating, he gets stomach pains that slows him down incredibly if he doesn't stop soon, and he has slight ADD.

Fear: Ike is afraid of dying, like any other innocent person would. But he takes this fear to a whole new level, he's afraid of not knowing who or what to trust. Is there a heaven, is there a hell? Do I just wake up with the same soul but with no memories of my past? Where do I wake up, what will I be? Is the tree outside my window what I'll be in the future? These are all things that fuels his simple fear, and what makes him know that he wants to survive. (Also, he's afraid of getting too close to rotting, disgusting things)

Interview Angle: He will be a very honest person in what he answers and hopefully see if he can get an answer out of what death means for someone once they're in that phase.

Training Strategy: Ike will make friends with people he feels more connected to, while at the same time staying on good terms with stronger tributes. He'll focus on aim with throwing knives and waking up his speed to stay at top level.

Individual Training Strategy: As he does his session, he will have a conversation to hopefully get them to like him more and remember him alongside what he did to make sure he gets an accurate, legitimate score.

Bloodbath Strategy: He will not bother going deep into the cornucopia yet and will instead just grab a backpack and a knife to defend himself. He'll meet up with his allies but not risk himself because he thinks it's better to have just one man dead than two.

Games Strategy: He will be a typical tribute despite being a high-potential tribute, and will just follow his alliance wherever he goes. Ike plans on being observant of his surroundings to hopefully be able to map out the arena enogh to know his way around and he will stay alert to avoid sneak attacks against him.

Feast Strategy: He will hope that he can leave the feast with no conflict and if confronted by an enemy, he will make a deal or bribe them to spare him. If too much time passes and no deal can be made, he will try to stall them until another tribute arrives or until he can make a plan that can either kill his enemy or let him escape safely.

Final Battle Strategy: Ike wants to confuse his enemy with phrases and random quotes to hopefully keep good distance between him and the enemy, where he will shoot them whenever they stop or leave themselves wide open to an attack. He will make sure every attack counts for his victory.

Token: A skinny gold chain that you would use for a wallet

Alliance: Neutral, would fit in with careers or anti-careers. Whichever you feel he fits in with the best

Travis Touchdown

Name: Travis Touchdown

Age: 18

District: 1/2/3/4

Weapon: Katana, self-defense, wrestling

Appearance : 5'11, He has a skinny face and body. His eyebrows look like hooks from an angle and signs of excess grinning show on his cheeks.

Personality: Arrogant, prick, very confident and aggressive. Can be perverted and in rare occasions be humane or merciful.

Backstory: Growing up in a rather odd and dull town, Travis Touchdown ended up making his own kind of fun; ranked battles. At first it was simple wrestling matches between the kids, but then it progressed to something more brutal as he grew up, using katana swords. One by one he made his way to the top as he hacked and slashed many odd opponents to victory, but one day he decided that he was done. Now he had to shut himself off by staying indoors 24/7 because everyone was coming after his first rank AND his parents to try and lure him out. He gained an oitaku lifestyle from this and became quite perverted after going online a bit too much.

Eventually the day came that Travis' parents left for work and never came back, and this made it clear to Travis that he was next. He went out and killed every single person who was invovled with the battles that HE started, and that was that. By the time he was 16, he started going to the career academy to see if he could reinforce his skills not only for any other potential ranked battles, but for the games. Now, the reapings got HIM and he has nobody else to fight except the others in the games. An already experienced killer with some awkward flaws and lots of confidence, Travis Touchdown is his district's competitor in this year's Hunger Games!

Interview Angle: Be like a career and joke around with the interviewer, tell your tale by saying it was someone else and then mentioning that it inspired you

Token: Sunglasses that he always wears, especially at ranked matches.

Flaws: Arrogant, is sometimes a loser.

Strengths: He earns respect easily and is a leader figure to many. He is a very experienced killer from the ranked matches he partook in and got first rank in.

Alliances: Careers

Individual Training Strategy: Go all out, chop things in half with the katana and then wrestle a moving dummy, ending it with a broken neck.

Bloodbath Strategy: He knows that most tributes can't carry every single weapon that they find, so he'll just try to grab a temporary weapon and fend off the tributes coming after him. Once the bloodbath is over he'll meet up with the remaining careers and THEN he can grab his weapon of choice and start leading.

Games Strategy: Lead the careers in a "survival of the fittest" kind of leadership. Be on good terms with the other careers to avoid mutiny and have "accidents" take out the strongest careers.

Feast Strategy: Stay nearby but send someone weak to go get the stuff. Attack if the tribute you sent gets attacked.

Final Battle Strategy: Just fight, give it your all. Ignore any wounds you have obtained, use everything you have, even food, and win.

Mentor Advice: Congratulations Travis, not only are you rank 1 in the NAA (National Assassins Association), you are now a tribute in the games. Good luck and use everything you have, be a leader since that will keep you alive and take out the ones who pose a threat, even allies that pose a threat.

Jack Cayman

Name: Jack Cayman

Age: 18

Gender: Male

District: 1/2/3/4/7

Weapon: Sawtooth Sword, brass knuckles, daggers, spear, spiked club, fists.

Appearance : Tall and bulky, 6'6. He always has an angered look on his face, almost appearing to be made of stone. You could say he looks like a monster that was turned into a human.

Personality: Serious, quiet, unforgiving and very focused on his task.

Backstory: A typical career child, Jack Cayman was top rank of every class he took at the academy. However, his parents abused him and instead of praising him for the good grades, they told him to "prove it". Jack eventually became isolated despite being in the spotlight until one day he decided to stop dealing with this. When he was asked to prove that he got good grades.. he did. AGAINST HIS PARENTS. He didn't kill them, but boy did he give them a scare. Worried that it could get worse, his parents almost became his slaves and tended his every need. Jack however, still remained cold and silent.

After six reapings, it finally became Jack's turn. Nobody volunteered for him, nobody cried, his parents didn't rejoice from the fact that they could be free if he died. He just stood up there, snapped a toothpick he had and went on his way as soon as the reaping ended. Now he's going to the hunger games. When he was asked by the mentor about how he felt about being in the games he simply replied; "It's a mad world.. I'll fit right in".

Strengths: He is practically a juggernaut, he knows how to use lots of weapons and can get very gory and creative with them. His tall size and silence intimidates most and if he is part of the careers that will make for a very good representative. He can take quite a lot of hits too. He is also very strong and can carrry things as heavy as an entire crate using one hand.

Weakness: He doesn't see himself as a leader and won't jump at chances for a greater reputation. He also tires easily and his stubborn attitude puts himself in bad sitations.

Bloodbath Strategy: He'll just run to the center, pushing away tributes as he grabs a weapon. Once he has a weapon he'll just fight off other tributes. "I'm 6'6 and I have a weapon Caesar, I'll be fine."

Games Strategy: Just fight, survive, and feed yourself. That's how the games work don't they? Stick with the careers, have a weapon and escape plan ready and you'll be fine.

Feast Strategy: I don't think anyone is going to come after Jack if he made it this far into the games. He'll just grab his stuff and if he sees anyone he'll chase after them and kill them. The night upon his return he'll kill all the careers as they sleep with a silent blow to the back of the head

Token: Biking goggles with yellow lenses.

Alliance: Careers, Anti-careers if they piss him off during training

Interview Angle: Talk about bloodlust and death, assure not just the audience but your enemies that you'll win or at least make it far in these games.

Mentor Advice: These people, they watch the games for violence and death. You say you want to follow the rules, correct? Then just kill everyone Jack!

Gamzee Makara

Name: Gamzee Makara

Age: 17

Gender: Male

District: 1

Weapon: Clubs, Bow [for choking :o)] sledgehammer, fear, creativity.

Appearance : 6'3 with messy black hair. Tall and skinny with a carefree look on his face. He likes clowns, so he sometimes puts on clown makeup.

Personality: Capricious

Stoned: Laid-Back, Mellow, Friendly, Protective

Sober: Evil, Psychotic, Bloodthirsty, Threatening

Backstory: Gamzee appears to be a Juggalo, belonging to a cult of capricious minstrels, and his words are littered with references to Juggalo subculture. He enjoys being stoned to escape the cruel lifestye of Panem and the games, and when he was a younger child he would joke about the tribute's deaths in the televised games he was forced to watch. Not showing potential in anything he does (except being stoned and a good friend), Gamzee never got any good comments about his career training.

That is, when he wasn't sober.

In his sober state, Gamzee became bloodthirsty and almost killed two other kids in training by clubbing them to death. He was given individual training in which his instructor quickly resigned on due to "rather terrifying comments about death and MiRaClEs". Later that week, Gamzee was found in his room with odd and terrifying messages written on the walls in different colors ranging from red to purple. This made Gamzee become labeled as "the one guy we're all ok with giving weed to" and since then Gamzee never returned to his sober state.

That is, if the games can keep him sober.

Strengths: On one side, he is friendly and very protective of his allies. He is tall, skinny and agile so that makes him a speed professional (no drug pun intended)

On the other hand, when he is sober he becomes very bloodthirsty and resistant to many attacks. Creativity is his main weapon when he is in this state and can use something as simple as a PEBBLE to kill an enemy. He kills everyone in sight, except his allie,s and of course he won't stop until someone gets him stoned once more.

Weakness: When he is stoned he is very peaceful, so he leaves himself right open to an attack. Being capricious, a warning might not even make sense and endanger him and his allies.

Bloodbath Strategy: Again, in a way he would put it;

Stoned: "Just stick with my bros, they'll help me out or something"

Sober: "Grab the first thing I find, even an apple and KILL some people with it"

Games Strategy: 

Stoned: "Protect my friends in any way I can and see if I can find anyone to kill. Or something.."

Sober: "I'll take over and kill whoever I find. I might leave a message written in their blood to scare the others too :o)"

Feast Strategy: 

Stoned: "We're all going to take our turns here guys, don't go stealing everybody elses things now"

Sober: "Oh someone is coming at the same time? They sure won't be returning.."

Token: A clown horn he enjoys honking

Interview Angle: Gamzee will be forcefully stoned for the interview. He will talk about the Miracles that the games can do and about how winning is always fun, even if you have to kill friends. Be sure to honk your horn and always wear a smile.

Mentor Advice: Now is the time to unlock your potential Gamzee, make them fear you, stoned or not. Be a threat. Be what you were always meant to be, a highbreed!

Metallum Equitus

Name: Metallum Equitus

Age: 15

Gender: Male

District: 1/2/3/4/7/9/12

Weapon: Sword, stealth, throwing knives, dagger.

Appearance: Mid-Sized, he has blue hair with red eyes. 5'8 and he has the body of a warrior, scars and everything. His skin has a slight tan.

Personality: Serious, quiet, a gentleman and a very formal warrior. He is a knight who fights with brutal honor.

Backstory: Metallum was born to very formal parents. As a child, his parents enrolled Metallum and his siblings to learn the art of chivalry and swordsmanship, Metallum becoming an almost instant expert. However, this was because Metallum had a fear bigger than his heart, and that fear was death. He refused to die by the hands of someone else, he feels that his death should and will be delivered to him by father time.

His social interactions had a very interesting zest to them, almost like a knight's tale. The peasants were his admirers, listening to every word he spoke as if it was a grand philosophy from the lord himself. The comrades were his friends, who won alongside him or lost alongside him no matter what. The king and queen were his parents, and the villains were the kids who despised him, and in his eyes the evil kingdom was, "The black knight's domain: The Capitol".

One day, he came home to see his parents knocked out on the floor with everything ransacked. Metallum was shocked to see this and instantly tended to his parents using whatever he could find, eventually nursing them back to health in just one day. His parents did not know the attacker, but all they knew is that the attacker wore a mask of sorts, like a demon's glare emerging from the darkness in the mask. Then, Metallum knew exactly who it was; the head peacekeeper who always guarded the neighborhood gates.

Metallum left home with just a butcher knife and set out to catch the peacekeeper and slay him. He was fed up with the captiol's cruel irony on the name "peacekeeper", and he was going to speak out using the one thing he knows best. Chivalry. He eventually found the head peacekeeper resting by the gates, and with his knife he jammed  it into the peacekeeper's vocal cords so he couldn't scream. In the peacekeeper's panic Metallum kicked away the taser baton and the rifle and dragged him behind the gates. "You know, I mostly regret taking out your vocal cords because I've been wanting to ask, what do you think your name means when they call you a peacekeeper?". Metallum reached into his victim's pocket and pulled out wads of cash he had made from selling the robbed items. "I truly regret doing this to you, but justice has a very precise balance it should keep. You're just extra weight."

And with that, he let the peacekeeper fall and he kicked the knife deeper into his neck, killing him. He then took the knife out of the peacekeepers' neck and began to smear blood all over the tree so it could attract the wolves and make it appear that he was attacked by them. He was never caught for that, and felt a surge of brutal justice rush through him along with a knight's honor. It was settled, he would dedicate his life to justice and slaying inequalities in the system. He kept the mask that the peacekeeper owned and changed the carvings in it along with the paint to make it fit his need. Once he put on the mask, all you could see were the two glowing red eyes surrounded by darkness.

He was the brutal hand of justice.

Strengths: He is very formal and has a high morale. Expereinced in many types of chivalry rainging from physical sword-fighting up to throwing a knife at a moving target, he is as trained as a legendary knight. A gentleman to both men and women, he can earn respect from even his enemies. He can also throw down some effective stealth and has a brutal yet graceful way of executing attacks..

Weakness: He is a bit obsessed with justice and takes things a bit too far sometimes. He can also look like a snob due to his formal appearance.

Fears: Death. It is what drives him to be strong.

Bloodbath Strategy: To begin with, he will grab a backpack and use it to protect himself from incoming attacks. He will grab a knife or any blade of sorts that he finds first then clear out. He will always watch his back as he escapes until he can no longer hear fighting, and if he hears someone he will run away regardless. He will not stick with his alliance, but he will find his way to them as the games go.

Games Strategy: He will stay under the radar until he finds his alliance. Once he does, he will dedicate himself to combat/defense and make sure his allies are safe under any conditions.

Feast Strategy: He will arm himself lightly but effectively and fetch bags for himself and an ally's district.

Token: The mask that resembles a knight's helmet that he made that shows nothing but the red glow from his eyes.

Alliance: Careers, Anti-careers if they updet him during training or vice-versa,

Interview Angle: Talk with finesse and be as formal as the capitol, reach out to past victors and mention how you admire their bravery in the games and coming out as the victor.

Mentor Advice: Metallum, your finsesse and abilities are admirable. Come out on top and use your brutality to bring justice and honor to your name and district!

Rebel Groots

Name: Rebel Groots

Age: 17

Gender: Male

District: Any

Weapon: Anything, mainly hooks, traps and sickles.

Appearance : He is always wearing pure black to fit win with the shadows he can create or find. 5'11, he has fangs due to his very, VERY macabre lifestyle, with two blank grey eyes and a cunning look you would get from a bully after he got you in trouble.

Personality: Sarcastic, scary, riddling and cruel.

Backstory: A child who jumped from just another civilian straight to the town terror, Rebel Groots has been literally living in a cave, alone. His parents were irresponsible lovers who just made love to make love, and if they had a child they would go straight to the orphanage. However, Rebel escaped the orphanage after discovering the story of his parents and how they didn't die like his foster parents told him. He felt betrayed and at the young age of 8, he left to go live in the abandoned part of his district. For his first few years, Rebel robbed stock from bakeries and stores so he could feed himself, and he bathed using rainwater that he collected over the years.

Then, Rebel began to form his own dark religion. He began to make dolls that he would leave around christmas eve containing messages with dark, macabre tones to famous quotes like "One man's junk is another man's treasure" by changing it to "One man's junk is another man's treasure, while a dead man's treasure is the murderer's reward". The peacekeepers were alerted with the messages considered a threat, and they instantly set out to find him.

It didn't take long until Rebel stood out in the shadows of the abandoned town. He literally stood out, bloody knife in hand and a dead peacekeeper next to him. They swarmed him but as soon as they closed in, hooks came flying in from all directions and impaled their necks, quickly retracting and pulling them towards the pole with a tight grip. He began to loot his victims and obtained an entire arsenal to supply a rebellion militia. Yet he didn't kill the peacekeepers as a sign of rebellion, no. He killed them because he longed to see the color red.

Now a professional in traps and weaponry alongside a very dark title as the "Grand Rebel", Rebel joined the reapings to fit in and not stand out as the killer of the peacekeepers. He blends in with the shadows, and if there aren't any to begin with he will find a way to make his own. The question now is, can he engulf the other tributes in the games with the shadows, or will he blind himself and walk straight into death?

Strengths: He is what most call "scary", so smaller/innocent tributes will clearly want to avoid him. He can make traps with ease and can adapt to many kinds of weaponry in just a few minutes. A king of stelath, his black attire helps him blend with the shadows. However, he is not perfect as wel all know

Weakness: Despite scaring younger/weaker tributes, the careers are his predators seeing as to how blank he can be sometimes. He is very independent and that independence can put him at risk, especially if things don't go according to plan.

Fears: He fears light, but not like sunlight. He fears things like celestial beings, although he isn't a worshipper of evil, he feels that a religion that resides in the safety of the shadows fits his life best.

Bloodbath Strategy: He will go from around the back of the corcnucopia, mainly where the shadow of the cornucopia lands. If anyone comes by him he will snap their neck, and once inside the darkness of the cornucopia he will grab a weapon and head out with a bag of food.

Games Strategy: Lurk in the shadows and feed himself strategically, but don't become a glutton either. Kill anyone who comes into range and plant traps surrounding your camp.

Feast Strategy: Same as his bloodbath strategy, use the shadows to navigate his way to his bag. He will take the strongest district's bag there as well to ensure that they get no further advantages.

Token: A small black token with a sinister toothy white smile that he believes to be the grin of his religion's leader.

Alliance: He is alone but if anyone reaches out to him he will consider the alliance, but he will not join big groups.

Interview Angle: Be quiet and keep a smile. Answer the questions thoroughly and intelligently. Often glance over at the audience sweetly but with a sinister smile at the same time.

Mentor Advice: Rebel, living in the arena can be as comftorable as living home in your cave. Use the shadows to your advantage, and find a way to take out your targets.

Frade Spectrus

Name: Frade Spectrus

Age: 14

Gender: Male

District: 1/2/4/5/3/7/8

Weapon: Dagger, Crossbow, Mind Games, Traps, Throwing Knives,

Appearance : An exact opposite of Shade Spectrus. Frade has short red hair with black outlines and red eyes the color of zombie blood. An angered look mixed with his mood is always on his face (like a mix of anger and happiness or anger and sorrow). Its always anger with something. A scar is on his right eye as well

Personality: Evil, Cunning, Independent and very Merciless. He has a hellish need for bloodshed, and actually DRINKS goat blood to fit his favorite mythical creature; La Chupacabra. He also has a very vulgar way of talking, cussing in most sentences. (feel free to censor the swear words)

Backstory: Kept a secret to the world until he was picked for the gamess, Frade Spectrus is the reason Shade is so quiet. He considers himself Shade's evil side formed into a human by the status of a brother, and since he was born Shade's life was just like the home of Frade's soul. Hell.

He is inspired by all things hellish in the world, real or not and has a very negative religious perspective. He believes in God, but he sees God as a nusciance and thinks that all bad things are challenges he must overcome. His favorite mythical creature is the Chupacabra and he claims that he once saw the Chupacabra. A few games back, part of the arena's force field was glitched and it resulted in the Chupacabra mutt escaping. Frade uses this to further support his story.

He gained the scar on his left eye after a small "fight" with Shade at a reaping. It started like any brotherly argument and led to Frade's face being dragged along the stone walls of the justice building, tearing at the flesh near his right eye. Frade was quiet but when he saw his scar in the mirror he began to laugh maniacally, pointing out that he sees the devil's grin in the scar. Nobody knows why he claims to see it, but Shade knows why.

The doctors had diagnosed Frade with autism, so his parents did everything in their power that they could. However, the 9 months were coming to an end, and Shade wanting a normal brother made a deal with the devil to have Frade come out without Autism. Well, Frade came out without autism like Shade asked, but at 4 years of life for Frade, he began to draw simple stars inside every circle he could find and reach. Slowly as the years passed, more satanic symbols began appearing on everything Frade found. The night he began to drink goat blood, he left a note on his desk that made a pun on his name:

"Are you a-FRADE? :)"

Now, Shade feels that Frade's madness and satanic customs are his fault and the irony of all this is that he feels the exact same way he would have if Frade was born with Autism. Now, Frade has an evil inside him, and the games will only make it even bigger and stronger. Will Frade die only to free himself from the hell he's created for himself? Or will the victor of the games be the devil's child?

(Fun fact, he isn't a satanist. He's a quaker, someone who believes in equality)

Strengths: He has very evil ways of plotting attacks and using weapons, and he can endure hunger do to very odd eating habits. Frade can scare people away well too, but that only makes up for his low combat stamina.

Weakness: His obsession with demons and mythical creatures makes him no better than an autistic child. He doesn't have tantrums but he gets carried away with his "artwork". Like any member of the Spectrus family, he is also very independent.

Fears: Being overpowered. "If I'm to die in this dump, its because I was being an idiot, not because a little brat whyo got lucky did so".

Bloodbath Strategy: Run in, grab one weapon and one bag of food, and kill your way out of there regardless of who it is.

Games Strategy: He'll hunt for tributes actively, stopping only to eat or look for food.

Feast Strategy: He will arm himself with his best weapons and take his bag along with an enemy district's bag.

Token: A pentagram pin.

Alliance: Alone, careers if he feels happy with the company he will have.

Interview Angle: Talk about how the chupacabra and lucifer drive you to kill and answer the interviewer's questions thoroughly.

Mentor Advice: He didn't get any advice because he feels that his instinct will serve him best.

Jeffery "Jeff The Killer" Killheart

Name: Jeffery Killheart. A.K.A. Jeff The Killer

Age: 14

Gender: Male

District: 4/8/9/12

Weapon: Knife, Martial Arts, Stealth

Appearance: 5'10, pale skin with two big, wide eyes that never seem to close. Dark rings are around his eyes from lack of sleep and a horrifying smile is cut into the madman's face. He has long, black and messy hair that reaches down his back and a slight hunch from bending over his victims a lot.

Personality: Bloodthirsty, sadistic, sarcastic, mislead and downright terrifying

Backstory: A once calm 12 year old boy, Jeffery Killheart never truly fit his last name. He had dreamy black hair and gentle black eyes with pale skin, but on the inside he didn't know he had a monster hiding inside him. He had a brother named Liu whom he admired and followed a lot, and Liu always stood up for him. Especially against the neighborhood bullies.

It was a birthday party that the brothers were invited to, but sadly their parents weren't aware that it was the head bully's party. As soon as they arrived trouble started and it took a few insults and a punch bowl to the face that set Jeff off. Not even aware of what he was doing, he snapped a branch into a convenient spear and jammed it into the head bully's shoulder, dislocating it with a disgusting pop and the pressure spitting blood onto Jeff's face. The other bullies came after Jeff with pocketknives and chased him down the street, Liu trailing behind the group trying to stop them from hurting Jeff.

Jeff was cornered, and the bullies closed in on him, one grabbed him and the other two kept him still while the last member of the group dug the knife into Jeff's cheek, opening a wound that Jeff would later use to "decorate" himself. Liu saw what they were doing to Jeff and he snuck up behind the one with the knife and pulled a sleeper on him. He got the knife and threw it at the bully holding Jeff on the right, barely grazing his arm. Jeff took this opportunity and grabbed the knife himself, then he charged at the unconscious bully and made sure he never woke from his slumber, shoving it up his jaw then slitting his throat.

The other two bullies were horrified by Jeff's sudden aggressiveness and fled, Liu noticed one pull out a phone and dial the 3 numbers that meant the peacekeepers and he picked up Jeff and ran home.

His parents were surprised at Jeff's appearance and asked what happened, but before he could explain Liu took Jeff's story and put it all on himself. As he finished the story peacekeepers kicked the door down, cuffed Liu and took him to the jailhouse. Jeff was torn, he didn't know who to blame anymore, but later that night he was watching the news when he saw the obituaries on television. First there was the bully who he had killed, and then the name he regrets looking at appeared.


They had executed Liu, for excessive violence and disturbing the peace. It was clear whos fault it was now to Jeff. Feeling like a monster for what he had caused, Jeff snuck a knife into the bathroom and under the light of a dim candle he began to carve a smile to eliminate the horrid hole in his cheek and make it something "pleasing". He finished with a grin cut into his face that showed the sides of his gums and blood was flooding his mouth. He simply spit some out and finished by burning the skin around his eyes, darkening it and making it look as if shadows had emerged from his eyes.

Then, his mother walked in. A worried scream came from her, and then a scream of death. Jeff's actions were clear at this point. He became a flat out killer in a world that he felt was raised to kill anyway. He felt perfect in this world. Jeff ran up to his father who was just leaving his room to check in on Jeff's mother and tossed his mther's head at him. Jeff's father was pleading for mercy as soon as he saw Jeff and the little aftermath he had created. Jeff simply told him to go to sleep and tossed the knife at him, landing right in his heart.

How he's managed to feed himself for two whole years? I don't know my friend. All I know that Jeff is never going to be the same. So, whenever you see him, expect his last words to be: "Go To Sleep"

Strengths: He has swift skills with a knife, and he has amazing stealth. Horrifying to look at, you would either want to get rid of him as soon as you can or just avoid him. You could say he's good with knives, martial arts and he has a macabre intimidation factor. He doesn't sleep a lot yet it doesn't affect him as much.

Weakness: Very unstable, he often loses it completely (in a non-violent way) at the mention of Liu. He doesn't think before he acts, so if he attacks someone his attacks will be random.

Bloodbath Strategy: Jeff will grab a knife then take out just ONE threat and take their bag(s). Then he will escape.

Games Strategy: Sneak around and kill tributes in their sleep, looting anything you need or want once you do. Stay away from big groups and if you do approach a fairly large one, try to find a way to split them up. Then kill the group members one by one or in the small quantities they will be in. Jeff will fight in a simple "stab and scram" style of combat during the games, not stopping for any monologue or last words. He's just going to find a tribute, kill them, then be on his way once more.

Feast Strategy: Wait until everyone else takes whats theirs. Once its your turn take your bag and sneak back into your hiding spot.

Token: A white hooded sweater.

Interview Angle: Answer the questions carefuly with bloodlust sprinkled onto it. When they ask about your face, tell them its because you had an "incident" back home with a few troublemakers.

Mentor Advice: He has no mentor advice, mainly because he doesn't need it and can't seem to comprehend other people well. On the other hand, try mentoring someone with a mutilated face! Eugh...

Sorcera Spectrus

Name: Sorcera Spectrus

Age: 17

Gender: Female

District: 0/1/2/3/4/5/7/8

Weapon: Dagger, Crossbow, Poison, Throwing Knives

Appearance : One of the Spectrus girls, Sorcera bears black hair with the front part being a poison purple. Being a fan of witches, Sorcera is almost always seen wearing sickly green eyeliner with a skull hairpin on each side of her bangs. She too has heterochromia much like Shade, except this is a faint lilac and an intense yellow. The colors of poison in most cultures. Having a crush on Kodai, Sorcera too has fangs that she had molded as well.

Personality: Sarcastic, Lustful, Very cunning and deceiving. Just like a true witch she can coax and bribe people into doing things they wouldn't do. She also prides herself often

Backstory: A lustful young lady who does whatever she feels like doing to someone, Sorcera is capable of even using her "physical powers' to drive people to some sort of trance. Yes, I mean boobs.

The eldest of the Spectrus Sisters, Sorcera is never really at home. She is an avid fan of witches and anything related to it and dreams of being what the town fears one day. However, her very sarcastic tones and actions tend to drive even herself crazy and she just gives up on whatever shes doing. Truly a looker, you would expect Sorcera to be the town's.. err.. "deposit", as one would put it. But no, she has conserved herself for the apple of her eye, the one who will never notice her: Kodai Hitogoroshi.

She had first seen him when she was 8, sitting alone at the academy, playing with pineapples in a rather amusing manner. She then noticed his curious teeth as they became more and more pointed. Believing he was trying to mimic a ghoul of sorts, this instantly infatiuated Sorcera. Being a secret admirer of sorts, Kodai became a bit paanoid after finding notes in his locker. Sometimes he just looked at them with a confused look on his face and sometiems he'd just stare at it blankly, burst out laughing and abruptly recover only to put it back in his locker.

Nowadays, Sorcera just dedicates herself to doing more "witchcraft" (which is really just cute little drinks that get you drunk just by smelling it) and learning how to fight. She couldn't care less about the games because she knows that she's able to adapt in training when the time comes. However, she knows how to create poison and again like any Spectrus family member, she has an affinity for daggers and crossbows.

Strengths: She knows how to create effective poisons and has a naturla skill with daggers and crossbows. She has a desirable body which helps her seduce her opponents like a witch coaxing children into her candy house.

Weakness: She's a bit of a skank, so she could end up sleeping with someone instead of killing them. She is also a bit too confident and can be bossy, which leads to potential betrayal if she can't find a way to apologize. She also stalks peole she is very fond of (Gasai Yuno, anyone?)

Fears: Being tricked, reality

Bloodbath Strategy: Purposely show off your body as you grab a weapon and kill at least two tributes, then escape with your group or just escape in general.

Games Strategy: She will create poisoned liquids and such and leave it around as if it was dropped food during an escape. She will also hunt for tributes here and there, stopping only to lure weaker tributes into being some sort of "guard" by promising them a "reward".

Feast Strategy: Go out with a group and take your things, then when you return to camp poison your allies' food as they sleep, saving the untainted food for yourself and maybe even take advantage of the situation (wink wink)

Token: Her skull hairpins

Alliance: Will ally with anyone, but if Kodai is in the games she will stick with just him.

Interview Angle: Be a bit slutty but be very bloodthristy when you speak. Be some sort of "sex icon" for the games and act "sexy"

Mentor Advice: Well you're a looker. Shame you might die or come back with some scars though. I assure you however, beauty can be a weapon.

Rade Spectrus

Name: Rade Spectrus

Age: 15

Gender: Male

District: 0/1/2/3/4/5/7/8

Weapon: Dagger, Crossbow, Molotov Cocktails, Flint & Steel

Appearance : The middle man of the Spectrus Brothers, Rade has spiked hair with red and black streaks evenly divided throughout each spike. A joyful look on his face is always there, with hints of hyperactivity. His purple eyes glow day and night in and kind of light (ohey, I rhymed)

Personality: Hyperactive, Willing, Dominant and a born Leader. He can get on anyone's good side somehow.

Backstory: Being in the middle isn't always easy. Espcially if you're bewteen a satanic brother and a quiet philosopher. Rade Spectrus however, is the balance between the three brothers. "If I wasn't here, neither would Frade or Shade". Rade is the "family manager", being the one who as I stated before, keeps everyone in their place.

An avid admirer of fire, Rade does have his odd habits. He likes crafting firestarters such as molotovs and such, testing them over at the abandoned part of the district. His favorite type of firestarter is flint and steel. He is amused by how simple items can cause such a large amount of chaos and destruction and he keeps a chest full of it in his room.

His relationships with his brothers are in his favor, being a born leader and dominant speaker. Frade however, despises Rade due to the fact that Rade is older than him and treats him like a sheep. He also likes blades, collecting things ranging from a butterknife up to a grand ruler's sword. He admits to sometimes practicing a flaming sword by dipping the blade in tree sap.

Rade is an awkward leader who can be lovable or a threat. Overall, he could be an all around firestarter in the games.

Strengths: The pyro you've always wanted on your team, he is a genius as making and controlling fires. He has good aim with a crossbow and better accuracy with a blade. Rade is also a good and lovable leader, giving him an advantage in loyalty.

Weakness: His hyperactivity can have him rush into things a bit too quickly without thinking. He also has a slight case of ADD, which is ironic since fires need full attention in order to be managed.

Fears: As expected, he fears lar amounts of water. Near that, he feels small and helpless.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run up and grab some sort of firestarter, food, and blade. After that just leave with your group, don't stay to fight with anyone.

Games Strategy: He will lead (or at least try to) his group and leave flame traps above the paths they take. such as a tripwire traps that drops a molotov on whoever passes by. Of course he'll make sure he has someone to help with that.

Feast Strategy: Go up and grab your bag, then light a fire around the mouth of the cornucopia to impede your enemies from reaching their things.

Token: An empty lighter

Alliance: Will ally with anyone, but he would like to be an anti-career mainly.

Interview Angle: Be kind to the interviewer and show a leader's heart and spirit. Show that fire is no longer a sign of rebellion, but a sign of strength

Mentor Advice: Rade, you got a nice little system going on here with those allies of yours. Don't get too soft on them, because I know they aren't being soft on you. Just.. don't pull a "stray dog" and let them walk all over you

Lumina Spectrus

Name: Lumina Spectrus

Age: 14

Gender: female

District: 0/1/2/3/4/5/7/8

Weapon: Dagger, Crossbow, Axe/Tomahawk, Darts/Poison Darts

Appearance : Being an admirer of Mist Scorchil, she has brown hair about the same tone as Mist with gold highlights. She has icy blue eyes and a slightly shy look on her face.

Personality: Logical, Loyal, Dedicated and Kind. A bit Melancholy however.

Backstory: Lumina is the Spectrus sibling nobody ever knew about. Maybe because she doesn't look like one. Yes, she does not look like her family members, this is because she is devoted to being like Mist Scorchil, her biggest crush and her idol.

Mist was just another kid in Lumina's class, but he stood out to Lumina. Lumina could feel Mist's kind aura around him. In her eyes, Mist was a hero just waiting to happen. Since that day she dyed her hair the same as Mist and left little notes here and there for him, keeping him in good moods and motivating him to keep following his dream of being an assassin.

Besides Mist, Lumina is very supportive and motivational with her friends. She helps with simple advice up to philosopy that Mist would come up with on a normal basis. Now, what makes Lumina stand out in the shadows is the fact that nobody has been aware that she's the heart of all the happenings in the district. At least the happenings that happen around Mist and his friends. Rebel's very odd and isolated customs are due to a misinterpreted piece of advice she had given him. Duskus' sins are because of Lumina's more comftorable approach to Mist from a distance. Kodai's psychotic customs are because she scared him when he was younger and this made Kodai become unstable and feel the need to be scarier than whatever it was that scared him. Yuki's Every little thing is influenced or caused by her.

Basically saying, she is a very kind, loyal, smart girl who makes an impact with whatever she does. Watching Mist had taught her how to use weapons and fight, and oveall she's a genderbent version of Mist with a slight personality change.

Strengths: She is a lot like Mist in terms of combat, she can dodge well and can use axes with skill, especiallyy darts. She is also kind and lovable, you wouldn't want to kill her if you had to. Unless you were a career, then it'd make sense.

Weakness: She's easy to push around and can get lost in thought. She is also known to daydream and have her head in the clouds.

Fears: Losing Mist or an important ally

Bloodbath Strategy: Try to lay low and stick with the strongest member of your alliance, and a you do pick up some darts and food. Then escape with the group.

Games Strategy: She will just go with the flow and be a pacifier for her allies, soothing them or giving them advice when they're in need. She will protect those who matter most to the alliance and she won't betray anyone at any time

Feast Strategy: Try to be sneaky as she grabs her bag and hurry back once you do.

Token: A notebook she plans to write in describing life in the arena

Alliance: She will be an anti-career, especially if Mist is in the games.

Interview Angle: Be kind and gentle with the way you speak, and confess some things to create intrigue

Mentor Advice: Lumina, you're in these games and I know I won't stand seeing such a kind and beautiful person like you die like a nobody in them. You have something, someONE to fight for. The games are a wake-up call on how much you truly want to live your life Lumina.

Tiara Spectrus

Name: Tiara Spectrus

Age: 13

Gender: Female

District: 0/1/2/3/4/5/7/8

Weapon: Dagger, Crossbow, Sickle, Slingshot, Traps

Appearance: The youngest Spectrus sibling, Tiara has short and slightly messy hair with a pink/lilac highlight covering the front of her hair. She has a rather curious look on her face, her eyebrows raised as if she had noticed something she wants to tinker wtith. She has emerald green eyes and a "good girl" act that she always uses.

Personality: Cunning, mischievious, a liar and a thief. She likes getting other people into trobule, and if she gets caught she will try to blame it on someone else. She is also bubbly and giggles a lot, especially if a prank works.

Backstory: The youngest sibling is always the most mischevious sibling, especially Tiara. Being pampered since birth, she feels that she can get away with ANYTHING. She learned this after she blamed a broken window on Frade, her parents bought the story and Frade was grounded. Giggling like a scoolgirl, Tiara thought of many pranks to pull on her siblings, she never needed a toy or a video game to entertain herself.

When she became older, Tiara began to adapt to simple things like slingshots, her favorite pranking tool. Eventually, she became a master at ranged weapons and one time, Shade lent her his crossbow. She began to practice in the woods behind her home and her aim improved even more. She then became old enough for the games to reap her. This was something she both feared and wanted. She feard it because she could die, but she wanted it because she would have a bigger place to pull her pranks at, and for once see how dangerous they can be.

Strengths: She is very deceiving and a good liar due to her being pampered ridiculously at home. She has very good aim with a slingshot/bow/crossbow and she is also a good thief.

Weakness: She's young, and like any young person their strength won't be as superior as an older tribute's strength. She is also overconfident about her skills.

Fears: Getting caught, having enemies

Bloodbath Strategy: Grab a slingshot or dagger and go up to someone from behind. Steal their weapon and run off whilst taking hard escape routes so they can't chase you easily. Stick with your group and try to bring them supplies.

Games Strategy: She's going to try to have the members of her group kill each other off by causing distrust between them, then she's going to try and lead the remaining tribute's trust towards her to ensure her survival and protection.

Feast Strategy: Tell the group that you're going to get the bags, then steal all their bags and ditch the group by heading in the other direction of the arena.

Token: Her skull hairpins

Alliance: She will stay with the careers but have them kill each other off by framing them or lying so the anti-careers have an advantage. Almost like a "robin hood" character.

Interview Angle: Be cute and say jokes to make yourself look like the game's "little sweetheart"

Mentor Advice: Well aren't you the cutest thing! I'm not falling for that act, but you can sure as hell use that against the other tributes. Have them distrust everyone but you, and believe me they'd die just to keep YOU alive.

Flippy Twinmind

Name: Flippy Twinmind

Age: 17

Gender: Male

District: 2/13

Weapon: Camoflague, Dagger, Explosives. (Side note: In his dark side he improvises a LOT)

Appearance : Flippy has a kind and generous look on his face. However, dark shadows are under his eyes and they are a sickly yellow, a result of his split personality. He has green hair that covers his right eye and always has a soldier camoflague uniform on. He is 6'0 and has his soldier's honor stamped into his personality.

Personality: At first, Flippy is very kind and generous with his friends and allies, often being the one to "take the bullet" for them. However, having a soldier's past has left him with a trauma that whenever he hears or sees something that reminds him of war, he pictures himself in the battlefield and starts killing anyone who crosses his path with trained finesse and gory pleasure.

Also, when he is in his "dark side" he tends to mutter disturbing gibberish in his dark, abnromal and deep voice.

Backstory: Flippy was always being trained to be like a soldier, having strict rules in his home like he was in boot camp yet still sharing the loving care a family would have. His older brothers were already soldiers and so was his father, but his mother was always the one showing him how to be generous to those who deserve it and how to live with honor.

One day, Flippy was desperate to know what life was like on the battlefield. He signed up and alongside his older brother he fought a secret war against a foreign army. Many battles were won in favor of Panem, but in the end Flippy was the one who lost. His brother was killed in the battle that bought them victory and since then Flippy was left to fight alone until the white flag went up.

The enemy soldiers surrounded him, teasing him and firing blanks to spark him and take him down in a one-sided fight. Flippy just curled into a ball and cried, he whimpered as he saw the soldiers please themselves with his brother's dead body. When they were almost finished, they said something that gained him his new personality. "Lets see how a 12 year old feels on me".

Flippy just curled up more into a ball, but instead of whining, a deep growl came from him, followed by an unexplainable set of dark, yellow glowing eyes. One soldier approached him and as he turned him over Flippy gave a roundhouse kick to him, conveniently leaving his gun in midair and letting him grab it. He shoved the barrle into the soldier's mouth and although one bullet was enough, he held the trigger as the other soldiers charged him with daggers and bullets. Flippy laughed maniacally with a deep, unholy voice as he ducked and kicked the soldiers, until he was out of bullets. The soldier's face was unrecognizable and the rest were on the floor, groaning.

One of them stood up, cussing as he inched closer to Flippy. Flippy just stood there, the only visible side of his face glaring at the soldier with bloodlust, laughing. The soldier came too close and Flippy swing the gun like a bat at his head, firing a blank but still burning the soldier's face from the previous bullet's heat and knocking him back from the thrust. Again, Flippy began to bash the barrel into the soldier's skull until he couldn't pull it out. Then, Flippy took every grenade he could find from the two dead soldiers and in a line he wrote "**** You" in the middle of the still conscious, but near-dead soldiers.

He left an activated grenade as a period, and as he walked away he picked up his brother's hat and began to laugh again with that diturbing voice. The explosion came and it happened to be the same time as the flag went up for the enemy army. His side had won, and Flippy got his sweet revenge. The next day he woke up, not even aware of what he did as the soldier's accoladed him for his bravery and success.

Now, it just happened to be that the occasional murder would happen every now and then in his district, all in unlogical places. Lets see how this post-traumatic tribute can do in the games, shall we?

Strengths: Flippy has military training and knows how to use camoflague well. His "dark side" earns him a major +1 in combat and he can also gain trust due to his honorable personality. The cannons remind him of war, so whenever someone dies, expect the tribute closest to him to die right after as well.

Weakness: He clearly remembers the battlefield and although he starts killing when he remembers, he often starts with extreme depression and sadness. He also tends to kill whoever he finds when he's like this, so he might kill an ally without trying, a serious "Hunger Games Sin" if its his district partner. He is also very easy to order around due to being a soldier.

Fears: Being lied to, losing someone important to him.

Bloodbath Strategy: Find your group and kill anyone in your way as quickly and effectively as possible. Pick up a knife or dagger and that's all I want you to get before you start grouping up. However, the cannons might remind you of war. Try your best to ignore them if you're with your group, PLEASE.

Games Strategy: Try to keep your cool and if you suspect a flashback coming, stay away from the group. Try to help track down the careers and plan attacks. If you get split up, feed yourself and use camoflague to keep yourself concealed.

Feast Strategy: He will arm himself with his best weapons and take his bag along with an enemy district's bag.

Token: His brother's war hat

Alliance: Alone, but he would very much rather be in an alliance that can keep him alive as long as possible.

Interview Angle: Talk about how you fought the war to earn the Capitol's respect and have them pity you for your suffering. Be direct and a gentleman to the interviewer.

Mentor Advice: Thank you for serving Panem, now its time to serve your district. Keep your cool near allies, but don't near enemies. Try to make it out alive like you did that one battle Flippy, and always treasure your true allies.

Connor Kenway

Name: Connor Kenway

Age: 18

Gender: Male

District: 7/10/11/12

Weapon: Tomahawk, Bow, Rope Darts, Hidden Blade

Appearance: 6'0, with a strong and heavy build. He has fairly long hair, tied back at all times and brown eyes on a strong looking face. He has a gentle dark skin tone.

Personality: A bit naïve, loyal, the heart of a warrior and in control of a strong sense of right and wrong.

Backstory: Connor Kenway was part of a hidden naitive american tribute that resides in his home district. There, he would simply be a part of the system and stick with his beloved mother. He held a high morale due to being an honorable young man who believes in justice through punishment, but he would also escape every weekend to go meet with a past victor, Achilles Davenport, to train and learn the ways of a secret association known as "The Assassins".

However, one day his father, Haytham, left to join an organization he later learned was an enemy of his alliance: The Templars. Their greed bought havoc to his village and it resulted in his mother's death and a torn life. A few years later, his true story began.

Connor was a mere 13-years old when he was thrust into the outside world, Connor's strong sense of morality would lead him to be quite naïve. He could not comprehend the notion of racial prejudice that Achilles suffered from along with the blackmail he would often receive due to his "cheap victory", and argued with Peacekeepers when he taught him how to remove his notoriety, questioning why he could not simply tell people the truth instead of lying to them. He also expressed discomfort with killing, such as his regret for assassinating the peacekeeper who helped the templars find his village, whom he had naïvely intended to spare after believing that he had lost the ability to command the other soldiers. This discomfort also led him to desperately believe that the Assassins and Templars could form a permanent alliance following the stressful one between himself and his father Haytham.

In the end, he was adopted by Achilles whom provided him with enough food to avoid tesserae up until he was 18, which in the case of a young adult, he needed a lot of food. So, he had his name entered a few more times and here you have him, Connor Kenway, this district's tribute for the Hunger Games!

Strengths: He has assassin training, excelling in parkour due to his childhood hobby of tree climbing and having excellent hand-to-hand combat skills. He is known to "kill two birds with one stone" when he is performing stealth kills, and he has average but effective stealth. Connor also knows hunting skills, being able to narrow down someone's location by using clues in the enviroment. He is also strong.

Weakness: Connor is naïve, often insisting on some things that other people might not agree with. He can get desperate at times and he often has regret over killing people, because although he might get over it he still gets that bitter taste in his mouth from doing so.

Bloodbath Strategy: Connor will run in, grab an axe or a bow, then escape with food. After doing so, he will try to find his alliance by narrowing down their location with clues. However, if he is to be going in solo, Connor will simply grab his weapons, one bag of food and supplies and then leave in the middle of all the chaos.

Games Strategy: Connor will stick with his group from a distance, trying not to bring attention to himself in case of an enemy ambush so he can step in and stop the attack. If he is going in solo, Connor will simply play in a nomadic style, killing anyone he sees with stealth and range as long as they're alone or in a small, defeatable/escapable group. He will have a simple and easy to relocate camp.

Feast Strategy: Connor will run in, snatch his bag, then run back into his hiding spot. He will NOT kill anyone at the feast since he expects tributes in an alliance to have their allies close in case of an attack.

Token: A tribe feather he carries for good luck, however he collects the tokens of his victims to honor them in a way and to be able to return them to their families in person. If he dies, he will let his killer know what to do with the tokens and to tell their killer to do the same, and so on.

Alliance: Anti-Careers, Anyone. He is fine alone however.

Interview Angle: Be strong, honorable, kind and if possible try to lead the conversation away from you and more at the games, since keeping you shrouded in mystery will be effective in case anyone wants to try to figure out a way to kill you.

Mentor Advice: The road ahead of you is dangerous and shrouded in darkness and it will not always take you where you want it to. It will take time Connor, however, you MUST travel it nonetheless, you must reach the end of that road. Remember this at all times as well Connor, pass it on to all the people you meet: It is best to have faith in something than nothing at all.

Amore Madness

Name: Amore Madness

Age: 16

Gender: Female

District: 1/2/4/10/11/12

Weapon: Spear, Crossbow, Throwing Axes, Explosives

Appearance: Amore has silver hair reaching down to her ears, with two blank purple eyes and a very cocky appearance. She is always wearing glasses due to her colorblindness and a smile is on her face 24/7. She is not the prettuest, but she is attractive to many due to a certain charm she has.

Personality: Insecure, Mischevious, Funny and Generous. She is also very clever.

Backstory: Amore was bought into this world with her eyes wide open in surprise. This lead to the lighting quickly damaging her eyes and leaving her colorblind on a grayscale. She grew up as a normal girl in her district, being the funny one out of her friends and teasing herself for her conditon that has been fixed with special coated glasses that restore color to her eyes.

Her parents were both victors of previous Hunger Games and taught her everything she needs to know from experience at home. She has gained more skill than those who have not been touched by the games at all, and she has also become generous for her parents wanting to make sure she comes home. She has no issues with the careers, but she doesn't want to have anything to do with them either. There was no conflict from this choice, but it defenitely puts her at risk in the games.

Strengths: She is clever and has learned her things from previous victors, and she can cheer up anyone.

Weakness: She can't see well without her glasses, and she isn't so sure about her skills. She is also a natural slow killer.

Fears: Being Blinded

Bloodbath Strategy: Try to snatch a bag and leave with her alliance. She will grab a simple knife to fend off her enemies as she leaves. However she will avoid any kinds of confrontations if possible.

Games Strategy: Try to law low in the group to keep your high level of experience a secret. Get the occasional cheap kill and act neutral.

Feast Strategy: Tell the group that you're going to get the bags, then steal all their bags and ditch the group by heading in the other direction of the arena.

Token: A charm bracelet that she will decorate with her victim's tokens.

Alliance: Amore will be a career if she has to, but she would rather ally with a tribute from a different district.

Interview Angle: Say jokes and talk about your parents to spark intrigue about you.

Mentor Advice: Amore, you need to keep your eyes on the prize: Life. A consolatory prize isn't enough, why? That second place prize is death. Be strong like your parents.

Hannah Bladekiss

Name: Hannah Bladekiss

Age: 15

Gender: Female

District: 8/12/13

Weapon: Chained Sickles, Dagger, Sword

Appearance: Hannah does not like showing her face, having long dirty blonde hair with bangs that cover her eyes with shadows. She rarely smiles and has a very bored tone in her voice. She is 5'8 with a fairly skinny body and green eyes.

Personality: Hannah is quiet and only speaks when spoken to or in danger. She has a cold, heartless voice that shows no sympathy and she almost looks like the life had been sucked out of her. However, when exposed to a weapon she bears a giant smile and her voice gets brighter, but bloodthirsty. However, she adores life and will not kill anything that belongs to nature unless it attacks her first. Hannah is also very territorial and stubborn. She is fond of Districts 7, 11, and 12 for their close to nature lifestyle

Backstory: Hannah was always outside when she was a young girl, smiling with a happy personality and an avid lover of nature. She spent many happy years there, but then her district was bombed once more. She had to refuge in the darkness of the underground, away from the animals, the trees, the plants.. and most of all, her cat. When the bomb landed, her cat was out for some exploration, but when it returned she found it mutated to a horrible creature, hurting and with a painful "meow".

It had to be put down, and that was the day Hannah's flame burnt out. Stuck underground, she was left without a passion, without anything to love or do. Every day was another 24 hours of boring, dull life. Until the day she picked up a knife. Angered for the death of her cat, she began to stab everything she could find. She just stabbed, and stabbed, and stabbed. When she saw her aftermath, she smiled, she knew that she could dedicate her life to something more than just being underground. She would work with blades until the day she was reaped. She ended up being a master of the dagger, the sword, and the chained mini scythes.

Now, she's ready to fight.

Strengths: She has experience with blades and her own, customized weapon. She is fast and nimble, and her independence is not based off pride, but because it's the best choice. Her empty personality lets her go unnoticed as well

Weakness: Hannah often gets lost in thought at the sight of nature, and she is often depressed. Her empty personality also makes her very unsocial.

Fears: Seing nature be destroyed

Bloodbath Strategy: Grab the first bag of food she sees, then a blade and escape to the lesser traveled part of the arena

Games Strategy: Try to law low in the games, and then strike tributes like a trapdoor spider would: Hiding but ready to kill

Feast Strategy: Process a good plan to use at the feast, then grab her bag and sbotage her enemies' bags.

Token: Her cat's bell that was on her collar.

Alliance: Hannah does not like alliances at all, but she will truce with tributes willing to do the same. But she is alone in general

Interview Angle: Be quiet most of the time and answer with short words.

Mentor Advice: You don't talk much do you, Hannah? Look.. it's good to be independent, but when its life or death you need to reach out to a few tributes. I'm not forcing you to do so, but if you think this over for a bit, you might see what I mean.

Pinkamena Diane Pie

(Yes, I mean the "Cupcakes" Pinkie, deal with it)

Name: Pinkamena Diane Pie

Age: 14

Gender: Female

District: All

Weapon: Torture, Sickle, Knife, Trust (you'll see what I mean)

Appearance: Pinkamena has long, straight and dull pink hair. She has a bored, depressed look on her face and looks as if she longed to get revenge for something. She has light blue eyes and a slightly thin face. She is 5'10 and has a normal body, not fat but not skinny either.

Personality: Pinkamena is very depressed and does not like touching the topic of friendship. She can tend to use disturbing humor and she is a fan of puns. However, on the inside she longs to "play" with her friends, cut them open and "see their colors run", basically a sadistic, insane and bloodthirsty monster. However, she can always easily convince people into becoming her friends, being the first part of her trap. She likes torture and gains random sorts of pleasure from doing so, ranging from joy to sexual pleasure. She is very rude to people she sees as annoying too.

Backstory: The niece of a baker couple in her district, Pinkamena was left with them whilst her parents tried to sort things out back home. Pinkamena had a bright childhood ahead of her, making friends here and there and always throwing a party to keep them close and happy. But, one day, her friends suddenly rejected her. She was alone, sitting like a fool in her room until she lost it. She argued with her "real friends" (a bucket of turnips, a pile of rocks, a bag of flour, and a ball of lint) until she decided that her old friends had to pay for the personal humilation and social betrayal. She left the house dressed in black, and went to the house of her once closest friend, Dash Pastel.

She left a note on her window inviting over for a sleepover, which Dash attended without a problem. Things were fine, until she ate the pastry laced with crushed sleeping pills as powedered sugar. Dash wasdizzy, tipping over here and there until she was about to go out cold, seeing Pinkamena give a giant, disturbing smile as she closed her eyes. Pinkamena dragged her into the basement, where she tied her down and pulled out her tools. A sickle, a mallet, a knife and her own imagination. Dash soon woke up, seeing Pinkamena leaning over her, her hands behind her back and still smiling, her white teeth glowing in the darkness and her eyes wide open, the light blue iris barely trembling as they looked at Dash's face.

"What the hell is this Pinkie?" was the only thing Dash got to say before suddenly, Pinkamena took the knife and began to scalp her carelessly, gagging Dash with a cloth that was partially dipped in a tranquilizer aroma to keep her quiet. "Just plucking the feathers off the chicken, Dash!" she replied, referencing to an insult she received when she was younger. The bad jokes started rolling, until she was done scalping Dash. Her friend's face was soaked in blood, and the thin inch of pink flesh slowly throbbed from the exposure to the bare atmosphere of the basement. "Now, lets gut the chicken!" She replied once more, suddenly taking out a mallet and a knife.

"Shame you won't get to see the result, Dashie. But I promise, Flutter and the others will once I catch them too!". And with that, the knife was hammered into Dash's ribcage, delivering a painful and rather messy death. Pinkamena began to laugh maniacally, hammering the knife into Dash's gagging corpse so hard that the concrete table began to dent, and shatter. She held the mallet with two hands, and sometimes with a single, loose swinging hand. She got into it, and began to cut every part she could think of on Dash's body in every way she could imagine. She would cut a chunk of flesh once again, as long as she had fun.

Once she finished, she had an idea. Dash's death started the insane mission Pinkamena now has. Why not have her help out although she died? With that, she snuck parts of Dash's flesh into the cupcake batter, leater using it to make customized cupcakes for each of her friends. She went out and invited them all to come over for a simple visit, and to have some cupcakes she mader herself. Again, she laced them with the crushed sleeping pills and as soon as they saw one go out cold, they followed suit. All of them saw nothing but Pinkamena looking around the room smiling like she did with Dash. "It's great to have friends over" were her final words to them, and then, they woke up in a dark basement. Standing over them, was Pinkamena, a dress made out of Dash's skin on her and a necklace made from her teeth around her neck. They tried screaming, but the cloth was pulled out and then, they were ready for Pinkamena to start her work on.

She was almost late to the reapings due to working on who was now a random victim. She now completely loved killing, and she loved it more when her victims were friends. Now, she wants to make more in the arena and hopefully share what she's capable of doing to them as well.

Strengths: She knows how to make quiet kills, going almost unnoticed when performing them. She gains trust easily and is very convincing, and she knows how to keep a snitch quiet. She's good at masking her emotions as well.

Weakness: Pinkamena is helplessly torn, and she won't believe in an alliance easily. She takes a long time to torture her victims if they're alone or isolated, and she can't help but be a complete traitor. She also has a very picky choice of weapons.

Fears: Being lied to or made a fool out of.

Bloodbath Strategy: Pinkamena will just start the games with a knife, quickly escaping once she grabs one and following a loner similar to Jeff's style of stalking tributes. Then, she will convince them for an alliance, where she will then backstab them and torture them. If her "ally" has food, she will eat it. If not, she's seen cannibalism, so she won't have a problem doing it either. As long as she gets enough meat before the carrier arrives.

Games Strategy: Lure and bait loners, later trying to avoid the larger alliances until they deplete enough for her to kill one by one again.

Feast Strategy: She won't go until every single tribute has taken their turn, then she'll decide on whether or not she'll go.

Token: The tooth necklace made from her dead friends, she'll add more teeth to the collection if needed.

Alliance: She'll go alone, but create alliances with her targets so she can kill them later.

Interview Angle: Smile a lot, and creep out the interviewer in a way that the audience would still enjoy. Ask him some questions about friendship to add a more personal tone to the interview

Mentor Advice: (If the woman wasn't a completely bloodhtirsty psycho, then MAYBE she would have gotten some)

Majora Apocalypsis Lunar

Name: Majora Apocalypsis Lunar

Age: 18

Gender: Female

District: Capitol, 1, 2, 4

Weapon: Chained Hook, "Hell's Flute", Knife Gloves, Whips

Appearance: Majora has tan skin with purple hair and reptile yellow eyes. A true figure of royalty stuck in the hellish world of Panem, she has a very arrogant look on her face being the high class tribute of her district. Her hair is short and she is 5'8 with a normal build.

Personality: Majora is arrogant and sometimes sadistic. However, she is very clean and formal in the way she talks, and demands that she is to be taken serously. She loves things that are very royal colors and she feels that those who want to defy her must receive a punishment, that punishment being death.

Backstory: Majora is from a rich immigrant family that escaped the richer parts of Africa during a miniature apocalypse. Her family survived after realizing that her childish drawings told a warning for the events of the apocalypse, and they were ready to face every distaster until they escaped the crumbling land to Panem. Once in Panem, they just blended into the district as the higher class tributes regardless of the poverty the district sometimes faced, leaving Majora in a snobby kind of enviroment at home. Always leaving the rest of the kids literally covered in dust "like they should be", it didn't take long until she had her social downfall.

The rest of the district's children were tired of Majora and her abuse, and like the downfall of a royal kingdom in a fairy tale, she was humiliated with many things to no end until she was left crying in her room for days straight. She was so sick of hearing nothing but garbage, she purposely caused herself to have bad hearing so she could ignore most of the comments she heard. Then, she gained a stronger arrogance and hatred against "scum" that dared to defy her. At the academy, she would try hard to be superior and humilate the others, their good work looking like rubbish to themselves and the trainers, having them work themselves to death. She laughed as she watched every other teen and child try to best her, only to begin to cry in frustration. She liked seeing that, seeing the people who made her feel worse suffer like she did. She was royalty, they were tributes waiting to question their existence for never being chosen once they were 19.

However, the reapings were reality checks on how she can't escape death when its in the form of many other tributes. Her name was called and although she felt dread on the inside, she strolled on up and shut all her enemies up by calling them out and naming cruel truths about each one of them, leading to her departure to the games much more satisfying. Although she may die, she will die knowing that she has left 6 generations feeling like nothing back home, she will die knowing that she was important. However, should she win, she'll come home to people who fear AND respect her as a victor.

Strengths: She has experience with very unique weaponry, and bears something no other tribute can survive when used; "Hell's Flute". The flute was used by her African ancestors and can create incredible headaches, enough to drive about three people insane. However, it does not always work being a primitive weapon, is hard to assemble, and requires a lot of focus to use it correctly. She has a lot of pride and will not back down to her threats.

Weakness: She has bad hearing and extreme arrogance, something that can be dangerous when mixed together. She can't listen, and she won't listen either.

Fears: Stupidity and/or humiliation

Bloodbath Strategy: She will try to assemble her flute (different pieces will be scattered among the cornucopia) and will also grab a knife to fend herself off as she tries to grab some bags. She will then lead the careers out of the fight, only to come back and kill tributes still looting the cornucopia.

Games Strategy: Attack the loners to avoid any rising stars and keep the alliance away from the anti-careers.

Feast Strategy: She'll send her allies to get her bags while she keeps watch.

Token: A tribal emblem she kept from home.

Alliance: She'll lead the careers

Interview Angle: Act like them, be snobby, talk about high class things and such to keep them feeling like they're looking at their own kids there.

Mentor Advice: Your arrogance is your own threat, child. Keep that up and you'll talk yourself into stupidity.

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