Muddi is finished. Her district partner is Roselea Seedlock. When submitting District 7, they don't need to be together, but it is recommended.

Muddi's Info

Name: Muddi Treriver
Muddi treriver

District: 7

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Personality: Muddi likes to show to everyone that he is well skilled, and he is friendly and nice with the girls of his district. So he considers himself as a "ladies man".

Backstory: Muddi had a regular family, with money enough to buy food and some items to keep alive for some years. But when he turned thirteen years old, his mother died of a cancer on the stomach and his father was too drunk to get a job, or get money. So, Muddi put his father on the empty streets and he bought a home with the last money from his mother. There, he found a butcher shop next to his new house and he started to work all the day there to pay the money and the clothes. He also signed him up to the tesserae, because he was needing all the help to eat every single day. On the reaping day, his name was not called, but he found that his district partner is very beautiful, so he volunteered to stick up with her.

Height: 6'0

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Throwing Axes, Spear

Strengths: Plants Identification, Hand-to-Hand Combat

Weaknesses: Agility, Leading Others

Fears: Bears

Interview Angle: He will try to show to everyone that he can make his best and win the Hunger Games easily.

Bloodbath Strategy: He will just run off the bloodbath, grabbing just few supplies on the outskirts.

Token: A brown bracelet.

Alliance: Anyone, but no careers.

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