Nina Komomura


Name: Nina Komomura

Age: 16

Gender: Female

District: 5

Height: 5'7"

Personality: Nina lives a life of solitude, and is the ultimate introvert. She is very direct and harsh with her words when she does speak to somebody, but, fortunately for her, this just makes people wish to speak to her less. She is very disagreeable, and actively despises any form of contact with another human.

Weapons: Katana, Shuriken

Backstory: Nina is extremely stealthy and agile, almost to an extent that makes her ninja-like. This is because she has been practicing this in all the time she has spent away from other people because she needs to pickpocket people, simply to sustain her life, along with the remainder of her large family.

Strengths: Light-footed, Strong, Fast

Weaknesses: Never allies with anybody

Fears: Being killed from behind

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