District 3

Gender: Female

Name: Olivia Circuit
Olivia D3

Age: 13

Appearance: Olivia has shoulder length black hair with bangs across her forehead. She also has very dark, olive green eyes. She is of average build and is 5 foot 5 inches. One defining feature of her though is her strength, and she has very muscular legs, arms, and strong shoulders.

Personality: Olivia is a definite tomboy. She has always and will always hang out with the guys. She is very independent and whens she’s right she knows it. She is a true born leader but people often bully whether because she is smart or because she is a tomboy. She just shrugs it off though and moves on. She is also pretty much a genius. She is top of the class not only, with off the chart test scores, but most impressively, a 153 IQ! (To put that in perspective, she scored what Mozart got)

Skills: She is very strong, and unlike most girls who shy away from close range weapons, Olivia leaps at them, and is amazing with a sword and can defeat pretty much any tribute with one. She also can use an axe, trident, or knife very well. And because of her superior intellect, she would easily avoid any traps, and would furthermore, have a knowledge of edible food and plants. She is also very stealthy and can either spy or even attack on another tribute.

Strategy: She would make a mad dash to the Cornucopia. If she got there first, she would pick up a group of 5 or 6 knives and randomly throw them into the crowd. Then while everyone was still recovering, she would grab a weapon and some supplies then run into the wilderness leaving everyone surprised. She would from that point on, be a loner and stay somewhere near the middle of the arena. If a tribute would try to hurt or kill her, she would kill them straight away.

History: Olivia had been bullied a lot when she was younger, but that only made her stronger and more independent. Her parents are always very busy with their work, so she is often by herself and although she would never admit to it, she gets very lonely.