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Opal Rose is a retired tribute from District 7 (10, 12 or 15 as alternatives). Opal was not originally created by The Targaryen of District 4, but was auditioned off to TTOD4 later on.

Basic Information

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Birthday: July 23rd

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Hair Colour: Strawberry blonde

Eye Colour: Green

Height: 5'6

Weapon(s): Bow and arrows


  • David Rose (father)
  • Marilyn Rose (mother)

Home: District 7 (or 10, 12, 15)

Usual affiliation: Rose family

Usual alliance: Anyone who accepts her

Love Interest(s): None


Born and raised in a not-so-great District, I was the only child of David and Marilyn Rose. They worked hard for the eternity of their lives, and it paid off. I had a good home and was sent to a good school. Well, as good as they get for a District like this.

Even at the young age of four, well, not to be narcissistic, I was beautiful. My parents cherished me unlike any other parent would. Whenever people saw me, they'd ask, "Is this your daughter? She's adorable!" and I'd give them a wide smile.

So, I spent my childhood years in bliss, until I became eligible for the Hunger Games. I wasn't nervous for the Reaping, I was scared of it. I tried - and failed - to reassure myself that my name was only entered once, while a bunch of others had it way more times.

And now, to pick our female tribute," the escort said giddily and walked over to the girls' bowl. She picked out a paper, and read out loud, "Opal Rose!"

I paled. I started shaking, and I couldn't bring myself to walk. I didn't know what to do, but to my relief, an older voice called out, "I volunteer!"

The eighteen-year-old girl ran to the stage with confidence, and announced her name. The escort made a positive comment about "her sacrifice" and so on...


  • Opal is normally thought of by people as a shy and timid girl. She's also believed to be a sweet and caring girl, even though she has a big ego from time to time.
  • She can be an incompassionate, remorseless killer.
  • She is vain.
  • She's not ruthless, but she does have determination to win the Games.
  • However, there is a side of her that is vulnerable and scared. Scared of her potential killer(s), scared of being weak and without her allies and scared of death.
  • Even though she's good at being deceptive, she is not deceptive at all when her vulnerable and scared side is visible.

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths: Agility, speed, plant knowledge, the element of surprise, manipulation, healing

Weaknesses: Physically weak, weak without her allies or anyone to protect her, vanity

Song Inspiration





Opal lived a long life. It's unknown what happened to her besides that.

Notable relationships




  • Opal is the first tribute that Billie ever claimed in an auction.
  • Opal's creator was The Symphonic Taco (Aria).
  • Opal is the only tribute of mine to have her profile in both first and third person.
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