Osanna is Yoonie's female Tribute from District Five. She volunteered for the Cannibal Games.


Osanna Hex

Age: 18

District 5

Gender: Female



Personality: Osanna is a cruel, menacing person who doesn´t care for anybody but herself. She is selfish and will do anything to make sure she´ll be the lone survivor. She is not one to be trusted, she´ll betray her allies the moment she doesn´t have any use of them anymore. Osanna is spineless and a great coward, if she really needs to she´ll even beg to stay alive. However, she is also very intelligent and great at calculating out who will be her biggerst threath, and target them at once.

Strengths: Osanna has trained for years and years for the Hunger Games, and thus she is very experienced with how she´ll go on to win them. She has amazing aim with throwing axes, and has a special knack for hitting moving targets in the air. She is also decent with close-range knives. Osanna is very smart and cunning, and can use this to her advantage in the Games to trick the other Tributes into trusting her. She will do anything to win, and therefore won´t have any problems with having to resort to cannibalism.

Weaknesses: Osanna is a coward, which means she won´t take too many risks and can lose out on good oportunities. This might even spell her doom sometime. Also, throwing axes are very heavy weapons and Osanna isn´t very physically fit, so she can´t move very fast while holding them. Therefore she relies on having a clear shooting range to her target, or they can be able to get away easily. Osanna doesn´t know how to acually stay away from trouble and sneak around, so if she´s not careful she can get ambushed.

Alliance: Osanna will ally with anyone whom she finds weaker both physically and mentally than her. She´ll pretend to be their friend and ally, before stabbing them in the back when they no longer have any use for her.

Token: A amulet to keep evil spirits away, made out of a dried pig´s heart.

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