Paola is finished. Her district partner is Tameo Arghus. When submitting District 5, they don't need to be together.

Paola's Info

Name: Paola Fernand
Paola fernand

District: 5

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Personality: Paola is nice and caregiving, as usual on the market area. Outside her area, she is very quiet and likes to stay by herself. She has few friends who are not living on the market area, so she is really anti-social.

Backstory: Paola never met with her parents since when she was three years old, because they abandoned her on the toughest area of her district. There are some dangerous gangs, people using drugs and girls getting pregnancy early. She did not know what to do, and an old lady adopted her as a daughter. The old lady was really nice to Paola, but Paola always knew that the old lady would die early. When Paola was just eleven years old, her adoptive mother died due natural causes, and Paola went crazy. She run away off her old house and moved herself to a house next to the fruits market. She begun to steal some fruits during the first three years, but some years after, she turned into a friend of the salesmans and saleswomans of the market. During the reaping day, early on the morning, the market begun to burn itself. All the fruits were gone and Paula helped an old man to survive the fire. She got really depressed and she was reaped. Double sadness in just one day.

Height: 6'1

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Club, Baton

Strengths: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Physical Strenght

Weaknesses: Swimming, Intelligence

Fears: Mutts or any type of big animal.

Interview Angle: She will try to make a good speech, but she will end failing during her speech and the Capitol audience will hate it.

Bloodbath Strategy: Grab one or two backpacks on the edge of the Cornucopia and knock some tributes down if necessary.

Token: None

Alliance: Anyone trustworthy enough.

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