District 12:

Gender: Female

Name: Deedee Cramer

Age: 18

Appearance: Deedee looks like most kids from the Seam. She has black hair she keeps tied back and gray eyes and pale skin. She does not look like her twin brother at all. First of all, she DOES look like she’s from the Seam, and she very short at only 5 foot 2 inches. Skinny since she’s from the Seam.

Personality: She is very quiet because she feels she is always in her brother’s shadow, literally. She is actually very smart but just tries to blend in and be indifferent.

Skills: Since she is small, she can be very quiet and could be unseen in the arena. She could make a weapon out of anything and her best weapon would probably be a knife.

Strategy: Even though she doesn’t always like him, she would stay with her brother. She would be the brains and he the brawn. She and he would run as far away from the Cornucopia as possible. If they heard even the slightest noise, they would flee the campsite and move to a different location in the arena. Deedee would never want to kill someone and if at all possible, she and her brother would spare the life of any tribute.

History: Both her parents were from the Seam, so from the start they were poor. Peter was the golden boy and Deedee was in the shadows. Every year for the hunger games she and her brother EACH had to take out 7 more tesserae at age 18, they both had 49 making 98 to take care of their family of 12 children, Deedee, Peter, Jackie at 16, Max at 14, Jenna and Hillary at 11, Trevor at 10, Mary- Ann at 8, Tia at 7, Erik at 5, Franklin at 3, and Nina at 6 months. The family loves her and Peter but her mother and father seem to have given up and they are like the head of the family.

Gender: Male

Name: Peter Cramer

Age: 18

Appearance: Peter is definitely a sport; he looks nothing like anyone in his family. Although he is from the Seam, Peter had very light brown hair and blue-green eyes and tan skin. He is very tall at 6 foot 5 inches. He has a very muscular build and Peter is very handsome.

Personality: He is very sweet and funny. He is pretty much the golden boy of District 12 and is smart, athletic, and musical. When Peter walks into a room with his goofy smile on his face, you just have to smile too.

Skills: Peter is amazingly strong and muscular. He is able to wield a sword very well, and he can handle an ax or pick. He can pretty much wield any weapon in the whole world with surprisingly amazing precision.

Strategy: Same as Deedee. Even though he does not always show it, he really loves his sister and would sacrifice his life for her.

History: Same as Deedee.