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“It is double pleasure to deceive the deceiver.”
―Niccolò Machiavelli

Posia Courtier

Posia Courtier Lunaii

Posia Courtier

Posia Courtier Anime

Demeter Tier Tribute
District 11/District 13
Name Posia Courtier
Age 16, nearly 17
Gender Female
Birthday May 30th
Astrological Sign Gemini
Alignment Neutral Good
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Height 5'9
Weapon(s) Sickle, throwing knives (main weapon), machete
Token Golden rose pendant
Status Regular tribute
Favorite Games [1]

Posia Courtier (a.k.a Posia Torres) is a female tribute from District 11 (her alternative district is District 13). She was created by The Targaryen of District 4.


Name: Posia Persephone Courtier

Age: 16, nearly 17

Gender: Female

District: 11/13

Home District: 11

Tier:  Demeter tier

Greek Goddess: Persephone


  • Biological father (deceased)
  • Biological mother (deceased)
  • Elder brother (deceased)
  • Younger sister (deceased)
  • Aunt (mother of Daisy, Darian, Haleia and Holly, guardian)
  • Daisy Courtier (cousin)
  • Darian Courtier (cousin)
  • Haleia Courtier (cousin)
  • Holly Courtier (cousin)

Usual alliance: Allied with Hale (even if it means allying with the Careers) and/or allied with her family, Anti-Careers, loner

Love Interest(s): Altair (formerly, deceased), Hale

Fear: Having her throat slit, losing her eyes/eyesight

Reasons for winning: To go home to her family and (unknowingly) to "break the Courtier curse".


Posia has light brown hair and distinctive leaf green eyes, as well as a fair complexion. She stands at a reasonable height of 5'9".

Due to her working in the orchard and handling weapons, there are various scars and gashes across her body.

In terms of what she wears, Posia dresses modestly, unlike Annabel. She normally likes wearing pastel coloured clothing or floral clothing, as well as a flower crown. Her hair is styled normally in the hairstyle popularly called "a bun".

However, in darker times, she can be seen wearing black clothing instead, especially a black cloak that's surprisingly similar to the cloak Annabel wears when she's under her alter ego of Ara (this was the cloak she wore during visits to the merchants involved in illegal trade).


Disclaimer: The following contains descriptions of violence, death and mature content. I do not condone any of this.

“I'm nothing special and I'm not honourable either. I'm just fulfilling what my brother set out to do. Me being anything beyond a simple District 11 girl is nonsense.”

Posia was born on May 30th into the dysfunctional (like most families) Courtier family, the ancestors of which were prominent assassins (Posia is unaware of this) that fought against corruption and greed (the family used to be corrupted and greedy, but they saw the error of their ways). The dark secrets of the family are that many have gone mad and many have died at young ages (the Courtier "curse"). It's said that the "curse" exists because of a target of an ancestor cursing the family. The death curse on the family is a source of amusement for those who know about it, much to the dismay of the living Courtiers.

As time went on, the Courtiers became a more industrial-focused family, agriculture being a big part of their income.

The exact location of Posia's birth is unknown. All that's known of her birthplace is that she was born somewhere in District 11.

In District 11, Posia's home district, the Courtiers owned a large orchard. However, despite owning a large orchard, they weren't rich. They were actually part of the more average side of the family. She was the middle child of three. She had an elder brother, who worked for what seemed like endlessly since he was young, and eventually a younger sister.

Posia admired her elder brother, even if she didn't see him much.

With a brother who she hardly saw, an infant younger sister who was easy to upset and worn out parents, life wasn't great. Arguments regularly occurred. At first, they were small. But those arguments eventually developed. Soon afterwards, the parents of the three Courtier children split. Posia's mother left the house with her infant daughter, leaving Posia and her elder brother with their father.

Their father turned into an alcoholic. When alcohol had stopped "dulling" his pain, he turned to a quicker, but a more unfortunate "alternative", suicide. Posia's father's suicide caused the children to be taken into the custody of their mother.

One fateful day, yet another riot occurred. Posia's mother wanted to find shelter by going to visit her sister and her children, Darian, Daisy, Holly and Haleia. She took all three children with her, which proved to be a fatal mistake.

As the family was getting hungry, Posia's mother decided that she would try and salvage some, despite the fact that Peacekeepers were shooting at civilians all around her. She left the children in the temporary care of an elderly woman and her middle aged son, whilst she looked for food. 

But she would never see her children again. She was shot by a Peacekeeper who mistook her for a rioter and died in the Square from loss of blood. And thus Posia lost her other parent.

The elderly woman, who (alongside her son) went by the surname of 'Torres', decided to keep the three children, now declared missing, as her own, once she had found out what had happened to their mother. She found out through a declaration of identified casualties from one of District 11's hospitals.

News of Posia's mother's death and her children going "missing" ended up reaching her sister, who was angered more than distraught. She knew that something was wrong and immediately requested a manhunt. And sadly for the children, they were unknowingly "living" in a nightmare. The elderly woman was timid and living in fear of her son, who was a secret serial killer.

He targeted various amounts of people, including orchard workers. But he had enough evil in him to potentially kill children.

Seven days into their "disappearance", Posia discovered her little sister dead in a makeshift cot. The infant girl had been murdered by the elderly woman, who was forced to kill the poor infant by her evil son, in hopes of not getting killed herself.

Posia's elder brother figured this out, as he had been suspicious of the serial killer, and tried to form a plan to bring the man to justice, since he was not able to save his sister. He had always been the vigilant type, so he was positive that his plan would work. After all, he had been one of the supervisors of his family's orchard until now.

Meanwhile, Posia was terrified. She was still trying to figure out why her sister had died. It was Posia's brother who told her that their sister's death was the work of their serial killer "adoptive brother", causing the two to agree to work together to bring down the serial killer and her terror to fade.

But the serial killer was one step ahead of them. He had managed to overhear the conversations between the siblings and plotted to use Posia against her brother. So he confronted the young girl, threatening that if she disobeyed him and revealed anything to her brother, she would be "in the same boat" as him (meaning her brother). If she outright refused to do anything for him, she would have her throat slit (which she feared).

Posia, feeling confident that she could outsmart the killer despite her fear of getting her throat slit, agreed to do whatever he wanted her to. Her brother was quick to notice that Posia started leaving the house more whilst wearing a cloak (on the orders of the killer). He followed her instinctively, where she was able to take him to a safe location and inform him about what was going on. She thought of locations where the killer wouldn't look to find her.

She became involved in illegal trade on behalf of the killer, as the killer then ordered her to negotiate with merchants and retrieve various items, including poison, which he was planning on using to poison Posia's brother, so he could get him out of the picture and have Posia to himself. This was the main instance where Posia had to use the Torres surname, so that the serial killer had less of a chance of getting caught. Posia informed her brother about this too, which allowed for the two to plan a scheme to poison the killer and dispose of the body, before going to their aunt's house.

By this point, it had been fourteen days into their disappearance. Posia was ordered to cook for the "family", including the killer's mother, who might as well have been mute. Whilst the killer expected her to poison the meal that was intended for her brother, her brother expected her to poison the killer's meal.

Posia went with her brother's instruction and put poison in the killer's meal, whilst putting a sleeping substance that she took from the killer's mother's room in her brother's meal.

She served the meals to the two, expecting for the killer to die and her brother to temporarily fall asleep in order to fool the killer. Things were to go wrong, though.

When the siblings left the room to confirm the plan, the killer had already sensed that his meal had been poisoned and so he swapped the meals, leading to Posia's brother's death and the killer falling asleep. Horrified at the sudden loss of her brother, Posia made her attempt to escape, which was successful.

Knowing that she had an advantage of getting away with murder because she was still classed as a vulnerable, missing girl, Posia went to the Peacekeepers and told them everything. Once Posia's aunt found where she was, she brought her home immediately. Posia was able to reunite with her cousins and tell her aunt everything that had occurred, who reassured her that she was safe now and the serial killer will get the fate he deserves: death.

Posia attended the execution, despite her aunt and her cousins pleading for her to not go. She realised that she had become just as vigilant as her brother and thus vowed to bring those who wrong her, her family and innocent people to justice. Her own way of honouring her brother.

Her brother was buried near the family orchard. Their little sister was buried beside him.

This was when the phase of Posia's life where she preferred to be alone began. Even though her family owned the orchard, Posia, alongside Darian, Daisy, Haleia and Holly was expected to work. This was so that the family could earn money to keep the orchard going.

She noticed that her cousins had their own, separate lifestyles. Haleia was an attention seeker who had an interest in fashion, parties and boys. She acted like she was from The Capitol, rather than District 11 and aspired to be famous. Darian had a similar lifestyle, only he was more rebellious and didn't aspire to be famous. Holly was interested in the industry of house renovation and was thinking about joining that industry once she was old enough. Finally, Daisy was the more responsible one. She was happy with her job at the orchard and now that Posia had come to the orchard from a dangerous situation, she made it her duty to protect her and watch over her. She aspired to be a second mother figure to Posia, after her own mother.

Meanwhile, Posia was questioning who she wanted to be in life and what she wanted to do. She then just decided that her aspiration would be to fulfill her vow to bring serial killers to justice to honour her brother. But for now, she would have to work at the orchard.

To begin with, Posia worked alongside her cousins. But as time went on, she grew tired of this and became solitary, which she thrived from. She didn't like making friends and she didn't consider her cousins to be friends and nothing more than family.

She was an efficient worker, managing to retrieve fruit from trees. She also used the sickle and throwing knives on a daily basis, causing her to scar herself on her hands but giving her practice. One afternoon, she almost blinded herself by accident, invoking another fear into her: the fear of losing her eyes or her eyesight.

When she wasn't surrounded by family, fellow orchard workers or anyone who tried to talk to her, she was once again getting involved in illegal trade. However, this wasn't on anyone's behalf, she was doing this for herself. She had seen the benefits of illegal trade, such as her being able to get items from other districts for cheap prices. She also knew the implications that came with illegal trade, such as what would happen to her if she was caught and the lengths she'd have to go to to keep these items hidden from her aunt.

It was from her trading where she developed her investigative skills. She was able to figure out whether someone was trying to swindle her or not, despite her only being young and the merchants being fully grown adults.

And when she wasn't trading or working, she would be hanging out by herself in the flower fields, where her love for flowers developed. She had imaginary friends also, since she didn't like making friends, claiming that she was able to see mutts of different kinds, including dragon mutts. Another reason why she had imaginary friends was because she wanted to have chance to be innocent and naïve after what had happened to her. Because of her dislike for making friends, her social anxiety developed, making her naïve but cautious of people at the same time.

Eventually, as she reached the peak of her childhood, she came to believe that having imaginary friends was futile, as they weren't real. This destroyed the naïvety that she had once wanted. The paranoid side of her began to show, now that her innocent side had been "silenced".

And the idea of getting caught for her illegal trading involvement only increased this paranoia.

When she was seriously injured in an accident involving her sickle, despite her experience with it, she was taken into the district's hospital, where her mother had been declared dead just a couple of years ago. During her time in the hospital, she met a boy who was slightly younger than her, but was prideful and was very egoistic. She learned that his name was Altair.

Altair had also been a young person that had been affiliated with illegal traders and was hospitalised because he failed to pay a debt that he owed them. The duo were able to bond, up to the point that they were friends, by the time they were able to leave the hospital.

They hung around together, once they was discharged. They promised each other that they would stay away from illegal trading, but the promises that they made had to be broken because they still had items that they kept hidden. Posia needed to get rid of the items that she had, before her family members noticed them. So the two decided to return these items together, even though Altair was beaten up by traders. He was able to head back to the illegal trading market because of his newfound confidence.

Daisy, who was suspicious of what Posia was doing, followed her cousin and spied on her. It was lucky for Posia that she unknowingly had Daisy following her, because the duo would get into a dangerous situation with the traders. Scared for Posia's safety, Daisy intercepted the fleeing duo at the right time.

Angry with Posia, Daisy took her straight to her mother/Posia's aunt, who punished the young girl by banning her from seeing Altair. Daisy added to the punishment by informing her mother of a national beauty pageant that was going to be take place. Although it was going to be hosted in the Capitol, it was supposedly secret and going to be fair, so it couldn't be rigged by the Capitol or the Career Districts.

What prompted Daisy to inform her mother of this pageant was the prize money rewards. The sums of money on offer were enough to send Darian, Daisy, Haleia, Holly and Posia to school for at least one year.

A lot of girls would be thrilled to enter a beauty pageant. But Posia was not one of those people, especially if it meant travelling to the Capitol. She had heard stories and evil things about the Capitol, which made her hate it.

Thanks to Daisy, Posia's aunt had the idea of entering Posia into the pageant, as one of the District 11 representatives.

  • Posia was born towards the end of spring as the middle child of her family.
  • Her family has an interesting history.
  • Arguments occurred in the household, causing her parents to split.
  • Her mother left with her infant daughter, leaving Posia and her elder brother with their father.
  • Their dad turned into an alcoholic. When alcohol didn't help dull his pain, he killed himself. The children were returned back to their mother as a result.
  • Another riot took place in District 11. Posia's mother wanted to take shelter by visiting her sister and her children, bringing her own children with her.
  • The children got hungry. Their mother decided to salvage some food, despite Peacekeepers shooting civilians all around her.
  • She left the children in the care of an elderly woman and her adult son. However, she was shot by a Peacekeeper and died, having been mistaken for a rioter.
  • The elderly woman took the children in as her own after learning about what happened to their mother.
  • The children's aunt learned about her sister's death and the children disappearing, which angered her. She requested a search for the children.
  • The elderly woman's son was actually a serial killer who targeted mainly orchard workers, but was willing to kill children.
  • Seven days later, Posia discovered her infant sister's dead body. She was killed by the elderly woman, on the orders of the serial killer, who was afraid of getting killed herself.
  • Posia's brother would come to figure out that it was the work of the serial killer, who he had been suspicious of. He attempted to form a plan to bring down the serial killer, which he confidently assumed was going to work because he was vigilant (he had learned to be vigilant from his days as a supervisor of his family's orchard).
  • Posia was terrified of what was going on. Her brother informed her that this was all the doing of the serial killer, causing the two siblings to team up to work together against the serial killer. Posia's fear was replaced with determination.
  • The serial killer was one step ahead of them as he overheard their conversations and planned on using Posia.
  • He confronted her and threatened to slit her throat if she disobeyed him and revealed anything to her brother. Posia reluctantly agreed to obey him, but she felt confident that she and her brother would eventually outsmart him.
  • Posia's brother noticed that his sister started leaving the house more often, whilst wearing a cloak. She used this to her advantage, knowing that her brother would follow her. They met up at secret locations where the killer couldn't find them, so that Posia could tell her brother what was going on.
  • On the orders of the killer, Posia got involved in illegal trading. She had to work to retrieve various items, including poison. The killer intended to use the poison on Posia's brother, so that he could get rid of him and have Posia to himself. She did this all whilst using the killer's surname, Torres, so that he had less of a chance of getting caught for his previous murders.
  • She also informed her brother about the illegal trading and the killer's intended use for the poison, which prompted the duo to create a plan to murder the killer and dispose of his body, before heading to their aunt's house.
  • Days later, Posia was forced to cook for the killer, his mother and her brother. The killer expected her to poison her brother's meal, whilst her brother expected her to poison the killer's meal. Trusting her brother's plan and believing that it was the right thing to do, Posia poisoned the killer's meal.
  • Whilst she poisoned the killer's meal, she put a sleeping substance in her brother's meal, which was part of the plan. This part of the plan was intended to fool the killer into thinking that she had done what he asked, when really, he was going to die.
  • The plan went wrong. When the siblings left the room to finally confirm their plan, the killer detected that his meal was poisoned and so swapped the meals. This led to Posia's brother dying and the killer falling asleep.
  • She used this opportunity to escape, whilst being horrified at the fact that the wrong person died. Because of her successful escape, Posia went to the Peacekeepers and told them about everything that had happened. She had a natural advantage because of her status as a missing girl.
  • She reunited with her aunt, who became Posia's guardian, and her cousins. She told her aunt about everything that had happened. She reassured the girl in return, by telling her that know that she had informed the Peacekeepers, the serial killer would get what he deserved.
  • Despite the advice of her remaining family, Posia attended the killer's execution. She became just as vigilant as her brother and vowed to honour him in the only way she could, by bringing those who harm her, her family or innocent people to justice.
  • The deceased siblings were buried next to each other, near the Courtier orchard. The events of Posia's life so far shaped her into becoming very solitary.
  • Despite her family owning the orchard, they needed to make more money in order to keep it going. So alongside Darian, Daisy, Haleia and Holly, Posia was expected to work.
  • Working in the orchard helped Posia to take notice of the separate lifestyles of her cousins. Darian enjoyed parties and getting drunk, living like a Capitol citizen. Daisy was similar, only she wanted to be famous too and had an interest in the opposite sex. Holly had an interest in the house renovation industry and planned on pursuing it as a career when she was older. And finally, Daisy didn't want nothing more than to continue working at the orchard and become Posia's second mother figure, after her own mother.
  • Posia started questioning what she wanted to do in life, after seeing the aspirations of her cousins. She then came to realise that the only aspiration she had was to bring evil people to justice to honour her late brother.
  • She eventually became tired of working alongside her cousins and started working alone, where she thrived from it. She had a hard time making friends and she didn't consider her family to be her friends.
  • She also became an efficient worker and despite scaring herself, she managed to retrieve fruit from trees and gained experience of using the sickle and the throwing knives. One day, she almost blinded herself, invoking another fear into her: the fear of becoming blind.
  • When she wasn't surrounded by her family, anyone who tried to converse with her or orchard workers, she returned to illegal trade. However, this time, she was doing it for herself. The reason why she returned to illegal trade was because she saw the benefits of it - items from other districts for cheap prices. However, there were also implications, such as what would happen to her if she got caught and what she would have to do in order to hide these items from her aunt.
  • She gained investigative skills from the trading and developed a love for flowers. She also had imaginary friends, because she didn't like making friends in person and she wanted to have a chance to be naïve after what had happened. Because of this, she developed social anxiety.
  • She came to believe that having imaginary friends was eventually futile, destroying her innocence and bringing out the paranoid side of her. Her involvement in illegal trading and the possibility of getting caught only increased this paranoia.
  • One day, she was seriously injured because of her sickle and was taken into the district's hospital, where her mother had been declared dead just years before. She ended up meeting a boy named Altair, who was egoistic and prideful.
  • Altair had also been involved with illegal traders and got hospitalised because he failed to pay off a debt that he owed them. Posia bonded with Altair and became friends with him, seeing that he was genuinely someone that she could get along with.
  • They hung around together and at first, promised to stay away from illegal trading. But this couldn't happen because they still had items that they kept hidden, which they needed to return. So they decided to return the items.
  • Daisy followed Posia, suspicious of what her cousin was doing. She ended up intercepting the duo, who landed themselves in a dangerous position and had to escape.
  • Posia was banned from seeing Altair and Daisy suggested to her mother that she enter Posia into a beauty pageant, which would add to the punishment, since Posia disliked the Capitol. Posia's aunt agreed with this idea because of the prize money rewards, one of them being enough to send her children and her niece to school.


Posia is usually a sarcastic and straightforward but humble girl, showing respect towards those who she feels deserves it. She's also knowledgeable, especially about plants, a weakness of many, and trade, and she's normally considered to be an honourable person (she denies this, although she does come across as an honourable person), mainly because she became impressionable due to her admiration for her brother.

She was naïve for a slight part of her life, having imaginary friends because she previously didn't get the chance to have them.

But if she is insulted, angered or attacked in anyway, she isn't afraid to defend herself. She also isn't afraid to kill. However, having gained her late brother's trait of being silently vigilant, she'll only kill if it's to protect herself and those she cares about or innocent people. She will never kill for pleasure and hates killers who kill for the fun for it.

Two secret talents she has are her investigative skills and her being a brilliant strategist. She's very good at figuring out other people's secrets. It's ironic since she struggles to hide her own secrets.

She used to be very "tsundere", heavily paranoid of other people (having social anxiety) and originally had the mindset of not wanting anything to do with anyone, even romantically, having been used to being on her own for so long. Although she isn't as paranoid as she used to be, she still doesn't like being surrounded by a lot of people and rejects provocative, promiscuous and egotistical people (on the other hand, she'll accept people with good intentions, faithful people and kind-hearted people). She also hates cliches and awkward situations, and it can take a while to get her to open up.

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths: Plant knowledge, tree climbing, parkour (hidden talent), great strategist

Minor strengths: Knowledge of poison, knowledge of trade

Weaknesses: Isn't used to cold temperatures, hand to hand combat (thus she relies on weapons), situations where there's various people

Strategies, reactions and outfits

Reaped or Volunteered: Volunteered (District 11), Reaped (District 13)

Reaping Reaction (District 11): Posia would try to ignore her family members, especially the person she volunteers for (it would probably be Haleia), so she doesn't tear up. She would also remain silent.

Reaping Reaction (District 13): She would just try not to face anyone and hope that Hale doesn't get reaped alongside her or volunteers. If he does, she would just look at him for a moment before looking off into the distance.

Reaping Outfit (you don't have to follow this): She'll wear to the reaping her golden rose pendant (her token), a pink half cape, her flower crown, a long-sleeved T-shirt, jeans and pink shoes.

Training Strategy (group) (if alone): Posia will keep to herself if she is alone. She will make observations of the other tributes, using her investigative skills to deduce their strengths and weaknesses. She will also practice on the sections which she's good at.

Training Strategy (group) (with anyone she knows/in an alliance): She'll stay with them and watch what they're doing, before going on a section herself.

Training Strategy (individual): She will go for the typical District 11 tactic of aiming for an average score. She will only show off her skills with the throwing knives, hoping to get a 7 or an 8, whilst hiding her other skills.

Interview Outfit: Since Posia is a modest person, she'll probably wear a dress similar to this, but in pink or light green. She would also wear high heels that match and her rose pendant, and maybe a flower accessory in her hair.

Interview Strategy: Posia would more or likely be sarcastic in her interview. She'll also hope to make her interview short and be careful, trying not to reveal as much information as possible. She'll talk about her family and her lover more than about herself, but she will not reveal any information about her backstory since she isn't looking to create a sob story.

Bloodbath Strategy (depending on what the Cornucopia looks like) (alone): Posia will run and get a bag, before using her parkour to get onto the top of the Cornucopia. She'll then jump from the Cornucopia, wearing the bag, onto the ground and take out any tributes before they can attack her. She will then get a weapon (preferably any of her weapons) and run off.

Bloodbath Strategy (with anyone she knows/in an alliance): Posia will attend the bloodbath and get supplies and a weapon. Whether she helps out any of her allies or not depends on their fighting capability. If they can't defend themselves, she'll defend them. If they can, she will look for a forest (really, just any trees) or anywhere where she can sit in a high place and wait for her allies to gather. When they gather, she will climb down and meet up with them.

Feast Strategy (alone): If she is alone in a Games, Posia will more or likely not attend the feast. 

Feast Strategy (with anyone she knows/in an alliance): She will attend the feast and get the supplies she needs.

Games Strategy (alone): She will reside in a tree (if there's any), with her supplies for the majority of the Games. She doesn't intend to hurt anyone, but if she needs more supplies, she will find a swift way of stealing them from other tributes (mainly from vulnerable loners).

Games Strategy (with anyone she knows (e.g. family)/in an alliance): She will remain with them and secretly judge how trustworthy they are, as well as the probability of them betraying the alliance if they're not trustworthy. If there is a betrayal, she will inform the other members of the alliance about it. If the alliance disbands, she will became a loner. If she is people she trusts, she will stick with them until the end. If she is with those she knows, she will stay with them for the whole Games.

Other: Because people perceive District 11 females to be weak, Posia can use this stereotype to her advantage. Also, if she is in a games with Annabel, she'll want to kill her, because she believes that killing her avenges Altair's death.

Stuff to remember

For those who struggle with portraying the tribute.

  • Posia is modest and will never be provocative. If someone tried to get Posia to play the provocative angle with her looks, she would outright refuse.
  • She hates the Capitol, but she won't voice this opinion out loud.
  • Due to District 11 female stereotypes, Posia is assumed to be weak. She'll use this to advantage to hide her actual potential.
  • She will never kill out of pleasure. She will only kill to defend herself and those she trusts.
  • Even though she wears a flower crown, she won't take it with her to the Games because her token is her pendant.
  • She has social anxiety, meaning that she's uncomfortable in situations where there's a lot of people. But she can deal with situations where there is only a small amount of people.
  • She hates Annabel and if they are in a Games together, Posia would plot to kill or take down Annabel, depending on the circumstances. She regards punishing/killing Annabel as the biggest chance to avenge Altair, since Posia believes that Annabel is responsible for his death.
  • Posia's main areas of knowledge are in poison, plants and trading.
  • Her main weapon is her throwing knives. The sickle is her secondary weapon.
  • She isn't loved up, despite being in love with someone. She cares about Hale, but she also has several other problems on her mind, such as the safety of her remaining family.
  • Posia's not scared of death, because of the things she's been told. She would more or likely be angry, especially if she doesn't get to complete her goal of bringing down horrible people, or bittersweet, because she gets to be with her parents and her siblings again, even though it means leaving her remaining loved ones (so she'll be content, but upset).


  • Posia's surname is Courtier due to her being placed into Hera's (Haleia) family to avoid confusion of family relations (and to make it less incest-y), rather than into the Olympus family.
  • Posia knows about Annabel's split personality, Ara. She has actually fought "Ara".
  • When it comes down to the pro-Capitol vs pro-rebellion debate, Posia is pro-rebellion.
  • If she was to encounter anyone who was of the (rebel) assassins (e.g. Reyna), she would symphasise with them and their faction due to them fighting for the people. She may probably also show an interest in joining them. However, she is unaware that her ancestry comprises of assassins (and unaware that her family, even before becoming assassins, used to be corrupt).
  • Posia may be one of the final tributes to have an extremely dark backstory.
  • Besides the goddess Persephone (who she has been altered from), Posia was also inspired by Rey from Episode 7 of Star Wars; The Force Awakens (trading/how humble she is) and England (the element of having imaginary friends)/Hungary (her relationship with Altair) from Hetalia. Her relationship with Annabel was also inspired by the relationship in Hetalia between England and France, only the relationship between Annabel and Posia is a little more darker.
  • She has died on Friday the 13th (I read her death scene in one games whilst it was Friday the 13th).
  • In one games, someone had a crush on Posia but she didn't feel the same way. In the same games, she came 5th - her best ranking in a games so far.

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If a tribute has more than one seal next to their name, that's because they had/have alternative districts alongside their main district.

If a tribute has no seal next to their name, it's because they were/are either a tribute that can/could be submitted into any of the districts in a Games or they weren't/aren't supposed to be submitted into Games (an example of the latter being troll tributes).

If a tribute has an underlined asterisk next to their name, it means that they are a retired tribute. This can be seen in the tooltip when you hover over the asterisk. As of tributes made in collaborations, tributes made only for a particular Games and troll tributes, they will have an underlined caret next to their name. Again, this can be seen in the tooltip.

The default link colour is black. If it's a different colour, then it denotes that a tribute has a certain status: Dark blue -- a tribute is a Victor, Dark green -- a tribute is a Dual Victor, Tyrian purple -- a tribute is a Triple Victor or has won more than three Games, Red -- a tribute escaped the Arena in their Games and is therefore an Escapee.

In the case that a tribute is both a Victor and an escapee, depending on how many Games they've won, they will retain one of the aforementioned colours above, but their Escapee status will be mentioned in a tooltip next to their name.

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