This tribute is retired after becoming a dual victor! She is availble for use if you ask Angry birds12 though. District:4


Ronda Grouge

District Partner: Dondo Grouge or Blue West


Weapons: tridents, can catch tributes with nets and snares

Skills: she is strong, great with Nets and tridents, fast, smart, great swimmer, calm under spressure, used to being hurt (because of her father's beatings) and handy with snares, she can use her snares as traps to catch tributes and to protect the conrucopia from thiefs.

Startegy: In training try to pick u psurvival skills, act strong and confident during her interviews, try to gain sponsers, during the games ally Dondo and careers but whenever Dondo betrays the others, act with him, be second in charge of the Career pack, kill and try not to focus on waht would happen if she and Dondo got in the final two.

Token: a neckless with a seashell attacthed

Weaknesses: Can't kill Dondo. Is known to thorw panick attacks when scared.

Quote: "Don't cross Dondo, you'll seriously regret it."

Personallity: strong, brave, smart, nice (To people she likes) but can have break downs when really scared.

History- She is very strong because of years of hauling fish, she has one brother, Dondo who she loves. She has a dad that is very competitive/abbusive so if Ronda or Dondo looses a competition or just angry/drunk he beats them. The dad is also an acloholic so Ronda thinks as Dondo as the provider for the faimly, she is very attached to him, she has few freinds at school because she seems to never have time to for freinds because of her father's rigorous Career training and spending very free hour catching fish and setting up snartes in the woods for food.


Sk999's 1st Games

Ronda sided with Dondo and joined the Careers during the games, she managed to kill a few tributes before watching her brother be decapitated. Her strength didn't waver though, she knew she had to win. She showed her love of her brother's memory by letting fellow Career, Trifle Woods, get mauled by mutts after she insulted him. She made it to the final battle and showed more Career like qualities by snapping Blaze Shadow's neck. Ronda became victor and returned home.

TDR97's 4th Games

Allied with Dondo instead of the Careers. Dondo tried to kill ronda on day 2 but was eaten by a mutt before he got the chance. After that Ronda allied with the girl from District 1 and created a new weapon; a trident with a spear head on the end. Ronda used this weapon to win.

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