The Tributes

District 1:

Male: Marbel Haze Killed by Briar Reeds. 15th place.

Female: Sparkle Shine Killed by Briar Reeds. 19th place.

District 2:

Male: Joo-Chan Park Killed by Briar Reeds. 10th place.

Female: Yuri Blue Killed by Blake Mor. 5th place.

District 3:

Male: Gauge Down Killed by Joo-Chan Park. 14th place.

Female: Destiny Bow- WINNER!

District 4:

Male: Splash Blue Killed by Destiny Bow. 2nd place.

Female: Waterlily Wave Killed by Joo-Chan Park. 12th place.

District 5:

Male: Flare Leafs Killed by Joo-Chan Park. 21st place.

Female: Briar Reeds Killed by Splash Blue. 3rd place.

District 6:

Male: Kouta Kanae Killed by acid rain. 17th place.

Female: Lucy Elfin Killed by acid rain. 16th place.

District 7:

Male: Oak Thorn Killed by a poisoned banana. 13th place.

Female: Terra Storm- Stepped off plate and blown up. 24th place.

District 8:

Male: Blake Mor Killed by Briar Reeds. 4th place.

Female: Angela Sky Killed by Splash Blue. 11th place.

District 9:

Male: Sam Houston Killed by Florence Syren. 9th place.

Female: Lila Gates Killed by Marbel Haze. 22nd place.

District 10:

Male: Iroh Ragnorok Killed by Joo-Chan Park. 23rd place.

Female: Florence Syren Killed by a Capitol bomb. 8th place.

District 11:

Male: Sam Hudson Killed by Lucy Elfin. 20th place.

Female: Sonya Wyre Killed by lava. 18th place.

District 12:

Male: Phoenix Hydrus Killed by a Capitol bomb. 6th place.

Female: Lyra Dulce Killed by a Capitol bomb. 7th place.

The Arena

The Arena is split into five parts by a lava pit. The only way to get into another part is by crossing a bridge. In the centre of the arena is a lake full of fresh water that is good for drinking and fishing. In the middle of the lake is an island containing the Cornucopia. The tribute tubes are placed bridges leading to the Cornucopia. At random times during the day, the water will turn to lava, instantly killing anyone and anything in it. During this time, the bridges are also flooded by the lava- if anyone is on a bridge at the time, they will die. It will last half-an-hour before things return to normal. During lava time, the tribute tubes and bridges leading to the Cornucopia will disappear in the lava.

The first section of the Arena is desertland. Dangerous snakes fill this section of the arena and it is burning hot during the day and freezing cold at night. However, during the lava time, the snakes go away and it rains, leaving the tributes in the area with tons of water.

In the second section of the arena, there is a forest. The temperature is always just right, and it rains a lot. There is a cave that is perfect for hiding out in. Fruits grow on the trees, and if you are lucky enough to pick one before lava time you will find that they taste wonderful. During the lava time, the cave is filled with rabid bats who will attack anyone that is inside the cave. Out in the forest during the lava time, it constantly rains- acid rain.

The third section of the arena is a huge area of snow. All the animals are hibernating, and the ground is always filled with snow. It will sometimes snow, but not always. During the day, the temperature can range from 35-45 degrees, but at night it ranges from -5-32 degrees. During lava time, the snow melts and the temperature is from 60-75 degrees. Animals that can be killed and eaten come out. After lava time, however, there is a huge blizzard and the temperature ranges from -10-25 degrees.

The fourth section of the arena contains a jungle. On the trees grow fruits-however these fruits contain poison. Eat one and you're certain to die. It rains constantly in the jungle, however like the forest, there is a cave, perfect for hiding out in. During lava time, rabid monkies fill every trees. They will kill anyone on sight. During lava time, the cave is unaffected.

The fith section of the arena is a grassland. The temperature is in the 60's during the day, however drops well below freezing at night. During lava time, the grassland is on fire. unless you can escape the grassland, you will die. After lava time, the fire stops, and the grasslands is full of rain and animals that you can hunt.

Chariot Rides

District 1:

As the District 1 chariot comes out, people begin to ooh and ahh. Sparkle looks stunning in a white one shoulder dress. Her brown hair is up in a bun, with a gold laurel wreath in her hair. She looks like she could be a Greek goddess. All eyes are on her. Marbel attracts similar attention- he is wearing silver knight's armor and carrying a fake sword. Marbel gives Sparkle a kiss, which causes her to giggle. The audience loves it. Both Sparkle and Marbel grin with a sense of accomplishment as they are sure to get a lot of sponsors now.

District 2:

Just as the buzz from District 1's chariot is fading away, the District 2 chariot rides out. Yuri is wearing a grey silk dress with a blue sash, and Joo-Chan is wearing a tuxedo. They both press a button on the side of the chariot. Instantly, their outfits melt away. Yuri is now wearing a loose, black, long-sleeved shirt and jeans. Joo-Chan is wearing a black shirt and black camoflauge pants. Yuri smiles and waves at everyone. Meanwhile, Joo-Chan begins to juggle knives which intrigues the crowd. One slips out of his hands and almost hits Yuri, but he grabs it just in time. The crowd goes wild. Joo-Chan and Yuri nod and laugh, as if that was all part of the plan.

District 3:

The crowd is filled with curiousity when the District 3 chariot rides out. The two tributes, Gauge and Destiny, seem to be working on something. Destiny is wearing a blue dress and Gauge is wearing a red shirt and black pants. Destiny taps the thing that they were working on, and it springs to life. Music blares out of it, and it begins to dance. The crowd loves it. Destiny and Gauge clap along to the beat, quietly, but inside of them is a full-fledged party.

District 4:

When the District 4 chariot comes out, Waterlily and Splash are holding hands and the crowd goes silent with awe. The District 4 chariot looks amazing. The top is a light blue that looks like a wave. The bottom part is a sandy yellow color, with pink starfish painted on. Waterlily is wearing a light blue dress. The bottom seems to move like a wave. Her hair is in a side braid with a gold ribbon weaved through it. Splash is wearing light blue battle armor that looks like fish scales. He is carrying a trident. He bangs the trident down on the ground, and water comes up from the back of the chariot, flying everywhere. Luckily, a transparent, glass, wall comes over Waterlily and Splash, protecting them from the water. The audience isn't so lucky, but they don't mind.

District 5:

When the District 5 chariot comes out, people wonder if it was accidentally switched with the one for 11. It's covered in moss and vines. It is being pulled by two beautiful black horses. Briar is wearing a pretty pink dress and her brown hair has been curled into tiny ringlets. Flare is wearing light blue and red hunter's clothes. They are smiling and waving at the crowd. Other than that, nothing of the District 5 chariot is memorable.

District 6:

The District 6 chariot is entirely white, with white horses pulling them. Lucy is wearing a white dress and Kouta is wearing a white shirt and white pants. It's not memorable, until a cannon sounds in the air. Something red comes flying from out of nowhere and hits the chariot. The chariot is now splattered with red paint, and Lucy and Kouta are wearing outfits made up of tubes full of morphling. As the chariot pulls away, the crowd notices that the words "District Six" have been painted in red on the ground below them.

District 7:

The District 7 chariot pulls out, and again the audience is in awe. The chariot has been decorated to look like a tree- brown horses are pulling the chariot and most of the chariot is painted brown. The back of the chariot is painted green, and some of it seems to be branching out. Terra and Oak's faces have been painted brown, and they are wearing all brown clothes. On their heads, they wear green hats that look like tree leaves. They stand still, like trees on a windless day.

District 8:

The District 8 chariot is painted grey. On the side, the Capitol seal and a sewing needle have been painted. Both Blake and Angela are wearing Peacekeeper uniforms and carrying fake guns. They keep pointing them at the audience and pretending to shoot them. President Ruerose has a worried look on her face throughout the whole thing.

District 9:

The District 9 chariot isn't memorable- it's just plain grey, with smoke billowing from the back. The horses are, however- the horses are grey and everytime they step, smoke comes up from the ground. Lila is wearing a grey dress with red lining, and Sam is wearing a grey shirt and overalls.

District 10:

The District 10 chariot causes a laugh from everyone- it's white with black spots, and a face has been painted on the front- it's supposed to be a cow! Florence is wearing a black dress with a white sash and her blond hair is tied up in a ponytail with a green ribbon. Iroh is wearing a red long-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans. They're working the crowd, smiling and waving at everyone. Because of this, the crowd is ready to bet that Florence and Iroh would go far.

District 11:

Compared to District 10's chariot, District 11's is boring. Grass and ivy have been growing on the chariot, but nobody really pays attention. Sam and Sonya are both wearing clothes entirely made out of ivy. They wave at the crowd, and some people wave back.

District 12:

Nobody pays attention to the chariot, but they do watch the people in it. Lyra and Phoenix are dressed in coal miner's outfits. They both raise their pickaxes and slash through the air. From the bottom of the chariot rises a screen. On the screen is a picture of their children. The crowd gives a collective aww, and Lyra and Phoenix knew that they would get a lot of sponsors, trying to send them home to their kids.

Training Scores

Tribute Name: Training Score (1-12):
Marbel Haze 10
Sparkle Shine 7
Joo-Chan Park 11
Yuri Blue 9
Gauge Down 6
Destiny Bow 5
Splash Blue 10
Waterlily Wave 9
Flare Leafs 8
Briar Reeds 9
Kouta Kanae 8
Lucy Elfin 11
Oak Thorn 7
Terra Storm 7
Blake Mor 6
Angela Sky 7
Sam Houston 7
Lila Gates 5
Iroh Ragnorok 11
Florence Syren 8
Sam Hudson 8
Sonya Wyre 9
Phoenix Hydrus 7
Lyra Dulce


The Interviews

Sparkle Shine: In Sparkle's interview, we learn that she was very popular back home in District 1. Her family was very rich, so she didn't have much trouble early on in life. When asked about her strengths, we learn that she is very good with plants and knows which ones are edible. We also learn that she is pretty fast. The buzzer sounds, and Marbel is called up.

Marbel Haze: In Marbel's interview, we learn that his sister died in a car crash. The audience gives a sigh of pity for Marbel, although most of them don't know tragedy on that scale. When asked about the rest of his personal life, Marbel remains silent. He says that he doesn't want anybody else to know what the rest of his life has been like. When Marbel is asked about the arena, he says that he would like to join up with the Careers. The buzzer sounds, and Yuri is called up.

Yuri Blue: In Yuri's interview, we learn that she had volunteered for her sister, Miki. We also learn that besides Miki, she has three other younger sisters at home. We then learn that because her mom is dead, she lives with her dad. She hopes to make it home to her family because of her devotion to her sisters. The audience begins to nod, like they get what she is saying, and want her to win. Because of her sharing all about her personal life, the buzzer rings before she can talk about the arena, and Joo-Chan is called up.

Joo-Chan Park: In Joo-Chan's interview, we learn that he lives with his parents in District 2. We also learn that he has waited all his life to be reaped so he can fight, and the Games is the perfect place to do it. He seems very quiet during the whole interview, until he is asked about the arena. He says that he will be joining the Careers and will kill a lot. President Ruerose seems pleased with this, because he might make the Games more interesting. Before he can talk abou anything else, the buzzer rings and Destiny is called up.

Destiny Bow: In Destiny's interview, we learn that her parents died when she was little and she has no siblings. The crowd looks at her with pity, feeling sorry for her because they had been raised in a wealthy home with nice parents. When asked about the arena, she says that she wishes to ally with Gauge. We also learn that she is fast and is good at climbing. The buzzer sounds, and Gauge is called up.

Gauge Down: In Gauge's interview, we learn that he lives with his father and little brother. When asked about his family, Gauge says that his father is perhaps the nicest person ever and that he volunteered for his brother. He would love to come to see them again. The audience nods, smiling. When asked about the arena, he says that he would like to ally with Destiny and is good at throwing knives. The buzzer rings, and Waterlily is called up.

Waterlily Wave: In Waterlily's interview, we learn that in District 4 she loved with her loving mother and father and her little twin sisters, Emma and Anna. We also learn that she is very popular at home and that her sixteenth birthday will be the fourth day of the Games. President Ruerose seems to make a note of this. When asked about the arena, Waterlily says she'll kill to get home and that she's good with plants, like Sparkle. She also says that, because of being raised in District 4, she's a fast swimmer and a fast runner. Before she can say more, the buzzer rings and Splash is called up.

Splash Blue: In Splash's interview, we learn that Splash has lived all his life with his kind parents. He also has a five year old sister, Bree, and a two year old sister, Gabby. We also learn that he is very popular at home. When asked if there was anyone special in his life, he gets quiet and says yes. He says that he and Waterlily were best friends until age five, when Waterlily made new friends who thought that boys were icky. They grew apart. He says that he hopes to be Waterlily's friend again and that he loves her. Waterlily can't say anything because her interview is over, but by her smile we know that she loves him too. The buzzer sounds, and Briar is called up.

Briar Reeds: In Briar's interview, we learn that she lives with her father who works a lot. We also learn that her brother died a while ago. When she was reaped, her father was devastated. She says that she lives next door to Flare and that she helps him feed his family. We also learn that she woul hunt for her father and trades un-needed things for stuff that is needed around the house. We learn that Briar promised her dad that she would do her best to come home to him. When asked about the arena, Briar says that she's good at working with axes. The buzzer rings, and Flare gets called up.

Flare Leafs: In Flare's interview, we learn that he lives with his mother and four younger siblings, Maple, Fern, Torn, and Stone. We also learn that he, Torn, and Stone hunt for the family, but Torn and Stone are still learning how to hunt. When asked if he had ever met Briar before, he says that he has. One day while in the woods, he saw her and offered to help feed her family. Ever since then, they have been friends. Flare says that he will do anything to get himself and Briar home. When asked about the arena, he says that he wishes to ally with Briar, but he doesn't seem to want to say anything else. The buzzer rings, and Lucy is called up.

Lucy Elfin: In Lucy's interview, we learn that her mom died giving birth to her and her father was working at a science facility so she was sent to live in the Community Home. She was often bullied at school. One day, she found a puppy in the woods and decided to raise it. She thought she had a friend and told her about the puppy, but she told the bullies. The bullies killed the puppy while making Lucy watch. Some members of the audience, even President Ruerose, begin to tear up. She killed the bullies and ran away. She soon found a young girl, a young boy, and father. She started to fall in love, when the girl found out that she was a murderer. When she told the boy, Lucy killed the girl. When the father asked what had happened, he was killed, too. She was taken to a mental facility at age 12. The buzzer rings, and Kouta comes up.

Kouta Kanae: In Kouta's interview, we learn that Kouta was the boy in Lucy's story and that he had gone insane after the killing of his sister. After his family died, he moved in with his cousin, aunt, and uncle. We learn that he fell in love with cousin, but also loves Lucy. He doesn't think that Lucy is a murderer at all, and thinks his family is on vacation. The buzzer sounds, and Terra is called up.

Terra Storm: In Terra's interview, we learn that she volunteered for her twelve year old sister, Maple, and that she lives with Maple, her five year old sister, Reed, and her mom. We also learn that Oak is her best friend that they hunt together. Terra says that she thinks of Oak like a brother. When asked about the arena, Terra says that she's a really fast runner and good at climbing trees. She won't say anything else for a while. When she is finally persuaded to say something, the buzzer rings, and Oak is called up.

Oak Thorn: In Oak's interview, we learn that he was adopted into a poor family when he was five. He has an adopted brother who is thirteen that is very nice to Oak, even though his adopted parents are mean to him. He says that usually hung out and hunted with Terra back at home. He says that he loves Terra like a sister and will do anything to make her win. When asked about the arena, he says that he plans to ally with Terra and that he's good with edible plants. The buzzer rings, and Angela is called up.

Angela Sky: In Angela's interview, we learn that she prefers to be called Angel. We also learn that she lives with her three older brothers and her parents, and that her life has always been pretty good. When asked about the arena, Angel says that she's good at throwing knives. That is all we are told before the buzzer rings and Blake is called up.

Blake Mor: In Blake's interview, we learn that he would like to be called Mole, and not Blake. We learn that Mole's parents died in a fire, and he lives with his older brother. When asked about the arena, we are told that Mole is good at digging and using a spear. He refuses to tell us any more, using the rest of his time to joke around with the interviewer. The buzzer rings, and Lila is called up.

Lila Gates: In Lila's interview, we learn that she lives with her two younger brothers and her parents. She says that her dad is rarely home, but her mom stays home most of the time. When asked about the arena, Lila says that she's good at finding things and is a fast runner. The buzzer sounds, and Sam is called up.

Sam Houston: In Sam's interview, we learn that Sam is an only child. His mother abandoned him when he was five, and his father doesn't pay much attention to him. He says that he spends a lot of time over at Lila's house, even spending the night. When asked about the arena, he says that he wishes to team up with Lila, and he doesn't know what he will do if they are the last two in the arena. He says that he's pretty good at fist fighting. The buzzer sounds, and Florence is called up.

Florence Syren: In Florence's interview, she says that her parents are dead and she lives with her brother. She also says that she would like to win so she and her brother could lead a happy life. She doesn't say anything more about her personal life. When asked about the arena, Florence says that she's good at throwing knives. Again, she won't say anything else. The buzzer rings, and Iroh is called up.

Iroh Ragnorok: In Iroh's interview, we learn that when he was reaped someone tried to volunteer for him, but he knocked him unconsicious. We also learn that he murdered his parents, three brothers, and his sister. He sounds proud of the whole thing. President Ruerose is smiling at the good fortune of having many violent people in the Games this year. He had volunteered just to get into the Games. When asked about the arena, he says that he plans to kill as many people as possible. As some of the other tributes exchange frightened looks, the buzzer sounds, and Sonya is called up for her interview.

Sonya Wyre: In Sonya's interview, we learn that she lives with her twin brother, Max, and they both work hard selling things to get by. She says that she begged her brother not to volunteer for the male tribute, and he didn't. She expresses interest in joining the Careers, and the Careers nod with acceptance. She then says that she will kill even her District partner to get home to her brother. When asked about the arena, she says that she's good at running and climbing trees. The buzzer rings, and Sam is sent up.

Sam Hudson: In Sam's interview, we learn that he lives with his parents and his older brother, James. His parents aren't rich, but aren't poor either, he explains. Sam says that he likes to hunt and climb trees. He also says that he doesn't like harvesting during harvest time, but it is mandatory for all of District 11. He says that his brother was so sad when he was reaped because he was too old to volunteer for him. Sam says that he will do anything to get back to his family. The buzzer sounds, and Lyra is sent up for her interview.

Lyra Dulce: In Lyra's interview, we learn that she lives with her parents, a teacher and a coal miner, and her older siblings, Arisa and Cygnus. We also learn that she loves to cook and sing. When asked to sing, she does. Everyone claps because she is amazing. We also learn that she has two twin sons, Crux and Leo, that she had with Phoenix. We also learn that she has Brontophobia and Acrophobia. The crowd gives a sigh of pity learning of conditions and that she had left the twins. The buzzer sounds, and Phoenix is called up.

Phoenix Hydrus: In Phoenix's interview, we learn that his mother killed herself and Phoenix found her body. His father decided to blame him for his mother's death. At age 10, Phoenix ran away from home and lived on the streets until a young couple decided to adopt him. Lyra, who was his next door neighbor, became his best friend. Soon, they began dating. Eventually they had Crux and Leo. Phoenix then shares that he had volunteered for the first male tribute of District 12 so that Lyra wouldn't have to go in alone. He says that he has asthma, that he is allergic to bee stings, and that he has agateophobia. The crowd sighs in pity. Before he can say more, the buzzer rings, and the interviews are over.

The Games

Day 1- The Bloodbath

As the tribute tubes rise up, all the tributes crane their necks to try to look at one another.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the announcer's voice said. "Let the first annual Hunger Games begin!"

Because she is in a rush to get out of there, Terra forgets that she has to wait sixty seconds before leaving the tribute tubes. As soon as she steps off, a bomb goes off. All the tributes can see of her now is her remains.

Finally, after the sixty seconds are up, many of the tributes scramble to make alliances and grab supplies from the Cornucopia. The Careers are already gathering, making plans to stay on the island. Sonya grabs a big backpack and rushes over to join the Careers. She sets it down beside the Career camp and decides to help pitch a the Careers' tent. Iroh sees it, out in the open, and decides to try and steal it. Joo-Chan sees him and throws a knife at him. The knife pierces Iroh in the heart, and he falls, dead.

"You have to be more careful, Sonya!" Joo-Chan says, tiredly. "Any more stupid mistakes like that and we die."

"Sorry." Sonya shrugs.

"You don't sound it."

"Stop fighting!" Marbel cuts in.

"We're not fighting," Sonya says.

"You are." Marbel rolls his eyes in disgust.

While Sonya and Joo-Chan continue to set up the tent, Marbel sees Lila, who is staring at the scene.

"I'm going to kill her," Marbel says, pointing to Lila. "Cause a distraction."

Sonya nods happily, before pushing over the tent.

"Sonya!" Joo-Chan says. Lila seems to be watching the scene with curious eyes.

"I didn't mean to," Sonya protests.

Joo-Chan raises his knife at the same that Marbel does.

Joo-Chan and Sonya stand there for a minute, staring at each other.

"Nobody's killed each other yet? Good," Marbel says, as he jogs back. "She's dead."

"That's one less person to deal with," Sonya says happily.

"There's still a lot more," Sparkle points out as she joins the group.

Flare Leafs is listening in to this. He is sitting behind Joo-Chan, undetected. Briar is waiting for him in the grassland section of the arena- he promised her that he would kill Joo-Chan. He is about to stab him, when Joo-Chan turns around and notices him. In a second, he slashes a sword through Flare's head. Flare is no more.

"Always be prepared." Sonya rolls her eyes.

"You're learning," Marbel says.

This sparks a fresh argument among the Careers.


Meanwhile, Lucy and Kouta are in the forest section of the arena, heading towards a nearby cave.

"I love you, Kouta," Lucy says.

"I love you too, but I also love Yuka," Kouta admits.

"Yuka's in District 6. We're both right here," Lucy protests.

Kouta kisses Lucy gently. "We should get moving. We can talk more in the cave."

"Oh no you won't!" Sam Hudson says, running towards Lucy and Kouta with a spear.

Kouta runs at Sam with a sword, distracting him so that Lucy can kill him. Lucy appears behind Sam and strangles him. Sam's face pales, and he drops the spear and falls to the ground, dead.

"Let's go, before anyone else comes after us," Kouta says. Lucy nods, and the two run off towards the cave.


Waterlily and Splash are in the jungle section. They are in a nice cave in the jungle area that they had found while exploring. Waterlily and Splash put out the two sleeping bags and two blankets that they had picked up at the Cornucopia.

"Did you really mean what you said at the interviews, about how you loved me?" Waterlily asks.

Splash nods. "I mean every word of it. I've been in love with you for a while."

A soft smile spreads across Waterlily's face. "I love you, too."

Splash leans in to kiss Waterlily. Their lips meet for a seconds before a cannon sound causes them to pull away. One, two, three, four, five, cannon shots. Five people dead.

"We should probably go outside and see who died," Splash saids.

Waterlily nods, and the two walk outside, hand-in-hand.

The Capitol seal appears in the sky. The faces of Flare, Terra, Lila, Iroh, and Sam fill the sky. Seal, anthem, then out.

"Well, we did it. We survived the first day," Waterlily says quietly.

"We did." Splash nods. "We should go inside."

The two head in side, happy that their day had gone well, or as well as days while in the Games go. They both had each other, and that was enough.


Briar ran across the bridge connecting the grasslands and the jungle. She can't believe that Flare was dead. She knew that one of the Careers had killed him, he was planning to kill them, after all.

Suddenly, her path was clear to her. She would kill each Career, one by one, and make them regret killing Flare.

She had to. For Flare.

Day 1 Deaths- 5

Terra Storm: Capitol Mine

Iroh Ragnorok: Joo-Chan Park

Lila Gates: Marbel Haze

Flare Leafs: Joo-Chan Park

Sam Hudson: Lucy Elfin

Day 2

Sparkle wakes up, excited for another day in the Games to begin.

"Hey, Sparkle," Marbel says as he enters the tent where she is sleeping and kisses her. "We're going to hold a meeting and we want you to guard the camp. You up for it?"

"Sure." Sparkle nods, although she is not sure if she can handle it.

"Thanks." Marbel kisses her again before leaving the tent.


Destiny and Gauge are hiding underneath a tree in the forest section of the arena. They have just found some fruit and are eating them.

"Lucky we found this, huh?" Destiny asks.

"Mhmm," Gauge says, through a mouthful of fruit.

"We might want to leave some of it on the trees so that it's not gone in an instant," Destiny points out.

"True." Gauge finishes up his fruit and stands up. "Should we leave?"

"No." Destiny shakes her head. "I like it here. Lots of food."

"We're leaving," Gauge says, with a sense of authority in his voice.


They walk for a bit, and cross over into the desert section. It is scorching hot and tiresome to walk through, so the two decide to stop and rest for a bit. Destiny falls asleep, as she is exhausted from walking all day.


The Career meeting is in full swing when they hear a cannon shot coming from not too far away.

"No," Marbel says, and jumps up. They all rush outside to see Sparkle on the ground, dead. Briar is standing nearby, knife in hand, ready to throw at Joo-Chan. Sonya grits her teeth and runs towards Briar, knife in hand. She figures that this will be an easy kill. Briar takes off, running over the bridge to the snow filled land. Sonya follows.

"I'll be right back!" she yells back to the Careers.

"We should probably help her," Joo-Chan says, but Marbel does nothing. All he can do is stare down at Sparkle's beautiful face.

"Here," Joo-Chan says as he picks up Sparkle and places her in the water.

"What are you doing?" Marbel asks.

"Getting her away from our camp." Joo-Chan rolls his eyes as if this was obvious.

Marbel's too upset to even try to protest, so he jumps of shock when he hears Sonya screaming.

Briar has made it into the snowy section of the arena, however Sonya is still crossing the bridge between the island and the snowy area. The water suddenly turns to lava and the bridge collapses. Sonya is thrown to her death. She screams, and Briar feels chills down her back. A Capitol hovercraft comes out and picks up the dead bodies of Sonya and Sparkle as Sonya's cannon booms.

Briar turns and runs into the snow area and runs straight into Yuri.

Yuri raises her weapon, but Briar is a quick thinker.

"Allies?" she asks. "I've wanted to ally with you for a while."

"Sure." Yuri nods. "Now lets get a move on." The two run a little ways before finding a nice place to set up camp.

"It's usually so snowy," Yuri remarks.

"Ever since that lava came up, the snow melted." Briar shrugs it off.


XXX Kouta and Lucy, meanwhile, are in the forest cave when lava time begins.

"Lucy, we should probably start moving," Kouta says.

"No, we need to talk," Lucy says, stubbornly.

"No, really. Look." He points right behind her- shapes are flying towards them. They quickly grab their stuff and run.

"Bats," Lucy whispers, pointing to where the bats where flying at the edge of the cave.

"Good thing we got away," Kouta says.

"No, look." Lucy points to where rain was falling.

"Acid rain. Great. Okay, we need to get to one of the bridges, and fast," Kouta urges. They run as fast as they can, never letting the acid rain catch up with them.

"Almost there!" Kouta calls. "We can cross over." To their despair, however, the bridges were gone and replaced with lava.

"We're going to die," Lucy says simply. "The acid rain will catch up to us in a minute."

Kouta drops his stuff, then instructs Lucy to do the same. She does. "Lucy," he whispers. "I love you." He kisses her. A few seconds later, he pulls away. Lucy lays down on the ground, and Kouta lays beside her. The acid rain quickly catches up to them.

And so they die, in each other's arms, their cannons booming right after the other's.


Destiny is still asleep when it begins to rain. She still seems to be asleep when, out of the corner of his eye, Gauge sees a silver parachute falling to the ground. He rushes over to it and opens it up. Two pairs of night vision glasses. He feels lucky to have such good sponsors. He just has time to put it away in the small fanny pack that he had picked up at the Cornucopia when Destiny woke up.

"It's raining," she says.

Gauge nods. "We're in the desert. Weird, huh? Oh well. I guess we shouldn't be complaining."

"We really shouldn't." Destiny laughs.

"Hey, look," Gauge says, pointing behind her. "Isn't that a sponsor item?"

Destiny whips her head around. She sees a silver parachute falling. "It is."

"I think it's supposed to be yours," Gauge urges.

Destiny approaches the parachute and grabs it, ripping it open. A bottle of water.

"That will be good if we decide to stay in the desert," Gauge notes. "Look what I just got, too- two pairs of night vision glasses. You can have one."

Destiny accepts one of the glasses and thanks him. "We can split the water, too, when we need it."

"It's wet enough right now."

They laugh, and continue to drink the rainwater.


Sam is sitting in the formely snowy area. He had picked that area because he knew that no tribute would go there. The snow had melted, however, leaving the area nice and cool. He fights the sleepiness that comes over him, because he knows that it will do him no good.

Suddenly, a silver parachute falls in front of him. He runs over to it and tears it open. Inside is a bottle of water. He grins and adds it to the empty backpack that he had picked up at Cornucopia. He feels happy, and is ready to face whatever the Games throws at him.


Yuri and Briar are sitting close to the bridge when they first see Phoenix and Lyra. Phoenix is weazing. Yuri stops what she is doing to ask if he is okay.

"There's a bad snow storm coming up," Lyra warns them. "Sam was close to us, so we had to run all the way to here to avoid it."

"The bridges are back," Briar points out, pointing towards the bridges. The lava was gone, and had been replaced with water.

"Let's go," Yuri says.

"Wait," Briar says. "Allies?"

Lyra and Phoenix look at each other.

"Sure." Lyra shrugs.

"NOW let's go," Yuri says. They all speed-walk into the forest section of the arena, with Sam following close behind.


Later that night, Waterlily and Splash emerge from their cave. They had been hiding out there all day, living off of the crackers that Waterlily had picked up from the Cornucopia.

The Capitol seal suddenly appears in the sky, and the faces of Sparkle, Kouta, Lucy, and Sonya fill the screen. Seal, anthem, then out.

"Wow. We sure missed a lot today." Splash laughs.

"I'm kind of glad we missed the fighting." Waterlily shrugs. "Less of a chance for us to get killed."

"We'll have to do something soon, though. Our food is running out," Splash says.

"We can worry about that tomorrow," Waterlily assures him.

"I guess we can. Let's go back into the cave."


After a few moments of silence, the two are finally back in the cave. Splash leans close to Waterlily and kisses her. He keeps on kissing her, dreading the moment that he has to pull away.

Day 2 Deaths- 4

Sparkle Shine: Briar Reeds

Sonya Wyre: Lava

Kouta Kanae: Acid rain

Lucy Elfin: Acid rain

Day 3

Every tribute in the arena wakes up to Head Gamemaker Lunarit's voice. "Good morning, tributes! This just in from President Ruerose- tomorrow there will be a feast in honor of District Four tribute Waterlily Wave's birthday. There will be lots of food, so make sure to show up! Actually, unless you can't move and you don't show up, we'll bomb you." She laughs. "I'm just kidding. Or am I? You may never know."

"Okay, that was weird," Briar says.

"Mhmm." Yuri nods.

"We should probably get moving," Phoenix says. "We can't really rest, can we?"

Lyra shakes her head. "Sadly, no."

"Actually, you guys won't be moving at all," a voice says. Everyone turns around, and sees Joo-Chan and Marbel, who are raiding their camp for supplies.

Joo-Chan raises his knife, while Marbel just stares at the ground. He's still upset about losing Sparkle.

Briar instanly pulls out a knife and throws it at Marbel. It hits him in the chest, and he falls to the ground, dead. His cannon instantly goes off.

Meanwhile, Lyra, Phoenix, and Yuri have managed to pack up their things and are running away. Briar knows that she must hold Joo-Chan off in order to save them. She quickly slashes at his leg before running away. Joo-Chan falls to the ground, but he is not dead. He's in pain, however, from the cut on his knee. He knows that he only has a matter of time before a Capitol hovercraft arrives to pick up Marbel's body, so he quickly checks him for useful items. When he finds none, he picks up his pack, and walks away.

While walking away, Joo-Chan realizes something.

He is the last living Career of the first Hunger Games.


Sam is sitting in the snow area of the arena, again. After the blizzard, he had decided to make his way back there. It had served him well before the blizzard, so why couldn't he use it again?

He reaches into his pack and grabs the water bottle, allowing himself a little sip before putting it back in the bag. He has a lot to drink, but is starting to get very cold and hungry. Luckily for him, there is a feast the next day. He is excited for this, as it is a chance for him to get some food.

A few feet away from his pack, he sees a silver parachute fall. He runs over to it and picks it up, rushing to open it. Inside is a knife. He is very pleased with this gift from his sponsors, and now has a way to defend himself from people at the feast. Satisfied, he grips the knife in his hand, ready for anything.


Destiny and Gauge are sitting underneath a tree in the forest section of the arena, eating some fruit that they had recently picked.

"Are we going to go to the feast tommorrow?" Destiny asks.

Gauge nods, then opens his mouth as if he is about to speak, but then slumps forward. Destiny sees blood coming from his back. She looks over his shoulder and sees Joo-Chan, who is holding a bloody spear. Destiny quickly grabs her stuff and runs off. Joo-Chan throws a spear at her, but misses. Soon, she is out of his throwing range, and Joo-Chan gives up. Since Gauge has yet to die, he stabs him with the spear again for good measure. This time, Gauge looses enough blood to die. His cannon sounds. Joo-Chan walks away, pleased.


"Lunarit, what is the meaning of this?" President Ruerose demands as she storms into the Gamemaker's room. "You forgot to cue lava time today."

"Sorry, Ruerose," Lunarit mutters. "I didn't feel like it."

President Ruerose laughs. "That's no excuse. One more strike, and you're out. Gamemaker Kath could use a promotion."

Across the room, Gamemaker Kath grins, while Gamemakers Jayme and Luis roll their eyes.

"You better have something good planned for tomorrow," Ruerose threatens.

"Oh, I do," Lunarit assures her. "I do."


Waterlily and Splash have emerged from their cave and are waiting to see the Capitol broadcast. They are currently eating some crackers and drinking water.

"Our food and water supply is almost out," Splash notes. "I'll swing by the feast tomorrow and pick up some things for us. You can stay here."

"No." Waterlily shakes her head. "It's a feast being held in honor of me, after all, so I should go get the supplies and you can stay in the cave."

"No. We're both going."

Waterlily is about to say something when she is interrupted by the Capitol broadcast starting. The face of Marbel appears first, followed by the face of Gauge. Seal, anthem, out.

As Waterlily and Splash walk back to the cave, they are still discussing what to do.

"We both have the knives that we picked up from the Cornucopia. That should be fine." Splash nods. "Plus we have enough crackers and water to give us breakfast, meaning we won't have to fight on a completely empty stomach."

Waterlily sighs. "Fine."

"I love you, Waterlily." Splash kisses her again. She kisses him back, wondering if this will be the last time that they ever kiss.


Destiny slips on the night vision glasses and looks around. There is no one insight. Of course, she's in the grassland section of the arena, so it would be hard to spot anyone. She takes a quick sip of water, wondering what she has done. She could've stayed instead of running away. But then what, Destiny? she asks herself. You know that you couldn't have done anything. Joo-Chan would have killed you, and you couldn't have healed Gauge.

Destiny looks out into the night. She makes a note that she will try to show up for the feast, and take Joo-Chan down.

Day 3 Deaths- 2

Marbel Haze: Briar Reeds

Gauge Down: Joo-Chan Park

Day 4- The Feast

Oak wakes up underneath a tree in the jungle section of the arena. He is hungry, and doesn't want to head out to the feast on an empty stomach. He looks into his pack and sees that his food supply has run out. He looks around to see if he can find anything to eat when he spots a fruit hanging on the tree. It looks like a banana. It wasn't much, but it would have to do. He reaches up, picks it, peels it, and eats it. He realizes too late that it is poisoned. His cannon sounds, waking up the few tributes that are still asleep.


Destiny is getting ready to leave for the feast when she sees a silver parachute fall down. She gets up and runs towards it. Inside is a spear. Grinning, she picks it up. Now she's finally ready to leave. She walks for a bit, thinking about Gauge, until she hits the bridge leading to Cornucopia Island. She runs across, and notices that no one else is around. She scans the tables full of food and grabs everything that she needs. She stuffs them into her bag and runs off, back into the grassland area.


Sam is also getting ready to leave for the Cornucopia. He is about to leave when a silver parachute falls down. He runs over and rips it open. Inside is a note from Lila's family and a basket of bread. He sits down and takes out his water, taking a sip, and eating some bread. He begins to read the note. Lila's family is wishing him good luck at the feast, and telling him that he was doing a good job. As he puts his note away, he notices that his water is gone and that he has eaten half of the basket of bread. He puts the bread and empty bottle away, stands up, and starts to walk.


By the time Splash and Waterlily reach the Cornucopia, everyone is there, except for Destiny.

"Wow," whispers Waterlily. "It's crowded."

"We should get some things and run," Splash agrees They run up to the tables and grab things that they need. As they turn to leave the island, they realize that lava time just started. Everyone- but Destiny- is stuck on Cornucopia Island.

"This is not good." Splash shakes his head. "We might as well eat and make the best of it."

Waterlily nods and the two sit down. They start eating some food. Of course, despite the confusing occuring on the island, someone spots them.

"Happy birthday, Waterlily," Splash says. He leans in and kisses her. After a few seconds, she stops and slumps down. A cannon booms. Splash knows that it means bad news. Sure enough, there is a spear in Waterlily's back. He picks it up and throws it randomly; he has no use for the spear that ended Waterlily's life.

The spear hits Angel in the chest. She drops to the ground, with the food that she had picked up in her hands. A few seconds later, her cannon sounds. Mole's mouth drops at the loss of his district partner.

Joo-Chan looks on, satisifed. He is the one that killed Waterlily, and he basically killed Angel.

"I know what you did," a voice behind him says. It's Briar. Before he can say anything else, he feels a knife in his back. A few seconds later, his cannon sounds.

Briar grins. She has finally avenged Flare's death. She runs back to where Yuri, Phoenix, and Lyra are standing, desperate for a way off of the island.

At that very moment, the lava is drained from the water and lava time is over. All of the tributes rush to get off of Cornucopia Island, so the Capitol hovercraft can pick up the bodies of Waterlily, Joo-Chan, and Angel. Mole makes his way to the desert section of the arena, Florence and Sam to the forest section, and Yuri, Phoenix, Lyra, Briar, and Splash to the jungle section of the arena. Splash makes sure to run as fast as he can to the cave, so the others don't have a chance of catching him. Yuri, Phoenix, Lyra, and Briar don't try to catch him.


Sam is sitting underneath a tree, eating some more of the bread that he had gotten that morning. Looking over, he sees food and supplies out in the open. He picks up his knife and walks over. All of the sudden, a knife comes flying at him. It looked like the tree had thrown the knife. Really, it was Florence, disguised as a tree. Sam falls down, gasping. Florence ran over to Sam's camp and picked through his supplies, taking out things of value. Out of the corner of her eye, she keeps a watch on Sam, who hasn't died yet.

After taking everything useful, she walks back over to her camp and packs up. Sam's writering in pain, but is still alive. She walks over and calmly takes her knife out of Sam's chest. She then stabs him twice for good measure. Instantly his cannon fires.

Florence gathers her stuff and runs over to the snowy section of the arena. After all, she doesn't want to be around when the Capitol hovercraft comes to pick up Sam's body.


Mole comes out of his hole long enough to watch the Capitol broadcast. First, the face of Joo-Chan appears, followed by the faces of Waterlily, Oak, Angel, and Sam. Seal, anthem, then out.

He quickly counts up the remaining tributes. The girl from Two, the girl from Three, the male from Four, the girl from Five, the girl from Ten, both tributes from Twelve, and himself. With a jolt, he realizes something big.

He is part of the final eight of the first Hunger Games.

Day 4 Deaths- 5

Oak Thorn: Poisoned banana

Waterlily Wave: Joo-Chan Park

Angela Sky: Splash Blue

Joo-Chan Park: Briar Reeds

Sam Houston: Florence Syren

Final 8 Interviews

Yuri Blue:

Yuri's whole family shows up for the interview.

"Go Yuri!" Akira and Kagami say in unison as soon as they walk in.

"So, Miki," the interviewer, Helios Gold, says. "Yuri volunteered for you, didn't she?"

"She did." Miki nods. "Thank you, Yuri. If you come home, I'll love you forever."

Everyone laughs. "You do anyways," Yuri's father, Seung, says.

"Well, yes, but..." Another round of laughter.

"What do you guys think of the tasks that Yuri has had to endure in the arena?"

"They stink," Rini says.

Seung laughs nervously. "Rini, that's not funny."

Rini's eyes widen in protest. "Fine."

Miki tries to ease the tension. "If she comes home, she'll have to do harder things, like cleaning her room."

Everyone laughs at that one. The cameraman, Sol Rogers, motions to the camera. Time is almost up.

"So, Yuri's family, any last words of motivation for Yuri?" Helios asks.

Her family nods. All together, they throw down a bit of powder that they were holding in their hands. Smoke rises up and forms the words "Yuri Blue- the champion of Panem."

Destiny Bow:

The mayor of District Three comes to Destiny's interview, along with his wife and their daughter, Amelie. Amelie was Destiny's best friend in school.

"So, Amelie, you're Destiny's best friend?" Helios asks.

Amelie nods. "I'm lucky to call myself that. Destiny's really sweet. I wish that she hadn't been reaped."

"Maybe she'll come home." Helios shrugs. "You never know."

"I hope so." Amelie smiles. "Destiny, please, try your hardest to come home. We all miss you here in District Three."

"We do." The mayor's wife nods, bobbing her head. "We have a whole party planned out for your homecoming, dear. Don't let us down."

"The party is great so far, by the way," the mayor says. "I think you'll enjoy if you come home."

"Not if. When." Amelie corrects. "Because we all know that Destiny is going to win. It's her destiny."

The mayor's wife giggles at her daughters' play on Destiny's name.

"Time's almost up," Sol says.

"Any last words?" Helios asks.

"Yes." Amelie smiles.

They each drop some powder that they also have on their hands onto the ground. A smoke cloud comes up that reads "Destiny Bow- destined to win."

Splash Blue:

Splash's parents and sisters, Bree and Gabby, show up for the interview.

"Aw. You guys are so cute!" Helios says of Bree and Gabby.

"Thanks." Bree grins. Gabby giggles.

"So, what do you guys have to say about Splash?" Helios asks Splash's parents.

"We're so proud of Splash," his mother says. "We know that it was hard on him to lose Waterlily, but he's carrying on."

"He's doing so well, I'm confident that he will be the victor," Splash's father cuts in.

"Win!" Gabby grins.

"What do you have to say about Splash, Bree?" Helios asks.

"Splash is nice." Bree nods. "He needs to come home."

"I'm sure all of Panem is wanting Splash to come home, too," Helios lies. "Well, best of luck to Splash, eh?"

"We know he'll win. He's the best there." Splash's mother nods reassuringly.

"Any last words?" Sol cuts in.

The family throws down the powder that they have in their hands. A dust cloud gathers, spelling out "Splash Blue- riding the wave of victory."

Briar Reeds:

Briar's father shows up for her interview.

"Briar, I couldn't be prouder of you," Briar's father says. "In the final eight? Amazing."

"So, Mr. Reeds, what did you do when you found out that Briar had been reaped?" Helios asks.

"I was very sad, because her chances of winning were slim. Now that she's in the final eight, she has a great shot at winning," he explains.

Helios nods. "Oh, okay. What will you do if Briar comes home?"

"Anything she wants." he shrugs. "It'll be fun to have her back, you know? She deserves more than our town. I wish that we could-" Sol instantly cuts off the video, and Helios ushers Briar's dad out.

Blake Mor:

Mole's older brother shows up for his interview.

"So, tell us about your brother, Mole," Helios says.

"He's really weird." Mole's brother laughs. "But he's also really funny."

"Mole hasn't killed anyone yet," Helios continues. "What do you think of his decision?"

"I don't think it was a decision, he just didn't have a chance to." Mole's brother shrugs.

"What about today, during the feast? He had plenty of time to kill then. Why didn't he?"

"I guess it was because he wanted to get as much food as he could. Don't ask me, I don't know how my brother's mind works."

"But you're his brother."

"So? We're not the same person" Mole's brother is starting to get angry now.

"Sorry." Helios rolls his eyes. "Anyways, if you could describe Mole in one word, what would you say?"

"Weird." Total sillence.

"Okay, that wraps things up for the day," Sol jumps in, saving Helios. "Last words?"

"Yeah." Mole's brother dumps the powder on the ground, which rises up as a smoke cloud, forming the words "Blake Mor- digging his way to victory!"

Florence Syren:

For a while, nobody shows up at Florence's interview. Just as Helios and Sol are packing up, a man stumbles in.

"Who are you?" Helios asks.

"I'm Florence's brother," he says. "Just heard that Florence was in the Games."

"You just heard about that? How could you have missed the reapings?" Helios asks.

Florence's brother doesn't answer.

"Moving on," Helios says. He sounds uncomfortable. "So, where's the rest of your family?"


"And where exactly have you been all this time?"

"Trying to get help."

"With what? Care to share?"

"I'd rather not say."

Helios sighs, frustrated. "What do you have to say on Florence killing Sam?"

"If it helps her win? Good for her!"

Helios nods. "It seems our time is up. Last words?"

Her brother nods, then throws the powder on the ground. The words read "Florence Syren- the REAL winner" appears.

Phoenix Hydrus:

Phoenix's adoptive parents and his sons, Crux and Leo, show up for his interview.

"So, what can you tell us about Phoenix?" Helios asks.

"He's a great person," his mom says. "Phoenix is such a great father to Crux and Leo, it is amazing."

"Do you think he has a shot at winning?" Helios says.

"Yes." His father nods. "Of course he does. I'd be surprised if he's not at least in the top three."

"What are some unique aspects about Phoenix?" Helios wonders aloud.

"Sadly, he has asthma, which not many people have," Phoenix's mother says. "He has numerous other diseases, which is why it might be hard for him to come home. Of course, with a few generous sponsors, he can come home in no time."

"Who would you rather see win? Phoenix or Lyra?" Helios asks.

"We'd prefer not to answer this question."

Helios nods. "I understand. Tricky, eh? Hey, our time's up. What will your powder spell out? I don't think we need anyone sneezing." He points towards Crux and Leo.

"Phoenix Hydrus- spread your wings and fly to victory," Phoenix's father says, right before Sol stops filming.

Lyra Dulce:

Lyra's parents and Crux and Leo show up for her interview, as well as her older siblings, Arisa and Cygnus.

"So, what are some good things about Lyra?" Helios asks.

"She's an amazing singer," Arisa gushes. "And she can cook well, too."

"If you've never eaten something that she made, you have never truly lived." Cygnus laughs.

"She was really sweet," Lyra's mother reveals. "It's a shame she was reaped."

"We all miss her, even those who haven't spoken to her," her father confirms. "Poor Lyra."

"I wish that I wasn't too old to volunteer for Lyra. If I could have, I would have," Arisa says.

"She's a really fun person to hang out with. She's really popular," Cygnus continues.

"Is that so?" Helios asks.

Everyone nods.

"Lovely," Helios says. "So I get it that Lyra's amazing?"

Everyone nods again.

"She certainly seems that way." Helios laughs.

"She always tries her hardest," Her mother says. "She was always a favorite of mine in class. Not only because she was my daughter, but because she always worked hard."

Helios nods. "Look, our time is almost over. Last words? Please don't use that smoke powder."

Cygnus rolls his eyes. "It says Lyra Dulce- The sweet, beautiful, victor."

Helios smiles while Sol shuts off the camera, and the final eight interviews come to an end.

Day 5

Day five starts off to a good start when Lyra and Phoenix see a silver parachute falling down. It is obviously meant for them. Lyra rushes over to it and opens it up. Inside is a watermelon, a sleeping bag, and a knife. Phoenix slices the watermelon with his knife, and hands a piece to Lyra. Lyra eats it, and is amazed at how wonderful it tastes after not being able to eat fruit for so long.

"What do you guys have here?" Yuri asks as she walks over to Phoenix and Lyra, Briar at her side.

"Watermelon!" Lyra grins.

"Can we have some too, please?" Briar asks sweetly.

Lyra nods, and Phoenix cuts up the watermelon into pieces for all of them. Pretty sure, they have finished the watermelon.

"That was amazing," Briar says. "It's good to have you guys as our allies."

"About that," Phoenix says. "Lyra and I were talking last night. We decided that it might be best for us to leave the alliance. So we don't have to kill each other."

"Oh." Briar nods. "Okay. Hope we don't see you later. No offense."

Lyra offers a little laugh before they run away into the forest section of the arena.

"We should probably get going," Yuri says as she begins to pack up her stuff. "The desert section of the arena would probably be our best bet."

"Nobody goes there." Briar nods. "Yeah. Let's go."

They finish packing up their stuff, and leave.


Destiny leans over some bread that she had picked up at the feast. It's bread from the Capitol. It is good, but not as good as the taste of bread back in District Three. She remembers reading that it had been called "Irish sodabread" before Panem, in a history of food book at the District Three library. She grins, recalling the days that she would spend relaxing in the soft, velvet, chair that was in the corner of the library. She and Amelie would play a game where they would pick out random books from the shelves and and read a sentence from them. They would combine random sentences and make a story out of them.

Amelie. Her other friends at school. All people that she had to get back to.

Destiny lies on her back and stares up at the blue sky. Things are seeming perfect- too perfect. She knows that it won't last for long, so she should make the best of it. Stuffing another piece of bread in her mouth, she thinks more about what life in District Three would be like if she would win. With that happy thought, she closes her eyes, and falls asleep.


Briar hears a bomb go off nearby, followed by three tribute cannons booming. "What was that?" she asks.

"I can tell that you guys are wondering what that was," Gamemaker Kath says, her voice being broadcast over the arena. "Well, it's Head Gamemaker Lunarit's birthday today, so she got the day off. Well, to celebrate her birthday, I bombed the forest section of the arena. Sorry to the three tributes who lost their lives."

Briar can practically hear Gamemaker Kath rolling her eyes as she says these words.

"Now, go kill each other!" Gamemaker Kath claps, signing off.

"Ugh." Yuri sets down the backpack gently. "I wish that they wouldn't get this much joy from killing us."

"It's probably in the Capitol rule book or something." Briar rolls her eyes.

Mole is sitting in a hole. He sees Briar and Yuri passing by overhead. He picks up a knife, aims it at Yuri, and throws. Yuri falls to the ground. Her cannon goes off, and Briar instantly looks around to see who killed her. Mole picks up another knife and aims it at Briar, but before he gets a chance to throw, Briar throws a knife at him. In vain, he throws it at her, but Briar dodges the knife. The knife quickly makes contact with Mole's chest and he falls, dead. His cannon booms.

Briar quickly gathers any useful items and leaves. She doesn't want to run into the Capitol hovercraft that is coming to pick up Mole and Yuri's bodies. Just as she makes it to the bridge, it begins to rain. The water and bridge becomes covered in lava. Sighing, Briar sits down, ready to wait it out.


Splash stares up at the sky after coming out of the cave. He is eating some food that he had gotten from the feast, and knows that it is only a matter of time before the gamemakers force him to come into contact with the other tributes. He also knows that he should enjoy this freedom while he can.

The Capitol seal appears in the sky, followed by the faces of Yuri, Mole, Florence, Phoenix, and Lyra. Seal, anthem, then it fades to black.

He misses Waterlily, but he knows that he must win the Games for her. He is so close to victory, he can almost taste it.

And yet, anything could go wrong. His cave could be bombed, a tribute could discover his hideout and kill him, or something equally horrible could happen.

He tries to push these thoughts from his mind as he heads back into his cave. He finishes up his rationed dinner food, lies down on the ground, and tries to fall asleep.

He dreams of Waterlily. She, in all her beautiful perfection, dance alongside a river. Splash follows her, tries to catch up with her, but Waterlily is always out of reach.

He wakes up, frustrated. Looking outside, he notices that it is still dark. He eats a tiny bit of food, before falling into a deep slumber, of victories and Waterlily and his family.

Day 5 Deaths- 5

Yuri Blue: Blake Mor

Blake Mor: Briar Reeds

Florence Syren: Capitol Bomb

Phoenix Hydrus: Capitol Bomb

Lyra Dulce: Capitol Bomb

Day 6

"What did you DO?!"

Gamemaker Kath looks up to see a very angry Head Gamemaker Lunarit staring down at her.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Kath says.

"I instructed you to cancel lava time for the day, NOT to set off a bomb in the forest section of the arena!" Lunarit rolls her eyes. "I get back from my 'Power to the Capitol- Ways to Cause Chaos in the Districts' retreat, and find that you did this? WITHOUT MY PERMISSION?"

"Sorry," Kath says, even though she doesn't mean it.

"You should be."

"I learned a lot at the retreat," Lunarit says, changing the subject with another eye roll. "Time to put some of it to good use."


Splash wakes up, suddenly. Waterlily had danced in and out of his dreams, and he hadn't gotten much sleep. He gets up, packs up his stuff, and walks out of the cave. He begins to walk to the Cornucopia, where he will see if he can try his luck at fishing. He finally reaches the Cornucopia when he sees Destiny and Briar running towards the Cornucopia. He lifts a knife and throws it in their direction. It hits Briar, who falls to the ground. She isn't dead yet, however. She manages to crawl across the bridge before her legs give out and she is forced to lie down.

Splash checks his pack for another knife to throw at Destiny, but he is all out. Briar has removed the knife from her stomach and is holding it in her hands. She is too weak to throw it, but is holding onto it with all her strength, to prevent Splash from taking it.

Splash wonders what brought Briar and Destiny to the Cornucopia. Looking out, he sees that the rest of the arena is enveloped in flames.

Defenseless, he resolves to try to use what he has to fish. Maybe he can catch a big one.

A cannon booms. It is Briar's as she has finally died. Splash rushes over to her body to pick up her supplies, but Destiny beats him there. She dumps Briar's packs in the water, which quickly turns to lava. She then grabs the knife and points it at Splash.

"If you don't throw that at me, I'll give you some fish tonight," Splash promises.

Destiny nods, then retreats to her corner of the Cornucopia Island, keeping her eye on Splash the whole time.


A few hours later, Destiny walks over to where Splash is cooking the fish. The lava had stopped two hours ago, but they had both chosen to remain on Cornucopia Island.

"Smells good," she comments.

"I tried my best." Splash gives a small shrug.

"I'm sure it'll be great," Destiny assures him.

After a few minutes of silence, Splash finally speaks up. "So, we're the final two, huh?"

"Yeah." Destiny nods. "Can we wait for tomorrow to kill each other, please?"

"I'm kind of in a rush."

"I know that. I am, too. But I think I've had enough deaths for a while."

"I have, too. One of us is going to die tomorrow, do you realize that?"

"I do. I want to figure out a way so that we can both live, but that probably won't happen."


"I'm looking forward to killing you tomorrow," Splash speaks again.

Destiny laughs. "Not a chance. I'm pretty sure that we all know that I'm going to win."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that."

"I would."


"Food is ready," Splash says, pulling the fish out of the fire. "Knife, please?

"Uh, no. Nice try, but I'll be the one cutting it," Destiny says, taking out a clean knife and cutting the fish. She hands a few pieces to Splash before putting her knife away.

"Thanks," Splash says, after a few minutes of the two of them eating in silence.

"You're welcome." Destiny flashes Splash a warm smile before returning to her food.

Despite the fact that they knew that one would have to kill the other the next day, the two were enjoying themselves. They were having a good time.

Of course, nothing can last forever.


Splash and Destiny are sitting on the opposite sides of Cornucopia Island. Neither of them will get any sleep to night. Neither of them will try to get any sleep, either.

The Capitol seal appears in the sky. It is followed by the face of Briar. The seal reappears, then the anthem plays, and then it fades to black.

"Kill you tomorrow?" Splash asks.

"You wish." Destiny rolls her eyes.

"We'll just see about that," Splash responds.

"I am the winner!"

"Sure you are."


"I can't wait to be back in District Four in two days."

"Keep dreaming."

And so their "fight" went on for two hours, before they both settled into a comfortable silence to wait out the night.

Day 6 Deaths- 1

Briar Reeds: Splash Blue

Day 7- A Winner Is Crowned

Destiny is about to close her eyes from sleepiness. She knows that this could give Splash an excuse to sneak up on her and kill her, but she hopes that he won't.

She closes her eyes for a few minutes. When she opens them back up, the only thing she sees around her is a silver parachute, slowly falling to the ground.

A silver parachute!

Destiny rushes over to it and opens it. Inside is a letter.

Dear Destiny,

I'd just like to say that I'm rooting for you. You can and WILL come home alive. I can not wait until you come home. By the way, I hope you like the picture.


Destiny looks around for a picture. She finally finds it, hidden in the parachute. It is a picture of she and Amelie playing. Destiny grins and puts the picture and the note in her backpack. She is excited to go home. She was SO close.

There was only one thing getting in her way.



Splash paces back and forth, walking through the forest section of the arena. He is unsure of how to kill Destiny with no weapons. Maybe he can win if he attempts to beat her up.

Splash, that won't work, he thinks.

Splash knows that the best he can do is hope for a miracle to happen.


Destiny is drinking water from the lake when she sees Splash approaching. He has no weapons. To make it fair, she throws his old knife at him.

"Making it fair!" She explains to a confused looking Splash.

Splash nods, then picks it up.

They both raise their knives.

This is it, Destiny, Destiny tells herself. You are about to die. I feel so bad for Amelie.

I'll be able to see Waterlily again, Splash thinks. Then we really can be together forever.

Destiny, stop talking that way! Destiny shakes her head, and puts her knife down. You can win.

I'll win. For Waterlily. I have to. Splash, too, lowers his knife.

The two stare at each other for a few seconds. They both slowly raise their knives again at the same time.

A cannon booms.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the announcer's voice booms across the arena. "I am pleased to present the victor of the First Hunger Games, District Three's Destiny Bow!"

Destiny breathes a sigh of relief. She has done it. She has won.

She is the victor.

Day 7 Deaths- 1

Splash Blue: Destiny Bow

The Victory Tour

District 12:

When Destiny steps onto the stage in the square at District 12, she looks down at the single platform containing Lyra and Phoenix's families. Crux and Leo are staring up at her. Lyra and Phoenix's parents are weeping.

"I'm sorry that I never knew Lyra or Phoenix," Destiny says. "There wasn't much of a chance for me to talk them. They seemed like nice people. I would have liked to get to know them. District Twelve, I am sorry for your loss." Destiny looks into the eyes of Crux and Leo, then runs off the stage and into the Justice Building, crying.

District 11:

Destiny looks out at the crowd in District 11. She looks down at the plate containing the families of Sonya and Sam and shudders.

"I never saw Sam or Sonya," Destiny says. "Sonya was tough, though, if she managed to get into the Careers. I guess Sam was pretty good, too, but I never got a chance to talk to either one of them. I'm very sorry for your loss." Destiny walks off the stage, and into the Justice Building. She isn't sure if she can handle the memories that the arena brings anymore.

District 10:

"I never talked to Iroh or Florence," Destiny says as she looks out on the people on their platforms. "They semmed nice, though. Especially Florence. I really, really, wish that I could've met and talked with them. I'm sorry for your loss, but I know that Florence and Iroh will live on forever in your hearts."

Someone hits her with a rolled up sock. Destiny holds back tears and runs off stage.

District 9:

"Sam and Lila, they were nice," Destiny says. "It's so sad that they had to die."

"You don't care about them!" Someone in the audience yells.

"I most certainly do!" Destiny yells back.

"Go away. No one wants you here!" That person yells again.


Destiny is hurt. They had no idea what she had been through.

"Anyways, I'm sorry for your loss."

"No you're not!"

"Go away!"

"Never come back!"

Destiny runs off the stage, in tears.

District 8:

"I saw Mole and Angel. They were both very nice from what I've seen, and resourceful."

The people of District 8 nod. They are happy that Destiny had killed Angel's killer, Splash.

"I ask you, people of District Eight, to try and imagine what I was going through in that arena. I think that Angel and I could've made great friends, but you know, out in the arena? You're not there to make friends. You're there to kill." Destiny shakes her head, knowing that the people of District Eight can not even begin to feel her pain.

The citizens are silent.

"Thank you for your time. I am very sorry for your loss." Destiny walks back into the Justice Building, despite some attempts made by Peacekeepers at keeping her on the stage.

District 7:

Destiny feels like she's about to burst. She can't take the Victory Tour anymore. All she wants to do is go home and lay in bed, or perhaps hang out with Amelie.

"First of all, I am so sorry about Terra and Oak. They both met terrible ends, more terrible than they deserved. Terra should've remembered the sixty second rule, yes, but she didn't deserve it! And how was Oak supposed to know that the fruit that he ate was posioned? The Capitol should've informed us! This is all the Capitol's fault! If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have t-"

Just then, a group of Peacekeepers take Destiny into the Justice Building, leaving the people of District Seven to stare at the stage in silence.

District 6:

In District Six, Destiny is at a loss for words. She doesn't know what to say about Lucy or Kouta.

After a few minutes of a staring match between Destiny and District Six, Destiny says "I'm very sorry for losing Kouta and Lucy." and runs into the Justice Building.

District 5:

"Briar and Flare were wonderful people," Destiny says. "During training, Gauge and I would hang out with Briar and Flare. If Gauge or I hadn't won, I would have liked to see either Briar or Flare win. Really, I would have." And Destiny means every word of it. But she wouldnn't have minded seeing Waterlily, Splash, Florence, Iroh, or any of the other tributes win, either.

District Five doesn't buy it. Briar's dad is sobbing. It is too much for Destiny to take in. She rushes off the stage, resolving to never come back.

District 4:

"When I heard that Waterlily died, I was really sad," Destiny reveals. "She always seemed so nice." Destiny could see people in the crowd nodding at her words.

"Splash was a nice guy, too. The best time I ever had during the Games was when I was hanging out with him."

"But then you went and killed him!" Someone in the audience yells.

"I'm sorry about that." Destiny is about to cry now. "But out there, in the arena? It's kill or be killed. I did what I had to do to survive."

"You should've died!" Someone calls.


"Go die!"

Destiny runs into the Justice Building.

"I don't think I can do this anymore," she tells her mentor, Cayden.

Cayden shakes her head. "You did just fine. Those people are idiots."

"I guess." Destiny still isn't convinced.

District 2:

In District Two, Destiny isn't sure if she should speak. "I'm sorry that you guys lost Yuri," Destiny says. "I also know that the loss of Joo-Chan is probably affecting you guys right now, too. But Joo-Chan killed Gauge, and things like that can not be forgiven."

"KILL OR BE KILLED!" Someone yells.



"Fine! I quit!" Destiny storms off stage.

"Um, Destiny? You can't quit being a victor," Cayden reminds her.

In response, Destiny just cries.

District 1:

"Sparkle and Marbel were so outgoing," Destiny says. "Sparkle was amazingly nice, and Marbel loved Sparkle. They were both great people."



"LEAVE! LEAVE! LEAVE!" It quickly picks up into a chant.

Destiny looks like she's about to pass out from crying. Just in time, Cayden arrives onto the stage and puts her arm around her, carrying her off.

The Capitol:

The Capitol is a much better experince for Destiny. Nobody is giving her death threats, or telling her to leave. Everyone pampers her. The food is amazing, and she dances with so many wonderful people. She even witnessed a fight between Head Gamemaker Lunarit and Gamemaker Kath which made her stay up for hours laughing. Cayden had had to ask her to go to sleep multiple times before she did.

District 3:

In District Three, a street fair is held. Food comes from the Capitol, as does entertainment. Destiny has a great time running through the streets with Amelie, annoying various people and trying everything that the fair has to offer. However, she still can't help but think of Gauge, who could've been in her place.

Don't think like that, Destiny, she tells herself. You won. That was what you wanted, right? So why are you so sad?

Destiny knew why. It was because of all the horrors that she had seen in the arena. She knows that there is no going back.

"Hey, Destiny." Amelie giggles. "Wanna go poke that Capitol guy serving fruit?"

Destiny giggles. "Sure!"

Maybe, just maybe, she can slip back into her old life.

The end.