First off, I'd like to thank everyone who submitted tributes for my first Games and made it possible to write it. Second off, I'd like to dedicate this to Cath, Sarit, and Cassady. Without you guys, I would be nothing. Third, I would like to thank everyone who read and liked my Games, even if they didn't submit tributes for this. And finally, I'd like to dedicate my second Games to the wonderful Primrose1444. Her Games were amazing, and I am sad that she quit, but we all have to do what we have to do, you know?

All of the tribute spots have been taken. Sorry to those who missed out! Better luck next time!

The Tributes

District 1:

Male: Nicholas Chung Axed by Tree Summer. 8th place.

Female: Kourtney Rodriguez Stabbed by Olga Gnorshnoff, 11th place.

District 2:

Male: Brass Sater Bombed by Head Gamemaker Kath. 4th place.

Female: Trifle Woods Stabbed by Ruby Steiner, 23rd place.

District 3:

Male: Regulus Arcturus Stabbed by Olga Gnorshnoff. 20th place.

Female: Nyota Klatergoud Stabbed by Brass Sater. 6th place.

District 4:

Male: Kai Waters Bombed by Head Gamemaker Kath. 5th place.

Female: Brooke Stream Bombed by Head Gamemaker Kath. 16th place.

District 5:

Male: Cedar Lark Bombed by Head Gamemaker Kath. 3rd place.

Female: Everest Tinder Shot by Olga Gnorshnoff. 12th place.

District 6:

Male: Ruby Steiner Stabbed by Brass Sater. 15th place.

Female: Liesel Hammerman Stabbed by Brass Sater, 24th place.

District 7:

Male: Rowan Winter Stabbed by Everbloom Blossom. 17th place.

Female: Tree Summer- VICTOR

District 8:

Male: Marko Flame Shot by Regulus Arcturus. 21st place.

Female: Olga Gnorshnoff Stabbed by Brass Sater. 7th place.

District 9:

Male: Sam Jones Stabbed by Rowan Winter. 18th place.

Female: Spring Howards Bombed by Head Gamemaker Kath. 10th place.

District 10:

Male: Copper Manard Bombed by Head Gamemaker Kath. 9th place.

Female: Madison Garton Shot by Olga Gnorshnoff. 14th place.

District 11:

Male: Coca Aqualille Stabbed by Olga Gnorshnoff. 19th place.

Female: Everbloom Blossom Killed by acid rain. 13th place.

District 12:

Male: Ridge Hillsong Speared by Tree Summer. 2nd place.

Female: Quinna Archipelago Stabbed by Rowan Winter, 22nd place.


Here's how sponsoring works. Each tribute gets a grand total of $1,000 at the start of the Games, but each day they manage to stay alive $300 is added onto their total. You are only allowed to sponsor your own tributes. Here's a list of items you can buy:


Knife- $100

Fifteen arrows- $150

Spear- $200

Bow with 15 arrows- $300

Trident- $500

Vial of poison- $520

Food and Water:

Empty bottle- $50

Small pack of crackers- $75

Fruit of your choice- $100

Iodine- $150

Bottle of water- $200

Basket of bread from your tribute's District- $200

Soup of your choice- $400

Feast (contains some fruit of your choice, vegetables of your choice, meat of your choice, two baskets of bread from your tribute's District, and two bottles of water.)- $1,500

Other Essentials:

Note from a friend, family member, or mentor.(When writing the note, keep it no longer than four sentences-the dear and from lines don't count.)- $10

Thick pair of socks- $25

Sweatshirt- $50

Thin blanket- $100

Two bandages- $200

Sleeping bag- $200

Winter coat- $300

Thick blanket- $300

First aid kit- $400

Night vision glasses- $500

Tent- $600

Backpack that contains five bandages, a first aid kit, a note from home, a bottle of water, three packs of crackers, a thin blanket, and a winter coat- $1,500

Medicene- Depends on the kind.

Important People


District 1:

Cayden Jemmings. (Background- District 3 mentor during the first Games, fought for the Capitol during the Dark Days.)

District 2:

Elladora Harrison. (Background- District 2 mentor during the first Games, fought for the Capitol during the Dark Days.)

District 3:

Destiny Bow. (Background- Victor of the first Games.)

District 4:

Sirius Jackson. (Background- District 8 mentor during the first Games, fought for the Capitol during the Dark Days.)

District 5:

Rhiannon Andrews. (Background- District 5 mentor during the first Games, used to own a gym in the Capitol.)

District 6:

James Hale. (Background- District 6 mentor during the first Games, fought for the Capitol during the Dark Days.)

District 7:

Derrick Segovia. (Background- District 7 mentor during the first Games, was going to be a Peacekeeper but decided to be a Games mentor instead.

District 8:

Elyse Kerr. (Background- Fought for the Capitol during the Dark Days, was a Peacekeeper when the first Games were going on.)

District 9:

Seth Baker. (Background- District 9 mentor during the first Games, helped devlop the muttations for the Dark Days.)

District 10:

Jenner Riddle. (Background- District 10 mentor during the first Games, helped devlop muttations for the Capitol during the Dark Days.)

District 11:

Ivy Carter. (Background- District 11 mentor during the first Games, is the daughter of the District 11 mayor.)

District 12:

Davey Buckley. (Background- District 12 mentor during the first Games, used to work at Rhiannon's gym.)



Head Gamemaker:

Kath. (Lunarit will be back for the third Games.)





















Former Careers:

Nicholas Chung (District 1 Male, got kicked out.)

Kourtney Rodriguez (District 1 Female, died.)

Brass Sater (District 2 Male, died.)

Trifle Woods (District 2 Female, died.)

Marko Flame (District 8 Male, died.)

Olga Gnorshnoff (District 8 Female, died.)

The Arena

The arena this year is shaped like a bomb. There is a thick forest surrounding a meadow. The Cornucopia and the tribute tubes are in the meadow. A little spring runs through the arena, forming a little lake just north of the meadow. Each part of the arena (minus the meadow and the lake) are sepearted into sections. You don't know that until it is too late. Once everyday, Head Gamemaker Kath bombs one section of the arena. Ten minutes before the bombing, the area is isolated from the others so no one can come in and no one can come out. After the bombings, the section cleans up and reopens itself. The arena is split apart into twelve sections.

Chariot Rides

District 1:

The District One chariot is silver and adorned in diamonds. Nicholas is wearing a silver shirt and black pants, while Kourtney is wearing a silver minidress. Kourtney is wearing black boots and her hair is in a ponytail. Nicholas is barefoot. Music blasts from the chariot and Kourtney and Nicholas are waving at the crowd, to the beat of the music. Some members of the crowd begin to clap along with the music. Kourtney and Nicholas grin, knowing that they have gotten at least a few new potential sponsors.

District 2:

Brass and Trifle are wearing outfits made out of various metals. They are both throwing fake knives into the crowd. The words "District Two- The Champions" have been inscribed into the knives. They even throw a fake bomb in Head Gamemaker Kath's direction. Kath rolls her eyes but is secretly pleased. FINALLY some tributes who seem to love bombs as much as she does!

District 3:

The District Three chariot comes out and Nyota is wearing bronze-colored face paint and a bronze-colored dress. She is sitting still, and appears to be deep in thought. Regulus is wearing a pair of overalls and a brown long-sleeved shirt. He is carrying various pieces of wires and a screwdriver. He pretends to work on Nyota while the crowd watches, bored.

District 4:

Brooke is wearing a purple shirt and a green...mermaid's tail? The crowd does a double take, just to confirm that Brooke is, indeed, wearing a mermaid's tail. Kai is wearing a white shirt and a blue mermaid's tail. The chariot is a clear glass, revealing a fish tank inside. A variety of fish swim around. The crowd claps their approval. Kai and Brooke look at each other and smile, then begin to wave at the crowd.

District 5:

Everest is wearing the same dress that Briar had worn the previous year, however it is blue, not pink. Her blonde hair has been done up in a loose chignon, with daises woven into it. Cedar is wearing the same outfit that Flare had last year. The chariot looks the same. The crowd looks on, wondering what they were doing. After all, they couldn't have been that out of chariot ideas.

District 6:

Ruby is wearing a black tuxedo and Liesel is wearing a long white dress. The chariot has been painted white, however splashes of black also appear. One horse is white with black spots, while the other is black with white spots. Liesel is carrying a black book and Ruby is carrying a white book. The crowd understands that the theme is black and white, but they are unaware about what this has to do with their District.

District 7:

Rowan and Tree are wearing green woodcutters' clothes. They are swinging fake axes at anyone in site. "Needs more bombs." Head Gamemaker Kath sighs. The chariot has been painted to look like dirt. The crowd is very unimpressed.

District 8:

Marko and Olga are dressed in clothing made out of various pieces of fabrics.The chariot has been painted silver. The crowd laughs as they realize that it is supposed to be a sewing needle. Marko catches Olga's eye for a minute before looking away. The crowd wonders what that was about.

District 9:

In the District Nine chariot, Spring is wearing a black minidress and Sam is wearing a black shirt and cargo pants. The chariot has been painted black, and the horses are black. When the chariot moves away, the words "District Nine" have been splattered in black paint behind them.

District 10:

Copper is wearing a cow print shirt, cowboy boots, and jeans, while Madison is wearing a black shirt and a leopard print skirt with leopard print heels. The chariot has been painted green to look like grass. The crowd sighs of boredom.

District 11:

When the District 11 chariot comes out, Everbloom is wearing a green minidress and green leggings. Her hair is in a braid, with ivy weaved through it. Coca is wearing a toga made entirely out of ivy. The chariot is painted green, and looks like it is seeping with venom. The whole audience laughs when they see that the chariot is supposed to be poison.

District 12:

The horses pulling the District Twelve chariot are usually white, but coal dust was dumped on them. Quinna is wearing a black dress. Ridge is wearing a miner's outfit. Behind them, the chariot leaves a trail of coal dust which reads "Quinna and Ridge- The Real Champions of Panem."

Training Scores

Tribute Name: Training Score (1-12):
Nicholas Chung 9
Kourtney Rodriguez 10
Brass Sater 9
Trifle Woods 11
Regulus Arcturus 10
Nyota Klatergoud 6
Kai Waters 8
Brooke Stream 9
Cedar Lark 8
Everest Tinder 9
Ruby Steiner 9
Liesel Hammerman 7
Rowan Winter 11
Tree Summer 8
Marko Flame 8
Olga Gnorshnoff 10
Sam Jones 9
Spring Howards 8
Copper Manard 5
Madison Garton 9
Coca Aqualille 9
Everbloom Blossom 8
Ridge Hillsong 10
Quinna Archipelago 7

The Interviews

Kourtney Rodriguez: In Kourtney's interivew, we learn that she wasn't born in Panem- in fact, she was born in Cuba! Kourtney explains that her mother was offered a job in Panem that would make her family rich, and they took it. Kourtney then goes on to say that she has two sisters, one of which teaches her how to use her heritage to her advantage. The other one taught her to be as smart and athletic as she can be. Finally, Kourtney says that she is fluent in Spanish. The buzzer sounds, and Nicholas is called up.

Nicholas Chung: In Nicholas' interview, we learn that, like Kourtney, he wasn't born in Panem. Nicholas reveals that he was born in China, but his family had to move to Panem due to overpopulation. He says that his father has tuberculosis, and he always has to be careful to make sure that he doesn't catch it. Because of this, he thinks that he is able to know just when to attack. The buzzer rings, and Trifle is called up for her interivew.

Trifle Woods: In Trifle's interview, we learn that ever since the Games were announced two years before, Trifle has been hard at work, training. Trifle also says that this is easy for her to do, as her parents are rich, and she has no siblings. When asked about life at school, Trifle reveals that she is mildly popular. When asked what her favorite part of the Games will be, Trifle laughs and says that her favorite part will be killing everyone and winning. With a bomb? Head Gamemaker Kath silently wonders. The buzzer rings, and Brass is called up.

Brass Sater: In Brass' interview, we learn that he has trained for the Games since they were announced. He also says that he has two older brothers, Iron, who is twenty-one, and Steel, who is nineteen. He says that they helped him train for the Hunger Games, especially during the first Games, when Steel was still able to be reaped. When asked about life at school, Brass laughs and says that he's the "cool" kid at school, and all the girls like him because he is so strong. The buzzer rings, and Nyota is called up.

Nyota Klatergoud: In Nyota's interview, we learn that her family is rich, as her mother became the mayor of District Three two months before the reapings after the old one retired. When asked about her school life, Nyota says simply that she has a few friends, but not many, and has led a pretty normal life. When asked about the arena, Nyota says that she's good at first aid. For the rest of the interview, Nyota and Helios Gold, who is doing the interviews, sit in silence. The buzzer rings, and Regulus is called up.

Regulus Arcturus: In Regulus' interview, we learn that Regulus used to aspire to become a Peacekeeper. He says that he was admitted into the Peacekeeper training program, and plans to use that to his advantage. When asked about what it was like to train to be a Peacekeeper, Regulus opens his mouth, but shuts it after President Ruerose glares at him. He says that the information is confidential, and he can't share it with the general public. He says that before the training program he used to live with his parents and brother. When asked about his family, Regulus says thatt he doesn't want to talk about them. Before Helios can pressure him into it, the buzzer rings and Brooke is called up.

Brooke Stream: In Brooke's interview, we learn that she comes from a very wealthy family, and that her token, a heart-shaped necklace, was given to her by her mother. When asked about her school life, Brooke says that she has a large group of friends, however she has a best friend named Bay. When asked about her skills, Brooke says that she's a pretty fast runner. The buzzer sounds, and Kai is called up.

Kai Waters: In Kai's interview, we learn that he, like Brooke, comes from a very wealthy family. He also says that he's very popular in school. When asked about the arena, he says that he will not be joining the Careers, and wants to ally with Brooke. Brooke nods, but she can't say anything, as her time is over. When asked about his skills, he says that he's good at throwing knives. The buzzer rings, and Everest is called up.

Everest Tinder: In Everest's interview, we learn that Everet lives with her father and her little brother, Peak. We also learn that her father works a lot, so he isn't around most of the time. She says that she is teaching Peak to hunt for dinner. She then goes on to say that her best friend, Elk, is trying to teach her how to use a bow-and-arrow, but she she isn't the best at it. She says that Elk volunteered for a twelve year-old that had been reaped, but Cedar, her current District partner, volunteered for him. The buzzer sounds, and Cedar is called up.

Cedar Lark: In Cedar's interview, we learn that he lives with his parents, his two older brothers, and his two younger sisters. He says that he had volunteered for Elk to keep Everest happy. He then proceeds to say that he met Everest when he was fourteen- they had been assigned to work on a project together. He says that he promised Elk to protect Everest and get her home safely. When asked about his skills, he says that he's good at finding edible plants. The buzzer sounds, and Liesel is called up.

Liesel Hammerman: In Liesel's interview, we learn that when she was ten her mother sent she and her little brother to District Six where it was safe. When she was on the train, her little brother died in her arms. The crowd begins to tear up a bit after hearing this. She says that after the Capitol bombed her street, she was the only survivor, and her loving foster parents died. The crowd begins to cry after hearing this. The buzzer sounds, and Ruby is called up.

Ruby Steiner: In Ruby's interview, we learn that when Liesel moved into his neighborhood they became friends. He also says that when he was fourteen he was allowed to train to be a Peacekeeper. He says that while training, the Capitol accidentally bombed his street. Everyone but Liesel died. The buzzer rings, and Tree is called up.

Tree Summer: In Tree's interview, we learn that she works at her dad's lumberjack company. She then goes on to say that she teaches twelve year-olds about survival in the wild. When asked about her District partner, Tree glares at Rowan and states that she doesn't like him and hopes that he dies. Helios shakes his head, as he has never seen such an intense dislike between two tributes before. The buzzer rings, and Rowan is called up.

Rowan Winter: In Rowan's interview, we learn that he steals money from people in his District and is also the District executioner. He also says that he's secretly a spy, pretending to be a begger. Tree has to resist the urge to shout "EVERYONE KNOWS!" He says that he and the mayor get along well. When asked about his skills, Rowan says that he's good at hiding. The buzzer rings, and Olga is called up.

Olga Gnorshnoff: In Olga's interview, we learn that for the most part she is a normal girl, however she has killed before, as revenge. She says that her sister was killed at the reapings for being different by a lot of people from school. She takes out a picture of her sister and shows it to the crowd. She says that even though she isn't from a Career District, she acts like a Career and is capable of being a good one, which is why she joined up with them. The buzzer rings then, and Marko is called up.

Marko Flame: In Marko's interview, we learn that he lives with his father, however his father is always drunk. He says that he has always had to get food for himself, since his father doesn't feed him. He says that his mother died when he was eleven, which makes a few members of the Capitol audience sniffle. He says that because he has nothing to go back to, he wants Olga to win. He says that he allied with the Careers because he could do well in the group, and Olga had allied with them. The buzzer rings, and Spring is called up.

Spring Howards: In Spring's interview, we learn that she lives in a poverty stricken family. She says that both her parents work fifteen hours a day to try to provide for their family. She says that she has a younger sister named Melissa whom she loves. When asked about life at school, Spring says that she is very popular and has many friends. She then gets quiet, and says that the day before the reapings she broke up with her boyfriend. The buzzer rings, and Sam is called up.

Sam Jones: In Sam's interview, we learn that he lives with his parents and little sister, Trina. For a minute, he begs Trina not to kill herself if she dies. He knows that she will, but doesn't want her to. Some members of the Capitol crowd don't want Trina to kill herself either, but most of them don't really care. Helios decides to change the subject and asks Sam about school. Sam says that he has a few very good friends at school, but he's not very popular. The buzzer rings, and Madison is called up.

Madison Garton: In Madison's interview, we learn that she lives in a fancy house in District Ten with his parents. She says that she doesn't usually go outside. When asked why her teeth are so sharp, she says that she once carved them with a knife. Madison refuses to say anything else about her personal life, so Helios asks about her skills. Madison says that her special skills include hiding and biting. She says that she isn't interested in allying with anyone, and wants to work alone. The buzzer rings, and Copper is called up.

Copper Manard: In Copper's interview, we learn that girls always fell for him back in District Ten. Nyota rolls her eyes. He also says that he's used to getting what he wants. He won't stand a chance, Trifle thinks smugly. He then goes on to say that any girl that allies with him will be extremely lucky. A few of the younger girls in the Capitol crowd stare jealously at the female tributes. Copper then goes onto say that he will win without having to lift a finger. Before Helios can ask him what he plans to do, the buzzer rings, and Everbloom is called up.

Everbloom Blossom: In Everbloom's interview, we learn that she lives with her parents, five older sisters, six older brothers, and one younger brother. Her entire family works most of the day in order to earn money so they can eat and continue living in their house. She says that she had another older brother named Gravel, but he died nine years prior to the interview. She says that her older eighteen year-old sister, Tulip, tried to take her place, but Everbloom got one of her brothers, Calcite, to hold her back. She says that her youngest brother, Gravel Jr., is dangerously ill with a sickness that is new to District Eleven and that she wants to win to get help for him. The buzzer rings, and Coca is called up.

Coca Aqualille: In Coca's interview, we learn that he has three sisters and is the only male child in his family. He says that he and his sisters, Lillac and Rose, work in the trees, harvesting fruits. His sister, Lavender, works in the vegetable patches. Coca says that he's the second youngest, Rose is the youngest, and Lillac is the oldest. He says that when he was nine his father went to work in the fields and never came back. He says that he wants to find his father, and if he wins he can find him. The buzzer sounds, and Quinna is called up.

Quinna Archipelago: In Quinna's interview, we learn that she is fast and good with pick-axes. She says that she has a few wonderful friends at school, and her family is merchant-class level. She says that she's kind of fast, but Ridge knows that she's really fast and is just being modest. The buzzer rings, and Rige is called up for his interview.

Ridge Hillsong: In Ridge's interview, we learn that he's been mute since birth and speaks using sign language. Everyone is happy that Helios is able to understand sign language so he can translate what Ridge says. We also learn that he lives with his parents, who are coalminers, in the Seam. He says that he can fight with most weapons. When asked again about his homelife, Ridge says that he likes it, and wouldn't trade it for the world. The buzzer rings, and the interviews are over.

Day 1- The Bloodbath

"Ladies and gentlemen...let the second Hunger Games begin!"

Sixty seconds later, Liesel is running towards the Cornucopia. She figures that she can grab some things that she needs and then go hide in the woods. She grabs the biggest pack she can find and picks it up.

Brass sees her, and throws a knife. It hits her in the back, and she falls, dead. He rushes over to retrieve the pack and takes it back to the forming Career group.

Ruby had watched the death of Liesel, and was enraged. He quickly makes a silent pact to kill Brass. He picks up a knife, and throws it at Brass. It misses him, and hits Trifle instead. Trifle falls to the ground, and within a few seconds she is dead. The Career pack quickly turns on Ruby, and Brass runs after him.

Brooke, Kai, and Quinna decide to use this distraction to their advantage. Kai and Brooke run towards the Cornucopia first, and grap a medium-sized bag full of food. They run away into the arena, and no one seems to notice them. Quinna, figuring she'll get lucky, sprints to the Cornucopia and picks up a small first aid kit with a pack of crackers in it. She then runs off into the woods.

Rowan spots her. "Allies?" he asks.

Quinna shakes her head. "No, sorry."

"Fine, be that way!" Rowan spits at her, before stabbing her in the heart. After she dies, Rowan picks up the first aid kit and runs off.

Regulus is the last to hit the Cornucopia. He notices that the Careers have set up camp nearby. Marko, Olga, and Brass are setting up a tent. Regulus grins as he picks up a gun that he found. He shoots Marko in the back.

"Marko!" Olga screams. She notices that he fell. She turns, and sees Regulus. She rushes at him, and before Regulus can shoot, she stabs him in the stomach with a sword.

He falls, dead. She rushes back to Marko.

"Olga..." That is the last thing he says before he dies.

Olga stands up. She's not one to cry, and doesn't want to start then. She raises a knife, and throws it at the nearest non-Career, who happens to be Coca. Everbloom notices and raises the long sword that she picked up at the Cornucopia, ready to stab Olga, when she notices Rowan in the woods. Figuring that it's a lost cause, she runs away, ready to kill Rowan. Rowan spots her, and approaches her.

"Allies?" he asks.

Everbloom, taken by surprise, nods.

"Alliance?" A voice says. Everbloom and Rowan whip their heads around to look at where the voice came from. Sam is standing by a tree. "Well?"

"Sure," Rowan says.

"I was asking Everbloom."

"Well in that case..." Rowan raises a knife and stabs Sam.

"Rowan!" Everbloom rolls her eyes.

"What?" He asks innocently.

"I'm pretty sure he was joking."

"He's dead. Too late."

Everbloom stabs Rowan in frustration with her long sword. Realizing what she had done, she quickly picks up the first aid kit and runs away with it.

"Uh, Kath?" Gamemaker Jayme asks. "Didn't you have plans to bomb the arena today?"

Head Gamemaker Kath glares at Jayme. "I forgot, okay? I'll do it tomorrow."

"Procrastination is bad."

"I'm procrastinating on killing you."

"Procrastination is a good thing."

"Don't worry, I have something lovely planned for the tributes tonight." Head Gamemaker Kath grins. "Now back to work!"


When the cannons begin to boom, the alive tributes know that the Bloodbath is over. Kai counts the cannons. Eight. Eight tributes dead on the first day. The Capitol seal appears in the sky, and the faces of Trifle, Regulus, Liesel, Rowan, Marko, Sam, Coca, and Quinna. The seal reappears, followed by the Capitol anthem. It fades to black.

Brooke yawns. "What a long day."

Kai nods. "See you in the morning?"

"See you in the morning.

Day 1 Deaths- 8

Liesel Hammerman: Brass Sater

Trifle Woods: Ruby Steiner

Quinna Archipelago: Rowan Winter

Marko Flame: Regulus Arcturus

Regulus Arcturs: Olga Gnorshnoff

Coca Aqualille: Olga Gnorshnoff

Sam Jones: Rowan Winter

Rowan Winter: Everbloom Blossom

== Day 2 ==

"Good morning, tributes!" Head Gamemaker Kath's voice rings throughout the arena. "Today, we're going to play a little game. In an hour, I will set supplies down in the meadow. You will have half an hour to make your way to the meadow before the supplies are gone. And if you don't, I'll bomb you. But wait! There's more! Only eleven tributes can grab supplies! If more do, I'll just bomb you all! Have fun!"

Ridge sees a silver parachute falling to the ground in front of him. He rushes over to it and opens it up. Inside is a sweatshirt, a spear, two packs of crackers, a knife, a first-aid kit, and a note. He grins of happiness because he has so much stuff, thanks to his nice sponsors. He opens one pack of crackers and begins to eat. He now has enough supplies to live off of without heading to the Cornucopia, but he remembers Head Gamemaker Kath's warning. He shrugs, then opens up the letter. It's from his family, telling him that he's doing a great job and that they can't wait for him to come home. He smiles, opens up the first aid kit and puts the note and crackers in it. He puts on the sweatshirt, as it is starting to get cold, and grabs the kit, spear, and knife, before running off towards the meadow.


Tree sees a silver parachute floating towards her branch, and towards the ground. She quickly grabs it before it can reach the ground, alerting the Careers of her presence. She opens it up, to find that it contains a note from her mentor, Derrick Segovia. It instructs her to stay in her tree, and watch who actually shows up to the meadow. She nods, to show him that she understands it, before folding it back up. As she strains her neck, she sees the first few tributes arriving- Nyota comes from one end of the forest, and Copper comes from another, reading some letters. The letters were fanmail from many adoring females across Panem. Tree figures that he'll be an easy kill, and shakes her head in sadness. She couldn't kill him from where she was, but if she could just figure out a way...


By this time, Section 5 of the arena is deserted- well, almost deserted. Brooke and Kai remain in this section, walking towards the meadow.

"I can't take this anymore." Kai leans against a tree, and falls, slowly. "I'm tired. Can't we just die already?"

Brooke stares at Kai, horrified. "No, we can not 'just die already. We're going to have to fight. And we're going to win." She takes a deep breath, and starts to sing.*

They think that we're finished

They think that we're done

They think that it's over

Their battle is won, HA!

They think we're finished

But we aren't through

Stop and think, Kai

What would your parents do for you?

Your parents never gave up a fight

Your parents stood up for what is right

Well, now it's our turn

Our turn

Make a joyful sound

The Capitol is going down!

We must unite, so we can fight

Turn the battle around

Time's running out

It's time to shout

The Capitol is going down

Can't you feel a fire burning?

Now it's time to be a man


We won't be pushed around anymore

We'll be a force you can't ignore

We'll be an army for the rebels

The rebels

We must unite

So we can fight

Turn the battle around

Time's running out

It's time to shout

The Capitol is going down!

We must unite

So we can fight

Turn the battle around

Time's running out

It's time to shout

The Capitol is going-

We must unite

So we can fight

The Capitol is going down!

Somewhere during the middle of the song, Kai had gotten back up and continued to walk. Kai had just passed out of the sections, and Brooke was about to, when...

"Cue the bombs."

Head Gamemaker Kath's voice rings out through the Games headquarters. She couldn't have someone attempting to start another rebellion! One had just ended! In a matter of seconds, the section of the arena that Brooke is in gets bombed.

Kai has to cover his mouth to keep from screaming as he runs towards the Cornucopia, as the sound of Brooke's cannon firing rings out through the arena.


Ruby slowly approaches the Career set-up. He has to sneak past it to get to the Cornucopia. No one sees him...except Brass. Brass lazily picks up a knife and walks behind Ruby. He stabs him in the back, and before Ruby can look at his killer, Brass runs back to the Career camp. Ruby's cannon goes off, and the other Careers congratulate Brass on a job well done.


Madison quickly arrives at the meadow. She runs towards the Cornucopia, as she wants to get it over with, and reaches for some food. Olga spots her and, desperate to kill someone, she takes out a bow-and-arrow that the Careers picked up and shoots her. Madison falls, and using her last bit of strength, looks around for her killer. Olga gives her a sweet smile, before her cannon sounds.


Everbloom, in a moment of a what-is-best-for-me thought, had decided against going to the Cornucopia.

And now, Head Gamemaker Kath thinks, she is going to pay.

"Cue the bombs!"

"Um, Kath?" Gamemaker Jayme asks. "We're kind of on a limit of bombs you can use in a day. Um, you kind of...passed the limit."

"What?" Kath is outraged. "Fine. Cue the acid rain"


A scream.

Everbloom sees the acid rain begin to fall, heading towards where she is. She knows that there is no escape.

She smiles one last time, for the cameras, as the acid rain burns her body, and a cannon sounds.


An hour passes with no deaths. The Careers try to shoot people, however nothing works.

Until Olga finds her next target.

Cedar and Everest are the only alive tributes who haven't grabbed supplies yet.

"I'll go," Everest says. "You stay here. I'll bring back some supplies for both of us."

Cedar shakes his head. "No. I'll go. It'll be easier for me."

Everest opens her mouth to protest, but Cedar shakes his head again. She sighs. "Fine."

As Cedar grabs supplies, Olga stares at Everest. She knows that if she sends an arrow towards Everest and misses, then Everest could find her and kill her, however she knows that she must give it a try. She readies her bow, and shoots.

The arrow finds its target.

Everest screams, and Cedar drops some of the supplies that he is carrying and rushes towards Everest. Olga decides not to attempt to kill him and risk him seeing her. She climbs down carefully, and hides.

Everest's cannon sounds, and Cedar cries quietly. He knows that he has to leave, however, before the Capitol hovercraft comes to pick up her body. He looks around for her killer, but sees no one. He rushes into the forest, his hands carrying supplies, and thinks of Everest.


Nyota looks into the sky as soon as she sees the Capitol seal appear. She looks at the faces that appear. The faces of Brooke, Everest, Ruby, Madison, and Everbloom show up. Seal, anthem, then it fades to the night sky.

Nyota wearily sets up camp for the night. She is ready for the whole thing to be over, however she knows that she must fight if she wants to win.

And she wants to win.

Day 2 Deaths- 5

Brooke Stream: Bomb

Ruby Steiner: Brass Sater

Madison Garton: Olga Gnorshnoff

Everbloom Blossom: Acid rain

Everest Tinder: Olga Gnorshnoff

Night 2

Olga looks at the sleeping forms of Nicholas, Kourtney, and Brass, and sighs. It is her turn to guard the Career camp, and she hates it. She would rather be sleeping. But...

This is the perfect time to kill someone and blame it on someone else! But who should I kill, and who should I frame? Olga thinks to herself. Then, she has it. She picks up a knife, and slowly, slowly, walks towards where the other Careers are sleeping. She sees her empty sleeping bag, and smiles. She walks over to Kourtney's sleeping bag, and slowly lifts the flap, so she doesn't wake her. She lifts the knife, and stabs her, before diving into her sleeping bag, and hiding the knife.

Kourtney wakes up with a scream, which wakes Nicholas, who rushes over to her. Then, her cannon goes off, waking up Brass. Olga pretends to wake up then, too.

"Nicholas did it!" Olga shrieks, pointing at where Nicholas is.

"No!" Nicholas shakes his head, alarmed. "I didn't!"

"Weren't you supposed to be guarding the camp, Olga?" Brass asks Olga.

"I was." Olga nods. "But then Nicholas woke up, and told me that he'd take the rest of my shift and all of his shift. I agreed, and I went to sleep. Obviously, Nicholas just wanted to use this as an excuse to kill us all- and he started with Kourtney!"

Brass nods. This answer seems to satisfy him. "We should kill Nicholas. For Kourtney."

Olga nods in agreement. "For Kourtney."

They run after Nicholas with their weapons, so Nicholas picks up his cane sword and charges at them. Olga is about to stab him, when Brass says, "Wait. Nicholas, if you leave now, we'll let you live."

Nicholas nods, and runs away.

"Brass!" Olga whisper-yells at Brass. "I can't believe you just did that!"

Brass shrugs. "Eh, well. It's not that big of a deal."

"Yes it is! Now I'm tired, so you might as well guard the camp for the rest of the night."

"Fine," Brass snaps, as Olga puts her weapon away and gets into her sleeping bag.

It's going to be a long night.

Day 3

Tree looks up from her breakfast, to see a silver parachute floating slowly to the ground. She looks around, before reaching out and grabbing it. She tears it open, and is disappointed to see that it contains only a note. She unfolds it, and reads it.


Rowan is your half-brother. You don't believe me, I know. But he is, Tree. Trust me.

The note isn't signed. Tree stares at it, worried. How is this possible? she thinks. I mean, really. I'm sure it's just a Rowan fan, angry that he died. Or someone trying to distract me.

There was a small, nagging voice in her head that said, you know it's true, Tree. Who would go to such extreme lengths to make this up and send it to you? Okay, a lot of people, but still...

"Really?" Tree whispers. "Really?"


Okay, Copper. There's Nyota, right there. Just go and ask her. After all, you were crowned "Hottest Tribute in the Second Hunger Games" by Capitol Weekly magazine. Copper grins, remembering how happy he had been when he had learned of the acheivement. What's standing in the way of me and Nyota?

Oh, right. The Career camp.

He stops for a minute, and thinks. Maybe he can convince Olga to leave the Careers and ally with him. But what about Brass? He shrugs. Olga could always kill him. He sighs. No, you'd better not. You could die. There will be other times where I can ally with Nyota.

With that, he turns away, and sets off for another section of the arena.


Now that there are only two members of the Careers, tensions are rising. Olga and Brass are contstantly fighting. However, they haven't killed each other.


"I just think that it's a Nicholas would kill his own District partner!" Brass yells at Olga.

"Are you accusing me?" she asks.

"Yeah, maybe I am!" he tells her.

"It's you, isn't it?" Olga asks.

"No, it isn't," Brass says. "Just shut up, okay?"

"I know it's you." Olga glares at him. "But I'm okay with that. One less person to worry about, right?"

"If you think about it that way...Nicholas might've done us a favor!" Brass says. "Well, Nicholas or you."

"It's not me." Olga rolls her eyes.

"Whatever," Brass says. "Let's just stop fighting."

Olga nods in agreement, but begins to formulate plans for his death...


Nicholas walks around a tree that he is by. He has nothing better to do. No one has come his way yet, and...

BAM! A loud noise breaks Nicholas' train of thought.

What could that be? he thinks. Then, he realizes, that he knows what made that sound.



"Kath, how could you?" Gamemaker Jayme asks the Head Gamemaker.

"How could I what?" Kath asks Jayme.

"Bomb Copper! And that other girl...what's her name...Spring? But mainly Copper." Jayme glares at Kath.

"What's wrong with that?" Kath says.

"Copper has a huge fanbase. You may have just started another uprising!"

Kath snorts. "Please. Like they're powerful enough to do anything!"

"I guess..." Jayme doesn't sound convinced.

"Stop worrying." Kath squints at Jayme. "Go have a coffee break or something."

"That would be nice." Jayme runs out of the room quickly before she can say anymore.

Kath sighs, before settling into a big chair to watch what is going on in the arena.


Nyota looks up into the sky. The faces of Kourtney, Spring, and Copper appear. After it fades to the night sky, she lies down onto her back, and closes her eyes, before realizing something.

There was now eight people, meaning that she has made it to the final eight! She gets up, quickly, and decides that she can't afford to sleep tonight.

After all, who knows what could happen?

Night 2/Day 3 Deaths- 3

Kourtney Rodriguez: Olga Gnorshnoff

Copper Manard: Capitol bomb

Spring Howards: Capitol bomb

Final 8 Interviews

Nicholas Chung:

Nicholas' mother shows up for his interview.

"So, is it true that Nicholas wasn't born in Panem?" Helios asks.

"Yes. Why would he lie?" His mother wonders.

"I wasn't aware that Panem allowed people from the outside to come in," Helios says.

"Oh. Well, yeah. They don't now, but they did before the uprising. We moved in sixteen years ago, so that was before the uprising, when new people were still allowed in," his mother explains.

"Got it." Helios nods. "So, China was so overpopulated, that you had to move here?"

Nicholas' mother nods in confirmation. "Lucky we got out, too. Two years later, China went to war with itself, and was destroyed. The only Chinese that are still alive are the ones that managed to escape to Panem."

"That's good. He could very well be the victor of the second Games."

"I hope he is. He could provide Capitol doctors to help his father."

"That's all the time we have," Sol mutters.

As they pack up, Helios sighs. "One down, seven to go."

Brass Sater:

Brass' parents, as well as his brothers, Steel and Iron, show up for his interview.

"What's Brass' home life like?" Helios asks.

"Oh, Brass is very popular," Diamond, Brass' mother, assures Helios. "He's the 'cool' kid in school, of course!"

"If he hadn't been, we would've given him away," Iron mutters. Everyone laughs. "I'm not joking."

There's a few moments of awkward silence, before Helios mutters, "Moving on. Steel, Iron, I heard that you two would love to take Brass' place in the Games. Care to comment?"

"Oh, man, where'd you hear that? Capitol Nation?" Steel asks. "You can't believe everything you hear."

"It's so true," Platinum, Brass' father, says. "Besides, I'm pretty sure it was on Panem News Nightly that they released that."

"How would you know?" Iron asks.

"Because I gave them the story," Platinum says. This gets a laugh out of everyone.

"More money for us," Diamond points out.

"Seriously. Anything for money," Steel says.

Sol nods in agreement. These people are smart, he thinks.

"Any last words? We have to wrap this up," Helios says.

"Win! Win! Win!" The family chants, as they walk out of the room.

"Well, that was..interesting..." Helios remarks.

Nyota Klatergoud:

Nyota's parents show up for her interview.

"Helios, make this short. I have an urgent matter to get back to," Nyota's mother, the newly appointed mayor of District 3, says.

"Got it, Mrs. Klatergoud," Helios says. "So, recently, quite a few letters have arrived at Hunger Games Weekly, wondering what the signifgance of Nyota's silver bracelet was. Care to share?"

Nyota's mother, however, isn't paying attention anymore. She's staring down at a clipboard in her hand, and is writing notes every few lines of the paper that she is reading.

"Oh, that bracelet's been in my wife's family for generations," Mr. Klatergoud explains. "Nyota's always loved that bracelet. We gave it to her because of that."

"Got it." Helios nods. "So, did you ever think that Nyota would get this far in the Games?"

Mr. Klatergoud nods. "Yes, I did. Well...sometimes, I did. She's not perfectly in shape, but I'm sure after training she was."

Mrs. Klatergoud looks up from her clipboard. "Yes, Nyota will certainly win the seond Hunger Games! Look at District Three's very own Destiny Bow! She was the underdog as well, before winning the Games!"

"We are now confident that Nyota will win," Mr. Klatergoud says.

"Now, if you'll excuse us, we have to go," Mrs. Klatergoud says. Without another word, the two leave.

Kai Waters:

Kai's parents are busy attending a party hosted by the mayor of District 4. His little sister, Lily, shows up.

"Hi!" Lily beams, waving at the camera frantically. "I'm Lily, Kai's sister!"

"We're aware of that." Helios chuckles. "So, Lily, what do you think about your brother?"

"I love Kai!" Lily says. "He should win."

"I'm sure all of District Four agrees with you, Lily," Helios says. "What a lovely dress you're wearing, by the way."

Lily twirls around. She's wearing a dark blue dress that matches her eyes. "I bought it a while ago."

Kai's mother enters the room where the interview is being held. "Oh, hello. Helios, right? Lily, you have to come to the party."

"But Ma," Lily whines.

"Mrs. Waters, what do you think of Kai?" Helios asks.

"Kai's a nice boy," Mrs. Waters says. "However, I'm sure that Brooke's death hit him hard. Brooke was a lovely girl. Now, come on, Lily. Good luck, Kai!"

"Yes, good luck!" Lily says, as her mother pulls her away.

Cedar Lark:

Cedar's parents and sisters come to his interview.

"Yeah! Go Cedar!" Elm says.

"I see both you boys are of reaping age," Helios remarks. "So, why didn't you guys volunteer for Cedar?"

"We had to stay with our sisters," Thron says.

"Very loyal boys, they are. Cedar is loyal, too," Cedar's father says. "He volunteered for Everest's friend, Elk."

"How is Elk taking the news of Everest's death?" Helios asks.

"We're here to talk about Cedar, not Elk, or even Everest," Cedar's mother reminds Helios.

"Right, Mrs. Lark. Anyways, what are the chances, do you bet, that Cedar will come out of the arena, the victor?"

"A huge chance. A bigger chance than the other tributes have," Mrs. Lark says. "Cedar will come home for sure!"

"Gooo Cedar!" Everyone says.

"That's all the time we have for today. See you later! Maybe," Helios says.

"Yes, I'm sure." Mr. Lark smiles.

Tree Summer:

Tree's father and the mayor of District Seven show up for Tree's interview.

"Why, it's a surprise to see you here," Helios tells the mayor.

"I was hoping to avoid you," Mr. Summer grumbles.

"The press, mainly Hunger Games Weekly, is abuzz with rumors! Is it true that Rowan is Tree's half-brother? Mr. Summer, can you confirm this?" Helios asks.

"I can," the mayor says. "Tree, if you're watching, listen up. I...I am Rowan's real father. His mother, Willow, was the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen in my life."

"Willow was my wife!" Mr. Summer yells, angry.

"She can't have loved you much, because she had Rowan with me," the mayor says.

Helios gasps. "So they are indeed half-siblings!"

"SHUT UP!" The mayor and Mr. Summer yell at Helios.

"I can't believe you," Mr. Summer says.

Sol leans in with his camera, hoping for a close-up of the action. The mayor and Mr. Summer get into a fist fight. The camera is accidentally punched, crashing to the floor.

Sol and Helios back away, slowly, while Peacekeepers flood into the room to break up the fighting.

Olga Gnorshnoff:

Olga's parents show up for her interview.

"Hello," Helios says, backing away slowly. If they were anything like their daughter...

"Hi," Mrs. Gnorshnoff says. "So, Helios, we have to tell you something. Our daughter, Olga, must win. If she doesn't...well, let's just say you won't be able to interview people anymore."

Helios makes a mental note to ask the Peacekeepers to arrive quicker next time.

"That won't be necessary. So, uh, is Olga popular in school?"

"No." Mrs. Gnorshnoff shakes her head. "Those awful kids that bullied her also killed her younger sister, Tatiana."

"We'll get revenge," Mr. Gnorshnoff says.

"When Olga wins, she'll kill them," Mrs. Gnorshnoff responds.

"That's all the time we have for today," Helios says, quickly. "Uh, bye!"

Ridge Hillsong:

Ridge's parents show up for his interview.

"Ridge has always been strong," Mrs. Hillsong says. "We all knew that he would make it to the final eight in the Games. Not everyone back home in District 12 thinks that. This'll be Ridge's chance to show them how much of a fighter he really is!"

"Does Ridge have many friends at school?" Helios asks.

"Well, some," Mr. Hillsong says. "He's not the most popular boy, but he has a moderate amount of friends."

"What could prevent Ridge from winning?" Helios asks.

"I'm not telling you. Fans of his competitors could try to sabotage him!" Mrs. Hillsong laughs.

"What do you guys do for a living?"

"We're coalminers."

"Ah. You should probably get back to work, then."

Mr. Hillsong looks at his wife. "We have two minutes."

Helios sighs. "Fine. Ridge fans all want to know- what will you do if Ridge wins?"

"I guess we could take some time off to party," Mr. Hillsong says. "Plus, the extra money will be put to good use. We're surveying homes in the Victor's Village already!"

"It was nice talking to you guys," Helios says. "Good luck!"

Day 4

Nicholas is running out of supplies, and fast. He looks around, to see if he can spot a silver parachute anywhere.

He can't, but he spots the next best thing.

Tree, with an abundance of supplies.

He raises his weapon, and advances slowly.

Tree looks around carefully, as she eats a banana. She sees Nicholas nearing her supplies. She ignores him, quickly coming up with a plan.

Nicholas is nearing Tree's supplies. He reaches out to the nearest thing in site- a small pack of crackers. He picks it up, and continues to advance on Tree.

Tree turns, and stares at Nicholas. In an instant, she picks up her axe, and throws it. It hits Nicholas' neck, cutting it off. His cannon booms. She closes her eyes as it makes contact. A few seconds later, she runs over and grabs her axe. She bites her lip in disgust, and gathers her supplies before walking away.


Olga stands over Brass, a look of determination on her face. She raises her knife, and prepares to stab him.

Brass' eyes open, and he reaches for the knife that he had been sleeping with since Kourtney's murder. He had always suspected Olga, and had decided to prepare himself for a possible attack. "It was you," he says.

"Yes, it was me. And now, Brass Sater, I am going to kill you."

"Not today." Brass smiles, and slashes her face with the knife. Olga screams, but her screams are soon silenced, as Brass stabs her throat, and then her stomach. She falls, and her cannon booms.


Nyota looks around quickly. She has just witnessed the murder of Olga. She hopes that she can get away before Brass has a chance to catch her. She knows that she can not run quickly; however she must try. She looks around, then dashes to the nearest tree. She is about to make it out of Brass' line of sight when he sees her. He quickly removes the knife from Olga's stomach, and throws it at Nyota. She screams at the sight of the blood on the knife, but her scream is cut short by the knife hitting her in the chest. She falls, and her cannon booms.

Brass gathers his things, and quickly moves out of the area. A hovercraft would surely be coming to pick up the bodies of Olga and Nyota soon, and he didn't want to be there when they came.


Head Gamemaker Kath smirks as she watches the TV screens that show what every corner in the arena. The majority of the tributes were in the same section of the arena.

This was just too easy.

She grins as her hand hovers over the button that cues the bombs in the section that the majority are in. "Bye-bye," she whispers. Then, she presses the button.


Tree shudders as she hears a loud sound, followed by three cannons going off. She wonders which unlucky tributes just died.


She quickly counts, and figures out that there was only one other person in the arena.

She has made it to the final two.

She smiles, and takes a sip of water. She figures that she'll need it. Then, she sets off to find the remaining tribute, hoping to kill whoever it is and win.


Later that night, Tree sat down and gave up. She hadn't searched much of the arena, true, but she was tired, and figured that she needed all the rest she could get for the next day. She falls asleep just as the Capitol seal appears in the sky...


Ridge looks up, and sees the Capitol seal appear in the sky, followed by the faces of Nicholas, Brass, Nyota, Kai, Cedar, and Olga. The Capitol seal appears in the sky again, and it fades to the night sky. With a jolt, he realizes that he is in the final two, him and the female District Seven tribute, Tree. Smiling to himself, he lies down. He knows that he may die the next day, which worries him a bit, however he knows that whatever happens will happen, and that there is nothing he can do to change that. His eyes close, and he falls asleep.

Day 4 Deaths- 6

Nicholas Chung: Tree Summer

Olga Gnorshnoff: Brass Sater

Nyota Klatergoud: Brass Sater

Kai Waters: Capitol bomb

Brass Sater: Capitol bomb

Cedar Lark: Capitol bomb

Day 5

Ridge is sitting on the ground, when all of a sudden two silver parachutes fall to the ground. He grabs one, and rips it open. Inside is a bow, fifteen arrows, two knives, and a first aid kit. He places his things on the ground, and then tears open the next package. Inside is a pack of crackers, a thick pair of socks, and a spear. He smiles happily. He will be ready for the final battle.

As to whether or not he will come out victorious? He doesn't know, but he hopes so.


Tree is about to set out to find Ridge when she sees a silver parachute fall to the ground. She runs over to it and opens it. Inside is some nightlock berries, an axe, and a note from Derrick that says "Drop the berries so that Ridge will find them, eat them, and die."

Tree gets up. The note reminds her that she should find Ridge to end the battle. She picks up her axe and the berries, and starts off to find Ridge. Hopefully she can end the battle quickly. She knows that she might not win, but she also knows that she will try her hardest to come home the victor.


Tree eventually spots Ridge eating a pack of crackers. Going behind him, she hurries up into a tree. Then, she puts the berries into the parachute that she had taken with her, and lets them go.

Ridge looks up to see the parachute falling. To his surprise, he finds that it's already open. Inside is berries.

He's about to pop them into his mouth when he looks closer. He realizes that they're nightlock berries, which could only mean one thing.

He looks around, and spots Tree. Tree quickly throws her axe down, attempting to kill Ridge, but Ridge moves out of the way just in time. He throws a knife at Tree, followed by another, but Tree jumps down from the tree, the knives barely missing her. Ridge picks up his bow, and puts in an arrow, and shoots arrow after arrow at Tree. Tree runs away as fast as she can, but she worries that she might not be running fast enough.

Ridge leans down to pick up another arrow, when he notices that he has used them all. He is about to give up, when he notices that he still has his spear. He picks it up, and throws it at Tree.

Tree escapes just in time. She doesn't have any weapons, and neither does Ridge. She knows she has to think fast if she wants to win. She pulls Ridge's spear out of the tree, and turns to face him.

Meanwhile, Ridge pulls one of his knives out of the tree, and gets ready to throw it at Tree.

They both throw their weapons. One person runs to safety just in time. Their weapon finds its mark on the target.

A cannon booms.

The victor smiles. They have won.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the announcer's voice says. "I am pleased to present the winner of the second Hunger Games, District Seven's Tree Summer!"

Tree sighs with relief. She has done it. At last, it is all over, and she will never have to go into the arena again.

As a hovercraft comes to pick her up and bring her to the Capitol, she looks around at the arena. She won't miss it, that's for sure.

"Bye," she whispers, as she climbs in, and lets the memories carry her away...

Day 5 Deaths- 1

Ridge Hillsong: Tree Summer

The Victory Tour

District 12:

The people of District Twelve are not happy to see Tree- after all, she had killed Ridge, who had been a favorite to win in the District. Of course, they decide to grin and bear it. They congratulate Tree on being the victor.

"I am so sorry for your losses," Tree says, even though she knows that it sounds fake. "Quinna and Ridge were both great people. Sadly, only one can win, although I wouldn't have minded winning alongside Quinna or Ridge. They were wonderful people, and Ridge went really far in the Games. Um...bye." She isn't sure what else to say. She had killed Ridge after all. She steps off the stage, and runs back into the Justice Building.

District 11:

Tree looks around at the citizens of District 11.

"I am sorry for your loss. Coca and Everbloom were both amazing people, and the way they both died was so unfair. In fact, all of their deaths are so unfair. Why does the Capitol force twenty-four innocent children to kill each other? It's not right! And why is this? Because we, the Districts, rebelled three years ago! Well, you know what? I say it's time for another rebellion! Down with the Capitol! Down with the Capitol!"

A few people just stare up at Tree, while some begin to clap. Peacekeepers rush out onto the stage, and bang Tree on the head. She passes out. Then, they shoot the few citizens who had clapped. They drag her into the Justice Building, and onto the train.

District 10:

Tree is still unconcsious by the time the train pulls up to District 10. Despite their attempts to revive her, she remains unconcsious. A Capitol representitave goes out and tells the people of District 10 that their part of the Victory Tour has been cancelled.

District 9:

The same thing that happened in District 10 happens in District 9. Tree is still knocked out. President Ruerose hears of this, and shakes her head in disgust.

District 8:

The same thing happens in District 8. President Ruerose, fed up, marches onto the train in District 8.

"If Tree's not ready to appear in District 6, then I will have you all killed."

District 6:

Luckily for everyone on board the train, Tree was ready to appear in District 6 ten minutes before the train pulled into the station.

"Now, listen here Tree," Derrick Segovia, her mentor in the Games, says. "No more of this anti-Capitol nonsense, you hear?"

Tree nods slowly. "Okay, Derrick."

"Hello, District Six," she addresses the crowd. "Liesel and Ruby were great people. It was a shame for them to be killed by Brass. I know that they could've done a great job as Victors. They great. But most people were better." She flinches; she hates sounding stuck-up like that. "What I meant to say is, they weren't destined to win." She flinches again. "Sorry for your loss." She rushes off stage.

District 5:

"Cedar and Everest," Tree says. "Where do I begin? Um, they were great people and...I'm sorry, but I just can't do this any more." Tree rushes off the stage, sobbing.

District 4:

"Any more mess-ups, Tree, and you'll be killed," Derrick says to Tree. Tree nods, and takes the stage. "I talked to Kai and Brooke during training," she says. "They were pretty funny. District Four...well, they told me it was the prettiest place in Panem. After seeing it, maybe. Anyways, I believe that they too could've done well...if...if...Brooke hadn't been so stupid. I mean, opposing the Capitol! Who would do that? They're very kind, and are clearly looking out for us! Yeah!"

District Four looks unconvinced as Tree leaves the stage.

District 3:

A Capitol representative takes the stage, and tells everyone that this leg of the Victory Tour has been cancelled. Tree is sick, and has been admitted to the District Three hospital, where she will remain for two days. If she's better by that time, she will speak to the people of District Three. If not, she will board the train, where there are medics on board, and they will go to District Two.

Two days later, Tree is not well. The train leaves for District Two. The Capitol people hope that Tree will get better on the train ride up to District Two, so she can continue the Tour.

District 2:

Tree is still sick, and even the people at the District Two hospital do not know why she is sick. They reccommend that Tree get to a hospital in the Capitol right away, but President Ruerose is determined, and makes Tree spends a day and a half in the District Two hospital, hoping for her to get better. When she does not, President Ruerose sends Tree to District One.

District 1:

Tree is slightly better when they arrive at District One. Derrick makes her go on stage.

"Hi," Tree says, feeling slightly sick and dizzy. "Sorry for the loss of Kourtney and Nicholas. They were...okay. Sorry." Then, she faints. She is rushed off the stage, and onto the train, while a Capitol representative takes the stage, and tells everyone that Tree is being rushed to the Capitol.

The Capitol:

Instead of bothering with the Victory Tour, Tree is taken straight to the hospital. There, scientists and gamemakers identitfy her sickness. On the last day, in the middle of the night, an experiment begun on the arena. A new sickness was put into the air, infecting everyone who breathed it with it. It would only activate when the scientists wanted it to. Ruerose fires the scientists on the spot, while medics attempt to heal her.

District 7:

It is a month before the reaping when Tree returns to District Seven. She was sicker than the scientists foresaw. She still is not better when she returns, so she must stay at home, with a doctor visiting her everyday. There is a celebration when Tree returns, however Tree is not allowed to celebrate, and it is not televised, however the Capitol food and entertainment is there, as promised. Instead, Tree sleeps.

The end.

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