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I'd like to dedicate these Games to everyone who submitted a tribute for my second Games, therefore making this one possible.

The Tributes

  • District 1:
    • Male: Syr Wrath
    • Female: Bliss Creme
  • District 2:
    • Male: Razor Raptor
    • Female: Spirit Velocity
  • District 3:
    • Male: Steel Plate
    • Female: Elixer "Lexi" Strong
  • District 4:
    • Male: Adam Swindle
    • Female: Evelene Highler
  • District 5:
    • Male: Alex Blue
    • Female: Torrent Wave
  • District 6:
    • Male: Mhoss Fleete
    • Female: Topaz Cytonn
  • District 7:
    • Male: Stronton Melich
    • Female: Sedra Alsypse
  • District 8:
    • Male: Sonor Tyson
    • Female: Kayla Tyson
  • District 9:
    • Male: Fredrick Thorton
    • Female: Quiosha Queen
  • District 10:
    • Male: Guyame Strly
    • Female: Thyime Strly
  • District 11:
    • Male: Forrest Shadows
    • Female: Anabel Tinder
  • District 12:
    • Male: Mike Wear
    • Female: Dallas Tinsle


Here's how sponsoring works. Each tribute gets a grand total of $1,000 at the start of the Games, but each day they manage to stay alive $300 is added onto their total. You are only allowed to sponsor your own tributes. Here's a list of items you can buy:


Knife- $100

Fifteen arrows- $150

Spear- $200

Bow with 15 arrows- $300

Trident- $500

Vial of poison- $520

Food and Water:

Empty bottle- $50

Small pack of crackers- $75

Fruit of your choice- $100

Iodine- $150

Bottle of water- $200

Basket of bread from your tribute's District- $200

Soup of your choice- $400

Feast (contains some fruit of your choice, vegetables of your choice, meat of your choice, two baskets of bread from your tribute's District, and two bottles of water.)- $1,500

Other Essentials:

Note from a friend, family member, or mentor.(When writing the note, keep it no longer than four sentences-the dear and from lines don't count.)- $10

Thick pair of socks- $25

Sweatshirt- $50

Thin blanket- $100

Two bandages- $200

Sleeping bag- $200

Winter coat- $300

Thick blanket- $300

First aid kit- $400

Night vision glasses- $500

Tent- $600

Backpack that contains five bandages, a first aid kit, a note from home, a bottle of water, three packs of crackers, a thin blanket, and a winter coat- $1,500

Medicene- Depends on the kind.

Important People


District 1:

Cayden Jemmings. (Background- District 3 mentor during the first Games, fought for the Capitol during the Dark Days.)

District 2:

Elladora Harrison. (Background- District 2 mentor during the first Games, fought for the Capitol during the Dark Days.)

District 3:

Destiny Bow. (Background- Victor of the first Games.)

District 4:

Sirius Jackson. (Background- District 8 mentor during the first Games, fought for the Capitol during the Dark Days.)

District 5:

Rhiannon Andrews. (Background- District 5 mentor during the first Games, used to own a gym in the Capitol.)

District 6:

James Hale. (Background- District 6 mentor during the first Games, fought for the Capitol during the Dark Days.)

District 7:

Tree Summer. (Background- Victor of the second Games.)

District 8:

Elyse Kerr. (Background- Fought for the Capitol during the Dark Days, was a Peacekeeper when the first Games were going on.)

District 9:

Seth Baker. (Background- District 9 mentor during the first Games, helped devlop the muttations for the Dark Days.)

District 10:

Jenner Riddle. (Background- District 10 mentor during the first Games, helped devlop muttations for the Capitol during the Dark Days.)

District 11:

Ivy Carter. (Background- District 11 mentor during the first Games, is the daughter of the District 11 mayor.)

District 12:

Davey Buckley. (Background- District 12 mentor during the first Games, used to work at Rhiannon's gym.)



Head Gamemaker:






















The Arena

This year, the arena is a large, rocky land with a volcano in the center. Inside the volcano is the tribute tubes and the Cornucopia. They are surrounded by a little bubble of protectedness. Once everyday, at precisely 12 PM noon, the volcano is flooded with lava, as is the rest of the arena, except for one section. The arena is seperated into twelve large sections. They all look exactly the same- dry and rocky- so you can't tell until it's too late what section you are in. As an added challenge, there is no water. It will rain a total of one time. Also, there are no animals. The temperature plunges to almost freezing at night, however is burning hot during the day.

Good luck.

Chariot Rides

District 1:

The District One chariot is gold and silver, with crystals all over it. Bliss's curly blonde hair has been twisted into a loose chignon, and she is wearing a long gold ball gown. Her body has been lightly dusted with gold shimmer, and her eyelashes are gold. Syr is wearing a silver shirt and silver pants, and a silver wreath in his black hair. Bliss is blowing kisses to the crowd, and Syr is flexing his muscles. The crowd is in love.

District 2:

The District Two chariot is black, and so are the horses. There is a smoke surrounded the tributes inside the chariots, so no one can see Spirit or Razor. After a few moments, the crowd catches a glimpse of Spirit's blonde ponytail. The crowd gasps when they finally see Spirit and Razor. Spirit is wearing a red silk dress with ruffles at the bottom, and Razor is wearing a black tuxedo with a red tie. Their arms are around each other, and they are kissing. When they finally pull away and notice the crowd, Razor blushes a bit, slightly embarrased, but Spirit doesn't bat an eyelash while she waves at the crowd. They certainly caught the crowd's attention, that's for sure.

District 3:

When the District Three chariot comes out, techno music is playing and the tributes, Lexi and Steel, are dancing like robots! Lexi is wearing a copper dress and she has been painted copper, and Steel has been painted grey and is wearing a grey outfit. Techno (I think?) music is playing. Sound effects have been added so that when they move, it sounds like robot's joints are moving. The horses seem to be stamping their foot along, too. The crowd claps as the chariot goes by.

District 4:

The District Four chariot has been painted grey, and the horses are grey, as well. However, that just draws more attention to the two tributes, Evelene and Adam. Evelene's black hair cascades down her back in waves, and some of it is in a waterfall braid. Her dress is a light blue-green silk dress that's tight at the top, but gets looser and seems to ripple towards the bottom. Adam is wearing a light blue toga that looks kind of awkward on his thin body. The crowd is unimpressed.

District 5:

The District Five chariot looks exactly the same as it had in the first and second Hunger Games. The crowd rolls their eyes, wondering why they are so unoriginal...until they look at the tribute outfits. Torrent's hair has been curled into tiny ringlets, and there is a gold tiara atop her head. Her dress looks exactly like Briar's from the first Hunger Games...until it changes color, and turns blue! Then it turns purple! It keeps changing colors, and the crowd oohs and ahhs. Alex is wearing a black velvet cape, with a crown on his head. He tosses his cape into a crowd, and he seems oblivious to the group of giddy teenaged girls who caught it. Underneath the cape, he is wearing jeans and a loose brown shirt. They wave at the crowd, and the crowd waves back.

District 6:

The District Six chariot comes out, and everything is red. The chariot is red, the horses are red, Topaz's satin minidress is red, and Mhoss' shirt and pants are red. Topaz is looking down shyly, giving some half-hearted waves, but Mhoss is smiling, waving, and working the crowd. All in all, the District Six chariot is very uneventful and slightly forgettable.