District 11:

Gender: Male.

Name: Ryan Fielder.

Age: 16.

Appearance: Black hair with bangs, brown eyes, 5 foot 10 inches. Muscular and handsome.

Personality: Smart, quiet and keeps to himself. He does not genuinely have friends and the only people he loves are his 4 siblings.

Skills: Best with Long knives, swords, and at home he has a favorite weapon, his double bladed sword which he wields with amazing precision. Many he could get a replica in the Hunger Games. His weaknesses are long range weapons. He could possibly throw some knives but his accuracy disappears in the long ranges but his short range is incredible.

Strategy: Stay away from Careers or any other tributes, do not go in traps, he is too smart for that. Grab only what he needs to survive and will rely on sponsors for most weapons. He has heard of the mysterious force field and will head in that direction and use for a weapon. Camp out there by the force field the whole games because he is sure no one else knows of it.

History: His parents died because of fever as well as one of his little brothers two years ago. He takes care of himself and his 4 little siblings, Sandra who's 4, Drew whose 7, and Kate and Harry who're twins and are 13. Since he is very quiet, he doesn’t have any friends. After he was chosen, he talked to his little siblings and he was very sad that he might leave them, but Sandra made him promise he would come home, and he intends to do just that.