District 10

Gender: Female

Name: Sadie Carter

Age: 13

Appearance: She has long, curly, blond hair that stretches halfway down her back. She has youthful brown eyes and blush cheeks. She has a very youthful face that makes her seem like she is elementary age. She’s not very tall at only 5 foot 3 inches and is under 85 lbs. Her build is very skinny and she is cute in a little girl sort of way. Sometimes she seems very frail. She doesn’t like to go outside so she has fair skin.

Personality:She is a very sweet and shy girl. She gets sick very easily and like I said before, is very frail and because of all this, people see her as sickly and weak and therefore they pick on her.

Skills: Her main, possibly only, advantage is that she is so small that she can run through the arena without being seen and can climb trees very well. She would not be able to use a weapon and for that matter, she would never be able to kill anyone.

Strategy: Ally with her big brother, Jonah, and she would sprint for coverage and wait while Jonah grabbed supplies for the two of then they would run for the hills. They would stay by themselves unless Jonah could find someone he trusted. Although she would never say so, she knows that she could never be brave enough to sacrifice herself for Jonah, and Jonah would never let her, so when it came down to the end, Sadie would outlive Jonah. L

History: Sadie grew up on a farm with her parents who happened to be very poor. She doesn’t have any other siblings besides Jonah. At school she is basically ignored or is picked on for being weak. Whenever anyone hurts or picks on her, then Jonah comes to protect her. She never has enough chances or things to call her own and Jonah always tries to make up for his parents’ mistakes by always being there for her whenever she needs him...