Saffron Teiun
Basic Information
District Capitol or District 5
Gender Male
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Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Pink
Height 5.8 ft
Personality Bubbly, Charming and Selfish
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Saffron is a very confident guy and has this very bubbly personality, that might be either pleasant or irritating. He always wears a smile when meeting new people, and tend to get really passionate about the things he care for. He might seem very open, but suprisingly enough he has difficulties forming bonds with other people. This isn't really an issue for him though. He might sometimes be ignorant to things that is not interesting to him. His attention span is also really short, but he does manage to keep serious when needed. He has no problems with putting himself first in any situation, and might try to even twist things to his favor.


Saffron is suprisingly cunning, able to react and act very quickly. He seems to be very lucky in general, and can really talk for himself. 


Saffron is not exactly the strongest person, havin g a smaller body type. Measuring by just strength, he doesn't really have that much of a chance against a male of his age from any of the Districts. He does not really have that much of an endurance either, but is able to reach quite the speed at short to medium distances. Has no experience in the wild.


Team up for his own benefits or keep to himself.

Interview angle

Saffron would definitly play on his charm in order to gain sponsors. He would be pretty chill about the situation and come off as confident. He knows how bad it would sound if he bragged though, so he tries his best to be humble. 

Bloodbath strategy

Run and hide until people calm down, and later try to talk himself into an alliance.

Games strategy

Just try his best to survive as best as he can. Think before he act and try to get into an powerful alliance. Run if trouble shows up and do not trust anyone entirely. 


Saffron was born into a somewhat wealthy family and has really never needed to really struggle for anything. But having two younger sisters(twins actually) and an older brother, he had to learn to talk himself out of problems that he might or might not have caused. This habit grew into making him a person who can really talk for himself. Having so many siblings caused him to not get that much attention himself, making him kind of hungering for it. As he grew up, he found out that participating in the Games could get him the fame he wanted. But he were too much of a chi cken to volunteer until after he turned 18, as of last resort.

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