This is where Salmon's New & Improved tributes go. Normally it's tributes who have over 500 word backstories.

District 0

Ricardo Mars

Sierra Mars

Todd Evans

District 1

Sebastian Glaze

Cynthia Sparkla

Azalea Pence

District 2

Rift Stonefield

Alexis Mason

District 3

Natalie Tecknus

Yuri Harris

District 4

Mitchel Salmon

Amber Seaside

District 5

Matt Hamil

District 6

Tiberius Smitt

District 7

Terrence Birch

Acacia Spruce

District 8

Caspian Ventares

District 9

Hazel Maize

Chris Stephens

District 10

Henry Blaké

Sarah Tulipe

District 11

George Grain

Annabelle Harret

District 12

Peter Vaughan

District 13

Julia Simmons

Eli Ulnnes

District 14

Caius Celsus

Isabella Pence

District 15

Maximus Razor

Mega Section

A beefier version of the new and improved tributes. VERY detailed personalites and 1000+ backstory tributes only.

Severus Seaclan

Acacia Spruce

Raylee Corlera

Electra Fischer

Jackson Spidetail

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