District 7

Gender: Male.

Name: Samuel Birch.

Age: 15.

Appearance: Wavy blond hair, dark green eyes. Wear glasses, but sometimes wears contacts. He spends time outside so he has a tan. 5 foot 9 inches.

Personality: Smart, but keeps to himself a lot. Very sweet/nice.

Skills: Good with axe, knows a lot about nature/edible plants.

Strategy: Grab only one or two small things from the Cornucopia. Stay to himself the whole games. Run from most dangers. Fend for himself.

History: Father is a lumberjack and Samuel was put to the woods with his dad at an early age. Dad was tough on him so he did as he was told, but he always loved nature. When his father wasn't looking, he would go into the woods and would write down everything he saw. Knows everything there is to know about nature.