District 1

Gender: Female

Name: Sara Stone

Age: 14

Appearance: Shoulder length, light red hair with bangs and light brown eyes. She is pretty short at 5 foot 4 inches. She is really skinny but still very well fed. She is pretty but not overly so and doesn’t do an overload of makeup.

Personality: She is a happy kid and gets along with mostly everyone. She is always excited and bubbly with excitement. Never quiet always, always super chatty.

Skills: She is very quick on her feet and is very light so she easily jump far distances. She can hit a target but is definitely not the best with weapons. Her best skill is that she can get out of any situation in a hurry.

Strategy: She thinks her best bet to survive is to join the Careers and since she is a District 1 she will be accepted. At the Cornucopia, she will join with the Careers but stay in the background so she won’t be noticed and not be forced to kill any other tributes. She will try to blend in with the Careers, but not stand out, and if forced to kill, she might make an excuse. This is definitely her weakness.

History: She has average money in District 1 standards, but in any other standards, she is rich. She has one older sister, Nina, who is an angel child, and because Nina is so amazing and Sara can’t compare, her parents have always been disappointed in her. In order to please her parents, Sara volunteered for the games and will do anything to come home and have her parents’ love.