Scorpius Flame
Scorpius JJ
JJ's Favorite Tribute
District 4 Victor
Gender Male
Age 15
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Choice Weapon Sword or Trident
Family Parents, Leo (brother), Orion (brother), Jett (brother), Draco Light (cousin)
Number of Games 6 (and 2 more after victory)
Best Ranking 1st (Anon's D4 Games/Skybender's 101st)
Typical Score 8
Scorpius Flame is a tribute owned by Jabberjay78. He resides in District 4 but is not a career. His district partner was Star Sun, but is now Blair Lake. He is in love with Twinkle Night of District 5. Also, he is the personal favorite of Jabberjay78, and the first of his seven signature tributes. He is Jabberjay's fifth and favorite victor.


Skills: Scorpius is athletic, making him a fast runner and a skilled swimmer. As a District 4 kid, he knows how to fish, repair boats, and surf (in case that ever comes in handy). When it comes to weapons, he’s best with long-range fighting, such as archery and throwing knives or tridents, although he’s been working on his close-combat skills. He is also very stealthy, able to quickly climb trees, pickpocket other tributes, and skulk around quiet areas.

Weaknesses: Scorpius has a tendency to be somewhat careless when he’s not paying close enough attention, and isn’t great at detecting traps (he’s earned a reputation in District 4 for accidentally getting caught in quicksand and needing to be rescued by his friends) or knowing what to eat and what not to eat in the wilderness. Even though he’s been working on his melee skills in training, he often gets anxious when fighting up close. He is also all too willing to put his life on the line to protect those he cares about.

Strategy: He refuses to work with the careers, although he is not above killing anyone if he has to. His ideal would be: grab one thing from the cornucopia, quickly, and run. Work alone, change spots often, and stay hidden. He’s open to making alliances but is a bit afraid of doing so, since he knows that friendships in the arena aren’t just impossible to hold on to; they are often deadly as well.

Personality: Scorpius’ defining traits are: brave, energetic, and idealistic. He takes life pretty seriously and wouldn’t exactly consider himself easygoing, but he is easy to get along with and definitely isn’t shy. He also tends to fall in love fairly quickly. Scorpius believes strongly in fairness, justice, and protecting your friends and family above all else, and never makes a promise he can’t keep. Although he’s not particularly book smart (just enough to get by), he is decently street smart.

History: Scorpius lives in District 4 with his parents, older brother Leo, and younger brothers Orion and Jett. His family is decently wealthy by Panem standards, enough that his parents even paid for career training for their four boys – not expecting they’ll volunteer, but simply because they feel the skills may come in handy some day. Although Leo quickly rejected the training regimen to live a more carefree lifestyle, Scorpius has always taken it seriously. He mostly hopes these skills will help him win his school’s yearly Olympic-inspired competition (he’s never placed above 6th in his age group) or at the very least, make him feel like one of those spies he sometimes reads about in History class. At school, he has a healthy group of friends and is respected by most, though his recent breakup with Blair Lake was so explosive it could've caused a nuclear meltdown in the cafeteria, and almost forced the entire student body to pick sides in the fallout. His ultimate dream is to travel Panem – maybe even the world – as an intelligence agent, and eventually settle down on a remote island with a cute girl and maybe a dozen or so of his closest family and friends. The Hunger Games aren’t even on his radar – after all, he’s from District 4, and there are always plenty of kids from his District just itching to volunteer, right?

Token: Scorpius wears a star-shaped necklace his mother fashioned out of an oversized seashell


Jabberjay's 87th Games: 1st out of 34 (Doesn't give him victor status because it was my games)

Anon's 3rd Hunger Games (District 4 Division): 1st out of 24

Training Score: 9

Skybender101's First Games: 1st out of 24 (2 way tie)

Training Score: 8

Tommyboy 97's 1st Games: 4th out of 24

Scorpius Flame

Scorpius Flame

Allies with Twinkle Night and camps in the jungle area with her. She is kidnapped by Spike Owens on day 2 of the games, and he allies with Violet White from District 7 in order to rescue her. Scorpius and Violet hide in the cornucopia until the sixth day. He sprains his ankle but it heals by the final showdown. On day five, he sees Twinkle's face in the sky and is saddened. During the final showdown, the pair jump out on the one career left, Gemma Stork, and duel her as other tributes begin to die by gamemaker traps. Gemma kills Violet but Scorpius continues to duel until he is stabbed in the stomach by Gemma.

Training Score: 10

Tiki tooki's Redemption Games: 5th out of 28 (3 way tie for 5th)

Mikhail 101's First Annual Games: 7th out of 24

What Scorpius was doing for most of these games is unkown, as he was not seen until Day Five. He and six other tributes escaped a giant fire that engulfed the arena. Rebecca Behead, the District 2 antagonist, cornered him adn he revealed that he planned the death of Rebecca's friend Hanson. Becca then drove an axe into his leg and slit his throat. He was portrayed as evil in these games.

Training Score: 10

Tiki's Nemesis Games: 7th out of 28

I didn't enter him in these games, as they happened after I left, but the games were really good! Scorpius dies after falling into a quicksand pit with his girlfriend during the tsunami.

Kenzen's 11th Annual Hunger Games: 18th out of 24

Hid in a snow bank for the first two days, but was killed by Logan Grey on the second day.

Also Entered in Tiki Tooki's Favorite Tribute Tournament: Tournament Cancelled

Round One: Pitted against Kedzie Woods, Sparkle Hinsey, and Bradley Ward in Group A. He finished first with 8 votes while Kedzie recieved 6 votes, Bradley recieved 5 votes, and Sparkle recieved 2 votes.

Favorite Reapings and Chariot Rides

Brony12's 51st Games

Reaping: I see all these eager boys around me and can't help but feel, well, awkward. I don't like the games or killing for that matter. It's just so, wrong. Why would you want to take another human's life? They give anwsers to that question like," 'Cause it's fun!" or," It's impowering!". Yeah, everybody here is so wierd. Our escort wears a
Jett Flame

Jett Flame (11)

spicky green wig and a dress covered in pictures of werid birds as she walks over to the girl's ball. She reaches deep inside and pulls out a slip and reads it aloud," Blair Lake!". YES!!!!!! I can finaly return to my normal life! Blair and I dated for a little while before we broke up and well, it wasn't excatly a happy ending. She's hated me ever since and has made it her goal in life to make me misrable. She doesn't look upset when she walks up to the stage, in fact, I think I see the tiniest smile traced on her lips. Maybe she's happy to get away from me, I haven't been very nice to her either. Now, for the boys. She pulls out a slip and reads the name,"Orion Flames!". My little brother?! What, this is his second year at the reapings! Two slips! And it was all he needed to be reaped! I have to volunteer, or he'll die, but if I go, Blair will kill be in a heart beat! Wait, she's looking at Orion with an evil smile, she'll kill him just to get back at me! That's not going to happen! "I VOLUNTEER!" A bunch of boys say that right after me. Oops, somebody else would have taken his place, I mean, this is a Career district! What have I done?!

Chariot Ride: People are chatting excitiedly with each other, still pyched over 3's chariot. 4 rolls out, pulled by sea blue horses. The chariot has been transformed into an oasis. Blair sits on a rock by the water in a mermaid outfit. Her tail is covered in sapphires and her hair has bits of seaweed sewn into her hair. She has light blue lip stick and eyeshadow. Scorpius has a fisherman's outfit on. Worn out jeans, white tee and an orange jacket. Everything seems O.K. except their expressions, both tributes are galring at each other. Blari screems a cuss at him and they start yelling. The audience stops clapping and just stares.


  • "I saw Twinkle's face tonight. I hope her death was quick and painless." (Tommyboy's 1st Games)
  • "Thanks for the boat." (Anon's 3rd Games, said after killing Blair)
  • "Some things are worth fighting for. The ones you love, they're worth fighting for, even if it means you put your life in the firing line." (Tiki's Nemisis Games)
  • I steeled my will. "If we die, we die together." Just that moment, I lost my footing and slid into the quicksand. I saw another wave forming on the horizon, not as big as the first wave, but bigger than the second. Deep in the mud, her hand grasped mine, and our gazes met as the water came crashing upon us. (Tiki's Nemisis Games)


  • He is Jabberjay78's favorite tribute and avatar.
  • He has been entered in the most games of Jabberjay's tributes with 8 entries.
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