Sebastian Silke
Lunaii available on general tribute page.
Age 17
Home District 8
Gender Male
Sexuality Heterosexual
Weapons Sword, Machete
Creator FrostyFire
Family Members Notable Others
Carissa Ione - Half-Sister
Others Coming Soon
Rhea Almeda - Ex-Girlfriend

"'It was a mistake,' you said. But the cruel thing was, it felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you."
-David Levithan

Sebastian Silke is a tribute who belongs to FrostyFire. Please refrain from using this tribute without permission. If you do wish to use this tribute, you can leave a message asking. Sebastian lives in District Eight and his district partner is Carissa Ione. Carissa should be submitted into the Hunger Games first, following by Sebastian being submitted into the next Hunger Games.

Basic Information

Name: Sebastian Silke

Age: Seventeen

District: Eight (Three, Five)

Gender: Male





  • Has two younger sisters which he always had to look over, being the only male figure in the family (father left his mother when she was pregnant with their third child). 
  • Grew up as a close friend to Rhea, who also lost her father when she was a child. 
  • He was constantly bullied at school because he always hung out with the girls. 
  • One of his sisters tried to commit suicide when she was 14 (at the time he was 15), and he completely dropped out of school to be there for her in the hospital. 
  • His mother became extremely depressed, almost threatening to kill herself, and Sebastian asked Rhea's mother (who was a therapist) if she would have sessions with his sister and mother. She agreed, without charging them a penny. 
  • At the age of 16, he had his first kiss with Rhea, and the two started dating. 
  • When he turned 17, his mother was fired from her job as a textile worker, and he desperately signed up for tesserae for food, despite his mother begging him not to. 
  • He learned just a month before the reaping that Rhea was having an affair with a boy at school, and completely cut her out of her life, feeling both betrayed and saddened. He hasn't talked to her since. 

Edit so that Carissa enters his life around the age of 14; the two are the same age

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