Sedra Alsypse
Sedra Alsypse






4' 10"

Weapon of choice



Tribute (Tournament, Spring 2011)


Wisconsin (United States)


Mother: Salyn; Father: Alsen; Older Brother: Dacen


yet to be determined


Personality: Ruthless, freaky, willing to go to battle

Appearance: Light brown hair, light green eyes, light-skinned

Skills: Slashing attacks (when holding a slashing weapon), agility, and basic grappling maneuvers, as well as a good sense of accuracy.

Weaknesses: Sometimes a little too overconfident

Clothing: Often wearing a shirt with bright colors (usually yellow-orange) and brown pants. She often has running shoes (only when she decides to go outside).

Story: Originally from Wisconsin, she and some others are chosen for a "Hunger Games" Tournament in present-day North America. She first turned into such a freak after having to face her brother each day. One day, she decided to pelt him with rocks using a slingshot she borrowed from a neighbor. She eventually bought her own and uses it to shoot it at any moving object she finds in her neighborhood (except for humans, unless she wants to hit her brother, but only on occasion).

Strategy: Don't expect a slingshot immediately in the beginning of the Games, but go for something you can swing crazily with, like a machete (when the Peacekeepers confiscated her slingshot, she decided to train in slashing weapons). Search through Tributes' items, whether their owners are dead or alive, for any new weapon. Attack at night and rest at alloted periods of the day in tree roots (if they're big enough and easy to disguise) or bushes (if they're big enough). Kill Tributes only when threatened, and go on a search for all Tributes once you reach the final eight.

Token: A fake metal ring, given to her as a pity gift from her brother.

Quote: "I think you're missing the point. I'm the point."

Hunger Games Participant

She has participated in these Hunger Games: