District: 1
Sparkle Cape

Sparkle Cape

District Partner: Blake Scarr or Blade Johnson or Syr Wrath

Age: 16

Weapons: Bow and Arrow, spears knife.

Skills: From Career training Sparkle picked up bow and arrows, spears and knives. Sparkle is a quick thinker and fast runner. Sparkle is agile, a good climber and can swim.

Strategy: Sparkle will be a Career member only because she wants to win. Since she's smart she'll try to act as the vocie of reason in the Careers and try to convince them to spare some lives. Sparkle will avoid killing if possible but will if she needs to porve herself.

Token: Her neckless in the lunaii above.

Weaknesses: Doesnt' like killing, afraid of loosing friends.

Quote: None.

Personality: Kind, giving, smart, brave, not afraid to get her hands dirty.

History: Sparkle was raised by paretns who wanted Sparkle to become the first family victor. Sparkle went to Career training but showed no intrest in entering the Hunger Games. Her parents were angry and so her dad convinced the escort to rig teh reapings and paid girls who were going to volunteer to not.

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