Spidey Willow is a tribute made by Queen Bean, this is my first tribute. She is 18 and from District 5


Spidey Willow is an evil person, she is evil because each time she gets a boyfriend she eats them. 
Spidey Willow


Spidey Willow ate her boyfriends because Spidey Willow is like a Black Widow. She got bit by one when she was very young and became interested in the insect. So, she tried to be exactly like one, and she did some research on them and found out that the females eat their mates.

Since she was sort of pretty and seductive she would woo boys in and then paint her teeth with poison and jab it into their throat. 

Soon people started to become afraid of her. When they saw her they would hide in their houses. Soon no boy would fall for her trap so she volunteered for the Hunger Games to keep playing her tricks


Spidey's main weapon is her teeth, much like Enobaria. But she will use any sharp weapon to inject poison into her prey. She knows how to use poison like the Black Widow spider, and even how to craft it, as she learned after extensive research. 

Spidey is also sort of immune to the poison because she injected herself with incredibly small amounts, then grew to bigger, and bigger and even larger. She has a lot of endurance 


Spidey is kind of insane and can sometimes make moves she will totally regret.

People may see her as a threat and then she can't get anymore kills. 

And finally she can be easily maniupulated 

Interview Angle

Spidey will say something and end every sentence with "like a Black Widow," 


Ceaser: What tribute is the biggest threat?

Spidey: Me because I'm like a Black Widow

Ceaser: What is your main weapon?

Spidey: Poison because I'm like a Black Widow

Indivudaual Training Angle

Spidey will bite the place where the dummies necks are quickly and tear them apart then make lethal poison and pour it on the dummies body, then walk away. 

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