District 6:

Gender: Male.

Name: Stanley Carmichael.

Age: 17.

Appearance: Slight build but strong. Light Blond Hair, very light blue eyes. A kind boy who some girl could easily fall for. 5 foot 11 inches. He is pretty tan.

Personality: He is smart as well as kind.

Strategy: He'd stick with this girl trying to protect her the whole games. He'd kill himself for her. While protecting the girl he will try to avoid killing other tributes at all possible. He will try to negotiate or simply run away. If he ever dies it will be by his own hand. He will kill plenty of game and find a water source before anyone else.

Skills: His skills are bow and arrow shooting and throwing knives. Anything with accuracy.

History: Is a poor boy whose parents were killed by Peacekeepers. His hatred for the Capitol drives him. Some act he does as he dies will show his hatred.

Fun Fact: He was my original tribute.